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Open Source Stories

Free Pascal Compiler 3.0.0 Is Out; Adds Support For 16-Bit MS-DOS, 64-Bit iOS 130 comments
Software Freedom Conservancy Asks For Supporters 35 comments
AMD's Crimson Radeon Driver For Linux Barely Changes Anything 94 comments
High-Security, Open-Source Router is a Hit on Indiegogo (Video) 111 comments
Mozilla Is Removing Tab Groups and Complete Themes From Firefox 315 comments
Microsoft Open-Sources Visual Studio Code 158 comments
Adding Eye Control To Wheelchairs for Quadriplegics 15 comments
FCC Clarifies: It's Legal To Hack Your Router 85 comments
Freeciv Founded 20 Years Ago Today 37 comments
Microsoft Open Sources Its Machine Learning Toolkit 15 comments
Mozilla Has 'No Plans' To Offer Firefox Without Pocket 199 comments
PostgreSQL Getting Parallel Query 83 comments
Mozilla Plans To Remove Support For Firefox Complete Themes 267 comments
Getting Started With GNU Radio 42 comments
With TensorFlow, Google Open Sources Its Machine Learning Resources 37 comments
Open Source Anniversaries: 6 Years of Go, 11 of Firefox 65 comments
WordPress Now Powers 25% of the Web 143 comments
Corporations and OSS Do Not Mix 213 comments
$1 Bid Wins Government Open Source Software Purchasing Experiment 124 comments
Linus's Thoughts on Linux Security 291 comments
Fedora 23 Released 57 comments
Andrew Tanenbaum Announces MINIXcon 104 comments
The Return of OS/2 Warp Set For 2016 262 comments
Linus Rants About C Programming Semantics 576 comments
Could Go Community's Threat of Public Shaming, Lifetime Bans Make Go a No-Go? 358 comments
Linux 4.3 Released As Stable; Improves On Open-Source Graphics, SMP Performance 73 comments
GNU Hurd 0.7 and GNU Mach 1.6 Released 129 comments
Busybox Deletes Systemd Support 572 comments
Open-Source GPU Drivers Show Less Than Ideal Experience For SteamOS/Linux Gaming 109 comments
MySQL Servers Hijacked With Malware To Perform DDoS Attacks 55 comments
Open Source Code Isn't a Warranty 214 comments
Ask Slashdot: Open Tools For Logbooks and Note-taking? 227 comments
Mozilla Giving $1 Million To Open Source Projects It Relies On 68 comments
Ubuntu 15.10 'Wily Werewolf' Released 191 comments
Government Team Experiments With Paying For Small Open Source Tasks 90 comments
Intel Develops Linux 'Software GPU' That's ~29-51x Faster 111 comments
Microsoft Publishes OpenSSH For Windows Code 164 comments
Celebrating 20 Years of OpenBSD With Release 5.8 158 comments
October is the Most Open (Source) Month (Video) 25 comments
Report: Red Hat Buying DevOps Startup Ansible 78 comments
Walmart Open Sources Its Cloud Platform To Take On Amazon 83 comments
Why Cybersecurity Experts Want Open Source Routers 177 comments
KDE Turns 19 115 comments
Fedora 23 Final May Release As Planned On October 27 65 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is There Space For Open Hardware In Networking? 121 comments
Wayland Ported To DragonFlyBSD 152 comments
3 Open Source Projects For Modern COBOL Development 75 comments
There Is No .bro In Brotli: Google/Mozilla Engineers Nix File Type As Offensive 781 comments
Pushing the Limits of Network Traffic With Open Source 55 comments
Linux Foundation: Security Problems Threaten 'Golden Age' of Open Source 77 comments
Open-Source Doom 3 Advances With EAX Audio, 64-bit ARM/x86 Support 37 comments
Debian Dropping Linux Standard Base 220 comments
Enlightenment Mysteriously Drops Wayland Support 152 comments
ESR On Why the FCC Shouldn't Lock Down Device Firmware 144 comments
Google's Effort To Speed Up the Mobile Web 95 comments
Making Your Graphing Calculator a Musical Instrument 55 comments
Getting More Women Coders Into Open Source 696 comments
Matthew Garrett Forks the Linux Kernel 688 comments
Sensor Network Makes Life Easier For Japan's Aging Rice Farmers 91 comments
OpenIndiana Hipster 2015.10: Keeping an Open-Source Solaris Going 149 comments
FLIF: Free Lossless Image Format 311 comments
Linux Foundation Puts the Cost of Replacing Its Open Source Projects At $5 Billion 146 comments
