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Open Source Stories

Prof. Andy Tanenbaum Retires From Vrije University 128 comments
Plasma 5 Release Candidate Announced 47 comments
KDE Releases Frameworks 5 87 comments
Microsoft Backs Open Source For the Internet of Things 136 comments
WebODF: JavaScript Open Document Format Editor Deemed Stable 91 comments
Automotive Grade Linux Released For Open Source Cars 88 comments
The New 501(c)(3) and the Future of Open Source In the US 228 comments
Improv Project, Vivaldi Tablet Officially Dead 71 comments
Why The Korean Government Could Go Open Source By 2020 64 comments
Meet Carla Shroder's New Favorite GUI-Textmode Hybrid Shell, Xiki 176 comments
Mozilla Introduces Browser-Based WebIDE 132 comments
Linux Mint 17 KDE Released 61 comments
EFF To Unveil Open Wireless Router For Open Wireless Movement 184 comments
Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Steps Up Its Game & Runs Much Faster 143 comments
Intel Adds SIMD Vectorization to JavaScript 1 comments
3D Windowing System Developed Using Wayland, Oculus Rift 72 comments
TrueCrypt Author Claims That Forking Is Impossible 250 comments
Freecode Freezeup 62 comments
NVIDIA Is Better For Closed-Source Linux GPU Drivers, AMD Wins For Open-Source 185 comments
Open-Source Hardware For Neuroscience 41 comments
Interviews: Bruce Perens Answers Your Questions 224 comments
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Released 231 comments
$470 RepRap Derived 3D Printer Going Into Production 32 comments
Mesa 10.2 Improves Linux's Open-Source Graphics Drivers 58 comments
id Software's Original 'Softdisk' Games Open Sourced 100 comments
Open Source Robot OS Finds Niches From Farms To Space 36 comments
A Year After Snowden's Disclosures, EFF, FSF Want You To Fight Surveillance 108 comments
Testing 65 Different GPUs On Linux With Open Source Drivers 134 comments
Linux Mint 17 'Qiana' Released 132 comments
Matthew Miller Named New Fedora Linux Project Leader 24 comments
OpenPandora Design Files Released 65 comments
NYC Councilman (and Open Source Developer) Submits Bill Establishing Open Source Preference 105 comments
NVIDIA Adds Open-Source Gallium3D Support For the Tegra K1 17 comments
China Looks To Linux As Windows Alternative 222 comments
Haiku Gains Support For Current Radeon HD Cards 70 comments
R Throwdown Challenge 185 comments
Wayland 1.5 Released 179 comments
OpenStack: the Open Source Cloud That Vendors Love and Users Are Ignoring 99 comments
Rackspace, Cumulus Networks and CoreOS Join Linux Foundation 9 comments
Fixing the Pain of Programming 294 comments
Unlock Your Android Phone With Open Source Wearable NFC 81 comments
Why Should Red Hat Support Competitors' Software? 111 comments
Autodesk Unveils 3d Printer As It Aims To Become Industry's Android 85 comments
5-Year-Old Linux Kernel Bug Fixed 127 comments
How To Approve the Use of Open Source On the Job 123 comments
The Mifos Project Makes Software To 'Accelerate Microfinance' (Video) 39 comments
HP Joins OpenDaylight Project 37 comments
The Next Unreal Tournament: Totally Free, Developed By Public 122 comments
Ask Slashdot: Practical Alternatives To Systemd? 533 comments
McAfee Grabbed Data Without Paying, Says Open Source Vulnerability Database 139 comments
Crytek Open-Sources Their 'Renderdoc' 3D Debugger 20 comments
GitHub Open Sources Atom, Their Text Editor Based On Chromium 121 comments
US Military Drones Migrating To Linux 197 comments
Microsoft Cheaper To Use Than Open Source Software, UK CIO Says 589 comments
Linus Torvalds Receives IEEE Computer Pioneer Award 141 comments
How To Prevent the Next Heartbleed 231 comments
Free Can Make You Bleed: the Underresourced Open Source 175 comments
OpenBSD 5.5 Released 128 comments
After a Long wait, GNU Screen Gets Refreshed 77 comments
Lumina: PC-BSD's Own Desktop Environment 148 comments
Microsoft, Google, Others Join To Fund Open Source Infrastructure Upgrades 101 comments
Groove Basin: Quest For the Ultimate Music Player 87 comments
OpenSSL Cleanup: Hundreds of Commits In a Week 379 comments
Linux Voice is a New Magazine for Linux Users — On Paper (Video) 72 comments
