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Networking Stories

Verizon, Cable Lobby Oppose Spec-Bump For Broadband Definition 236 comments
For New Yorkers, Cablevision Introduces a Wi-Fi-Centric VoiP Network 42 comments
China Cuts Off Some VPNs 204 comments
Verizon About To End Construction of Its Fiber Network 195 comments
TWEETHER Project Promises 10Gbps MmW 92-95GHz Based Wireless Broadband 54 comments
Google Plans Major Play In Wireless Partnering With Sprint and T-Mobile 101 comments
UK ISPs EE, Virgin and Vodafone Back Net Neutrality 36 comments
Elon Musk's Proposed Internet-by-Satellite System Could Link With Mars Colonies 105 comments
Cuba's Pending Tech Revolution 122 comments
Ask Slashdot: Migrating a Router From Linux To *BSD? 402 comments
Marriot Back-Pedals On Wireless Blocking 179 comments
China Lays More Fiber, Improving Physical Connection To the Worldwide Internet 44 comments
SystemD Gains New Networking Features 552 comments
US Lawmakers Push For a Permanent Ban On Internet Access Taxes 100 comments
Lizard Stresser DDoS-for-Hire Service Built On Hacked Home Routers 65 comments
Asus Wireless Routers Can Be Exploited By Anyone Inside the Network 68 comments
BlackBerry's Survival Plan: the Internet of Things 74 comments
FCC Favors Net Neutrality 255 comments
Netflix Denies There Was a Policy Change With VPNs 67 comments
Lizard Squad Targets Tor 83 comments
US Internet Offers 10Gbps Fiber In Minneapolis 110 comments
Hotel Group Asks FCC For Permission To Block Some Outside Wi-Fi 293 comments
NetworkManager 1.0 Released After Ten Years Development 164 comments
Tor Network May Be Attacked, Says Project Leader 86 comments
Sony Leaks Reveal Hollywood Is Trying To Break DNS 388 comments
A Domain Registrar Is Starting a Fiber ISP To Compete With Comcast 65 comments
Job Postings Offer Clues to Future of Google Fiber 38 comments
BGP Hijacking Continues, Despite the Ability To Prevent It 57 comments
How the Rollout of 5G Will Change Everything 216 comments
Google's Project Loon Can Now Launch Up To 20 Balloons Per Day, Fly 10x Longer 116 comments
Launching 2015: a New Certificate Authority To Encrypt the Entire Web 212 comments
Can the US Actually Cultivate Local Competition in Broadband? 135 comments
SatNOGS Wins the 2014 Hackaday Prize For Satellite Networked Open Ground Station 21 comments
Ask Slashdot: Getting Around Terrible Geolocation? 100 comments
Ask Slashdot: How To Unblock Email From My Comcast-Hosted Server? 405 comments
Google Releases Open Source Nogotofail Network Traffic Security Testing Tool 36 comments
Study: There's a Wi-Fi Hotspot For Every 150 People In the World 63 comments
First Detailed Data Analysis Shows Exactly How Comcast Jammed Netflix 243 comments
Ask Slashdot: Unlimited Data Plan For Seniors? 170 comments
Cisco Fixes Three-Year-Old Telnet Flaw In Security Appliances 60 comments
Internet Broadband Through High-altitude Drones 99 comments
Ask Slashdot: LTE Hotspot As Sole Cellular Connection? 107 comments
Gigabit Cellular Networks Could Happen, With 24GHz Spectrum 52 comments
Kickstarter Cancels Anonabox Funding Campaign 76 comments
Samsung Achieves Outdoor 5G Mobile Broadband Speed of 7.5Gbps 36 comments
Netflix Video Speed On FiOS Doubles After Netflix-Verizon Deal 204 comments
Tiny Wireless Device Offers Tor Anonymity 68 comments
Ask Slashdot: VPN Setup To Improve Latency Over Multiple Connections? 174 comments
BitHammer, the BitTorrent Banhammer 429 comments
