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Mars Stories

NASA Is Building a Virtual Mars For VR Viewing 37 comments
Congressional Testimony Says NASA Has No Plan For the Journey To Mars 310 comments
Elon Musk To Unveil Mars Spacecraft Later This Year, For 2025 Flight 101 comments
NASA's Deep Space Habitat Could Support the Journey To Mars and a Lunar Return 43 comments
NASA Safety Panel Finds Concerns With the Journey To Mars 155 comments
Now NASA Wants To Grow Potatoes On Mars For Real 95 comments
NASA Has Suspended Its Next Mission To Mars 46 comments
NASA Is Creating a Virtual Reality Mission To Mars 24 comments
Should a Mars Colony Be Independent? 295 comments
Mars Colonies and Class Warfare 414 comments
Spike TV Is Turning Red Mars Into a TV Series 39 comments
NASA Prepares To Launch an Orion and 3 Cubesats To Deep Space: 3 Years To Go 54 comments
Lori Garver Claims That NASA Is 'Wary' of Elon Musk's Mars Plans 103 comments
How Close Are We To a Mars Mission? 173 comments
Journalist: NASA Administrator Has Short Memory on Changing Space Policy 87 comments
Louis Friedman Says Humans Will Never Venture Beyond Mars 378 comments
NASA's Maven Mission Solves the Mystery of Mars' Lost Atmosphere 120 comments
NASA's Bolden Claims NASA Is 'Doomed' Unless It Stays the Course To Mars 162 comments
A Real-Life Space Botanist Comments On the Potato Garden In 'The Martian' 134 comments
NASA Picks Winners For 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Design Contest 65 comments
Going To Mars Via the Moon 151 comments
NASA Releases 'Journey To Mars' Plan -- But Not a Budget 170 comments
What Happened To the Martian Ocean and Magnetic Field? 142 comments
A Remarkable Number of People Think 'The Martian' Is Based On a True Story 367 comments
Review: The Martian 242 comments
An Ice House Design Concept For Mars Bets Long On Liquid Water 63 comments
Inside the Spaceflight of 'The Martian' 124 comments
The Case For Going To Phobos Before Going To Mars 150 comments
Mars Mission: How Hard? NASA Astronauts Weigh In 41 comments
Scientists Have Spotted the Signs of Flowing Water On Mars 260 comments
How Can NASA's Road To Mars Be Made More Affordable? 211 comments
Why NASA's Road To Mars Plan Proves That It Should Return To the Moon First 194 comments
What Ridley Scott Has To Say About the Science In "The Martian" 163 comments
Launch Manifest For NASA's "Road To Mars" Takes Shape But Questions Remain 130 comments
Let's Not Go To Mars 684 comments
Former NASA Mission Controller James Oberg Lauds 'The Martian' 55 comments
NASA Delays Orion's First Manned Flight Until 2023 115 comments
Can The Martian Give NASA's Mars Efforts a Hollywood Bump? 131 comments
Elon Musk's Latest Idea: Let's Nuke Mars 261 comments
New Horizons' New Target: Kuiper Belt Ice Chunk 2014 MU69 43 comments
In Hawaii, a 6-Person Crew Begins a Year-Long Mars Isolation Experiment 81 comments
The Real NASA Technologies In 'The Martian' 60 comments
How Viking 1 Won the Martian Space Race 53 comments
Mars One CEO Insists, Our Mars Colonization Plan Is Feasible 147 comments
The 10th Anniversary of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 18 comments
Donald Trump Thinks Going To Mars Would Be "Wonderful" But There Is a Catch 442 comments
NASA's Drone For Other Worlds 30 comments
Interviews: Shaun Moss Answers Your Questions About Mars and Space Exploration 48 comments
Does Elon Musk's Hyperloop Make More Sense On Mars? 143 comments
Interviews: Ask Shaun Moss About Mars and Colonizing Space 99 comments
DARPA Is Already Working On Designer Organisms To Terraform Mars 136 comments
Elon Musk Probably Won't Be the First Martian 169 comments
A First: CubeSat-Style Probes To Accompany InSight Mars Lander 22 comments
Parachute Problems Plague NASA's Flying Saucer 41 comments
NASA To Test Inflatable Donut For Landing On Mars 38 comments
How To Die On Mars 278 comments
Software Patch Fixes Mars Curiosity Rover's Auto-focus Glitch 53 comments
Martian Moons May Have Formed Like Earth's 50 comments
NASA Announces the 3D Printed Habitat Challenge For Moon and Mars Bases 46 comments
