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Quickies Stories

Working Calculator Created in LittleBigPlanet 142 comments
Free (As In Speech) Beer, V2.0 266 comments
OOXML Critic Fired From Finnish Standards Board 200 comments
Firefox Quickies 245 comments
Google Privacy Quickies 76 comments
What's the Worst Technical Feature You've Used? 1008 comments
iPhone Roundup 149 comments
LEGO Tech Still Going Strong 120 comments
Flash Memory, a Look Back 28 comments
Massively Multiplayer Games Quickified 90 comments
Science 'Not for Normal People' 232 comments
New Rubik's Cube World Record Set 59 comments
Windows, Linux 25 Year Old "Clunkers"? 461 comments
Einstein Has Left the Building 443 comments
MMOG Holiday Quickies 36 comments
Scientists Discover Singing Iceberg 32 comments
Mark Newport's Knitted Heroes 140 comments
CNN Interviews Kevin Mitnick 193 comments
Quickies Get Massive 48 comments
Parasites That Can Control Insect Minds 335 comments
When MMOGs Ruled The Quickies 40 comments
Massive Quickies 56 comments
Vader Visits The Troops And Other Tales 41 comments
HL2's Alyx as Playable Character, MMOG Updates, Women in Games Survey 66 comments
Bobby Fischer FBI Files Released Under FOIA 517 comments
Apple Quickies Comin' At Ya 38 comments
Handling 'Unexpected Interrupt 0D' Errors Under NT? 59 comments
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Quickies 298 comments
Exceptionally Unexceptional Quickies 155 comments
Quickies Knows Quickies. Quickies is Quickies. 98 comments
Won't The Real Quickies Please Stand Up? 102 comments
Surround Sound Quickies 197 comments
Are Airport X-Rays Harmful To Certain Hard Drives? 12 comments
Quickies, Coast to Coast 233 comments
Quickie Twister 143 comments
Broke into the old Quickies 173 comments
Welcome to the World of Quickies Entertainment 121 comments
Don't Believe The Quickies 108 comments
A Metric Ton of Quickies 186 comments
Vendors With Good Post-Purchase Support? 6 comments
Insanely Great Quickies 139 comments
Full Frontal Quickies 166 comments
Quickies from OLS - les Quickies d'OLS 79 comments
Grosse Pointe Quickies 157 comments
She Blinded Me With Quickies 91 comments
1.21 Quickiewatts 109 comments
Quickiefest 2000 80 comments
Totally 31337 Quickies 155 comments
Hump Day Quickies 179 comments
Quickies Rock! 86 comments
Quickies 2:Electric Bugaloo 168 comments
80 Proof Quickies 186 comments
Quickielanche 130 comments
The Mini-Quickies That Fell To Earth 114 comments
Godzilla vs. Mecha-Quickies 180 comments
The Ultimate Geek Food 610 comments
BSD Quickies 98 comments
Humpday Quickies 201 comments
Medium Rare Quickies 178 comments
Just a Spoonful of Quickies 82 comments
Quickie Fu 104 comments
Return of the Quickies 114 comments
Privacy Quickies 3 comments
Steaming Heap of Quickies 119 comments
Quickie Sunday 64 comments
Super Quick Quickies 39 comments
Here Come the Quickies 102 comments
Quickie Fu 135 comments
Spoonful of Quickies 233 comments
QuickieWorld 23 comments
Stop: Quickies Time 104 comments
Return of the Quickies 104 comments
May Ten Quickies 159 comments
Quickies Backwards R Us 23 comments
Quickies a go-go 63 comments
2 Scoops of Quickies 95 comments
Generative Quickies 71 comments
Quickielanche 88 comments
IV Quickie Drip 36 comments
Tuesday Quickies 147 comments
Steaming Pile of Sunday Quickies 111 comments

They are relatively good but absolutely terrible. -- Alan Kay, commenting on Apollos


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