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Puzzle Games (Games) Stories

Data Mining the Web Reveals What Makes Puzzles Hard For Humans 44 comments
World's Hardest Sudoku 179 comments
Tetris May Reduce PTSD, But Pub Quiz Makes It Worse 65 comments
Tetris Clones Pulled From Android Market 396 comments
Man Spends 2,200 Hours Defeating Bejeweled 2 179 comments
Lego Robot Plays Tetris 94 comments
Lego Robot Solves Any Rubik's Cube In 12 Seconds 224 comments
Scribblenauts Impresses Critics 54 comments
Tetris Turns 25 177 comments
Crayon Physics Combines Science and Puzzles 78 comments
Playing Tetris Is Good For You 132 comments
Categorizing Puzzles In Adventure Games 44 comments
Adventure Game Interfaces and Puzzle Theory 149 comments
Solving Sudoku With dpkg 190 comments
Developer Praises Complexity of Time-Based Puzzles In "Braid" 39 comments
Have Modern Gamers Lost the Patience For Puzzles? 622 comments
Rubik's Cube Algorithm Cut Again, Down to 23 Moves 202 comments
Games Come to Pidgin 86 comments
Why Windows Solitaire Eats So Much Time 261 comments
Folding@Home 2.0 - An Online Protein Folding Game 129 comments
Play Free or Die - The Best Free Web Games 69 comments
PopCap Distressed Over 'CopyCat' Games 88 comments
Gary Kasparov Arrested Over Political Fight 427 comments
The Godfather of Sudoku 47 comments
Chip & PIN Terminal Playing Tetris 228 comments
Casual Games Now Have Serious Budgets 32 comments
PopCap Goes International 28 comments
New Rubik's Cube World Record Set 59 comments
The Casual Game Clone Wars 36 comments
PopCap Titles Life-Savers 41 comments
PopCap On Casual Gaming 13 comments
A Solution for the Ten Letter Acrostic Puzzle? 258 comments
Rubik's Cube World Championships 202 comments
Google Maps Meets Carmen Sandiego 241 comments
Playing all that Bejeweled Pays Off 39 comments
Making A Fortune From Casual Games 74 comments
2005 Google U.S. Puzzle Championship 121 comments
Puzzle Pirates Reviewed 22 comments
Reverse Engineering MineSweeper 60 comments
Puzzle Pirates Puzzles Previewed 23 comments
Bastard Tetris Hates You 104 comments
LEGO Junior Robotics Competition This Weekend 73 comments
Bootytacular Puzzle Pirates Preorder Contest 14 comments
Chess Master Kasparov To Retire 320 comments
Computer Cracks 5x5 Go 442 comments
Ubisoft to Publish Puzzle Pirates 151 comments
The Dude Who Wrote Snood 68 comments
LEGO Star Wars Video Game 174 comments
Prince of Persia 2 On Store Shelves 50 comments
Bejeweled 2 Released 53 comments
Rubik's Famous Magic Cube in Lego Form 85 comments
Slashdot Gameshow Experiences? 55 comments
Hydra vs. Shredder 252 comments
Asian Origins Of Gaming Exhibited 36 comments
Boardgame Spins On Computer Strategy Games Rated 20 comments
Junior Wins Computer Chess, Fritz Crashes Out 27 comments
Shuzzle Brings Shadowy Twist To Puzzle Games 13 comments
On Online Backgammon And Gaming Addiction 42 comments
World Computer Chess Championships Underway 230 comments
World Computer-Bridge Championship Returns to USA 19 comments
2004 U.S. Puzzle Championship Winners 103 comments
Play Go - On A Mobius Strip? 25 comments
Casual Online Gamers Thrill to Pajitnov Puzzle Games 18 comments
Google-Sponsored 2004 US Puzzle Championship 115 comments
Whither The 7th Guest-Style Puzzle Adventure? 48 comments
Unofficial Tabletop X-Com Game Given Away 36 comments
Cthulhu 500 Racing Card Game Revs Up For Action 29 comments
Tetris - From Russia With Love 41 comments
Women Over 40 Biggest Online Gamers 78 comments
On Going Pro At Magic - The Gathering 108 comments
Chess - 2070 CPUs vs 1 GM 248 comments
Kasparov Beaten At Repton, Game Recreated? 28 comments
Free Boardgame Instructs On Art Of Zombie Ranching 18 comments
Breakey Elevates Key Wrestling To Artform 93 comments
Mysterious Tartrate Conquers All At Go 65 comments
On The Untapped Potential Of Abstract Videogames 61 comments
Chessboxing - The Sport Of The Future? 55 comments
'Hunt for WMD' Game Launched Using Public Documents 75 comments
Hong Kong Politician Bejeweled, Unrepentant 36 comments
Puzzle Pirates Done, Walking Plank To Release 35 comments
2000 Year Old Roman d20 Up For Auction 265 comments
Human Interference In Computer Chess Championship? 34 comments
Traditional Games 100 - Rating 2003's Boardgames 32 comments
Kasparov Dons 3D Glasses To Fight, Draw X3D Fritz 32 comments
Rubik's Cube Comeback 163 comments
Man Vs Machine In Chess - Who Is Winning? 534 comments
Bridge Building Games Explored 14 comments
Rubik's Cube Record Broken 41 comments
Indie Developers Show They've Got Game 15 comments
Yo Ho Ho - It's Puzzle Pirates! 13 comments
The Rise of Casual and Mobile Gaming 208 comments
Four-Dimensional Rubik's Cube Craziness 296 comments
Cosmic Encounter Online Launches 11 comments
Google US Puzzle Championship 141 comments
Adventure Gaming: Rest In Peace? 139 comments
Online. DS. Tetris. 0 comments

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