Arab Mars Probe Planned For 2020 190 comments
NASA Will Award You $5,000 For Your Finest Mars City Idea 156 comments
Opportunity Rover Reaches Martian Day 4,000 of Its 90-Day Mission 136 comments
Road To Mars: Solving the Isolation Problem 137 comments
Briny Water May Pool In Mars' Equatorial Soil 39 comments
The Solar System Is Awash In Water 72 comments
NASA's Chief Scientist Predicts Evidence For Life Beyond Earth By 2025 160 comments
Planetary Society Pushes For Mars Orbital Mission Before NASA Landing 58 comments
The First Billion-Pixel Mosaic of Mars 38 comments
Mars One Delayed 2 Years, CEO Releases Video In Response To Criticism 89 comments
A Mars One Finalist Speaks Out On the "Dangerously Flawed" Project 169 comments
Kim Stanley Robinson Says Colonizing Mars Won't Be As Easy As He Thought 228 comments
Dry-Ice Heat Engines For Martian Colonists 91 comments
Martian Canyons May Have Been Carved By Wind 39 comments
Mars "Webcam" To Be Made Available For Public Use 20 comments
New Images From Mangalyaan 37 comments
New Data Indicates Arctic-Ocean Sized Body of Water on Ancient Mars 58 comments
Mars Curiosity Rover Experiences Short Circuit, Will Be Stationary For Days 33 comments
Adjusting To a Martian Day More Difficult Than Expected 135 comments
Mars One Does Not Renew Contracts For Robotic Missions 110 comments
Mysterious Martian Plumes Discovered By Amateur Astronomers 62 comments
Mars One: Final 100 Candidates Selected 233 comments
Elon Musk To Write a Book About Earth Sustainability and Mars Colonization 131 comments
NASA Considers Autonomous Martian Helicopter To Augment Future Rovers 83 comments
Elon Musk's Proposed Internet-by-Satellite System Could Link With Mars Colonies 105 comments
Lost Beagle2 Probe Found 'Intact' On Mars 130 comments
NASA Update Will Deal With Opportunity Flash Memory "Amnesia" 52 comments
Scientist Says Potential Signs of Ancient Life in Mars Rover Photos 142 comments
10 Years In, Mars Rover Opportunity Suffers From Flash Memory Degradation 105 comments
New Proposed Path for Manned Trips to Mars: Let Mars' Gravity Capture Spacecraft 105 comments
5,200 Days Aboard ISS, and the Surprising Reason the Mission Is Still Worthwhile 219 comments
Curiosity Detects Mysterious Methane Spikes On Mars 68 comments
Mysterious Martian Gouges Carved By Sand-surfing Dry Ice 26 comments
Curiosity's Mars Crater Was Once a Vast Lake 42 comments
Orion Capsule Safely Recovered, Complete With 12-Year-Old Computer Guts 197 comments
NASA's Orion Capsule Reaches Orbit 140 comments
Conglomerate Rock From Mars: (Much) More Precious Than Gold 65 comments
The Strangeness of the Mars One Project 246 comments
Orbiters Study Effect of Giant Comet-Caused Meteor Shower On Mars 48 comments
NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew 399 comments
Watch Comet Siding Spring's Mars Fly-By, Live 33 comments
MAVEN Spies Mars' Atmosphere Leaching Out Into Space 63 comments
MIT Study Finds Fault With Mars One Colony Concept 269 comments
NASA Eyes Crew Deep Sleep Option For Mars Mission 236 comments
Elon Musk: We Must Put a Million People On Mars To Safeguard Humanity 549 comments
Could We Abort a Manned Mission To Mars? 267 comments
China Eager To Send Its Own Mission To Mars In the Wake of Mangalyaan 84 comments
Indian Mars Mission Beams Back First Photographs 113 comments
Why India's Mars Probe Was So Cheap 200 comments
Mangalyaan Successfully Put Into Mars Orbit 173 comments
Elon Musk Hints 1st Person To Mars May Go Via New Brownsville Spaceport 91 comments
Update: Mangalyaan's Main Engine Test Fired, Maven In Orbit 25 comments
2 Mars Missions Set For Arrival, Both Prepare for Orbital Maneuvers 65 comments
Indian Mars Mission Has Completed 95% of Its Journey Without a Hitch 117 comments
Curiosity Rover Arrives At Long-Term Destination 33 comments
NASA Panel Finds Fault WIth Curiosity Rover Project's Focus 51 comments
Reformatting a Machine 125 Million Miles Away 155 comments
Mangalyaan Gets Ready To Enter Mars Orbit 67 comments
Wheel Damage Adding Up Quickly For Mars Rover Curiosity 162 comments
