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Patents Stories for 2008

Microsoft Invents $1.15/Hour Homework Fee For Kids 580 comments
Google, Apple, Microsoft Sued Over File Preview 250 comments
Amazon 1-Click Lawyers Make USPTO Work Xmas Eve 117 comments
EEStor Issued a Patent For Its Supercapacitor 603 comments
The Post-Bilski Era Gets Underway 94 comments
Student Invention May Significantly Extend Mobile Device Battery Life 160 comments
Apple's 3D Desktop Patent Filing Examined 156 comments
FOSS Community Can Combat Bad Patents 58 comments
Ninth Anniversary of Amazon 1-Click Injunction 68 comments
FTC Pursues Rambus Appeal To Supreme Court 50 comments
Apple Sued Over iPhone Browser 225 comments
IBM's But-I-Only-Got-The-Soup Patent 267 comments
Rewriting a Software Product After Quitting a Job? 604 comments
McDonalds Files To Patent Making a Sandwich 346 comments
Startup Seeks To Preempt Patent Trolls 117 comments
Groklaw Says Microsoft Patent Portfolio Now Worthless 219 comments
Crowdsourcing Site Offers Rewards To Bust Patents 96 comments
Some Schools Welcoming Patent Firm, Others Wary 55 comments
Top Microsoft Execs Moonlighting For a Patent Bully 130 comments
Halliburton Applies For Patent-Trolling Patent 244 comments
FTC Wants To Straighten Out IP Law 97 comments
Microsoft's Internal Advice About Patents 100 comments
IBM's Teri-is-a-Girl-and-Terry-is-a-Boy Patent 277 comments
Inventor Open Sources "TV-B-Gone," and Why 340 comments
Federal Circuit Appeals Court Limits Business-Method Patents 73 comments
CueCat Patent Granted, Finally 184 comments
Microsoft Patents the Censoring of Speech 192 comments
English Court Allows Patents For "Complex" Software 132 comments
Steve Jobs Patents "The Dock" 580 comments
TiVo Wins Appeal On Patents For Pause, Ffwd, Rwd 215 comments
Buffalo Tech Gets New Trial On Wi-Fi Patent 78 comments
Commerce Department Pushing For New "Copyright Czar" 294 comments
Google Profiling Social Network Users 96 comments
An Open Source Legal Breakthrough 292 comments
IBM Wants Patent On Finding Areas Lacking Patents 151 comments
Designing a Patent-Incentive Program? 221 comments
Sept 24 Is World Day Against Software Patents 155 comments
EU Patent Staff Go On Strike 116 comments
Apple Attempts to Patent Pre-Existing Display Software Idea 256 comments
EFF, Public Knowledge Sue Over Secret IP Pact 104 comments
India Launches Open Source Drug Discovery 30 comments
Tapping the Web's Collective Wisdom For Patents 88 comments
Scribbling On Digital Photos 134 comments
NASA Patents To Be Auctioned 224 comments
Apple Declares DRM War On Sneaker Hackers 330 comments
Microsoft Patents "Pg Up" and "Pg Dn" 350 comments
German Customs Agents Raid Another Trade Show 139 comments
Microsoft Applies For Patent On Private Browsing 181 comments
Can I Be Fired For Refusing To File a Patent? 617 comments
British Government Considers Tenfold Increase To Copyright Penalty 154 comments
Strong Court Ruling Upholds the Artistic License 149 comments
Digital Camera Powered By a Fuel Cell 117 comments
O'Reilly On How Copyright Got To Its Current State 177 comments
IBM Granted "Paper-or-Plastic?" Patent 517 comments
Friendster Going Strong In Asia, Maybe Soon In Court 58 comments
Software Patent Sanity on the Way? 157 comments
Microsoft's Decade-old Patent On Tree-view Mode! 183 comments
The Death of Nearly All Software Patents? 731 comments
Nintendo Loses Controller Patent Lawsuit 324 comments
Troll Patents Lists In Databases, Sues Everyone 305 comments
MSM Noticing That Patent Gridlock Stunts Innovation 233 comments
Google Seeking "FriendRank" Patent 80 comments
Tech Giants Pooling Cash To Buy Patents 109 comments
Prior Art In Barracuda-Trend Micro Lawsuit 110 comments
Mark Zuckerberg, Inventor 140 comments
Bezos Buries Patent Office in Paper 99 comments
Red Hat Makes a GPL-Compatible Patent Deal 59 comments
Microsoft Applies For "Digital Manners" Patent 289 comments
US Supreme Court Limits Patent Claims 118 comments