LibreOffice Turns Five 147 comments
EFF: DMCA Hinders Exposing More Software Cheats Like Volkswagen's 166 comments
How the Car Industry Has Hidden Its Software Behind the DMCA 126 comments
What's New In GNOME 3.18 170 comments
Nintendo Joins Khronos Group 46 comments
Ask Slashdot: Herding Cats, Aging Systems? 158 comments
A Wikipedia-Style Tree of Life Emerges 72 comments
AMD Confirms Vulkan Driver For Linux, But To Start Off As Closed-Source 47 comments
XPRIZE's Jono Bacon On the Next Great Challenge 20 comments
The Era of Open Source Cars 31 comments
OpenGL Library Mesa 11.0 Brings Open Source OpenGL 4 88 comments
Ask Slashdot: Definitive Password Management Best Practices Using OSS? 77 comments
Open Source Router Firmware OpenWRT 15.05 Released 94 comments
Ask Slashdot: Synchronizing Sound With Video, Using Open Source? 103 comments
Microsoft Announces VP9 Support For Edge 55 comments
Node.js v4.0.0 Released 128 comments
The Free Software Foundation: 30 Years In 135 comments
Debian Working on Reproducible Builds To Make Binaries Trustable 130 comments
New Release of the Trinity Desktop Environment 197 comments
What Is Open Source Pharma (and Why Should You Care)? 165 comments
Netflix Open Sources Sleepy Puppy XSS Hunter 12 comments
How Open Film Project "Cosmos Laundromat" Made Blender Better 31 comments
Mutt 1.5.24 Released 38 comments
New FCC Rules Could Ban WiFi Router Firmware Modification 242 comments
LLVM 3.7 Delivers OpenMP 3.1 Support, ORC JIT API, New Optimizations 84 comments
Mozilla, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Others Form 'Alliance For Open Media' 99 comments
LILO Bootloader Development To End 135 comments
Linux Kernel 4.2 Released 142 comments
"Hack" Typeface Is Open Source, Easy On the IDEs 211 comments
AMD's R9 Fury On Open-Source: Prepare for Disappointment, For Now 43 comments
A FreeBSD "Spork" With Touches of NeXT and OS X: NeXTBSD 165 comments
MIAOW Open Source GPU Debuts At Hot Chips 45 comments
GNOME To Start Using Codenames 46 comments
Croatian Party Advocates Government Adoption of Open Source 29 comments
Ten Dropbox Engineers Build BSD-licensed, Lossless 'Pied Piper' Compression Algorithm 174 comments
Microsoft Builds Open-Source Browser Using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS 74 comments
Ubuntu Is the Dominant Cloud OS 167 comments
Open Source, Collaborative Rich-Text, Web-Based Editor Almost Available 59 comments
UNC Scientists Open Source Their Genomic Research 10 comments
Contiki 3.0 Released, Retains Support For Apple II, C64 44 comments
'Gynepunks' DIY Gynecology For Underserved Women 59 comments
KDE Plasma 5.4 Released 43 comments
Happy Birthday, Linux! An OS At 24 152 comments
Meet Linux's Newest File-System: Bcachefs 132 comments
City of Munich Struggling With Basic Linux Functionality 394 comments
Linux Foundation Project Will Evaluate Security of Open Source Software 37 comments
KDE Applications 15.08.0 Released 68 comments
Linus Torvalds Isn't Looking 10 Years Ahead For Linux and That's OK 108 comments
Interviews: Ask Dr. Tarek Loubani About Creating Ultra-Low Cost Medical Devices 54 comments
Debian Founder: How I Came To Find Linux 136 comments
"Father Time" Gets Another Year At NTP From Linux Foundation 157 comments
IBM Launches Linux-Only Mainframes 157 comments
FreeBSD 10.2 Released 103 comments
Cheap, 3D-Printed Stethoscope Challenges Top-of-the-Line Model 179 comments
The LibreOffice Story 254 comments
OpenSSH 7.0 Released 75 comments
Cisco Developing Royalty Free Video Codec: Thor 145 comments
Kali Linux 2.0 Released 109 comments
Pixar's Universal Scene Description To Be Open-Sourced 37 comments
Ask Slashdot: Switching To a GNU/Linux Distribution For a Webdesign School 233 comments
LibreSSL 2.2.2 Released 33 comments
Microsoft Open-Sources Windows Bridge For iOS 48 comments
Marvell's Kinoma Create Keeps On Creating (Video) 14 comments
India Adopts Comprehensive Open Source Policy 19 comments
LibreOffice 5.0 Released 236 comments
Largest DebConf Ever Will Hit Heidelberg In Mid-August 41 comments
