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Input Devices Stories

Stephen Hawking's New Speech System Is Free and Open-source 56 comments
Samsung Shows 'Eye Mouse' For People With Disabilities 17 comments
US Intelligence Unit Launches $50k Speech Recognition Competition 62 comments
For Some Would-Be Google Glass Buyers and Devs, Delays May Mean Giving Up 154 comments
Worrying Aspects of Linux Gaming 265 comments
Amazon's Echo: a $200, Multi-Function, Audio-Centric Device 129 comments
Microsoft Gearing Up To Release a Smartwatch of Its Own 172 comments
Apple's Next Hit Could Be a Microsoft Surface Pro Clone 252 comments
Microsoft Develops Analog Keyboard For Wearables, Solves Small Display Dilemma 100 comments
Oculus Hiring Programmers, Hardware Engineers, and More For VR Research Division 16 comments
Axiom Open Source Camera Handily Tops 100,000 Euro Fundraising Goal 31 comments
Reverse Engineering the Oculus Rift DK2's Positional Tracking Tech 26 comments
The Greatest Keyboard Ever Made 304 comments
From the Maker of Arduboy: Tetris On a Bracelet 15 comments
John Carmack's Oculus Connect Keynote Probably Had Samsung Cringing 88 comments
Vrvana's Totem HMD Puts a Camera Over Each Eye 25 comments
Video Released, Crowdfunding Underway For Axiom Open Source Cinema Camera 52 comments
Oculus Rift CEO Says Classrooms of the Future Will Be In VR Goggles 182 comments
The Challenges and Threats of Automated Lip Reading 120 comments
Japanese Firm Showcases "Touchable" 3-D Technology 41 comments
A Better Way To Make Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Limbs 28 comments
Android Motorcycle Helmet/HUD Gains Funding 126 comments
Type 225 Words per Minute with a Stenographic Keyboard (Video) 109 comments
Microsoft Research Brings Kinect-Style Depth Perception to Ordinary Cameras 31 comments
Enthusiast Opts For $2200 Laser Eye Surgery To Enhance Oculus Rift Experience 109 comments
Add a TV Tuner To Your Xbox (In Europe) 81 comments
Ask Slashdot: Bulletproof Video Conferencing For Alzheimers Home? 194 comments
"BadUSB" Exploit Makes Devices Turn "Evil" 205 comments
Lots Of People Really Want Slideout-Keyboard Phones: Where Are They? 544 comments
Take a Picture Just By Thinking About It, Using Google Glass With MindRDR App 41 comments
Intelligent Thimble Could Replace the Mouse In 3D Virtual Reality Worlds 65 comments
Overkill? LG Phone Has 2560x1440 Display, Laser Focusing 198 comments
Tom's Hardware: Microsoft Smartband Coming In October With 11 Sensors 70 comments
Programming On a Piano Keyboard 57 comments
Microsoft Confirms Disconnecting Kinect Gives Devs 10% More GPU Horsepower 174 comments
Ford's Bringing Adaptive Steering To the Masses 128 comments
German Scientists Successfully Test Brain-Controlled Flight Simulator 73 comments
Valve's Steam Machines Delayed, Won't Be Coming In 2014 134 comments
Hands-On With Sony's VR Headset 46 comments
Google Rumored To Be Making 3D-Scanning Tablets 55 comments
Microsoft Finally Selling Xbox One Without Kinect 227 comments
Some Users Find Swype Keyboard App Makes 4000+ Location Requests Per Day 191 comments
Google's New Camera App Simulates Shallow Depth of Field 127 comments
For $20, Build a VR Headset For Your Smartphone 50 comments
Princeton Students Develop Open Source Voice Control Platform For Any Device 34 comments
Apple Patent Could Herald Interchangeable iPhone Camera Lenses 160 comments
Contact Lenses With Infrared Vision? 99 comments
Camera Module Problems May Delay Samsung's Galaxy S5 70 comments
Steam Controller Drops Touchscreen 84 comments
New VR Game Makes You a "Hollywood Hacker" 38 comments
Samsung Galaxy Glass Patent Plans To Turn Fingers Into a Keyboard 63 comments
Gesture Recognition Without Batteries 22 comments
Woman Attacked In San Francisco Bar For Wearing Google Glass 921 comments
Google Fighting Distracted Driver Laws 226 comments
Lechal Haptic Footwear Guides You By Buzzing Your Feet 26 comments
Ask Slashdot: Should I Get Google Glass? 421 comments
Sony's Favorite Gadget Is Kinect 222 comments
GameFace: Making a Virtual Reality Android Headset 14 comments
A New Car UI 237 comments
The Road To VR 61 comments
Ask Slashdot: E-ink Reader For Academic Papers? 134 comments
