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Linux Business Stories for 2004

Microsoft Compares Windows And Linux 468 comments
Integrating Linux into a Windows Network? 103 comments
Walmart Offers Sub-$500 laptop With Linspire 589 comments
Linux To Ring Up $35B By 2008 212 comments
Linux Desktop Migration Cookbook from IBM 250 comments
Linux Revenues Expected To Hit $28B in 2008 16 comments
Linux Has Fewer Bugs Than Rivals 626 comments
Australian TCO Study: Linux Wins Again 396 comments
Dutch Gov't Doubles Back On Open-Source Goals 348 comments
Venezuela Embraces Linux and FOSS 22 comments
Xandros Releases Version 3 16 comments
Dell Calls For Red Hat To Lower Prices 526 comments
Profiting from Open Source Software 149 comments
Linux Server Sales to Reach $9.1 Billion by 2008 167 comments
Samba 4 Reaches "Susan" Stage 274 comments
German Language Version Of SimplyMEPIS 6 comments
SCO Sells First Linux Licenses in UK 295 comments
Green Hills Software Decides Linux Isn't So Bad 198 comments
Does Open Source Need Quality Standards? 223 comments
Steve Ballmer's $100 PC, Sans Windows 409 comments
Linux Server Sales Top $1 Billion 12 comments
Torvalds Dubbed Most Influential Executive of 2004 262 comments
HP Will Ship Systems With Novell Linux Desktop 20 comments
Will Open Source Solaris Kill Linux? 720 comments
Where Is The Plug-and-Play Linux Office System? 396 comments
Gartner Predicts Linux Gains In 2005 22 comments
Interview with Red Hat VP Michael Tiemann 112 comments
Exploitation of Open Source VoIP 156 comments
United Linux: Two Years Later 210 comments
Hal Stern interview on Solaris & Linux Datacenter 12 comments
LinuxCertified LC2430 Laptop Review 207 comments
Maddog on the State of Linux 30 comments
Changes in Lycoris 13 comments
Linux, UNIX, and Windows: TCO Revisited 26 comments
Flattening Out The Linux Cluster Learning Curve 89 comments
Latest Ballmergram Bashes Linux TCO 680 comments
UK Government Reports Linux is 'Viable' 177 comments
Australian Government Agency Moves Towards Linux 170 comments
Ubuntu For PPC, And As A Live CD 289 comments
Ask Ubuntu Founder (And Astronaut) Mark Shuttleworth 357 comments
SLES9 vs. Windows Server 2003 In A Windows Network 21 comments
Ubuntu 4.10 ('The Warty Warthog') Released 51 comments
Linux Takes On Automotive Apps 125 comments
Microsoft Advised To Learn To Love Linux 418 comments
Moving to the Linux Business Desktop 211 comments
Unofficial Ubuntu Linux Forums 14 comments
eWeek Reviews Gnome 2.8 And KDE 3.3 233 comments
AT&T Considers Mac OS X, Linux For 70,000 Desktops 476 comments
OSIA Dismisses Gartner Linux Piracy Claim 248 comments
Linux and Data Forensics? 14 comments
Gartner Says Linux PCs Just Used To Pirate Windows 815 comments
Patent Concerns Unlikely To Nix Munich Linux Plan 244 comments
Ubuntu Linux Review 217 comments
Solaris vs Linux Continues 361 comments
Iran: Even If Windows Is Free, Linux Is Preferred 106 comments
Succeeding With Open Source 68 comments
Microsoft's Chief Linux Strategist Interviewed 369 comments
Ubuntu Linux Preview Released 271 comments
Have The Suits Changed Linux? 25 comments
SCO Files for Stay of Execution 294 comments
Gizmo Turns Old PCs Into Linux-Based Thin Clients 32 comments
Linux Desktop Distros with Quality Fonts? 178 comments
Pepper Pad 2 Linux Web Pad 197 comments
Best Training in Linux Administration? 467 comments
Linux Market: Absolutes / Percentages / Trends 233 comments
Open Xchange Server Source-code Released 94 comments
The U.K.'s National Health Service Licenses JDS 124 comments
The Linux Incompatibility List 422 comments
Ohio Linuxfest Registration Now Open 5 comments
Linux Desktop Guide 461 comments
Businessweek Recommends License Switch for Linux 548 comments
