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The Web We Have To Save 114 comments
UK ISPs Quietly Block Sites That List Pirate Bay Proxies 113 comments
Dropbox and Box Leaked Shared Private Files Through Google 92 comments
35 Different Ways of Looking at Social Networks 47 comments
Helpful Linux Links 29 comments
How Can Cybersquatters Be Evicted, Cheaply? 97 comments
Searching for Quailty A/V Carts? 43 comments
Row Brews Over P2P Advertising 185 comments
Online Bookmark Manager Suggestions? 78 comments
Monitoring the U.S. Elections Online? 535 comments
Cool RSS Feeds? 78 comments
Dotcom Business Plan Archive Open for Business 105 comments
Broken Links No More? 212 comments
Daily Electoral Predictions 124 comments
A Look Back at Sonic the Hedgehog 198 comments
Calculate When You Are Most Awake 184 comments
Therapy in Game Form 24 comments
Gentoo Linux Musings 395 comments
BSD Interview Roundup 88 comments
Video Games Make People Fat and Mean 124 comments
30 Years of D&D Extravaganza 78 comments
BBC Argues Games Don't Cause Violence 398 comments
Forums for Windows Admins? 114 comments
Is Your Silver-based Thermal Paste Really Silver? 788 comments
Airport and Foot Friendly Trade Show Shoes? 178 comments
The Voice of Groklaw 198 comments
JenniCam Closing After 7+ Years 605 comments
Online Ports Tree for OpenBSD 8 comments
Why Personal Websites Matter 436 comments
Literacy: Natural Language vs. Code 534 comments
Artistic Freedom Vouchers Proposed 314 comments
Technology Review Launches Futures Market 160 comments
Websites (or Books) for the Camera Novice? 43 comments
AOL Blocks Links from LiveJournal 396 comments
A TCP/IP Stack and Web Server In BASIC 251 comments
Techs Discover End Users Aren't So Bright 650 comments
Windows 95 in 4.47MB 476 comments
Darwinian Poetry: From Bad to Verse 274 comments
LPD For Fun and MP3 Playing 122 comments
World Telecommunication Day 62 comments
Online Newshour Tackling Digital Copyright 173 comments
William Gibson on Blogging 180 comments
PC/104 Embedded Consortium Design Winners 68 comments
Most Usable Bookmark Managers? 88 comments
Soldering with a Toaster Oven 252 comments
Science Fiction and Smart Mobs 63 comments
Gentlemen, Hack Your Engines! 563 comments
Biggest IP cases of 2002 101 comments
Lessig Spins Copyright Law 279 comments
Seeking Computer Science Fokelore? 53 comments
Managing Your Company To Death 398 comments
Free Books: Under the Radar 288 comments
Library of Congress Map Collections from 1500's 251 comments
Ars Technica on Hyperthreading 235 comments
Where to Ask if not Ask Slashdot? 111 comments
0wnz0red 206 comments
Comparison Of Google to Teoma 151 comments
Blogspace vs. NPR 521 comments
Riding the World's Fastest Train @ 500 kph 588 comments
MacSlash Up at 26 comments
MacSlash Domain Stolen 120 comments
Modeling Linking on the Web 131 comments
Museum Of Broken Packets 127 comments
Tiny Apps 318 comments
Thinkgeek Alternative for EU Residents? 24 comments
OpenSource Banner Exchange? 4 comments
Interview With Eric Allman And Kirk McKusick 207 comments
Unified BSD packaging system? 108 comments
The World's Most Secure OS (?) 180 comments
Using sysctl the Command and the Subroutine 3 comments
Benchmarks of *BSD, Linux, and Solaris at LinuxTag 224 comments
June Daemon News out and about 7 comments
FreeBSD Plays Big Role on the Internet 5 comments
Choosing a BSD Firewall 15 comments
FreeBSD, Serving the World 21 comments
OpenBSD, Reductionist Design 114 comments
The Roots Of BSD 103 comments
Issue #04 Of The FreeBSD 'Zine Is Out! 0 comments
PostgreSQL - Oracle/DB2 Killer? 172 comments
Smuggling Open Source Past The Boss 136 comments
DaemonNews, The May Issue 3 comments
New Russian Site Carries Unlicensed Song Lyrics 235 comments
Theo's Thoughts 9 comments
No BS In BSD 6 comments
BSD Discovered By The Fashionable World 1 comments
BSDI + FreeBSD article 5 comments
April DaemonNews Is Here 2 comments
Bostic on BSD 5 comments
FreeBSD For The Linux Administrator 17 comments
Interview With Jordan K. Hubbard 5 comments
Jargon File 4.2.0 Out 94 comments
New Mozilla, Corel, and Napster Releases 207 comments
Talks from FreeBSD Con available 0 comments
The \year=2000 TeX calendar 110 comments
Bay Area Bandwidth Coop Formed 116 comments
OpenBSD article on SecurityPortal 6 comments
Encyclopedia Britannica Goes To The Free 107 comments
Language Translation Domain Name Claims 302 comments
CNN On IPv6 163 comments
Phrack 55 released 89 comments
Victory for small business in domain disputes 207 comments
Ted Nelson Releases Xanadu 77 comments
New iCE Web Site 86 comments
Open Sources is Open Sourced 72 comments
Lego Mindstorms 3D Plotter 41 comments
Is Code Protected by Free Speech? 98 comments
Consumer Reports From Ages Past 85 comments
Commercial Open-Source Software 187 comments
Big Brother Awards 78 comments
Perl and Postmodernism 69 comments
OpenGL on Newton 33 comments
LA Weekly: The Lonliness of Linux 329 comments
Salary Histories 132 comments
Freeware:Article in Red Herring 16 comments
LegOS - Open Source OS for Lego Mindstorms 15 comments
Microscopic, natural art. 17 comments
Mega HTML Periodic Table 60 comments
BellAtlantic ADSL absurdity 136 comments
Tim O'Reilly on Open Source 0 comments
A future for the DemoScene 0 comments
Review:The Essential Client/Server Survival Guide 0 comments
Snippets of C 0 comments
Expensive Certified E-Mail 0 comments
Geek Oppression Site 0 comments
NSI contract extended 1 week 0 comments
Open Food? 0 comments
Linux/Graphics News Website 0 comments
Dosemu gets its own Domain 0 comments
Satellite Photos 0 comments
Intelligent Llamas 0 comments
Open Source Internet Telephony 0 comments
Squirrel Fishing 0 comments
Cool new Websites 0 comments
Cat Scans 0 comments
Revenge for $20 0 comments
Satellite Tracking Page 0 comments
Irrelevant Penguins Cartoons 0 comments
Software news 0 comments
1984 is late, but... 0 comments
Vote for Internet Heros in Forbes 0 comments
Human Interface critcisms/compariasons 0 comments receives update 0 comments
Lego Mindstorms Beta Testers 0 comments
Response to Open Source Messaging System Proposal 0 comments
Cool Cases Found 0 comments
CPU Overclocking Page 0 comments
Does Your Email Address Suck? (Pt 2) 0 comments
Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches 0 comments
Freshmeat 0 comments
Linux Webwatcher Gets a New Home 0 comments
Nerd Trivia 0 comments
AltOS Website 0 comments
Worthwhile Web Site 0 comments
Internet Raytracing Competition 0 comments
Nanotech Website 0 comments
Phrack 52 Hits The Net 0 comments

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