30 Minutes Inside Valve's Prototype Virtual Reality Headset 59 comments
ChipSiP Smart Glass Specs Better Than Google Glass? 129 comments
Sniffing and Decoding NRF24L01+ and Bluetooth LE Packets For Under $30 46 comments
Stop Trying To 'Innovate' Keyboards, You're Just Making Them Worse 459 comments
I Became a Robot With Google Glass 134 comments
Steam Controller Hands-on 138 comments
Eye Tracking Coming To Video Games 102 comments
A Big Step Forward In Air Display and Interface Tech 65 comments
Throwable 36-Camera Ball Nearly Ready To Toss 68 comments
How a MacBook Camera Can Spy Without Lighting Up 371 comments
Microsoft's New Smart Bra Could Stop You From Over Eating 299 comments
Create Your Own Bullet Time Camera Rig With Raspberry Pi 88 comments
New Fujitsu Laptop Reads Your Palm, For Security 107 comments
Google Launches Voice Search Hotword Extension For Chrome 54 comments
Users Identified Through Typing, Mouse Movements 149 comments
New Smart Glasses Allow Nurses To See Veins Through Skin 124 comments
Xbox One Controller Cost Over $100 Million To Develop 206 comments
Reports: Apple To Buy Israeli 3D Sensing Company PrimeSense 81 comments
Dell's New Sputnik 3 Mates Touchscreen With Ubuntu 166 comments
Skype Is Evaluating Adding Typing Suppression Feature 77 comments
Google Halts Sales of HP's USB-Charging Chromebook 11 Over Overheating 57 comments
Microsoft Admits Windows 8.1 Update May Bork Your Mouse, Promises a Fix 326 comments
Mind Control In Virtual Reality, Circa 2013 35 comments
Drive With Google Glass: Get a Ticket 638 comments
Patent Filing Reveals Samsung's Designs For Google Glass Competitor 39 comments
IZON IP Cameras Riddled With Security Flaws 55 comments
USB Implementers Forum Won't Play Nice With Open Hardware 273 comments
Advances In Cinema Tech Overcoming a Strange Racial Divide 164 comments
For Playstation 4 Owners, Bad News On USB, Bluetooth Headsets 292 comments
MIT Develops "Kinect of the Future" 76 comments
The Game Controllers That Shaped the Way We Play 103 comments
Valve Shows How Steam Controller Works In Real Life 139 comments
Researchers Create Mid-Air Haptic Feedback System For Touch Displays 62 comments
Microsoft Exec Says Xbox One Kinect Is Not Built For Advertising 75 comments
Captain Cyborg Is Back! Kevin Warwick Predicts the Future 57 comments
The Difference Between Film and Digital Photography (Video) 182 comments
What Valve's Announcements Mean for Gaming 182 comments
Valve Announces Steam Controller 317 comments
Microsoft Shows Off Its Vision For Gesture-Controlled PCs 139 comments
Bill Gates Acknowledges Ctrl+Alt+Del Was a Mistake 665 comments
Middle-Click Paste? Not For Long 729 comments
Xbox One's HDMI Pass-Through Can Connect PS4, PCs and More 171 comments
CCC Says Apple iPhone 5S TouchID Broken 481 comments
Another British Bank Hit By KVM Crooks 75 comments
Work Halted On Neal Stephenson's Kickstarted Swordfighting Video Game 124 comments
Crooks Arrested Over KVM-Based Bank Heist Attempt 79 comments
Can the iPhone Popularize Fingerprint Readers? 356 comments
He Fixed 300,000+ Machines - America's Oldest Typewriter Repairman Dies At 96 201 comments
Bomb Defuse Simulator 2013: a Head-Tracking Tech Demo 35 comments
Windows 8's Picture Passwords Weaker Than Users Might Hope 51 comments
Down the Road, But In the Works: 3-D Video Calls From Skype 97 comments
The Camera That's Also a Mac Mini, Or Vice Versa 68 comments
Former Lockheed Skunkworks Engineer Auctioning a Prototype "Spy Rock" 119 comments
Makerbot Desktop 3D Scanner Goes On Sale 89 comments
Dell Dumps Keyboardless Windows RT Tablets 186 comments
How One Programmer Is Coding Faster By Voice Than Keyboard 214 comments
Google Glass Integration For Cars Is Coming: Neat Idea Or Crazy Town? 102 comments
Microsoft: Xbox One Won't Require Kinect To Function 216 comments
OmniCam360 Camera Cluster Lets You Choose the Viewing Angle 66 comments
IKEA Augmented Reality Catalog Lets You Preview Products In Your Apartment 68 comments
Woz & Jobs 2.0: Leap Motion's Holtz & Buckwald 86 comments
Hands On With Motorola's Moto X 120 comments
In UK, Google Glass To Be Banned While Driving 214 comments
