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Media Stories for 2005

Australia To Legalize VCR Recording and CD Ripping 352 comments
RIAA Bullies Witnesses Into Perjury 385 comments
Makers 135 comments
Programmer Challenges RIAA Investigators 238 comments
Earbud Headphones May Cause Hearing Loss 507 comments
Slashback: Little Red Hoax, Firefly, Google 508 comments
Amazon Connect 75 comments
Fate of High-Def DVD up to Microsoft? 333 comments
Securing IM and P2P Applications 123 comments
Australian Media 'Crooks' to Come in from the Cold 273 comments
Blu-Ray Facing Delays Caused by DRM Squabbling 201 comments
MTV Making Better Gaming TV Than G4TV? 59 comments
Pixar Art Exhibit at MoMA, with Podcast 57 comments
Linux Troubleshooting 60 comments
Mediainlinux: Path Forward? 65 comments
Fighting RIAA Without an Attorney 407 comments
Songbird the Open Source iTunes? 226 comments
Free P2P In France? 190 comments
Microsoft Leaving MSNBC TV Partnership 176 comments
Firefox Secrets 241 comments
Slyck Interviews the MPAA 139 comments
Fictionalized Storylines Absent from Podcasts? 38 comments
France to Legalize File Sharing 446 comments
Kong Lives! 51 comments
Innovation Happens Elsewhere 131 comments
More Delays for Ender Movie 334 comments
Whedon Calls Death Knell For Firefly 641 comments
Groening Confident on Futurama Relaunch 462 comments
Core Web Application Development with PHP & MySQL 149 comments
Warner Chappell Apology For PearLyrics 120 comments
Superman 'Too Big' for the Big Screen 427 comments
HP No Longer Exclusively Supporting Blue-Ray 134 comments
Software Predicts Movie Success 192 comments
Affordable Video Over IP as Standalone Devices? 22 comments
After Brief Respite Music Industry Slump Deepens 547 comments
Microsoft Wins Hyperlink TV Pause Battle 165 comments
Google Launches Google Music 264 comments
CD Ripping Services Compared 356 comments
Up Next... Skypecasting 190 comments
No HD-DVD For 360 In The Near Future 37 comments
Kazaa Owners Risk Jail 221 comments
Huge World of Warcraft Machinima Contest 19 comments
A New TCP/IP Classic 97 comments
Microsoft and MTV to Launch Music Service 233 comments
G4TV Cancels More Shows 97 comments
HD DVD Player Delays in Japan 86 comments
Apple Holding Back the Music Business? 705 comments
Reality TV "Astronauts" Lift Off 644 comments
Philips Launching TV on Cellular in the US 107 comments
TiVo Causes Increase in Product Placement 507 comments
The Register Takes Aim at Wikipedia Again 630 comments
Pro Perl Debugging 164 comments
Behind the Scenes of Narnia's Special Effects 649 comments
A Programmer's Bookshelf 362 comments
Interview with Jimbo Wales 104 comments
Aeon Flux, Talk Amongst Yourselves 310 comments
John Smedley On The New Galaxies 43 comments
MPAA Gives Film About Ratings an NC-17 Rating 424 comments
P2P Polluter Shuts Down 90 comments
Sony Repents Over CD Debacle 227 comments
Building Intelligent .NET Applications 188 comments
Do Detailed HDTV Listings Exist? 31 comments
The Podjacker Threat 354 comments
Panasonic Begins Blu-Ray Production 170 comments
Sony's SunnComm DRM Patch a Security Risk 218 comments
Song Sites Face Legal Crackdown 537 comments
50% of HDTV Owners Don't Use HD 677 comments
Review of the Squeezebox 203 comments
Creative To Defend Interface Patent Rights 244 comments
Music Should Be Heard But Not Understood 462 comments
Still No Director For Halo Movie 27 comments
PHP 5 Recipes 121 comments
EFF and Sony Disclose New DRM Security Hole 258 comments
NASA Video of the Cryosphere 11 comments
Online Content Cannot Remain Free 345 comments
Digital Music Stock Market? 475 comments
Apple Adds New TV Shows To iTunes 394 comments
NYT Opinion Piece on DRM And P2P 367 comments
Build a Program Now 281 comments
Web Based Rhapsody Targets Linux 201 comments
Film Documents Software Creation 224 comments
Building a Quiet Media Room PC 163 comments
Nielsen Adapting To Modern TV-Watching 112 comments
Tivo To Also Offer Ads Your Way 158 comments
