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Richard Dawkins Opposes UK Cinemas Censoring Church's Advert Before Star Wars 317 comments
Now We Know Why the Hobbit Movies Were So Awful 175 comments
Structural Engineer On the Fallacies of Movie Bridge Destruction 211 comments
IMDb Hits 25 59 comments
Noriyoshi Ohrai, Illustrator of Many Hollywood Movie Posters, Has Died 16 comments
Lawsuit Claims Buck Rogers Is In the Public Domain 207 comments
A Real-Life Space Botanist Comments On the Potato Garden In 'The Martian' 134 comments
Tomorrow Is 'Back To the Future' Day 127 comments
Rovi and Michigan State University Establish Largest US Library Media Collection 22 comments
Why You Should Be Suspicious of Online Movie Ratings 184 comments
A Remarkable Number of People Think 'The Martian' Is Based On a True Story 367 comments
Review: The Martian 242 comments
Inside the Spaceflight of 'The Martian' 124 comments
What Ridley Scott Has To Say About the Science In "The Martian" 163 comments
British Movie Theater Staff To Wear Night-Vision Goggles To Combat Movie Piracy 279 comments
Former NASA Mission Controller James Oberg Lauds 'The Martian' 55 comments
Can The Martian Give NASA's Mars Efforts a Hollywood Bump? 131 comments
TSR's Lost 1980s Dungeons and Dragons Movie Script, Reviewed 167 comments
Four Year Sentence For Running Piracy Streaming Site 235 comments
US Government's Pirate Movie Bootlegger Gets 24 Months Probation 83 comments
Apple TV To Be Revamped 132 comments
How Open Film Project "Cosmos Laundromat" Made Blender Better 31 comments
More Popcorn Time Users Sued 147 comments
Netflix Is Becoming Just Another TV Channel 294 comments
Brain Cancer Claims Horror Maestro Wes Craven At 76 35 comments
The Real NASA Technologies In 'The Martian' 60 comments
Bozza Wants To Be Africa's Answer To iTunes, Spotify and Netflix 42 comments
Movie Studio Sues Individual Popcorn Time Users For Infringement 144 comments
Australian Courts Make Life Hard For Dallas Buyers Club Copyright Owner 25 comments
Redefining Security Visualization With Hollywood UI Design 55 comments
"Pixels" DMCA Takedown Even Worse Than We Thought 272 comments
Anti-Piracy Firm Sends Out Wave of Takedown Notices For Using the Word 'Pixels' 224 comments
Fantastic Four Reboot Released To Tepid Reception 168 comments
Dungeons & Dragons Is Getting a Film Franchise 210 comments
Nokia Announces OZO 360-Degree Camera For Filming Virtual Reality 23 comments
Famed Aircraft Designer James Bede Dies 28 comments
Marvel Tweaks Their Superhero Film Formula With Ant-Man 58 comments
Which Movies Get Artificial Intelligence Right? 236 comments
Comcast Launches Streaming Service and Unveils Pricing For 2G Fiber 107 comments
J.J. Abrams On "Star Wars" Cast's Racial and Sexual Diversity 504 comments
Han Solo To Get His Own Star Wars Movie Prequel 227 comments
How To Design Robot Overlords For "Robot Overlords" 17 comments
"Jobs" vs. "Steve Jobs": Hollywood Takes Another Stab At Telling the Steve Jobs Story 266 comments
Movie Composer James Horner Dies In Plane Crash 66 comments
Adam Nimoy "For the Love of Spock" Documentary On KickStarter 43 comments
Bell Media President Says Canadians Are 'Stealing' US Netflix Content 408 comments
Showtime Announces Subscription-Free Streaming Plan 84 comments
Netflix Is Experimenting With Advertising 318 comments
Tron 3 Is Cancelled 205 comments
Android, Chromecast To Get HBO Now 39 comments
Canadian Piracy Rates Plummet As Industry Points To New Copyright Notice System 224 comments
Men's Rights Activists Call For Boycott of Mad Max: Fury Road 776 comments
On the Taxonomy of Sci-Fi Spaceships 90 comments
Rediscovered Lucas-Commissioned Short "Black Angel" Released On YouTube 121 comments
Film Consortium Urges ISPs To Dump Ineffective "Six Strikes" Policy For Pirates 186 comments
Jack Thompson Will Be Featured In BBC Film 'Grand Theft Auto' 118 comments
Why More 'Star Wars' Actors Don't Become Stars 360 comments
'Chappie': What It Takes To Render a Robot 44 comments
'The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress' Coming To the Big Screen 331 comments
Gritty 'Power Rangers' Short Is Not Fair Use 255 comments
Spock and the Legacy of Star Trek 233 comments