Ask Slashdot: How Would You Build a Home Network To Fully Utilize Google Fiber? 279 comments
It's an Internet-Connected Wheelchair (Video) 22 comments
Belkin Router Owners Suffering Massive Outages 191 comments
Ask Slashdot: Designing a Telecom Configuration Center? 52 comments
Snowflake-Shaped Networks Are Easiest To Mend 38 comments
Marriott Fined $600,000 For Jamming Guest Hotspots 278 comments
Hacking USB Firmware 97 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is It Worth Being Grandfathered On Verizon's Unlimited Data Plan? 209 comments
LTE Upgrade Will Let Phones Connect To Nearby Devices Without Towers 153 comments
The Raid-Proof Hosting Technology Behind 'The Pirate Bay' 144 comments
Amazon Purchases .buy TLD For $4.6 Million 67 comments
Once Vehicles Are Connected To the Internet of Things, Who Guards Your Privacy? 130 comments
Scientists Twist Radio Beams To Send Data At 32 Gigabits Per Second 122 comments
Why Is It Taking So Long To Secure Internet Routing? 85 comments
Ask Slashdot: Advice On Building a Firewall With VPN Capabilities? 238 comments
L.A. TV Stations Free Up Some Spectrum For Wireless Broadband 80 comments
Device Boots Drones, Google Glass Off Wi-Fi 184 comments
UCLA, CIsco & More Launch Consortium To Replace TCP/IP 254 comments
Facebook Blamed For Driving Up Cellphone Bills, But It's Not Alone 131 comments
Predictive Modeling To Increase Responsivity of Streamed Games 120 comments
Google Announces a New Processor For Project Ara 36 comments
Securing Networks In the Internet of Things Era 106 comments
Knocking Down the Great Firewall of China 167 comments
Groundwork Laid For Superfast Broadband Over Copper 93 comments
Ryan Lackey, Marc Rogers Reveal Inexpensive Tor Router Project At Def Con 38 comments
Cisco To Slash Up To 6,000 Jobs -- 8% of Its Workforce -- In "Reorganization" 207 comments
T-Mobile To Throttle Customers Who Use Unlimited LTE Data For Torrents/P2P 147 comments
The IPv4 Internet Hiccups 248 comments
Ask Slashdot: Life Beyond the WRT54G Series? 427 comments
Network Hijacker Steals $83,000 In Bitcoin 101 comments
Expensive Hotels Really Do Have Faster Wi-Fi 72 comments
Facebook Seeks Devs To Make Linux Network Stack As Good As FreeBSD's 195 comments
Verizon Throttles Data To "Provide Incentive To Limit Usage" 316 comments
Barry Shein Founded the First Dialup ISP (Video) 116 comments
Ask Slashdot: Bulletproof Video Conferencing For Alzheimers Home? 194 comments
Multipath TCP Introduces Security Blind Spot 60 comments
Nokia Buys a Chunk of Panasonic 54 comments
Countries Don't Own Their Internet Domains, ICANN Says 113 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is Running Mission-Critical Servers Without a Firewall Common? 348 comments
A Router-Based Dev Board That Isn't a Router 54 comments
Verizon Now Throttling Top 'Unlimited' Subscribers On 4G LTE 274 comments
Comcast Carrying 1Tbit/s of IPv6 Internet Traffic 146 comments
How the Internet of Things Could Aid Disaster Response 60 comments
'Optical Fiber' Made Out of Thin Air 115 comments
EFF Releases Wireless Router Firmware For Open Access Points 56 comments
Verizon's Accidental Mea Culpa 390 comments
MIT May Have Just Solved All Your Data Center Network Lag Issues 83 comments
OpenWRT 14.07 RC1 Supports Native IPv6, Procd Init System 71 comments
Led By Nest, 'Thread' Might Be Most Promising IoT Initiative Yet 79 comments
FCC Approves Subsidy Plan to Upgrade School and Library Networks 70 comments