Modular Hive Homes Win Mars Base Design Competition 61 comments
NASA Releases Footage of "Flying Saucer" Braking Test, Declares Success 55 comments
NASA Announces Mars 2020 Rover Payload 109 comments
Opportunity Rover Sets Off-World Driving Record 46 comments
Comet To Make Close Call With Mars 44 comments
ExoLance: Shooting Darts At Mars To Find Life 50 comments
Mars (One) Needs Payloads 77 comments
Buzz Aldrin Pressures Obama For New Space Exploration Initiative 78 comments
ESA Shows Off Quadcopter Landing Concept For Mars Rovers 104 comments
NASA's Orion Spaceship Passes Parachute Test 75 comments
Elon Musk: I'll Put a Human On Mars By 2026 275 comments
There's No Wind Chill On Mars 110 comments
Mars Base Design Competition Open To Non-Scientific Professionals 94 comments
NRC Human Spaceflight Report Says NASA Strategy Can't Get Humans To Mars 206 comments
NASA's Test Bed For Mars Chute: Kauai 40 comments
New Mars Crater Spotted In Before-and-After Pictures 41 comments
Curiosity Rover May Have Brought Dozens of Microbes To Mars 97 comments
NASA Looks To Volcanic Rocks As Target For Next Mars Rover 33 comments
ISS Studies Show Bacteria From Earth Could Colonize Mars 103 comments
NASA Mars Rover Begins Examining Strange Slab Nicknamed "Windjana" 38 comments
NASA Chief Tells the Critics of Exploration Plan: "Get Over It" 216 comments
NASA Setting Up $250,000 Mars Lander Competition 44 comments
Rover Curiosity Discovers Australia-Shaped Rock On Mars 99 comments
Will Living On Mars Drive Us Crazy? 150 comments
NASA Can't Ethically Send Astronauts On One-Way Missions To Deep Space 402 comments
NASA Snaps Shot of Mars-Bound Comet 38 comments
Mars Rover Opportunity Faces New Threat: Budget Ax 185 comments
IAU To Uwingu: You Can't Name That Martian Crater Either 125 comments
SpaceX Wants To Go To Mars — and Has a Plan To Get There 236 comments
Impact Crater Origin of Mars Meteorites Discovered 11 comments
NASA Scientists Find Evidence of Water In Martian Meteorite 41 comments
UAE Clerics' Fatwa Forbids Muslims From Traveling To Mars 363 comments
NASA Knows How Mars Got a Jelly Doughnut 61 comments
Spectacular New Martian Impact Crater Spotted From Orbit 99 comments
Journal of Cosmology Contributor Sues NASA To Investigate Mars "Donut" 140 comments
'Opportunity' Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary Roving Mars 51 comments
Mars Rover Opportunity Finds Life-Friendly Niche 55 comments
More Details About Mars Mystery Rock 180 comments
Mystery Rock 'Appears' In Front of Mars Rover 112 comments
Mars One Studying How To Maintain Communications With Mars 24/7 143 comments
Mars Express Orbiter Buzzes Martian Moon Phobos 39 comments
Mars One Selects Second Round Candidate Astronauts 216 comments
Rough Roving: Curiosity's Wheel Damage 'Accelerated' 157 comments
NASA's Next Mars Mission Will Join the Interplanetary Internet 53 comments
Private Mars One Mission Contracts Lockheed For Exploratory Mission 35 comments
Mars Rover Curiosity Finds Ancient Lakebed 74 comments
Indian Mars Probe Successfully Enters Sun-Centric Orbit 132 comments
Mars Rock Older Than Thought 37 comments
MAVEN Ready To Launch Today 55 comments
India's Mars Mission Back On Track After Brief Hiccup 73 comments
NASA's Mars Orbiter Reaches Data Milestone 68 comments
After Successful Launch, India's Mars Orbiter Is On Its Way 166 comments
India To Launch Mars Orbiter "Mangalyaan" Tuesday 109 comments
Curiosity Confirms Origins of Martian Meteorites 35 comments
World Space Walk Simultaneously Puts Three Mars-Capable Spacesuits To the Test 39 comments
ESA Begins Mars Rover Tests In Chile 45 comments
MAVEN Mission To Mars Will Proceed, Despite Shutdown 87 comments
Mars Orbiter Spies Comet ISON 41 comments
Ancient Supervolcanoes Revealed On Mars 18 comments
Water Discovery Is Good News For Mars Colonists 247 comments
NASA Rover Fails to Turn Up Methane On Mars 106 comments
Mystery of Missing Martian Methane Deepens 53 comments
Final Mars One Numbers Are In, Over 200,000 People Applied 176 comments
Curiosity Goes Autonomous For the First Time 32 comments