Xandros 2.5 Business Edition: A Windows Killer? 23 comments
Cray CTO Says Cray Computers Are Great 338 comments
IBM Files for Partial Summary Judgement vs SCO 367 comments
Does Unisys Really Get It? 253 comments
Free Can Mean Big Money - The Open Source Economy 494 comments
Circuit City Migrating to Linux 13 comments
Linux vs. Windows 667 comments
The Business Value of Open Source Examined 192 comments
Why Consider Linux Kernel Patent Risks? 226 comments
EM64T Xeon vs. Athlon 64 under Linux (AMD64) 313 comments
NASA Powers Up With Linux Supercomputer 8 comments
IBM Has 'No Intention' of Using Patents Against Linux 278 comments
CA Dangles $1M Bounty for Ingres Conversion Tools 121 comments
Novell 'Drinking Their Own Champagne' 21 comments
Linux Apps On Solaris 356 comments
City of Munich Freezes Its Linux Migration 523 comments
HP Releases Linux-Based Notebook 392 comments
LinuxWorld Expo Day 1 Showfloor Reports 112 comments
McBride Says No More Lawsuits From SCO 280 comments
SUSE Openexchange Under GPL 248 comments
Sun Rays For Linux 131 comments
Sun Pondering Buying Novell 400 comments
Telstra Used Linux To Get Microsoft Discounts 237 comments
Munich's Linux Migration Raises EU Patent Issues 164 comments
Linux Jobs on the Rise 219 comments
Lockheed Replaces 10,000 Solaris Seats with Linux 394 comments
OSDL & Linux in the Enterprise 5 comments
SGI & NASA Plan 10240-Processor Altix Cluster 202 comments
Making Open Source Pay 31 comments
How Microsoft Could Embrace Linux 424 comments
New Numbers on Linux Market Share Soon 611 comments
SCO's claims Against Daimler-Chrysler Thrown Out 483 comments
GNU/Linux Clears Gov't Procurement Hurdles 296 comments
More on Toronto's Linux-only Computer Store 145 comments
Progeny Releases Beta 1 of Progeny Debian 2.0 77 comments
Is Dell Just Testing the Market? 287 comments
NZX Moves To Oracle On Linux 213 comments
Indemnification Roundup 120 comments
NewsForge Reviews Excel Clone for Linux 312 comments
First Linux-only Retail Store? 351 comments
Report From "Get The Facts" 475 comments
SUSE 9.1 Personal ISO Available For Free Download 187 comments
Slashback: Munich, Harlan, Alacrity 213 comments
Munich Votes for Linux Migration Plan 396 comments
Buy Lindows, Get Fedora and Mandrake Too? 234 comments
McDonald's Germany Moves to SuSE Linux 471 comments
Xandros Releases Open Circulation Edition 193 comments
Gentoo Officially Not-For-Profit 227 comments
MandrakeMove 2 And Mandrakesoft Profit Reports 102 comments
Sun To Upgrade Java Desktop System 189 comments
Lindows Allowed to Use Company Name in Holland 228 comments
Gartner: Linux Servers Booming 205 comments
Mandrakelinux 10 Now Available To All 343 comments
CA Advantage Ingres To Be Released As Open Source 217 comments
Jeremy White And Mad Penguin On CrossOver Office 3 113 comments
A Different Take On PC Manus' 'Recycling' Schemes 179 comments
Sun Java Desktop 2 Review 304 comments
Linux To Gain Another Chip Family 141 comments
Linus Not The Father Of Linux, According to Report 867 comments
ARM Unveils One-chip SMP Multiprocessor Core 145 comments
Thawte Founder Launches Open Source Campaign 91 comments
Perens Talks About Open Source Risk Management 82 comments
Revealed: How Fedora And The Community Interact 262 comments
SuSE 9.1 Available for Download 229 comments
Excel Clone for Linux Now in Beta 393 comments
Interview: Xandros and KDE 206 comments
Will Novell Adopt The LTSP Project? 277 comments
Linux Smartphones On The Rise 202 comments
Sun Java Desktop System Release 2 196 comments
USA Today and NYT on Linux rising 157 comments
Review: LinuxCertified LC2210 Laptop 155 comments
Open Source Part of Mainstream IT in Canada 178 comments
What Lies Ahead For Linux 456 comments
Linspire Accused Of Misusing Creative Commons Art 534 comments