Alcatel-Lucent's XG-FAST Pushes 10,000Mbps Over Copper Phone Lines 149 comments
Microsoft Takes Down Domains 495 comments
Huawei, Vodafone Test Out Hybrid System That Combines LTE and GSM 46 comments
Microsoft Runs Out of US Address Space For Azure, Taps Its Global IPv4 Stock 250 comments
Cisco Spending Millions of Dollars Secretly Purchasing New Juniper Products 120 comments
Cisco Opposes Net Neutrality 337 comments
IPMI Protocol Vulnerabilities Have Long Shelf Life 62 comments
Hundreds of Cities Wired With Fiber, But Telecom Lobbying Keeps It Unusable 347 comments
Ask Slashdot: Do 4G World Phones Exist? 259 comments
Huawei Successfully Tests New 802.11ax WiFi Standard At 10.53Gbps 116 comments
UPS Denies Helping the NSA 'Interdict' Packages 207 comments
PHK: HTTP 2.0 Should Be Scrapped 220 comments
Cox Promises National Gigabit Rollout; Starting With Phoenix, Las Vegas, Omaha 129 comments
Google Fiber: No Charge For Peering, No Fast Lanes 238 comments
Embedded Devices Leak Authentication Data Via SNMP 58 comments
Can Thunderbolt Survive USB SuperSpeed+? 355 comments
Shunting the FCC To the Slow Lane 194 comments
Internet Transit Provider Claims ISPs Deliberately Allow Port Congestion 210 comments
Could Google's Test of Hiding Complete URLs In Chrome Become a Standard? 327 comments
Google Mulling Wi-Fi For Cities With Google Fiber 39 comments
HP Server Killer Firmware Update On the Loose 100 comments
New White House Petition For Net Neutrality 248 comments
Anonymous' Airchat Aim: Communication Without Need For Phone Or Internet 180 comments
WRT54G Successor Falls Flat On Promises 113 comments
Intentional Backdoor In Consumer Routers Found 236 comments
Netflix Gets What It Pays For: Comcast Streaming Speeds Skyrocket 328 comments
Why There Are So Few ISP Start-Ups In the U.S. 223 comments
Ask Slashdot: User-Friendly Firewall For a Brand-New Linux User? 187 comments
Tesla Model S Has Hidden Ethernet Port, User Runs Firefox On the 17" Screen 208 comments
TCP/IP Might Have Been Secure From the Start If Not For the NSA 149 comments
New MU-MIMO Standard Could Allow For Gigabit WiFi Throughput 32 comments
Charter Challenges Comcast/Time Warner Merger 90 comments
NSA Hacked Huawei, Stole Source Code 287 comments
Level 3 Wants To Make Peering a Net Neutrality Issue 182 comments
Harsh Wireless Conditions? Send In the Drone Hot Spot 20 comments
U.S. Aims To Give Up Control Over Internet Administration 279 comments
Crowdsourcing Confirms: Websites Inaccessible on Comcast 349 comments
School Tricks Pupils Into Installing a Root CA 417 comments
Stanford Team Tries For Better Wi-Fi In Crowded Buildings 43 comments
Comcast Turning Chicago Homes Into Xfinity Hotspots 253 comments
Facebook Wants Drones To Connect the Developing World 48 comments
Cisco Offers $300,000 Prize For Internet of Things Security Apps 62 comments
Belgian Barrels Reveal History of Human Gut Microbes 56 comments
How I Cut My Time Warner Cable Bill By 33% 206 comments
Your Next Car's Electronics Will Likely Be Connected By Ethernet 180 comments
Yes, You Too Can Be an Evil Network Overlord With OpenBSD 49 comments
Crowded US Airwaves Desperately In Search of Spectrum Breathing Room 105 comments
Scientists Demonstrate Virus That Spreads Across Wi-Fi Access Points 68 comments
Why Is US Broadband So Slow? 513 comments
Netflix Blinks, Will Pay Comcast For Network Access 520 comments
Most Alarming: IETF Draft Proposes "Trusted Proxy" In HTTP/2.0 177 comments