Apache OpenOffice Reaches 100 Million Downloads. Now What? 285 comments
Code Quality: Open Source vs. Proprietary 139 comments
How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion? 582 comments
OpenBSD Team Cleaning Up OpenSSL 304 comments
Lucas Nussbaum Re-Elected As Debian Project Leader 28 comments
Linux 3.15 Will Suspend & Resume Much Faster 117 comments
Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace? 452 comments
Princeton Students Develop Open Source Voice Control Platform For Any Device 34 comments
Not Just Apple: GnuTLS Bug Means Security Flaw For Major Linux Distros 144 comments
Intel Releases $99 'MinnowBoard Max,' an Open-Source Single-Board Computer 97 comments
Ask Slashdot: User-Friendly Firewall For a Brand-New Linux User? 187 comments
Microsoft To Allow Code Contributions To F# 100 comments
Linus Torvalds Suspends Key Linux Developer 641 comments
NASA To Catalog and Release Source Code For Over 1,000 Projects 46 comments
Interview: Ask Bruce Perens What You Will 129 comments
Canonical Shutting Down Ubuntu One File Services 161 comments
New Apache Allura Project For Project Development Hosting 43 comments
oVirt 3.4 Means Management, VMs Can Live On the Same Machine 51 comments
Latest Humble Bundle Supports Open Source GameDev Tools 29 comments
In Israel, Class-Action Plaintiff Requests Waze Source Code Under GPL 75 comments
Canonical's Troubles With the Free Software Community 155 comments
Ubuntu Phone Isn't Important Enough To Demand an Open Source Baseband 137 comments
AWS Urges Devs To Scrub Secret Keys From GitHub 109 comments
Spinoffs From Spyland: How Some NSA Technology Is Making Its Way Into Industry 44 comments
AMD Develops New Linux Open-Source Driver Model 142 comments
Neovim: Rebuilding Vim For the 21st Century 248 comments
GNU C Library Alternative Musl Libc Hits 1.0 Milestone 134 comments
OpenSUSE 13.2 To Use Btrfs By Default 91 comments
Flash Is Dead; Long Live OpenFL! 166 comments
OASIS Approves OData 4.0 Standards For an Open, Programmable Web 68 comments
VLC Finally Launches App For Windows 8 170 comments
Replicant Hackers Find and Close Samsung Galaxy Back-door 81 comments
Large DDoS Attack Brings WordPress Pingback Abuse Back Into Spotlight 58 comments
Valve Open Sources Their DirectX To OpenGL Layer 130 comments
Interviews: ESR Answers Your Questions 117 comments
Google Blocking Asus's Android-Windows "Duet"? 194 comments
KDE Releases Calligra Suite 2.8 35 comments
Firefox OS Will Become the Mobile OS To Beat 205 comments
Fedora To Have a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" For Contributors 212 comments
New Mozilla Encoder Improves JPEG Compression 155 comments
Mozilla Is Investigating Why Dell Is Charging To Install Firefox 306 comments
Interview: Ask Eric Raymond What You Will 126 comments
Open Source Tech Providing Mobile Communications In Developing Nations 20 comments
Spark Advances From Apache Incubator To Top-Level Project 24 comments
Open Source Brings High-End Canon Camera Dynamic Range Closer To Nikon's 88 comments
Broadcom Releases Source For Graphics Stack; Raspberry Pi Sets Bounty For Port 77 comments
Official Wayland Support Postponed From GNOME 3.12 77 comments
'Write the Docs' is a Conference for People Who Write Software Docs (Video) 24 comments
Sundar Pichai: Android Designed For Openness; Security a Lower Priority 117 comments
Inside Chris Anderson's Open-Source Drone Factory 56 comments
Louis Suarez-Potts Talks About Making Money with FOSS (Video) 33 comments
Plan 9 From Bell Labs Operating System Now Available Under GPLv2 223 comments
FLOSS Codecs Emerge Victorious In Wikimedia Vote 235 comments
Google's Definition of 'Open' 168 comments
Open Source — the Last Patent Defense? 52 comments
Enlightenment E19 Pre-Alpha Released 89 comments
Godot Game Engine Released Under MIT License 73 comments
Windows Replacement? ReactOS 0.3.16 Gets Themes, CSRSS Rewrite, and More 179 comments
Customer: Dell Denies Speaker Repair Under Warranty, Blames VLC 526 comments
LLVM & GCC Compiler Developers To Begin Collaborating 279 comments
Mozilla Launches $300,000 Gigabit Community Fund 36 comments