Harrison Ford To Return In Blade Runner Sequel 222 comments
The Imitation Game Fails Test of Inspiring the Next Turings 194 comments
Why Hollywood Fudged the Relativity-Based Wormhole Scenes In Interstellar 133 comments
BitTorrent Announces Exclusive TV Shows 25 comments
Spider-Man Finally Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe 98 comments
Netflix Now Available In Cuba 125 comments
MPAA Considers Major Changes After Sony Hack 65 comments
Apple Said To Be Working On a Pay TV Service 155 comments
Music Doesn't Feature In the Pirate Bay's Top 100 Biggest Torrents 196 comments
UHD Spec Stomps on Current Blu-ray Spec, But Will Consumers Notice? 332 comments
Disney Turned Down George Lucas's Star Wars Scripts 422 comments
Simon Pegg On Board To Co-Write Next Star Trek Film 138 comments
Amazon Plans To Release 12 Movies a Year In Theaters and On Prime 92 comments
Silicon Valley Security Experts Give 'Blackhat' a Thumbs-Up; Do You? 98 comments
Heinlein's 'All You Zombies' Now a Sci-Fi Movie Head Trip 254 comments
Porn Companies Are Going After GitHub 165 comments
Netflix Begins Blocking Users Who Bypass Region Locks 121 comments
Netflix Cracks Down On VPN and Proxy "Pirates" 437 comments
Box Office 2014: Moviegoing Hits Two-Decade Low 400 comments
Happy Public Domain Day: Works That Copyright Extension Stole From Us In 2015 328 comments
Sony Accused of Pirating Music In "The Interview" 180 comments
The Interview Bombs In US, Kills In China, Threatens N. Korea 288 comments
N. Korea Blames US For Internet Outage, Compares Obama to "a Monkey" 206 comments
Crowds (and Pirates) Flock To 'The Interview' 148 comments
Sony To Release the Interview Online Today; Apple Won't Play Ball 227 comments
Ars: Final Hobbit Movie Is 'Soulless End' To 'Flawed' Trilogy 351 comments
Sony: 'The Interview' Will Have a Limited Theatrical Release 176 comments
"Star Trek 3" To Be Helmed By "Fast & Furious" Franchise Director Justin Lin 332 comments
'Citizenfour' Producers Sued Over Edward Snowden Leaks 163 comments
Anonymous Claims They Will Release "The Interview" Themselves 239 comments
"Team America" Gets Post-Hack Yanking At Alamo Drafthouse, Too 230 comments
Reaction To the Sony Hack Is 'Beyond the Realm of Stupid' 580 comments
Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release 589 comments
Blade Runner 2 Script Done, Harrison Ford Says "the Best Ever" 299 comments
Hollywood's Secret War With Google 176 comments
Physicist Kip Thorne On the Physics of "Interstellar" 289 comments
'Star Wars: Episode VII' Gets a Name 267 comments
Rhode Island Comic Con Oversold, Overcrowded 126 comments
MPAA Bans Google Glass In Theaters 357 comments
Warner Brothers Announces 10 New DC Comics Movies 187 comments
Netflix To Charge More For 4K Video 158 comments
Crowdsourced Remake "The Empire Strikes Back Uncut" Now Complete 55 comments
Tetris To Be Made Into a Live Action Film 137 comments
Star Wars Producers Want a 'DroneShield' To Prevent Leaks On Set 138 comments
33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater 465 comments
Babylon 5 May Finally Get a Big-Screen Debut 252 comments
Old School Sci-fi Short Starring Keir Dullea Utilizes Classic Effects 91 comments
Netflix Now Works On Linux With HTML5 DRM Video Support In Chrome 201 comments
Interviews: Ask James Cameron About The Deepsea Challenge 3D Movie 45 comments
Lionsgate Sues Limetorrents,, and Others Over Expendables 3 Leak 207 comments
Unesco Probing Star Wars Filming In Ireland 181 comments
The Hobbit: the Battle of Five Armies Trailer Released 156 comments
Ridley Scott to Produce Philip K Dick's The Man In the High Castle 144 comments
Cable Companies: We're Afraid Netflix Will Demand Payment From ISPs 200 comments
Netflix Reduces Physical-Disc Processing, Keeps Prices the Same 354 comments
Economist: File Sharing's Impact On Movies Is Modest At Most 214 comments
"Internet's Own Boy" Briefly Knocked Off YouTube With Bogus DMCA Claim 157 comments
Netflix Is Looking To Pay Someone To Watch Netflix All Day 86 comments
The Internet's Own Boy 194 comments
Netflix Shutters Its Public API 59 comments
Amazon Dispute Now Making Movies Harder To Order 210 comments
Theater Chain Bans Google Glass 376 comments