Is Google Making the Digital Divide Worse? 259 comments
200-400 Gbps DDoS Attacks Are Now Normal 92 comments
S. Korea Diverts Network From Huawei Networks 76 comments
A Strategy For Attaining Cuban Internet Connectivity 119 comments
Reason To Hope Carriers Won't Win the War On Netflix 213 comments
Paul Vixie On the Unevenly Distributed Intelligence of Internet Infrastructure 96 comments
The Standards Wars and the Sausage Factory 234 comments
Utah Bill Would Prevent Regional Fiber Networks From Growing 111 comments
Kansas Delays Municipal Broadband Ban 156 comments
First New Generic Top Level Domains Opening 198 comments
Old-school Wi-Fi Is Slowing Down Networks, Cisco Says 254 comments
Spoiled Onions: Exposing Malicious Tor Exit Relays 65 comments
Google Fiber Launches In Provo — and Here's What It Feels Like 338 comments
Network Solutions Opts Customer Into $1,850 Security Service 405 comments
BT and Alcatel-Lucent Record Real-World Fibre Optic Speed of 1.4Tbps In the UK 70 comments
An Iowa ISP's Metered Pricing: What Will the Market Bear? 479 comments
The Spamming Refrigerator 90 comments
Graphene Sheath Modulates Fiber-Optic Transmission At 200 GHz 18 comments
Mars One Studying How To Maintain Communications With Mars 24/7 143 comments
It's Official: Registrars Cannot Hold Domains Hostage Without a Court Order 112 comments
Firewall Company Palo Alto Buys Stealthy Startup Formed By Ex-NSAers 102 comments
Coca-Cola Reserves a Massive Range of MAC Addresses 371 comments
Parents' Campaign Leads To Wi-Fi Ban In New Zealand School 294 comments
Have a Privacy-Invasion Wishlist? Peruse NSA's Top Secret Catalog 259 comments
US Internet Service In 2014: Net Neutrality Challenges and High-Speed Build-Outs 73 comments
U.S. Mobile Internet Traffic Nearly Doubled This Year 71 comments
Ask Slashdot: Can Commercial Hardware Routers Be Trusted? 213 comments
Ask Slashdot: Managing Device-Upgrade Bandwidth Use? 159 comments
Inside the Massive 2014 Winter Olympics WiFi Network 107 comments
Graphene-based Nanoantennas Could Allow WLANs of Nanodevices 45 comments
Some Londoners Cut Off As Failed Copper Thieves Take Fiber 184 comments
ITU Standardizes 1Gbps Over Copper, But Services Won't Come Until 2015 153 comments
New Baltic Data Cable Plan Unfolding 65 comments
Google Fiber In Austin Hits a Snag: Incumbent AT&T 291 comments
Australia's $44B Broadband Network May Settle For Fiber Near the Home 229 comments
Barcelona Will Be a Big Test For HotSpot 2.0 Wi-Fi Connections 18 comments
Ask Slashdot: Recommendations For Beautiful Network Cable Trays? 250 comments
How Microwave Transmission Is Linking Financial Centers At Near-Light Speed 236 comments
Route-Injection Attacks Detouring Internet Traffic 85 comments
How the NSA Is Harming America's Economy 330 comments
HTTP 2.0 May Be SSL-Only 320 comments
Legislation Would Prohibit ISPs From Throttling Online Video Services 222 comments
Linux Kernel Running In JavaScript Emulator With Graphics and Network Support 177 comments
British Operator EE Offers £8 Million Petabyte 4G Data Bundle 53 comments
Taking Google's QUIC For a Test Drive 141 comments
High-Gain Patch Antennas Boost Wi-Fi Capacity In Crowded Lecture Halls 104 comments
Chinese Professor Builds Li-Fi System With Retail Parts 155 comments
Ask Slashdot: Simple Backups To a Neighbor? 285 comments
Ask Slashdot: Which Encrypted Cloud Storage Provider? 200 comments
Ars: Cross-Platform Malware Communicates With Sound 245 comments