Microsoft Seeks Patent On Brain-Based Development 173 comments
Singapore Firm Claims Patent Breach By Virtually All Websites 481 comments
5th Circuit May Stop Patent Troll "Forum Shopping" 76 comments
IBM Patents Putting Handprints On Laptops 141 comments
Nintendo Suffers $21M Patent Infringement Award 70 comments
A Guardian Angel In Your Cell Phone 215 comments
Patent Attorney On Why We Need To Rethink Intellectual Property 226 comments
Nathan Myhrvold and the Business Of Invention 137 comments
VeriSign Granted a Patent Covering SiteFinder 85 comments
NewYorkCountryLawyer Debates RIAA VP 291 comments
German Firms Patent Scented Text Messaging 127 comments
Patent Appeals System Under Constitutional Attack 46 comments
IBM Trying To Patent Timed Code Inspection 146 comments
80% of MS Server Protocols Are Unpatented 136 comments
Patent Chief Decries Continued Downward Spiral of Patent Quality 179 comments
Seagate Sues STEC For Patent Infringement 51 comments
Monster Cables Pushes Around the Wrong Small Company 572 comments
Satellite Abandoned Due To Orbital Patent 366 comments
Red Hat Seeks Limits on Software Patents 107 comments
3D Self-Replicating Printer to be Released Under GNU License 313 comments
Alcatel Awarded $367 Million in MS Patent Case 65 comments
Open Source Patent Donations? 185 comments
Rambus Wins Patent Case 146 comments
Cisco, Troll Tracker Blogger Sued For Defamation 60 comments
Open Source Business Model Using Software Patents 117 comments
The Rush To Patent the Atomic Bomb 160 comments
All 44 Blackboard Patent Claims Invalidated 130 comments
Patent Reform Bill Unable To Clean Up Patent Mess 92 comments
Multi-Channel Communication Patent Up For Sale 97 comments
Seagate May Sue if Solid State Disks Get Popular 242 comments
Google Patents Detecting, Tracking, Targeting Kids 115 comments
Sony Blu-ray Under Patent Infringement Probe 160 comments
Google's New Patent on Commercial Breaks 134 comments
Apple Sued Over Fundamental iTunes Model 257 comments
Gibson Accuses Guitar Hero of Patent Violation 192 comments
German Police Raid 51 CeBIT Stands Over Patent Claims 191 comments
Intel Patents On-Chip Cosmic Ray Detectors 100 comments
Neither Intellectual Nor Property 280 comments
"Bilski" Case May End Business Method Patents 101 comments
Akamai Wins Lawsuit to Protect Obvious Patent 173 comments
End Software Patents Project Comes Out Swinging 205 comments
Time To Abolish Software Patents? 259 comments
The U.S. Patent Backlog 195 comments
Cisco Lawyer Outs Self As "Patent Troll Tracker" 62 comments
Blackboard Wins Patent Suit Against Desire2Learn 186 comments
Judge Makes Lawyers Pay For Frivolous Patent Suit 263 comments
Apple, Starbucks Sued Over Music Gift Cards 151 comments
IBM Wants To Patent Restaurant Waits 154 comments
Multitouch Gesture Patents Could Prevent Standardization 210 comments
Lawmakers Debate Patent Immunity For Banks 382 comments
Courts May Revisit Software Patents 259 comments
Patent Troll Attacks Cable, Digital TV Standards 164 comments
Canon Files For DSLR Iris Registration Patent 273 comments
Intel Sued Over Core 2 Duo Patent Infringement 216 comments
Reform Could Kill EFF "Patent Busting Project" 110 comments
EFF Attacks Online Gaming Patent 126 comments
Torvalds Says Microsoft is Bluffing on Patents 157 comments
Amazon Patents Customized 404 Pages 167 comments
AIDS Drug Patent Revoked In US 357 comments
UK High Court Allows Software Patent Claims 125 comments
Smartphones Patented — Just About Everyone Sued 1 Minute Later 407 comments
FTC Defends Ethernet From Patent Troll 59 comments
IBM Patents Pricing Motorists Off Highways 805 comments
Yahoo Patents 'Smart' Drag and Drop 128 comments
Lawyer Trademarks "Cyberlaw" 81 comments
Ford Claims Ownership Of Your Pictures 739 comments
Super Soaker Inventor Hopes to Double Solar Efficiency 288 comments
Google, Yahoo, Others Sued Over Solitaire Patent 163 comments
EFF Busts Bogus Online Testing Patent 60 comments

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