Pixar To Give Away 3D RenderMan Software 147 comments
My Neighbor Totoro In Virtual Reality 45 comments
Grace Hopper Documentary Edges on Successful Crowdfunding 65 comments
Virtual DVDs, Revisited 147 comments
Ask Slashdot: Can Star Wars Episode VII Be Saved? 403 comments
Ohio Prison Shows Pirated Movies To Inmates 186 comments
Sony To Make Movie of Edward Snowden Story 107 comments
H.R. Giger, Alien Artist and Designer, Dead at Age 74 92 comments
Why Disney Can't Give Us High-Def Star Wars Where Han Shoots First 210 comments
Why Hollywood's Best Robot Stories Are About Slavery 150 comments
Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 93 comments
Star Wars: Episode VII Cast Officially Announced 325 comments
Netflix Pondering Peer-to-Peer Technology For Streaming Video 114 comments
Lucasfilm Announces Break With Star Wars Expanded Universe 157 comments
Joss Whedon Releases New Film On Demand 137 comments
Neil Gaiman Confirms Movie Talks For Sandman, American Gods 35 comments
Scientists/Actress Say They Were 'Tricked' Into Geocentric Universe Movie 642 comments
The Amazon Fire TV Is Kind of a Mess 96 comments
Why Movie Streaming Services Are Unsatisfying — and Will Stay That Way 323 comments
Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose? 490 comments
Interviews: Ask J. Michael Straczynski What You Will 276 comments
Kickstarted Veronica Mars Promised Digital Download; Pirate Bay Delivers 243 comments
Controversial Torrent Streaming App 'Popcorn Time' Shuts Down, Then Gets Reborn 199 comments
Movie and TV GUIs: Cracking the Code 74 comments
Harold Ramis Dies At 69 136 comments
Zero Point: The First 360-Degree Movie Made For the Oculus Rift 53 comments
YouTube Threatens To Remove Scientist's Account Over AIDS Deniers' DMCA Claims 268 comments
Quentin Tarantino Vs. Gawker: When Is Linking Illegal For Journalists? 166 comments
Online Streaming As Profitable As TV, Disc Sales By Charging Just a $15 Flat Fee 160 comments
Man Shot To Death For Texting During Movie 1431 comments
Programmer Debunks Source Code Shown In Movies and TV Shows 301 comments
The Hobbit and Game of Thrones Top Most Pirated Lists of 2013 193 comments
A Short History of Computers In the Movies 165 comments
Swedish Man Fined $650,000 For Sharing 1 Movie, Charged Extra For Low Quality 366 comments
Thor: The Dark World — What Did You Think? 233 comments
Critics Reassess Starship Troopers As a Misunderstood Masterpiece 726 comments
Blockbuster To Close Remaining US Locations 419 comments
Movie Review: Ender's Game 732 comments
Lost Star Wars Footage Found On LaserDisc 157 comments
Why Julian Assange Should Embrace 'The Fifth Estate' 194 comments
More Evidence That Piracy Can Increase Sales 196 comments
NASA Astronaut Talks "Gravity," Spacewalking, ISS 97 comments
An Animated, Open Letter To J.J. Abrams About Star Wars 376 comments
LucasFilm Combines Video Games and Movies To Eliminate Post-Production 79 comments
The Tech Behind Man of Steel's Metropolis 74 comments
Wikipedia Can Predict Box Office Flops 147 comments
Netflix Comes To Linux Web Browsers Via 'Pipelight' 303 comments
The Death of the American Drive-in 236 comments
Early Apple Employees Talk Memories of Steve Jobs, Thoughts On New Movie 146 comments
Could Humanity Really Build 'Elysium'? 545 comments
New for 2013: An In-Depth Analysis of Kubrick's 2001: a Space Odyssey 164 comments
Hollywood's Love of Analytics Couldn't Prevent Six Massive Blockbuster Flops 1029 comments
The Book That Is Making All Movies the Same 384 comments
Piracy Rates Plummet As Legal Alternatives Come To Norway 261 comments
Ask Slashdot: Video Streaming For the Elderly? 165 comments
How DRM Won 221 comments
Police, Copyright Industry Raid Movie Subtitle Fansite 344 comments
Orson Scott Card Pleads 'Tolerance' For Ender's Game Movie 1448 comments
Disney's Titling Problem With Its Star Wars Movies 279 comments
The Average Movie Theater Has Hundreds of Screens 924 comments
Netflix Ditches Silverlight With HTML5 Support In IE11 337 comments
Buy the WarGames IMSAI 8080 and Possibly Impress Ally Sheedy 103 comments
Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Richard Matheson Dead At 87 57 comments