Pinch-To-Zoom Apple Patent Rejected By USPTO 110 comments
Look Out, Nuance: Apple's Office Near MIT Is Stocking Up With Speech-Tech Talent 50 comments
Meet Focal, the New Camera App For CyanogenMod 40 comments
Vendetta Online Becomes the First MMO To Launch Support For the Oculus Rift. 48 comments
New Android Eyewear Wants To Compete With Google Glass 55 comments
Moto X Demo Video Reveals Google's Android Superphone 151 comments
Ask Slashdot: Low-Latency PS2/USB Gaming Keyboards? 177 comments
Linux-Based Smartpen Heads For Kickstarter 69 comments
Man Campaigns For Addition of 'Th' Key To Keyboard 258 comments
Google Street View Backpack Now Available To Volunteers 108 comments
Apple Files Patent For New Proprietary Port 282 comments
Microsoft Research Adds 'Mood Detection' To Smartphones 110 comments
Microsoft XBox One Kinect Will Not Work On Windows PCs 198 comments
Whistled Platform Upgraded With Word Recognition 30 comments
Surgeon Uses Google Glass and iPad To Capture Live Procedure and Stream It 100 comments
A Simple DIY Game Controller For People With Physical Challenges 36 comments
Google Patents Image-Capturing Walking Sticks 117 comments
Quadcopter Guided By Thought — Accurately 79 comments
Wi-Fi Signals Allow Gesture Recognition All Through the Home 122 comments
Oculus VR Co-founder Andrew Reisse Killed In Auto Collision 302 comments
Wii Street U Uses Google Maps to Create 'An Immersive Experience' (Video) 84 comments
First Government Lawsuit Against a Patent Troll 96 comments
NeuroGaming Conference Profiles the Rise of Brain-Computer Interfaces 31 comments
Kinectasploit: Hack Tools Meet Kinect 33 comments
80FFTs Per Second To Detect Whistles (and Switch On Lights) 156 comments
A Mask That Can Give You Superhuman Abilities 68 comments
Get Zapped While Playing Video Games 65 comments
Carnegie Mellon Offers Wee QWERTY Texting Tech For Impossibly Tiny Devices 100 comments
$5 Sensor Turns LCD Monitors Into Touchscreens 98 comments
Texas Company's Antique Computers Are For Production, Not Display 289 comments
Omnidirectional Treadmill: The Ultimate FPS Input Device? 292 comments
Google Forbids Advertising On Glass 274 comments
HP To Package Leap Motion Sensor Into — Not Just With — Some Devices 54 comments
Google Glass Specs Hit the Web 198 comments
Not Even Investors Know What Google Glass Is For 496 comments
New Thunderbolt Revision Features 20 Gbps Throughput, 4K Video Support 301 comments
Ask Slashdot: How Can a Blind Singer 'See' the Choirmaster's Baton? 189 comments
Ars Technica Goes Close Up With the Pebble Smartwatch 140 comments
Mobile App Screens Calls With Brain Waves 40 comments
New Camera Sensor Filter Allows Twice As Much Light 170 comments
Sony Reveals More PS4 and Dual Shock 4 Details 242 comments
Should We Be Afraid of Google Glass? 307 comments
Don't Write Them Off: A Palm Retrospective 102 comments
Seattle Bar Owner Bans Google Glass, In Advance 471 comments
Bringing Neurofeedback Gaming To the Masses 37 comments
Developers Begin Hunt For a Killer App For Google Glass 155 comments
Cherry's New Keyboard Switches Emulate IBM Model M Feel 298 comments
Kinect Can Detect Clenched Fist 65 comments
Canon Shows the Most Sensitive Camera Sensor In the World 218 comments
Hit the Wrong Button, Drone Goes Boom 129 comments
Google Super Sync Sports Turns Your Phone Into A Gamepad 36 comments
Canon Demos New Head-Mounted Augmented-Reality Display 53 comments
Carmack On VR Latency 94 comments
CES: Using Eye Movements to Control a Computer or TV (Video) 43 comments
CT State Senator Wants To Ban Kids From Using Arcade Guns 335 comments
Microsoft Kinect 2.0 Specifications Leak, Includes Support For USB 3.0 49 comments
Google Looking for "Creative Individuals" For Glass Developer Program 144 comments
Ask Slashdot: Keyboard Layout To Reduce Right Pinky/Ring Finger Usage? 165 comments
First Impressions Inside the Project Holodeck VR Game World 49 comments
Glasses That Hack Around Colorblindness 97 comments
Designing a Practical UI For a Gesture-Based Interface 44 comments
Fight You Own Muscles To Create Force-Feedback On Smartphones 72 comments
Light Field Photography Is the New Path To 3-D 79 comments
Micron Lands Broad "Slide To Unlock" Patent 211 comments