Turbolinux Licenses Windows Media 9 549 comments
Criticizing Sun's Java Desktop System 624 comments
OpenIPO and Lindows 158 comments
Linus Torvalds: Backporting Is A Good Thing 232 comments
Linux Spreads its Wings 234 comments
OSRM Declares Linux Free of Copyright Violations 347 comments
2.4, The Kernel and Forking 384 comments
The Future of Tax Software on Linux? 58 comments
Insuring Linux, Thanks to SCO 228 comments
Friedman on Linux Desktop Expectations 347 comments
Mandrakelinux 10 Official Released 322 comments
Lindows Changes Name to 'Linspire' 418 comments
Element Computer: ION Linux on Linux Hardware 274 comments
Interview With Trolltech's CEO and CTO Eirik Eng 266 comments
Linux in Canada 284 comments
Linux Distributions Respond to Forrester 262 comments
Japan, China, S Korea Agree To Standardize Linux 270 comments
Why PHBs Fear Linux 665 comments
Wal-Mart Sells PCs Preloaded With Sun's Linux 617 comments
SCO Uses 3rd Parties To Spread Claims In Germany 236 comments
MandrakeSoft Exits Bankruptcy 233 comments
IBM's Linux Upgrade Roadmap 281 comments
IBM Invests $50M in Novell, May Ship SUSE Linux 321 comments
HP to Globally Launch Linux-Based PCs 422 comments
Sun Wants to Make Linux 3D 545 comments
Novell Makes More Open Source Moves 351 comments
Device Hackers Do It With Linux 25 comments
Novell Announces SUSE Linux 9.1 435 comments
How Do Small GNU/Linux PC Vendors Survive? 44 comments
How Not To Sell Linux Products 451 comments
Startup to Offer Open Source Insurance 268 comments
HP Shipping Turbolinux HP in Asia 104 comments
Design a Virtual Office with Open Source? 263 comments
Mandrakelinux 10.0 Community Ready For Download 336 comments
Looking to Move from EV1? 93 comments
Linux the Tortoise to Microsoft's Hare? 548 comments
Novell's Chris Stone at the MySQL Users Conference 143 comments
Novell Headed To Linux Enterprise Desktop In Asia 145 comments
Gentoo Linux 2004.0 Released 489 comments
Get Listed Free In Gov't Open Source Directory 123 comments
Australian Tax Office Adopts Open Source Software 167 comments
Open Source Group Victoria v. SCO, Part II 168 comments
Lindows becomes Lindash 536 comments
Microsoft, Monocultures, Security FUD & Other Fun 509 comments
Linux in Munich Followup 271 comments
Toy Penguins and Male Egos Drove Linux Acceptance 548 comments
Psion May Look To Linux For The Next Big Thing 135 comments
A Setback For Microsoft In Lindows Trademark Case 414 comments
Dell's New Linux Blog 317 comments
Running a Business on Open Source Software? 504 comments
Registration For Linux Desktop Summit Now Open 10 comments
Lycoris Shipping Linux OS For Handhelds 165 comments
Linux Going Mainstream 618 comments
Microsoft-Funded Linux Studies Benefit ... Microsoft 431 comments
The 2.7 Kernel: Back To The Future For Linux 437 comments
Koffice 1.3 Released 343 comments
Recent Apt-Gettable Goodness From Ark, Conectiva 171 comments
Darl & SCO Overview 236 comments
Boot Windows Faster, Using Linux 369 comments
United Linux Dead 322 comments
IBM Supporting Linux On Power Processors 225 comments
SUSE Linux Receives EAL3 Certification 143 comments
OSDL Announces Desktop Initiative 230 comments
Oracle Embraces Mozilla 207 comments
Linus Says 2004 is the Year for Desktop Linux 727 comments
SCO Expands Licensing Money Chase Worldwide 466 comments
Constructing a New College IT Curriculum? 127 comments
Novell Offers Linux Users Legal Indemnity 271 comments
SCO Responds to OSDL Legal Aid Announcement 473 comments
IBM, Intel Set Up $10m SCO Defense Fund 300 comments
SCO Approaches Google About Linux Licenses 591 comments
Did SCO Actually Buy What it Thought? 470 comments
Microsoft Rolls Out New Anti-Linux Ad Campaign 999 comments

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