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Intel Stories

Dell Packs Xeon and Quadro GPU In 4lb Laptop 68 comments
Skylake Breaks 7GHz In Intel Overclocking World Record 84 comments
Intel Says Chips To Become Slower But More Energy Efficient 337 comments
Asus ZenBook UX305CA Shows What Skylake Core M Is Capable Of 158 comments
Ask Slashdot: Why Are Major Companies Exiting the Spam Filtering Business? 244 comments
Intel Gets Called Out Again For Their M.I.A. 3.0 X.Org Driver 110 comments
Intel Compute Stick Updated With Cherry Trail Atom, Tested 90 comments
The Trouble With Intel's Management Engine 106 comments
Serious Flaw Patched In Intel Driver Update Utility 34 comments
New Mersenne Prime Discovered, Largest Known Prime Number: 2^74,207,281 - 1 132 comments
AMD Rips 'Biased and Unreliable' Intel-Optimized SYSmark Benchmark 174 comments
Microsoft: Only the Latest Version of Windows Will Support New CPU Generations 458 comments
Intel's Clear Linux Distribution Offers Fast Out-Of-The-Box Performance 137 comments
Intel Skylake Bug Causes PCs To Freeze During Complex Workloads 122 comments
Intel's Next Gen Compute Stick Beefs Up Processing With Core M3 and M5 Models 95 comments
Locked Intel Skylake CPUs Can Be Overclocked After BIOS Update 89 comments
$5 Raspberry Pi Zero Compared To Intel's NetBurst CPUs & Newer 99 comments
Intel Skylake CPUs Are Warping Under Mounting Pressure From Third-Party Coolers 115 comments
Intel Broadwell-E, Apollo Lake, and Kaby Lake Details Emerge In Leaked Roadmap 117 comments
Intel Launches 72-Core Knight's Landing Xeon Phi Supercomputer Chip 179 comments
The Intel 4004 Microprocessor Turns 44 60 comments
Intel Flagship Core i7-6950X Broadwell-E To Offer 10-Cores, 20-Threads, 25MB L3 167 comments
TAG Heuer Launches "Connected" Android Wear Smartwatch With Intel Inside 55 comments
Intel Skylake-U For Laptops Posts Solid Gains In Testing, Especially Graphics 104 comments
Intel Offers More Insight On Its 3D Memory 115 comments
Intel Pulling the Plug On McAfee/MX Logic Anti-Spam 42 comments
Intel Develops Linux 'Software GPU' That's ~29-51x Faster 111 comments
Intel's Core i5 6500 Shines As a $199 Skylake Processor, Works With Linux 119 comments
Intel Launches SSD DC P3608 NVMe Solid State Drive With 5GB/Sec Performance 65 comments
Intel Kills a Top-of-the-Line Processor 99 comments
iPad Mini-Style Specs, On the Cheap, In Android-Based ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 87 comments
Intel Establishes Automotive Security Review Board 39 comments
Intel Drops Support For Science Talent Search 115 comments
$415 Million Settlement Approved In Tech Worker Anti-Poaching Case 117 comments
Intel Launches Onslaught of Skylake CPUs For Laptops, Hybrids and Compute Stick 54 comments
Mozilla, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Others Form 'Alliance For Open Media' 99 comments
Skylake Has a Voice DSP and Listens To Your Commands 99 comments
Intel's Collaborative Cancer Cloud, an Open Platform For Genome-Based Treatments 16 comments
Intel Discloses Detailed Skylake Architecture Enhancements 53 comments
Intel Promises 'Optane' SSDs Based On Technology Faster Than Flash In 2016 80 comments
Intel Skylake Gen9 Series Graphics Architecture Unveiled 29 comments
Researcher Exploits 18-Year-Old Design Flaw To Compromise X86 Chips 128 comments
Planar NAND Development Ends After 26 Years 109 comments
KDE Plasma 5 Problem Traced To Bug In Intel Graphics Driver 56 comments
Intel's Skylake Architecture Reviewed 99 comments
10 Years of Intel Processors Compared 98 comments
Why Micron/Intel's New Cross Point Memory Could Virtually Last Forever 179 comments