Microsoft Blames PC Makers For Windows Failure 913 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Webcam To Augment Impaired Vision? 63 comments
Intel To Help Stephen Hawking Communicate Faster 133 comments
Touchscreen Laptops, Whether You Like Them Or Not 398 comments
Gabe Newell Reveals More About Steam Boxes, New Input Devices 218 comments
Now You Can Control Any Win 8 Kit With Your Eyes 60 comments
'Gorilla Arm' Will Keep Touch Screens From Taking Over 610 comments
Patent Troll Targeting Users of Scanners; Wants $1000/Employee 227 comments
Apple Files Patent For "Active Stylus" For Use With Capacitive Touchscreens 112 comments
Foxconn Invests $200 Million In GoPro 83 comments
Apple's Pinch+Zoom Patent Invalidated By Preliminary USPTO Ruling 149 comments
Kickstarter Technology Projects Ship 100 comments
USB NeXT Keyboard With an Arduino Micro 115 comments
Steve Jobs Was Wrong About Touchscreen Laptops 526 comments
PressureNET 2.1 Released: the Distributed Barometer Network For Android 82 comments
Implant Translates Written Words To Braille, Right On the Retina 75 comments
On Demo, a $25 1080p Camera Module For Raspberry Pi 101 comments
Microsoft Granted Patent For Augmented Reality Glasses 89 comments
A Better Thought-Controlled Computer Cursor 34 comments
Kinected Browser Lets You Flick Through Websites 46 comments
Google Engineers Open Source Book Scanner Design 69 comments
French Company Building a Mobile Internet Just For Things 35 comments
Mind-Controlled Robot Avatars Inch Towards Reality 34 comments
Ivan Sutherland Wins Kyoto Prize 44 comments
Why Would a Mouse Need To Connect To the Internet? 249 comments
The Evolution of the Computer Keyboard 201 comments
Ask Slashdot: Digital Pens On Linux? 74 comments
Using Magnets To Interact With Your Tablet 64 comments
Microsoft's SmartGlass For Android Reviewed 107 comments
How To Hug a Chicken Via the Internet 96 comments
Microsoft Prepares To Push Kinect Everywhere Windows Is 90 comments
Bill Gates Talks Windows Future, Touch Interfaces 198 comments
Motorola HC1: Head-Worn Computing For Workplaces With Deep Pockets 42 comments
Sony Files Patent For Temperature Feedback Move Controller 81 comments
Magic Finger Turns Any Surface Into a Touch Interface 47 comments
Microsoft's Hand-Gesture Sensor Bracelet 86 comments
Ask Slashdot: Video Monitors For Areas That Are Off the Grid? 340 comments
AMD Partners With BlueStacks To Bring Android Apps To PCs 143 comments
Suitable Technology's Telepresence Robot Lets You Roll Remotely 51 comments
Ask Slashdot: Gaming With Only One Hand? 221 comments
DARPA Unveils System Using Human Brains For Computer Vision 82 comments
Google Glass: Future of Movies Or Monkey Cam 2.0? 77 comments
Star Trek Tech That Exists Today 207 comments
Valve Reveals Gaming Headset, Teases Big Picture 151 comments
Rick Falkvinge On Child Porn and Freedom Of the Press 580 comments
Samsung: Android's Multitouch Not As Good As Apple's 176 comments
Serious Problems With USB and Ethernet On the Raspberry Pi 202 comments
Ask Slashdot: Single-Handed Keyboard Options For Coding? 147 comments
Ask Slashdot: Recording Business Meeting Audio On an Intranet? 85 comments
Preview of Synaptics's Next Generation Input Devices 54 comments
Researchers Find 'Mind-Control' Gaming Headsets Can Leak Users' Secrets 107 comments
Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard Switches Compared 223 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Is the Best Position To Work For Long Hours? 262 comments
Kinect 2 Sensor Output Image Leaks 60 comments
Microsoft Surface, Meet Apple iSurface 201 comments
Microsoft Releases Batch of Windows 8 Input Devices 156 comments
Gartner Analyst Retracts "Windows 8 Is Bad" Claim 306 comments
Microsoft Files Patents for Virtual Game Controller 83 comments
Man Physically Assaulted At McDonald's For Wearing Digital Eye Glasses 1198 comments
Georgie: Smartphone For the Blind and Visually Impaired 77 comments
How the Inventors of Dragon Speech Recognition Technology Lost Everything 606 comments
Is It Time To End Our Love Affair With the QWERTY Keyboard? 557 comments
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