We All May Have a Little Martian In Us 168 comments
The Game Made From NASA Satellite Data 32 comments
Four Month Mars Food Study Wraps Up 142 comments
One-Way Ticket: Mars One Project Applicants Top 100,000 240 comments
NASA To Send Poems To Mars 106 comments
NASA's Curiosity Rover Celebrates One Year On Mars 69 comments
Meet a Group of Aspiring Mars Colonists 130 comments
Research Suggests Mars Once Had a Thick Atmosphere 98 comments
Ancient Mars Ocean Found? 71 comments
NASA Wants To Bring Back Hunks of Mars In Future Unmanned Mission 82 comments
Mars Curiosity Rover Shoots Video of Phobos Moon Rising 67 comments
Patching Software on Another Planet 96 comments
Billion-Pixel View of Mars Snapped By Curiosity 32 comments
U.S. House Wants 'Sustained Human Presence On the Moon and the Surface of Mars' 285 comments
Future Astronauts Must Deal With Toxic Chemicals In Martian Soil 117 comments
NASA's "Opportunity" Rover Finds New Evidence For Once-Habitable Mars 40 comments
Confirmed: Water Once Flowed On Mars 113 comments
Mars Explorers Face Huge Radiation Problem 283 comments
Rough Roving: Curiosity's Wheels Show Damage 78 comments
Opportunity Breaks NASA's 40-Year Roving Record 92 comments
Dust Devils Scour Surface of Mars 14 comments
Mars One Has 78,000 Applicants 355 comments
Weird Geological Features Spied On Mars 99 comments
Crowdsourced Effort May Have Found Soviet Mars Mission's Remains 16 comments
Intraterrestrials: Mars Life May Hide Deep Below 79 comments
4-Billion-Pixel Panorama View From Curiosity Rover 101 comments
Ancient Mars Could Have Supported Life 81 comments
Mars One Contracts Paragon To Investigate Life Support Systems 118 comments
Ancient Flood Channels Cut Deep Into Mars 46 comments
Protecting the Solar System From Contamination 121 comments
NASA's 'Inspirational' Mars Flyby 108 comments
Curiosity Rover On Standby As NASA Addresses Computer Glitch 98 comments
Dennis Tito's 2018 Mars Mission To Be Manned 233 comments
Comet C/2013 A1 May Hit Mars In 2014 150 comments
Millionaire Plans Mission To Mars In 2018 97 comments
71 Percent of U.S. See Humans On Mars By 2033 266 comments
Curiosity Rover Collects First Martian Bedrock Sample 51 comments
Mars Rover Curiosity: Less Brainpower Than Apple's iPhone 5 256 comments
Opportunity Begins 10th Year on Mars 78 comments
Mars' Reull Vallis: a River Ran Through It 41 comments
Curiosity Finds Evidence of Ancient Surface Water 79 comments
Crowdsourcing Mars Images 17 comments
Curiosity Scrubs a Mars Rock Clean 60 comments
Astronauts Could Get Lazier As Mars Mission Progresses 145 comments
Blue, Not Red: Did Ancient Mars Look Like This? 75 comments
Rare Water-Rich Mars Meteorite Discovered 71 comments
Trip To Mars Could Damage Astronauts' Brains 505 comments
Stanford Team Developing Spiked Robots To Explore Phobos 49 comments
Mars-Like Conditions Sufficient to Sustain Earth-Bound Microbes 78 comments
Christmas On Mars 41 comments
NASA Plans To "Lasso" Asteroid and Turn It Into Space Station 200 comments
Over 1000 Volunteers For 'Suicide' Mission To Mars 453 comments
NASA: New Mars Rover By 2020 79 comments
Mars Rover Finds Complex Chemicals But No Organic Compounds 137 comments
NASA: Curiosity Has Found Plastic On Mars 293 comments
What "Earth-Shaking" Discovery Has Curiosity Made on Mars? 544 comments
NASA DTN Protocol: How Interplanetary Internet Works 109 comments
Curiosity Snaps 'Arm's Length' Self Portrait 96 comments
Has the Mars Rover Sniffed Methane? 119 comments
Curiosity Finds Volcanic Soils 52 comments
NASA Achieves Data Goals For Mars Rover With Open Source Software 35 comments
Craig Venter Wants To Rebuild Martian Life In Earth Lab 142 comments
Canadian Space Agency Shows Off Prototype Rovers 70 comments
Mars Rover Solves Metallic Object Mystery, Unearths Another 179 comments
Stress-Testing Software For Deep Space 87 comments
Curiosity Spies Unidentified, Metallic Object On Mars 396 comments
Curiosity Rover Makes First Foursquare Check-In On Another Planet 92 comments
Rover Finds Ancient Streambed On Martian Surface 180 comments
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