The Grateful Dead vs. 395 comments
First RIAA Lawsuit to Head to Trial 616 comments
Glide File Sharing Service Debuts 226 comments
A Method To Uwe Boll's Madness 82 comments
Cryptography in the Database 209 comments
Next Generation of MP3 Glasses 178 comments
FCC Report Supports a la Carte TV Pricing 567 comments
Video Multiplexing on Large Screens? 29 comments
Science Fiction Stories for Teenage Girls? 161 comments
Sony Warned Weeks Ahead of Rootkit Flap 335 comments
Air Guitar That Actually Plays! 228 comments
Pandora Radio from Music Genome Project 200 comments
Just Say No to Microsoft 547 comments
Myth TV + Multiple Video Arcade = Anime for All 94 comments
300 gigabytes in the size of a DVD? 276 comments
Superman V: The Sordid Story 396 comments
VLC Media Player 0.8.4 is out 199 comments
iTMS Moving Up The Sales Charts 185 comments
LocationFree Television In Tokyo 61 comments
Podcasting Hacks 89 comments
TiVo Files Patent For RFID Schema 129 comments
Kazaa Forced To Modify Search Engine 258 comments
Music Industry 'trying to hijack EU data laws' 147 comments
Freesound Reaches 10,000 Files 92 comments
Salon On The Anti-Gaming CSI Episode 77 comments
Ajax in Action 270 comments
Hollywood Buddies up with Bram Cohen 205 comments
Star Trek Spoof Top Finnish Movie 242 comments
Barenaked USB Drive 519 comments
Sticky Tape Defeats Sony DRM Copy Protection 464 comments
Movies in Fifteen Minutes 77 comments
TiVo Plans RFID-Aware PVR 114 comments
Open Source Media Changes Name 116 comments
Cellphone Songs Overpriced? 270 comments
HDTV Archiving on a Mac for Playback on TV? 23 comments
Developing Securely In Windows 155 comments
CSI Takes On Grand Theft Auto 595 comments
TiVoToGo For iPods and PSPs 150 comments
Top 20 Geek Novels 563 comments
Costly Music Store Coming to Cellphones 294 comments
Music Industry Backlash Against Sony Rootkit 400 comments's Top 10 Space Movies of All Time 539 comments
The Prisoner To Be Remade On U.K. TV 244 comments
Best CD or DVD Recordable Media for Longevity? 81 comments
Spike TV Video Game Award Winners 119 comments
Cisco Moving On Set-Top Boxes 110 comments
Sony Completes First Full-Length Blu-ray Disc 258 comments
5000 Cylinder Recordings Placed Online 156 comments
Have Geeks Gone Mainstream? 458 comments
How Should On-Demand Content Work? 12 comments
Sony May Sell HD-DVDs 91 comments
The Real Reason Behind iTMS Tiered Pricing 372 comments
NBC To Offer On-Demand Movies Via P2P 173 comments
EMI Says Its DRM Will Support The iPod 18 comments
Brit TV Won't Go Digital Till 2012 231 comments
The Equation That Couldn't Be Solved 299 comments
Massive Ads In Matrix Online 64 comments
Turner Testing Holographic Storage 174 comments
Poor Man's Whole House Audio? 102 comments
Format of Choice for a Legal, Free, Audio-eBook? 38 comments
Apple iTunes to End Flat Fee Pricing? 556 comments
DVD Jon's Code In Sony Rootkit? 585 comments
Microsoft Announces CableCARD Support 126 comments
The Areas of My Expertise 174 comments
Cingular to Offer Radio Service 76 comments
Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD Not Over Yet 305 comments
Sony Rootkit Allegedly Contains LGPL Software 623 comments
Dungeons and Shadows 282 comments
Teach Yourself Unix in 24 Hours 250 comments
Classic TV for Free Download 366 comments
Sony's EULA Worse Than Its Rootkit? 521 comments
A Tool to Tally Podcast Listeners 99 comments
Software Predicts Music Success 278 comments
IBM Develops New 3D TV Technology 106 comments
The Place Of Modern MIDI Music? 261 comments
Human-Powered Internet Archive Book Project 113 comments
Playing InterActual DVDs Under Linux? 30 comments
Watching All Six Star Wars Movies Simultaneously 332 comments
Old School Gameplay Collides With Modern Graphics 314 comments
Hardening Linux 137 comments
Former Apple Exec Speaks Against DRM 408 comments
Star Wars Trilogy MIT Musical 212 comments
Ask John Smedley About Star Wars Galaxies 383 comments
Dealing with Digital Music and Vendor Lock-In? 612 comments