Intel and Micron Unveil 3D XPoint Memory, 1000x Speed and Endurance Over Flash 172 comments
Intel Core I7-5775C Desktop Broadwell With Iris Pro 6200 Graphics Tested 75 comments
Silicon Valley Still Wrestling With Diversity Issues 398 comments
Intel's Tick-Tock Cycle Skips a Beat 84 comments
Intel's Software Chief Out; Botched McAfee Deal To Blame? 75 comments
AMD's Project Quantum Gaming PC Contains Intel CPU 138 comments
How Today's Low-Power X86 & ARM CPUs Compare To Intel's Old NetBurst CPUs 77 comments
Intel Skylake & Broxton Graphics Processors To Start Mandating Binary Blobs 193 comments
Intel Security Scares Ransomware Script Kiddie Out of Business 117 comments
Intel Adopts USB-C Connector For 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3, Supports USB 3.1, DP 1.2 179 comments
Intel Releases Broadwell Desktop CPUs: Core i7-5775C and i5-5675C 126 comments
Intel To Buy Altera For $16.7 Billion 63 comments
Asus ZenFone 2 Performance Sneak Peek With Intel Z3580 Inside 108 comments
Intel NUC5i7RYH Broadwell Mini PC With Iris Pro Graphics Tested 80 comments
Fastest 4.5 Watt Core M 5Y71 In Asus T300 Chi Competitive With Full Core i5 CPUs 48 comments
Intel Launches Xeon E7-8800 and E7-4800 V3 Processor Families 46 comments
Mark and Joel Make Autonomous Drones in Their Spare Time (Video) 17 comments
Intel Showcases RealSense 3D Camera Applications and Technologies In New York 17 comments
Intel 'Compute Stick' PC-Over-HDMI Dongle Launched, Tested 174 comments
New PCIe SSDs Load Games, Apps As Fast As Old SATA Drives 162 comments
Kingston HyperX Predator SSD Takes Gumstick M.2 PCIe Drives To 1.4GB/sec 51 comments
Microsoft Starts Working On an LLVM-Based Compiler For .NET 125 comments
US Blocks Intel From Selling Xeon Chips To Chinese Supercomputer Projects 229 comments
Intel's Core M Performance Is Erratic Between Devices 85 comments
US Pens $200 Million Deal For Massive Nuclear Security-Focused Supercomputer 74 comments
Dell Expands Intel RealSense Tablet Lineup With 10.5-Inch Venue 10 7000 2-in-1 22 comments
Valve Bootstrapped Source 2 Engine On an Open-Source Vulkan Driver 60 comments
Intel Launches SSD 750 Series Consumer NVMe PCI Express SSD At Under $1 Per GiB 67 comments
IBM and OpenPower Could Mean a Fight With Intel For Chinese Server Market 85 comments
Micron and Intel Announce 3D NAND Flash Co-Development To Push SSDs Past 10TB 93 comments
Tag Heuer Partners With Google and Intel To Create Luxury Apple Watch Rival 111 comments
Intel Will Reportedly Land Apple As a Modem Chip Customer 77 comments
Tested: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Update W/ Intel Broadwell, Self-Encrypting SSD 87 comments
Intel Announces Xeon D SoC Line Based On Broadwell Core Architecture 76 comments
Valve Developed an Open-Source Intel Vulkan GPU Driver For Linux 52 comments
Intel Reveals Unlocked, Socketed Broadwell and Core i7 NUC With Iris Graphics 51 comments
Intel Announces Atom x3, x5 and x7, First SOCs With Integrated 3G and LTE Modems 112 comments
Intel To Rebrand Atom Chips Along Lines of Core Processors 109 comments
Intel Updates NUC Mini PC Line With Broadwell-U, Tested and Benchmarked 60 comments
It's Official: NSA Spying Is Hurting the US Tech Economy 270 comments
Intel Moving Forward With 10nm, Will Switch Away From Silicon For 7nm 279 comments
Intel Core M Enables Lower Cost Ultrabooks; Asus UX305 Tested 70 comments
Smart Rendering For Virtual Reality 25 comments
What Intel's $300 Million Diversity Pledge Really Means 254 comments
FSF-Endorsed Libreboot X200 Laptop Comes With Intel's AMT Removed 179 comments
