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PHP Stories

Python Is On the Rise, While PHP Falls 231 comments
PHP 7.0 Nearing Release, Performance Almost As Good As HHVM 158 comments
PHP At 20: From Pet Project To Powerhouse 281 comments
Modern PHP: New Features and Good Practices 182 comments
JavaScript, PHP Top Most Popular Languages, With Apple's Swift Rising Fast 192 comments
PHP vs. Node.js: the Battle For Developer Mind Share 245 comments
Over 78% of All PHP Installs Are Insecure 112 comments
PHP 5.6.0 Released 118 comments
PHP Finally Getting a Formal Specification 180 comments
Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond) 315 comments
PHP Next Generation 213 comments
Facebook Introduces Hack: Statically Typed PHP 230 comments
The New PHP 254 comments
KDE Releases KDevelop 4.6 93 comments
Dangerous VBulletin Exploit In the Wild 43 comments
Book Review: Programming PHP 3rd Edition 155 comments
PHP 5.5.0 Released 219 comments
Millions At Risk From Critical Vulnerabilities From WordPress Plugins 145 comments
Malicious PhpMyAdmin Served From SourceForge Mirror 86 comments
Will Developers Finally Start Coding On the iPad? 463 comments
The PHP Singularity 622 comments
Recently Exposed PHP Hole's Official Fix Ineffective 240 comments
PHP 5.4 Released 209 comments
Ask Slashdot: Money-Making Home-Based Tech Skills? 332 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Open Source Answer to Dreamweaver? 300 comments
2011's Fastest Growing Language: Objective-C 356 comments
Ask Slashdot: Which Web Platform Would You Use? 519 comments
Facebook Releases JIT PHP Compiler 244 comments
Ask Slashdot: One Framework To Rule Them All? 287 comments
Analyzing StackOverflow Users' Programming Language Leanings 185 comments
Serious Crypto Bug Found In PHP 5.3.7 165 comments
Open Source Guy Takes the Hardest Job At Microsoft 325 comments
Drupal Competes As a Framework, Unofficially 178 comments
PHP Floating Point Bug Crashes Servers 213 comments
Microsoft Finally Certifies an Open Source Web App 87 comments
WordPress Creator GPL Says WP Template Must Be GPL'd 571 comments
Developing a Niche Online-Content Indexing System? 134 comments
Measuring LAMP Competency? 453 comments
Finding Open Source Projects Looking For Help? 151 comments
CodeIgniter 1.7 Professional Development 75 comments
'Month of PHP Security' Finds 60 Bugs 120 comments
SolarPHP 1.0 Released 125 comments
Eight PHP IDEs Compared 206 comments
Facebook's HipHop Also a PHP Webserver 304 comments
Facebook Rewrites PHP Runtime For Speed 295 comments
Joomla! 1.5 Development Cookbook 32 comments
The Environmental Impact of PHP Compared To C++ On Facebook 752 comments
PHP 5.3 Released 120 comments
New PHP Interpreter Finds XSS, Injection Holes 66 comments
An Early Look At What's Coming In PHP V6 307 comments
Securing PHP Web Applications 229 comments
PHP Gets Namespace Separators, With a Twist 523 comments
PHP5 CMS Framework Development 72 comments
Local Web Server For Web Development? 82 comments
Official Support For PHP 4 Ends 245 comments
Changes In Store For PHP V6 368 comments
Microsoft Releases IIS FastCGI Module 269 comments
PHP5 Vs. CakePHP Vs. RubyOnRails? 469 comments
PHP 4 End of Life Announcement 125 comments
Optimize PHP and Accelerate Apache 191 comments
PHP 5.2.2 and 4.4.7 Released 122 comments
Delphi For PHP Released 155 comments
March To Be Month of PHP Bugs 292 comments
Sun Offering Optimized AMP Stack On Solaris 135 comments
PHP Application Insecurity - PHP or Devs Fault? 200 comments
PHP Security Expert Resigns 386 comments
Essential PHP Security 132 comments
Taking the Sting Out of PHP 5 Programming 159 comments
What Really Happened with Mambo? 107 comments
PHP 5.1.0 Released 275 comments
Open Source AJAX Webmail 311 comments
PHP 5 Objects, Patterns and Practice 165 comments
Mambo CMS Dev Team Splits 177 comments
Spring Into PHP 5 229 comments
Community, OSL and Sun Jump to Drupal's Rescue 175 comments
Drupal Needs a New Home 295 comments
PHP Blogging Apps Open to XML-RPC Exploits 166 comments
How to Do Everything with PHP and MySQL 354 comments
How Are You Accomplishing Your i18n? 117 comments
A Decade of PHP 452 comments
Circulation Manager for an Academic Journal? 10 comments