Man Of Steel Leaps Over Record With $125.1 Million To Mixed Reviews 364 comments
Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be Back As the Terminator 245 comments
Pandora's Promise and the Problem of "Solutionism" 293 comments
UK ISPs Secretly Start Blocking Torrent Site Proxies 82 comments
Google Loves The Internship; Critics Not So Much 103 comments
World of Warcraft Film Shooting Begins Early 2014 181 comments
Green Lantern Writer To Pen Blade Runner Sequel 326 comments
Neil Gaiman, Amber Benson and the Blood Kiss Crew Answer Your Questions 44 comments
WeVideo Helps You Edit Your Videos Online (Video) 48 comments
Star Wars Episode 4 To Be Dubbed In Navajo 155 comments
Ask Neil Gaiman and Amber Benson About Their Kickstarter Vampire Movie 103 comments
Hollywood Studios Use DMCA To Censor Pirate Bay Documentary 139 comments
Happy Culture Freedom Day! 45 comments
Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness 514 comments
Ray Harryhausen, Visual Effects Master, Dies Aged 92 49 comments
Ender's Game Trailer Released 470 comments
MPAA Executive Tampers With Evidence In Piracy Case 156 comments
Hollywood Studios Fuming Over Indie Studio Deal With BitTorrent 187 comments
Disney Announces "One Star Wars Movie Per Year" Plan 342 comments
Iron Man 3 To Debut As a 4DX Film In Japan 158 comments
Repo Man Director Alex Cox Plans To Edit Next Film With OpenShot 105 comments
New Revenue Model For Low Budget Films: Lawsuits 162 comments
Ask Slashdot: Linux Friendly Video Streaming? 147 comments
Film Studios Send Takedown Notices About Takedown Notices 197 comments
Film Critic Roger Ebert Dead at 70 Of Cancer 198 comments
Digital Bolex Gives You a Classic Film Look in a Digital Package (Video) 112 comments
NASA Trailer To Be Shown Before Star Trek: Into Darkness 158 comments
Animation Sophistication: The Croods Required 80 Million Compute Hours 196 comments
The Pirate Bay's Oldest Torrent Is Revolution OS 130 comments
Indie Horror Film Shows What You Can Do (And Get) For Free 109 comments
2001: a Space Odyssey's Dave Returns To Sci-fi In New Film 77 comments
Nate Silver, Microsoft Research Predict the Oscars 67 comments
Han Solo To Reportedly Return For Star Wars VII 329 comments
Pirate Bay Documentary Film Now Available On TPB 72 comments
UK Court: MPAA Not Entitled To Profits From Piracy 159 comments
Valve and JJ Abrams Collaborating On Half-Life, Portal Movies 208 comments
Julian Assange Pans WikiLeaks Movie 118 comments
Steve Jobs Movie Clip Historically Inaccurate, Says Woz 330 comments
Hobbyist Builds Working Replica of Iron Man's Laser Gauntlet 78 comments
Why You'll Pay For Netflix — Even If You Don't Subscribe To Netflix 292 comments
Hands On With Redbox Instant 64 comments
'Hobbit' Creates Big Data Challenge 245 comments
A Subscription-Based Movie Theater 308 comments
Stan Lee Celebrates 90th Birthday 57 comments
Has 3D Film-Making Had Its Day? 436 comments
Ask Slashdot: How Do You "Unwrap" e-Gifts? 86 comments
Minecraft Documentary Premiers On Pirate Bay As Well As Xbox Live 75 comments
University of Chicago Receives Mystery Indiana Jones Package 65 comments
Why The Hobbit's 48fps Is a Good Thing 599 comments
Redbox Set To Compete With Netflix On Video Streaming 119 comments
MPAA: the Impact of Megaupload's Shutdown Was 'Massive' 308 comments
Original Batmobile To Be Auctioned For the First Time Ever 51 comments
Disney Switching To Netflix For Exclusive Film Distribution 124 comments
Movie Studios Ask Google To Censor Links To Legal Copies of Their Own Films 196 comments
Researchers Find Megaupload Shutdown Hurt Box Office Revenues 203 comments
Running Netflix On Linux 185 comments
James Bond Film Skyfall Inspired By Stuxnet Virus 187 comments
Disney to Acquire Lucasfilm, Star Wars Episode 7 Due In 2015 816 comments
All Five Star Trek Captains Share a Stage 238 comments
Interviews: Director Daniel Knight On Troll Bridge, Color Correction, and He-man 16 comments
The Sci-fi Films To Look Forward To In 2013 277 comments
Blender Debuts Fourth Open Source Movie: Tears of Steel 126 comments
New Hobbit Trailer Debuts 130 comments
Ask Director Daniel Knight About Filming Terry Pratchett's "Troll Bridge" 35 comments
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