Ada Initiative Organization To End, But Its Work Will Continue 223 comments
DoD Ditches Open Source Medical Records System In $4.3B Contract 186 comments
On Linux, $550 Radeon R9 Fury Competes With $200~350 NVIDIA GPUs 83 comments
Interviews: Ask Richard Stallman a Question 359 comments
Why Your Software Project Is Failing 119 comments
Project IceStorm Passes Another Milestone: Building a CPU 107 comments
Battle For Wesnoth Seeks New Developers 58 comments
KDE Community Announces Fully Open Source Plasma Mobile 44 comments
AMD Forces a LibreOffice Speed Boost With GPU Acceleration 144 comments
Ask Slashdot: Building an Open Source Community For a Proprietary Software Product? 85 comments
Meet OpenDaylight Project Executive Director Neela Jacques (Video) 14 comments
Open-Source Mesa 3D Library/Drivers Now Support OpenGL 4 30 comments
On Being Pro-GPL 250 comments
Haiku OS Will Get New Service Manager 93 comments
Renderman Gets Blender Integration 31 comments
The Free Software Foundation's Statement On Canonical's Updated Licensing Terms 75 comments
NSA Releases Open Source Security Tool For Linux 105 comments
Virtual Reality Tech and Openness 25 comments
What the GNOME Desktop Gets Right and KDE Gets Wrong 267 comments
Speed-Ups, Small Fixes Earn Good Marks From Ars For Mint 17.2 69 comments
Calculating the Truck-Factor of Popular Open Source Projects 79 comments
Linux Foundation's Census Project Ranks Open Source Software At Risk 47 comments
MetaMorph Helps non-Engineers Design Circuits (Video) 21 comments
French Government IT Directorate Supports ODF, Rejects OOXML 75 comments
OpenSSL Patches Critical Certificate Forgery Bug 45 comments
Open Compute Project Comes Under Fire 86 comments
Jolla Spins Off Hardware Business 44 comments
BBC Reveals Its New Microcomputer Design 97 comments
What Goes Into a Decision To Take Software From Proprietary To Open Source 45 comments
Clang Plays Tetris -- Tetris As a C++ Template Metaprogram 68 comments
Firefox 39 Released, Bringing Security Improvements and Social Sharing 172 comments
Microsoft Research Open Sources WorldWide Telescope 18 comments
First Fedora Image For the MIPS Available For Testing 28 comments
Ask Slashdot: Choosing the Right Open Source License 171 comments
NVIDIA Begins Supplying Open-Source Register Header Files 77 comments
The Open Container Project and What It Means 54 comments
The 2015 Open Source Summer Reading List 31 comments
Docker and CoreOS Join Together For Open Container Project At Linux Foundation 48 comments
Open Source Hardware Pioneer Ladyada Interviews the New MakerBot CEO 38 comments
LibreOffice Now Available On Apple's Mac App Store 132 comments
Reasons To Use Mono For Linux Development 355 comments
Is Surespot the Latest Crypto War Victim? 26 comments
Linus Torvalds Says Linux Can Move On Without Him 323 comments
Report: Aging Java Components To Blame For Massively Buggy Open-Source Software 130 comments
Open Source JavaScript Library Released For Accessibility Testing 21 comments
PHP At 20: From Pet Project To Powerhouse 281 comments
Reactions To Apple's Plans To Open Source Swift 246 comments
David Revoy Makes Open Source Art With Open Source Tools (Video) 13 comments
Mozilla Responds To Firefox User Backlash Over Pocket Integration 351 comments
Ubuntu Software Center Criticized For Mixing Free and Non-Free Software 216 comments
Intel Skylake & Broxton Graphics Processors To Start Mandating Binary Blobs 193 comments
SourceForge Responds To nmap Maintainer's Claims 172 comments
Open Source Haxe/OpenFL Platform Will Support Home Game Consoles 20 comments
Microsoft To Support SSH In Windows and Contribute To OpenSSH 285 comments
LG Arbitrarily Denying Android Lollipop Update To the G2 In Canada? 131 comments
Cinnamon 2.6: a Massive Update Loaded With Performance Improvements 155 comments
MinGW and MSVCRT Conflict Causes Floating-Point Value Corruption 98 comments
Red Hat CEO Publishes Open Source Management Memoir 49 comments
Building Hospitable Open Source Communities (Video) 117 comments
Ask Slashdot: Can SaaS Be Both Open Source and Economically Viable? 49 comments