First Look At Dell Venue 8 7000 and Intel's Moorefield Atom Performance 22 comments
Big Names Dominate Open Source Funding 32 comments
Intel 5th Gen Core Series Performance Preview With 2015 Dell XPS 13 97 comments
Intel Pledges $300 Million To Improve Diversity In Tech 341 comments
Intel Unveils 5th Gen Core Series Broadwell-U CPUs and Cherry Trail Atom 78 comments
Many DDR3 Modules Vulnerable To Bit Rot By a Simple Program 138 comments
Chromebook Gets "OK Google" and Intel's Easy Migration App 35 comments
With Eyes on China, Intel Invests Billions In Mobile Ambitions 33 comments
Stephen Hawking's New Speech System Is Free and Open-source 56 comments
Intel Processor Could Be In Next-Gen Google Glass 73 comments
Intel Core M Notebooks Arrive, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Tested 78 comments
How Intel and Micron May Finally Kill the Hard Disk Drive 438 comments
Intel Planning Thumb-Sized PCs For Next Year 101 comments
Intel Announces Major Reorg To Combine Mobile and PC Divisions 75 comments
Intel Claims Chip Suppliers Will Flock To Its Mobile Tech 91 comments
Intel To Expand Core M Broadwell Line With Faster Dual-Core Processors 52 comments
How Sony, Intel, and Unix Made Apple's Mac a PC Competitor 296 comments
Android On Intel x86 Tablet Performance Explored: Things Are Improving 97 comments
Tech Workers Oppose Settlement They Reached In Silicon Valley Hiring Case 54 comments
Where Intel Processors Fail At Math (Again) 239 comments
Intel Drops Gamasutra Sponsorship Over Controversial Editorials 724 comments
Factory IoT Saves Intel $9 Million 50 comments
Intel Putting 3D Scanners In Consumer Tablets Next Year, Phones To Follow 75 comments
First Intel 14nm Broadwell Core M Benchmarks Unveiled 51 comments
Intel Releases SD-Card-Sized PC, Unveils Next 14nm Chip 47 comments
Intel Launches Xeon E5 V3 Series Server CPUs With Up To 18 Cores 105 comments
Some Core I7 5960X + X99 Motherboards Mysteriously Burning Up 102 comments
Intel Discloses Core M Broadwell Speeds, Feeds and Performance Expectations 60 comments
Intel Unveils MICA "My Intelligent Communication Accessory" Smart Bracelet 48 comments
Intel's Haswell-E Desktop CPU Debuts With Eight Cores, DDR4 Memory 181 comments
Research Shows RISC vs. CISC Doesn't Matter 161 comments
Virtual Machine Brings X86 Linux Apps To ARMv7 Devices 61 comments
Errata Prompts Intel To Disable TSX In Haswell, Early Broadwell CPUs 131 comments
Intel's 14-nm Broadwell CPU Primed For Slim Tablets 96 comments
Oracle Offers Custom Intel Chips and Unanticipated Costs 97 comments
Intel Launches Self-Encrypting SSD 91 comments
Nearly 25 Years Ago, IBM Helped Save Macintosh 236 comments
Intel Offering 3-D Printed Robot Kits 26 comments
Russia Wants To Replace US Computer Chips With Local Processors 340 comments
Judge: $324M Settlement In Silicon Valley Tech Worker Case Not Enough 150 comments
Intel Adds SIMD Vectorization to JavaScript 1 comments
Intel To Offer Custom Xeons With Embedded FPGAs For the Data Center 80 comments
Intel Core i7-4790K Devil's Canyon Increases Clocks By 500 MHz, Lowers Temps 57 comments
Intel Confronts a Big Mobile Challenge: Native Compatibility 230 comments
Intel Wants To Computerize Your Car 191 comments
Intel Announces Devil's Canyon Core I7-4790K: 4GHz Base Clock, 4.4GHz Turbo 157 comments
AMD Preparing To Give Intel a Run For Its Money 345 comments
Can Thunderbolt Survive USB SuperSpeed+? 355 comments
The Truth About OpenGL Driver Quality 158 comments
Valve Sponsors Work To Greatly Speed-Up Linux OpenGL Game Load Times 202 comments
AMD Beema and Mullins Low Power 2014 APUs Tested, Faster Than Bay Trail 66 comments