Using J2EE and PHP together 41 comments
'PHP 5 Power Programming' Available for Download 28 comments
PHP & AJAX Presentation Online 33 comments
Gallery and Coppermine Merger 32 comments
Beginning PHP 5 and MySQL E-Commerce 202 comments
Teaching Programming to Non-Developers 74 comments
PHP 5 Power Programming 218 comments
Datamining the NSA 236 comments
IBM Backs PHP for Web Development 111 comments
Zend Taking PHP In the Wrong Direction? 155 comments
How to Take Over a Train Station 356 comments
Build a Database Driven Site -- Quick 251 comments
PHP Security Consortium Launched 64 comments
PHP Automated Administrivia? 61 comments
PHP Becoming More Popular 44 comments
Aspect-Oriented PHP 51 comments
Anti-Santy Worm Patches phpBB Flaw 245 comments
Net Worm Uses Google to Spread 309 comments
Is Apache 2.0 Worth the Switch for PHP? 465 comments
PHP Vulnerabilities Announced 387 comments
Open Source Content Management Discussion? 109 comments
Learning PHP 5 0 comments
Learning PHP 5 201 comments
Beginning PHP and MySQL 228 comments
PHP 5 OO In 24 Slides 56 comments
The PHP Anthology - Volume II, 'Applications' 100 comments
PHP5: Could PHP Soon Be Owned by Sun? 76 comments
The PHP Anthology - Volume I, 'Foundations' 114 comments
PHP 5 Release Sparks Up PHP-GTK 2.0 44 comments
PHP Not Moving To The GPL 629 comments
PHP 5.0 Goes For Microsoft's ASP-dot-Net 478 comments
PHP 4.3.8 Released, Fixing Remote Security Hole 30 comments
On PHP and Scaling 245 comments
Advanced PHP Programming 189 comments
Skinnable, Portable Desktop Apps In PHP 36 comments
phpstack - A TCP/IP Stack and Web Server in PHP 295 comments
Ming + PHP5 + AI = Pretty 204 comments
OpenGL in PHP 286 comments
Attitudes in IT - Mediocrity Wins? 145 comments
PHP Contest: Revenge of the Apple Eating Robots 66 comments
Hardened PHP 187 comments
PHP and SQL Security 305 comments
PHP 4.3.6 Released 34 comments
PHP5 Co-Creator Interview 53 comments
PHP 5 RC 1 released 388 comments
MySQL Writes Exception for PHP in License 313 comments
Play Blackjack with PHP 28 comments
PHP5 Just Around the Corner 85 comments
Vancouver PHP Conference: Cheaper And Better 21 comments
Core PHP Programming 223 comments
PHP Scales As Well As Java 627 comments
Meet The New PHP5 Toolkit, Pidget 66 comments
PHP Usage in the Enterprise 325 comments
PHP License Finally Approved By OSI 21 comments
Scriptiing The Enterprise With Java And PHP 80 comments
PHP 5 Beta 1 398 comments
PHP Cookbook 238 comments
Elegant PHP Architectures? 118 comments
PHP 4.3.2 Released 49 comments
PHP and MySQL Web Development, 2nd Edition 172 comments
Build Your Own Database-Driven Website 277 comments
PHP MySQL Website Programming 160 comments
Introduction to PHP5 343 comments
PHP4 Web Development Solutions 107 comments
Security Hole Found in 4.3.0 34 comments
How to Build, Install, Secure & Optimize PHP 19 comments
PHP and MySQL Web Development 223 comments
International PHP Conference 2003 14 comments
PEAR Stable Finally Released 16 comments
PHP 4.3.0 Released 243 comments
PHP5 Coming Soon 135 comments
Professional PHP4 227 comments
New PHP Magazine Launched 39 comments
Yahoo Moving to PHP 779 comments
Professional PHP4 XML 94 comments
Programming PHP 228 comments
PHP Vulnerability Announced 47 comments
Freshly Created: comp.lang.php 41 comments
CfP: International PHP Conference 2002 5 comments
Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL 275 comments
PHP 4.3.0 w/ZEND 2 Alpha 32 comments
PHP for NetWare Beta Released 15 comments
PHP 4.2.1 released 18 comments
comp.lang.php Up for Discussion 16 comments
PHP 4.2.0 Released 38 comments
PHP 4.2.0 RC3 - Works With Apache 2.0.35 27 comments
PHP-GTK based IDE for Midgard and PHP 30 comments
PHP Security & Exploit 28 comments
PHP Development Environments? 59 comments
PHP 4.1.0 Released 37 comments
PHP Security 10 comments
Adopting PHP Code to a UNIX/Windows Environment? 6 comments Builds No More 1 comments
PHP Poetry & T-Shirt Design Contest 28 comments
PHP Developer's Cookbook 0 comments
Announcing PHP-GTK 141 comments
Zend Release Zend Cache & Zend IDE 0 comments
First Virus To Use PHP Scripting Language 0 comments

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