Chrome For Android Is Now Almost Entirely Open Source 51 comments
Pre-Orders Start For Neo900 Open Source Phone 134 comments
Huawei's LiteOS Internet of Things Operating System Is a Minuscule 10KB 175 comments
Adblock Plus Launches Adblock Browser: a Fork of Firefox For Android 111 comments
First Smart TVs Powered By Firefox OS On Sale In Europe, Worldwide Soon 119 comments
KDE Plasma 5 Becomes the Default Desktop of OpenSUSE Tumbleweed 60 comments
MAME Changing License To Fully Libre One 56 comments
Linino-Enabled Arduino Yun Shrinks In Size and Cost 42 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Is the Best Open Document Format? 200 comments
RTFM? How To Write a Manual Worth Reading 244 comments
Wireless Charging Tech Adopted By Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota Goes Open Source 75 comments
'Venom' Security Vulnerability Threatens Most Datacenters 95 comments
Criticizing the Rust Language, and Why C/C++ Will Never Die 386 comments
Firefox 38 Arrives With DRM Required To Watch Netflix 371 comments
Open Source C++ ClanLib SDK Refreshed For 2015 47 comments
$9 Open Source Computer Blows Past Crowdfunding Goal 180 comments
Creating the Open Drone Ecosystem Takes Room To Experiment 21 comments
Netflix Open-Sources Security Incident Management Tool 9 comments
Why Was Linux the Kernel That Succeeded? 469 comments
Accessibility In Linux Is Good (But Could Be Much Better) 65 comments
Debian GNU/Hurd 2015 Released 52 comments
OpenBSD 5.7 Released 80 comments
How an Open Standard API Could Revolutionize Banking 72 comments
Once a Forgotten Child, OpenSSL's Future Now Looks Bright 76 comments
When Enthusiasm For Free Software Turns Ugly 177 comments
The Battle of 100 Freeciv AIs 38 comments
KDE Plasma 5.3 Released 53 comments
An Open Ranking of Wikipedia Pages 39 comments
Imagination To Release Open MIPS Design To Academia 63 comments
Qt Creator 3.4.0 Released 20 comments
GCC 5.1 Released 78 comments
Networking Library Bug Breaks HTTPS In ~1,500 iOS Apps 73 comments
OSGeo Foundation Up In Arms Over ESRI LAS Lock-In Plans 35 comments
AMD Publishes New 'AMDGPU' Linux Graphics Driver 88 comments
How Publishing Upstart Mendeley Weathered Revolt and Became Part of the Paywall 81 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Features Would You Like In a Search Engine? 276 comments
Microsoft Open Technologies Is Closing: Good Or Bad News For Open Source? 110 comments
Cyanogen Partners With Microsoft To Replace Google Apps 179 comments
KDE Plasma 5.3 Beta Brings Lot of Improvements 64 comments
NVIDIA's New GPUs Are Very Open-Source Unfriendly 309 comments
The Makerspace Is the Next Open Source Frontier 46 comments
Linux Getting Extensive x86 Assembly Code Refresh 209 comments
TrueCrypt Alternatives Step Up Post-Cryptanalysis 83 comments
How Ubiquiti Networks Is Creatively Violating the GPL 225 comments
Getting Started Developing With OpenStreetMap Data 39 comments
Google Rolls Out VP9 Encoding For YouTube 109 comments
GCC 5.0 To Support OpenMP 4.0, Intel Cilk Plus, C++14 57 comments
The New Struggles Facing Open Source 146 comments
10 Years of Git: An Interview With Linus Torvalds 203 comments
US NAVY Sonar/Lidar Editing Software Released To the World 56 comments
Mono 4 Released, First Version To Adopt Microsoft Code 223 comments
BioWare Announces Open-Source Orbit Project 61 comments
Forking Away: OnePlus Introduces Android-Based OxygenOS 38 comments
Valve Bootstrapped Source 2 Engine On an Open-Source Vulkan Driver 60 comments
Building an NES Emulator 140 comments
Microsoft Engineer: Open Source Windows Is 'Definitely Possible' 303 comments
Firefox 37 Released 156 comments
License Details Hint MS Undecided On Suing Users of Its Open Source Net Runtime 198 comments
India Mandates Use of Open Source Software In Government 64 comments
European Commission Will Increase Use of Open Source Software 37 comments
MIT Debuts Integer Overflow Debugger 40 comments
GNOME 3.16 Released 196 comments
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