NSA Broke Into Links Between Google, Yahoo Datacenters 394 comments
The Internet Archive Switches To HTTPS Connections By Default 40 comments
First New Top-Level Domains Added To the Root Zone 106 comments
Automakers Struggle With Pairing Smartphones To Car Infotainment Systems 187 comments
Google Wants To Help You Tiptoe Around the NSA & the Great Firewall of China 140 comments
A Live Map of Ongoing DDoS Attacks 46 comments
BT To Test Huawei 1Gbps Broadband Over Copper 77 comments
Open Rights Group International Says Virgin, Sky Blocking Innocent Sites 83 comments
Your Next Network Operating System Is Linux 192 comments
NFTables To Replace iptables In the Linux Kernel 235 comments
Huawei Using NSA Scandal To Turn Tables On Accusations of Spying 183 comments
Wireshark Switches To Qt 79 comments
Ethernet's 400-Gigabit Challenge Is a Good Problem To Have 75 comments
German Scientists Achieve Record 100Gbps Via Wireless Data Link 67 comments
Google Fiber Partially Reverses Server Ban 169 comments
Unifying Undersea Wireless Communication Using TCP/IP 68 comments
Want To Hijack a Domain? Just Get a Fax Machine 162 comments
802.11ac 'Gigabit Wi-Fi' Starts To Show Potential, Limits 101 comments
Police Demand Summary Domain Takedown, Traffic Redirection 251 comments
No FiOS In Boston? We'll Make an Ad Anyway 202 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Open Source Project For a Router/Wi-Fi Access Point? 193 comments
Facebook and Cisco Offer Check-In Service For Free Wifi 67 comments
Dead Drops P2P File Sharing Spreads Around Globe 174 comments
Another 100 Gigabit DDoS Attack Strikes — This Time Unreflected 93 comments
The Next Big Fiber Showdown: Austin 230 comments
Undiscovered Country of HFT: FPGA JIT Ethernet Packet Assembly 452 comments
Trans-Pacific Cable Plans Mired In US-China Geopolitical Rivalry 162 comments
Never Underestimate the Bandwidth of a Suburban Filled With MicroSD Cards 208 comments
A Little-Heralded New iOS 7 Feature: Multipath TCP 172 comments
How Africa Will 'Leapfrog' Wired Networks 183 comments
353,436 Exposed ZTE Devices Found In Net Census 29 comments
Tor Usage More Than Doubles In August 186 comments
Sources Say Amazon Testing Its Own Wireless Networking Service 23 comments
Ask Slashdot: 4G Networking Advice For Large Outdoor Festival? 140 comments
NASA Testing Frickin' Laser Communications 108 comments
Ask Slashdot: How To Diagnose Traffic Throttling and Work Around It? 251 comments
A New Spate of Deaths In the Wireless Industry 247 comments
Datacenter Gives Internet To 70 Percent of Navajo Nation 162 comments
MS Researchers Develop Acoustic Data Transfer System For Phones 180 comments
EFF Slams Google Fiber For Banning Servers On Its Network 301 comments
Bad Connections Dog Google's Mountain View Wi-Fi Network 144 comments
Extraneous Network Services Leave Home Routers Unsecure 63 comments
ByteLight Unveils NFC Alternative Called Light Field Communication 75 comments
Google Replaces AT&T At Starbucks 100 comments
Congress Wants FCC To Auction TV White Spaces 127 comments
Why the Internet Needs Cognitive Protocols 156 comments
Sprint May Have Unlimited Data Plans, But Not Unlimited Customers 207 comments
DoJ Alleges Cisco Reseller Made $37 Million Selling Counterfeit Equipment 74 comments
Supercomputer Becomes Massive Router For Global Radio Telescope 60 comments
Intel Announces Avoton Server Architecture and Software Defined Services Effort 41 comments
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