Build an Open-Source Electric Car In About One Hour 188 comments
DARPA Publishes Tons of Open Source Code, Data 39 comments
Getting Young Women Interested In Open Source 545 comments
Who's Writing Linux These Days? 63 comments
AMD Open-Sources Video Encode Engine 34 comments
Eclipse Foundation Celebrates 10 Years 155 comments
Linus Torvalds Gives 'Thumbs Up' To Nvidia For Nouveau Contributions 169 comments
NVIDIA Open-Sources Tegra K1 Graphics Support 66 comments
LibreOffice 4.2 Busts Out GPU Mantle Support and Corporate IT Integration 192 comments
UK Government May Switch from MS Office to Open Source 273 comments
Why We Need OpenStreetMap (Video) 118 comments
Samsung's First Tizen Smartphone Gets Leaked 153 comments
FileZilla Has an Evil Twin That Steals FTP Logins 197 comments
Ask Slashdot: An Open Source PC Music Studio? 299 comments
Fancy Yourself a Tycoon? OpenTTD 1.4.0 On Its Way 106 comments
Open Source AMD Driver Now Supports OpenGL 3.3 — and It's Getting Faster 100 comments
High School Students Develop Linux Imaging and Help Desk Software 116 comments
Collaboration and Rivalry In WebKit 44 comments
Wayland 1.4 Released — Touch, Sub-Surface Protocol, Crop/Scale Support 128 comments
FSF's Richard Stallman Calls LLVM a 'Terrible Setback' 1098 comments
Valve Working on GNU/Linux Native Open Source OpenGL Debugger 88 comments
Building an Open Source Nest 195 comments
Wikimedia Community Debates H.264 Support On Wikipedia Sites. 247 comments
CES 2014: Danish Company Promises Low-Cost Eye Trackers For the Masses (Video) 22 comments
Glyphy: High Quality Glyph Rendering Using OpenGL ES2 Shaders 59 comments
Three Videos On Codec2 and Open Hardware 37 comments
The Role of Freeloaders In Open Source Communities 120 comments
Why the World Needs OpenStreetMap 162 comments
Media Player Nightingale Reaches 1.12.1; First Release Since Songbird 79 comments
LLVM and Clang 3.4 Are Out 118 comments
Twister: The Fully Decentralized P2P Microblogging Platform 169 comments
Google Launches Android Automotive Consortium 117 comments
YouTube Goes 4K — and VP9 — At CES 255 comments
Emacs Needs To Move To GitHub, Says ESR 252 comments
Intel Releases 5,000 Pages of Open-Source Haswell Documentation 111 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Implement Wave Protocol Self Hosted? 112 comments
Prince of Persia Level Editor 'Apoplexy' Reaches 2.0 44 comments
GNU Octave Gets a GUI 166 comments
Enlightenment DR 0.18: Improved Compositing, Wayland Support 62 comments
Big Buck Bunny In 4K, 60 Fps and 3D-stereo 102 comments
Open Source Add-on Rewrites the User Interface of IE11 86 comments
Oppo's CyanogenMod Phone Gets Blessed To Run Google Apps 47 comments
Comparing G++ and Intel Compilers and Vectorized Code 225 comments
Owncloud 6 Brings Collaborative Open Document Format Editing to the Web 73 comments
Munich Open Source Switch 'Completed Successfully' 275 comments
OpenSSH Has a New Cipher — Chacha20-poly1305 — from D.J. Bernstein 140 comments
AirPlay Alternative Mirrors and Streams To TVs and PCs 62 comments
Open Source 'Wasn't Available' Two Years Ago, Says UK Gov't IT Project Chief 113 comments
Firefox 26 Arrives With Click-To-Play For Java Plugins 208 comments
AllSeen Alliance Wants To Open-Source the 'Internet of Things' 86 comments
KDE Releases KDevelop 4.6 93 comments
Affordable 3D Metal Printer Developed Based on RepRap 199 comments
CyanogenMod Integrates Text Message Encryption 118 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best FLOSS iTunes Replacement In 2013? 317 comments
Opus 1.1 Released 62 comments
FSF Responds To Microsoft's Privacy and Encryption Announcement 174 comments To Open Source Rendering Engine Replacement JavaScript Framework 48 comments
FLOSS 2013: the Survey For Open Source Contributors, a Decade Later 27 comments
Open Source In the Datacenter: It Was Never About Innovation 100 comments
Jolla: Ex-Nokia Employees Launch Smartphone (MeeGo Resurrected) 141 comments
The Burning Bridges of Ubuntu 346 comments
Docker 0.7 Runs On All Linux Distributions 88 comments
Have 100GB Free? Host Your Own Copy of Wikipedia, With Images 151 comments
Kdenlive Developer Jean-Baptiste Mardelle Is Missing 138 comments