The Death of Used Game Sales? 168 comments
Write Portable Code 397 comments
2005 Machinima Festival This Weekend 34 comments
CBS, NBC to Offer TV Shows for 99 Cents 303 comments
EA To Sell Game Music on iTunes 57 comments
Grokster Shutting Down? 302 comments
Java Puzzlers 239 comments
TV On Mobiles: Not Yet There? 232 comments
Yahoo! Plans to Connect Services With Tivo 151 comments
The Ultimate Star Trek Collection 414 comments
Amazon to Sell Books by Page, Display Books You Own 138 comments
NHK Working To Make HDTV Obsolete 299 comments
Searching for a Realistic MPEG-4 Solution? 40 comments
Castlevania On the Big Screen 47 comments
The CISO Handbook 48 comments
A Workable Downloadable Movies Business Model? 365 comments
New Bill Threatens to Plug "Analog Hole" 374 comments
World's Most Powerful Subwoofer 436 comments
Slashback: DRM, MPAA, ADSL 509 comments
Best Science News Podcasts? 136 comments
Security and Usability 65 comments
A Closer Look at Star Wars on Film and Off 315 comments
Film to X-rays? 71 comments
The RIAA's Halloween Tricks 670 comments
Google DVRs and TV Advertising 254 comments
'NBC Nightly News' to Be Shown on Internet 279 comments
Internet is Killing the Newspaper 397 comments
Sprint Launchings Music to Mobile Downloads 130 comments
Apple Sells 1 Million Videos in Under 20 Days 478 comments
The Definitive Guide to MySQL 5 100 comments
Columnist Turned Accidental Baseball Blogger 102 comments
UK Female Sci-Fi Viewers Now Outnumber Males 440 comments
Automated TiVo to iPod formating 104 comments
India's Bollywood Opts for Low-Cost Digital Cinema 191 comments
Can iTunes Resurrect Old Time TV? 214 comments
No Porn for You, iPod 247 comments
Dark Tower Comic Series Confirmed 99 comments
Is a CS Deg Needed to Make Game Soundtracks? 45 comments
Everything Bad is Good for You 288 comments
Is There Such A Thing As A Final Cut? 475 comments
Sony Profits Low, Halts CRT Production 270 comments
Microsoft Chided Over Exclusive Music Idea 331 comments
Fighting FUD with Humor 530 comments
Webcasting, Windows Media or Quicktime? 76 comments
Video Games Live National Tour Canceled 62 comments
Roadkill on the Convergence Highway 215 comments
Disney Encrypting Screener DVDs to Prevent Piracy 262 comments
ITunes Australia Goes Live 233 comments
Open Sources 2.0 50 comments
2005 Halo Machinima Award Winners 61 comments
Congress Pays You $3 Billion to Keep Watching TV 511 comments
Bill Gates Speaks Out Against Next-Gen DVDs 446 comments
iTunes Australia to Launch Next Week 129 comments
Doom Takes A Shot At Gamers 94 comments
Napster's Learning Curve 185 comments
Gaming TV Goes Legit On The BBC 15 comments
iPod Nano Scratches Result In Suit 446 comments
OGG Capable Car Stereos? 82 comments
Blu-Ray The Flavour of The Moment 358 comments
Homer Becomes Omar 840 comments
Ars Technica Vivisects A Video iPod 211 comments
BBC Announces Adult Doctor Who Spin-Off 330 comments
iPod Tax Causes Sour Apples 388 comments
ABC Affiliates Grapple With TV-Show Downloads 480 comments
Media Players for Windows Without DRM? 85 comments
IMDb Turns 15 299 comments
Gaiman on MP3 Audio Books, Mirrormask 171 comments
Lyrics for OpenBSD 3.8 Song Out 20 comments
Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show 276 comments
Video iPod Apple's First Bad Move? 598 comments
TiVo Buries the VCR 210 comments
Spielberg and Electronic Arts Partner Up 32 comments
Network TV Downloadable Via iTunes 527 comments
ePaper To Be Used For Newspapers and Magazines 312 comments
An Intro To Editing Audio On Linux 332 comments
Microsoft Spinning Against OpenDocument Via Fox News 559 comments
EU-wide Music Licensing Policies Published 136 comments
The Princess Bride Musical 342 comments
New iPods on the Horizon 367 comments
Echostar 'PocketDish' to Playback Video from DVR 111 comments
Muzak Encoding at Home? 77 comments
Microsoft Sees Future in IPTV 246 comments
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