Next-Gen Thunderbolt: Twice as Fast, But a Different Connector 178 comments
Intel Pushes Into Tablet Market, Pushes Away From Microsoft 110 comments
Intel and SGI Test Full-Immersion Cooling For Servers 102 comments
Intel Releases $99 'MinnowBoard Max,' an Open-Source Single-Board Computer 97 comments
USB Reversable Cable Images Emerge 208 comments
Intel Upgrades MinnowBoard: Baytrail CPU, Nearly Halves Price To $99 92 comments
Intel Announced 8-Core CPUs And Iris Pro Graphics for Desktop Chips 173 comments
Amplify Education's New Intel Tablet Begs For Abuse 33 comments
Intel's New Desktop SSD Is an Overclocked Server Drive 111 comments
Is Intel Selling Bay Trail Chips Below Cost? 156 comments
Asus Announces Small Form Factor 'Chromebox' PCs 125 comments
How Silicon Valley CEOs Conspired To Suppress Engineers' Wages 462 comments
Intel Dev: GTK's Biggest Problem, and What Qt Does Better 282 comments
Intel Challenges Manufacturers To Avoid "Conflict Metals" 123 comments
Intel Puts a PC Into an SD Card-Sized Casing 219 comments
McAfee Brand Name Will Be Replaced By Intel Security 180 comments
Intel's Knights Landing — 72 Cores, 3 Teraflops 208 comments
Intel Releases 5,000 Pages of Open-Source Haswell Documentation 111 comments
Power-Loss-Protected SSDs Tested: Only Intel S3500 Passes 293 comments
Comparing G++ and Intel Compilers and Vectorized Code 225 comments
Intel SSD Roadmap Points To 2TB Drives Arriving In 2014 183 comments
Intel Linux Driver Now Nearly As Fast As Windows OpenGL Driver 113 comments
A Co-processor No More, Intel's Xeon Phi Will Be Its Own CPU As Well 53 comments
Intel Opens Doors To Rivals, Maybe 59 comments
Intel's 128MB L4 Cache May Be Coming To Broadwell and Other Future CPUs 110 comments
Digital Textbook Startup Kno Was Sold For $15 Million 39 comments
HP's NonStop Servers Go x86, Countdown To Itanium Extinction Begins 243 comments
Intel Open-Sources Broadwell GPU Driver & Indicates Major Silicon Changes 103 comments
The Mile Markers of Moore's Law Are Meaningless 156 comments
Improved Image Quality For HMDs Like Oculus Rift 55 comments
Intel's 14nm Broadwell Delayed Because of Low Yield 96 comments
Steam Machine Prototypes Use Intel CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs 187 comments
Intel Launches 'Galileo,' an Arduino-Compatible Mini Computer 130 comments
Intel Rolls Out Raspberry Pi Competitor 214 comments
Intel's Wine-Powered Microprocessor 126 comments
Intel Shows 14nm Broadwell Consuming 30% Less Power Than 22nm Haswell 88 comments
Here Come the Chromebooks, As Google and Intel Cozy-Up On Haswell 139 comments
First Bay Trail Windows 8.1 Convertible To Start At $349 151 comments
Intel Bay Trail Brings New Architecture and Performance To Atom 68 comments
Intel's Haswell Chips Pushing Windows RT Into Oblivion 321 comments
Intel, Red Hat Working On Enabling Wayland Support In GNOME 168 comments
Intel Rejects Supporting Ubuntu's XMir 205 comments
Intel Launches Core I7-4960X Flagship CPU 180 comments
Intel Plans 'Overclocking' Capability On SSDs 106 comments
Intel, Unisys Partner On New Range of Servers 46 comments
FreeBSD, Ubuntu Offer Same NVIDIA OpenGL Support As Windows 74 comments
Intel Announces Avoton Server Architecture and Software Defined Services Effort 41 comments
Casting a Jaundiced Eye On AnTuTu Benchmark Claims Favoring Intel 82 comments
New Analysis Casts Doubt On Intel's Smartphone Performance vs. ARM Devices 94 comments
ARMs Race: Licensing vs. Manufacturing Models In the Mobile Era 54 comments
Opinion: Apple Should Have Gone With Intel Instead of TSMC 229 comments
Intel Announces New Enterprise Xeons, More Powerful Xeon Phi Cards 57 comments