Microsoft Adds Node.js Support To Visual Studio 197 comments
Gartner: OpenStack Lacks Clarity 77 comments
2-D MMOG Glitch Released Completely Into the Public Domain 70 comments
How Munich Abandoned Microsoft for Open Source 294 comments
GCC 4.9 Coming With Big New Features 181 comments
12-Lead Clinical ECG Design Open Sourced; Supports Tablets, Too 134 comments
MenuetOS, an OS Written Entirely In Assembly Language, Inches Towards 1.0 372 comments
SourceForge Appeals To Readers For Help Nixing Bad Ad Actors 198 comments
Apple II DOS Source Code Released 211 comments
The State of ReactOS's Crazy Open Source Windows Replacement 208 comments
WxWidgets 3.0: First Major Release in Several Years 147 comments
Oracle Kills Commercial Support For GlassFish: Was It Inevitable? 125 comments
GIMP, Citing Ad Policies, Moves to FTP Rather Than SourceForge Downloads 336 comments
TrueCrypt To Go Through a Crowdfunded, Public Security Audit 104 comments
Bribe Devs To Improve Open Source Software 109 comments
Intel Open-Sources Broadwell GPU Driver & Indicates Major Silicon Changes 103 comments
Ask Slashdot: Easy, Open Source Desktop-Sharing Software? 116 comments
OpenPhoenux Neo900 Bills Itself As Successor To Nokia's N900 111 comments
Cisco Releases Open Source "Binary Module" For H.264 In WebRTC 95 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Cross-Platform (Linux-Only) Audio Software? 223 comments
GCC 4.9 To See Significant Upgrades In 2014 191 comments
How I Compiled TrueCrypt For Windows and Matched the Official Binaries 250 comments Compromised 189 comments
Torvalds: Free OS X Is No Threat To Linux 314 comments
USB Implementers Forum Won't Play Nice With Open Hardware 273 comments
Freedreno Graphics Driver Gets PRIME, Render Node Support 14 comments
The Dark Mod 2.0 Standalone: Id Tech 4 GPL Yields a Free Thief-a-Like Game 98 comments
Forrester Research Shows Steep Decline in Free Office Suite Stats 337 comments
How To FIx Go Open-Source! 307 comments
Mark Shuttleworth Complains About the 'Open Source Tea Party' 419 comments
Wireshark Switches To Qt 79 comments
Full Screen Mario: Making the Case For Shorter Copyrights 361 comments
Oracle Attacks Open Source; Says Community-Developed Code Is Inferior 394 comments
Open-Source Intel Mesa Driver Now Supports OpenGL 3.2 35 comments
Google Offers Cash For Security Fixes To Linux and Other FOSS Projects 94 comments
GNU Make 4.0 Released 179 comments
Auto Makers To Standardize On Open Source 160 comments
South African Education Department Bans Free and Open Source Software 185 comments
Kickstarter For Open Source GPU 108 comments
Milestone: The Millionth UK-Made Raspberry Pi 129 comments
Chromium To Support Wayland 61 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Open Source Project For a Router/Wi-Fi Access Point? 193 comments
Ex-Red Hat Employee Matthew Garrett Comments On the State of XMir 88 comments
AMD Brings 3D GPU Documentation Up To Date 64 comments
Former Microsoft Privacy Chief Doesn't Trust Company, Uses Open Source Software 199 comments
RMS On Why Free Software Is More Important Now Than Ever Before 319 comments
Sparkfun's Entire Open Hardware Catalog Made Available On Upverter 38 comments
The MinnowBoard is a Low-Cost, Open Hardware Single-Board Computer (Video) 84 comments
VLC Reaches 2.1 127 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Open Source CRM/ERP System For a Small Business? 163 comments
Frameworks 5: KDE Libraries Reworked Into Portable Qt Modules 68 comments
Ask Slashdot: Are We Witnessing the Decline of Ubuntu? 631 comments
NVIDIA Begins Releasing Documentation For Nouveau 147 comments
Fedora Project Turns 10 83 comments
Crowdfunding Platform For Drupal Development Launches 38 comments
Cyanogen Mod Goes Commercial To Make "Available On Everything, To Everyone" 230 comments
A New Way To Fund Open Source Software Projects, Bug Fixes and Feature Requests 52 comments
OpenZFS Project Launches, Uniting ZFS Developers 297 comments
GNOME 3.10 Is Now Properly Supported On Wayland 128 comments
Open Source, Open World 76 comments
How IP Law Helps FOSS Communities 98 comments
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