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Nintendo Stories for 2005

Nintendo Promotes Music Piracy? 74 comments
CNN Hands-On With The Revolution 150 comments
An Interview with Jeffrey Kalles 46 comments
Is Link About to Die? 76 comments
Nintendo Considers WFC A Success 28 comments
Miyamoto Hints At Second Revolution Secret 146 comments
The Revolution's Power And Launch Date 127 comments
Smash Bros. Creator On-Board For Revolution Smash 37 comments
The Real Revolution Comes May 9, 2006 80 comments
Revolution Roundtable 103 comments
DS Meet Hopes to Match Nintendo DS Gamers 13 comments
Nintendo's Profits Fall On Gamecube Sales 66 comments
How The Revolution Will Change Games Forever 114 comments
Review: Mario Kart DS 349 comments
Nintendo Puts Emphasis On Parental Control 98 comments
The Reality of Patent Expirations for the NES 259 comments
Revolution Least Expensive Next-Gen Console 580 comments
Hands on With Nintendo's Wi-Fi Adapter 40 comments
BusinessWeek Interviews Miyamoto 59 comments
The Tech Of The Next-Gen Console Wars 45 comments
First Step In DS Wifi Challenge Complete 93 comments
Handwriting Recognition on DS 112 comments
The Revolution Will Be Globalized 64 comments
Nintendo & McDonalds Providing WiFi 296 comments
The Revolution Begins Now 43 comments
DS WiFi On The Way 31 comments
Sony And Nintendo Have Next-Gen Consoles Too 35 comments
Responses To Nintendo's Revolution Controller 151 comments
The King of the Mushroom Kingdom 50 comments
Microsoft Praises Revolution Controller 76 comments
GBA SP Updated with Brighter Backlit Screen 237 comments
Nintendo Takes To The Airwaves 34 comments
Talking 'Bout A Revolution 164 comments
Plotting the Revolution's Arc 488 comments
Nintendo Revolution Controller Revealed 1210 comments
Review: Nintendogs 257 comments
Happy Birthday Mario 57 comments
GoldenEye:Source 63 comments
Realism vs. Style: the Zelda Debate 441 comments
End of an Era For Zelda 133 comments
The Evolution of the Revolution 43 comments
Nintendo Patents Insanity 553 comments
Nintendo DS Wireless Game Roundup 158 comments
A Method To Mario's Madness 41 comments
Sony Describes DS As Gimmick 453 comments
Nintendogs In-Depth Strategy Guide 59 comments
Metroid Prime Hunters Will Go Online 33 comments
Nintendo Moves Back, Shuffles Release Dates 57 comments
Zelda: Twilight Princess Delayed 121 comments
The Next Gen Consoles - The Bigger Picture 209 comments
Metroid Prime 3 Explored 71 comments
Nintendo Launches Wi-Fi Campaign for DS 79 comments
Nintendo's Crackrock Revealed 63 comments
Nintendo Quarterly Profits Down 80% 637 comments
Miyamoto Says Wind Waker Was Boring 143 comments
DS Wifi Bounty Set 28 comments
Metroid DS Title Not So Much Online 83 comments
Nintendo Releasing Wireless Router for Revolution 290 comments
Nintendo Gives No Ground In Handheld Wars 187 comments
Microsoft Developing Games For Nintendo DS 53 comments
Behind the Faked Revolution Video 74 comments
MS and Nintendo Won't Go Budget 62 comments
Revolution May Launch Last 157 comments
Revolution Downloads To Recieve Graphic Upgrades 90 comments
The Non-Game That Barks Like A Game 31 comments
The Revolution Will Not Be HD 266 comments
1000 DS HotSpots By End of Year 28 comments
The Revolution Is In The Games 93 comments
Nintendogs Pummels Sony Products 114 comments
Some Revolution Downloads Will Be Free 130 comments
Nintendo Won't Pull A Sega 133 comments
Revolution Details By End of Year 112 comments
Revolution to Allow For Home Development? 59 comments
The Nintendo Conference In-Depth 553 comments
More Hints at Nintendo's Revolution 231 comments
Game Boy Micro Announced 96 comments
Nintendo Revolution Details Emerge 581 comments
DS E3 Demos Available from the Aether 26 comments
Nintendo World Store to Open This Weekend 44 comments
Square Enix Considers Revolution Support 81 comments
The Making of Super Mario Bros. 3 72 comments
The Revolution is Coming Mid-2006? 69 comments
Nintendo DS to use GameSpy 49 comments
The DS and Revolution to Connect Wirelessly 47 comments
Kernel, Shell Boots on DS Linux 230 comments
Guide for the Nintendo Fan at E3 76 comments
Yamauchi Retiring from Nintendo's Board 141 comments
3D Projection Rumoured to be The Revolution 120 comments
Nintendo DS Wireless in Freefall 202 comments
Nintendo Revolution Under Wraps Past E3 741 comments
FBI Cracks Down on Piracy of Obsolete Game 191 comments
Linux Coming to the Nintendo DS 187 comments

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