Intel Streaming Media Service Faces An Uphill Battle for Bandwidth 82 comments
Intel Haswell CPUs Debut, Put To the Test 189 comments
Intel Claims Haswell Architecture Offers 50% Longer Battery Life vs. Ivy Bridge 120 comments
Intel's Linux OpenGL Driver Faster Than Apple's OS X Driver 252 comments
Charge Your Cellphone In 20 Seconds (Eventually) 295 comments
Intel Rolls Out "Beacon Mountain" Android Dev Platform For Atom 126 comments
Paul Otellini: Intel Lost the iPhone Battle, But It Could Win the Mobile War 117 comments
Intel's Haswell Moves Voltage Regulator On-Die 237 comments
China's Allwinner Outsold Intel, Qualcomm In Tablet Processors In 2012 121 comments
Intel Details Silvermont Microarchitecture For Next-Gen Atoms 82 comments
Intel Announces Brian Krzanich As Its Sixth-Ever CEO 43 comments
Haswell Integrated Graphics Promise 2-3X Performance Boost 133 comments
$200 Intel Android Laptops Are Coming 319 comments
Intel Releases New OpenCL Implementation for GNU/Linux 60 comments
Intel Unveils New Atom and Xeon Processors and Future Rack Scale Architecture 73 comments
New Thunderbolt Revision Features 20 Gbps Throughput, 4K Video Support 301 comments
Intel's Pentium Chip Turns 20 Today 197 comments
Next-Gen Intel Chip Brings Big Gains For Floating-Point Apps 176 comments
Why Can't Intel Kill x86? 605 comments
Intel Launches Its Own Apache Hadoop Distribution 18 comments
Intel Announces Clover Trail+ Atom Platform For Smartphones and Tablets 56 comments
Lots of Changes for Intel Graphics Coming in Linux 3.9 102 comments
Intel Supports OpenGL ES 3.0 On Linux Before Windows 113 comments
Intel To Launch Paid Web TV Service With Set-Top Box 70 comments
Intel Gigabit NIC Packet of Death 137 comments
Intel Gets Go-Ahead For $4 Billion Chip Plant In Ireland 104 comments
Alan Cox Exits Intel, Linux Development 214 comments
Intel Leaving Desktop Motherboard Business 219 comments
Intel To Help Stephen Hawking Communicate Faster 133 comments
Intel Demos Optical Data Transfer For Servers 71 comments
Open Compute 'Group Hug' Board Allows Swappable CPUs In Servers 82 comments
Touchscreen Laptops, Whether You Like Them Or Not 398 comments
Info On Intel Bay Trail 22nm Atom Platform Shows Out-of-Order Design 107 comments
Intel To Debut Limited-Run Ivy Bridge Processor 86 comments
Intel's Attempt At A-La-Carte Television Hits Delays 102 comments
Intel's Rumored TV Plans Would Compete With Apple, Google 82 comments
Intel Challenges ARM On Power Consumption... And Ties 163 comments
Intel Announces Atom S1200 SoC For High Density Servers 78 comments
TSMC and Global Foundries Plan Risky Process Jump As Intel Unveils 22nm SoC 60 comments
Hands-On With Intel's "Next Unit of Computing" Mini PC 177 comments
Intel CEO Paul Otellini Retiring 108 comments
Intel Details Eight-Core Poulson Itanium Processor 102 comments
Cray Unveils XC30 Supercomputer 67 comments
Apple Considering Switch Away From Intel For Macs 530 comments
Intel DC S3700 SSD Features New Proprietary Controller 54 comments
48-Core Chips Could Redefine Mobile Devices 285 comments
Intel 335 Series SSD Equipped With 20-nm NAND 135 comments
Dell Strays Further From Intel Chips, Donates ARM Server to ASF 37 comments
Apple, ARM, and Intel 246 comments
The Story of Nokia MeeGo 125 comments
Intel CPU Prices Stagnate As AMD Sales Decline 252 comments
Why Ultrabooks Are Falling Well Short of Intel's Targets 513 comments
Intel Debuts Clover Trail For Tablets, Launches New Atom Inside 88 comments
AMD Trinity APUs Stack Up Well To Intel's Core 3 223 comments
Even Windows 8 Users Prefer Windows 7 436 comments
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