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Hardware Hacking Stories

Push To Hack: Reverse Engineering an IP Camera 35 comments
How the Raspberry Pi Can Automatically Tweet Complaints About Your Slow Internet 154 comments
Let's Tear Down a Kiva Bot! 22 comments
Jailbreak Turns Cheap Walkie-Talkie Into DMR Police Scanner 82 comments
Collecting Private Flight Data On the World Economic Forum Attendees With RTL-SDR 88 comments
OpenWrt Turns a $14 Card Reader Into the Smallest Wireless AP 43 comments
To Solve a Rubik's Cube In 1 Second, It Takes a Robot 100 comments
Atom-Based JaguarBoard To Take On Raspberry Pi 120 comments
Sys-Admin Dispenses Passwords With a Banana 89 comments
Building a Laptop Enclosure To Last 116 comments
Cheap Web Cams Can Open Permanent, Difficult-To-Spot Backdoors Into Networks 77 comments
Ask Slashdot: Cheap and Fun Audio Hacks? 135 comments
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Adhesive Tape 119 comments
Ask Slashdot: Any Dishwasher Hackers Out There? 481 comments
Forrest Mimms On Modern Air Travel With a Bag Full of Electronics 169 comments
Hacker Cracks Lumia Bootloader, Offers Tool For Root Access and Custom ROMs 72 comments
Raspberry Pi Unveils New $5 Mini-computer 243 comments
The Tamagochi Singularity Made Real: Infinite Tamagochi Living On the Internet 84 comments
Hands-On With the Voltera V-One PCB Printer 37 comments
Adding Eye Control To Wheelchairs for Quadriplegics 15 comments
FCC Clarifies: It's Legal To Hack Your Router 85 comments
Hacked Amazon Echo Controls a Wheelchair 23 comments
Huge Mechanical Computers Used To Calculate Horse Racing Odds 63 comments
Slashdot Asks: Notes For Next Hallowe'en? 151 comments
Hacking Jules Coaxes Android Wear To Run Nintendo 64 and PSP Emulators 37 comments
Hackers, Activists, Journos: How To Build a Secure Burner Laptop 139 comments
MAME Emulating a Sonic the Hedgehog Popcorn Machine 33 comments
Official, Customized Raspberry Pi Versions Coming Soon 93 comments
Hands-On With the Fairphone 2 Modular Android Smartphone 107 comments
'Clock Kid' Ahmed Mohamed and His Family To Leave US, Move To Qatar 621 comments
New Plastic For Old Amigas and Commodores 128 comments
Learning To Fly, With a Full-Size Cockpit Simulator 77 comments
Point-And-Shoot Weapon Stops Drones Without Destroying Them 116 comments
USB Killer 2.0: a Harmless-Looking USB Stick That Destroys Computers 229 comments
Jamming Wi-Fi With a $15 Dongle 136 comments
ARM Processor On a Breadboard 94 comments
Making Your Graphing Calculator a Musical Instrument 55 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Is Your Most Awesome Hardware Hack? 251 comments
Sensor Network Makes Life Easier For Japan's Aging Rice Farmers 91 comments
Desktop Turing-Welchman Bombe Build 69 comments
Apple Bans iFixit Repair App From App Store After Apple TV Teardown 366 comments
Ditch Linux For Windows 10 On Your Raspberry Pi With Microsoft's IoT Kit 308 comments
Brain-Controlled (Inflatable) Shark Attack 17 comments
1000-key Emoji Keyboard Is As Crazy As It Sounds 146 comments
Obama Invites Texas Teen To White House After "Bomb" Clock Incident At School 657 comments
9th-Grader May Face Charges After Homemade Clock Mistaken For Bomb 956 comments
How To Build With Delrin and a Laser Cutter 28 comments
New FCC Rules Could Ban WiFi Router Firmware Modification 242 comments
'Gynepunks' DIY Gynecology For Underserved Women 59 comments
You Can Have My TIPs When You Pry Them From My Cold, Dead Hands 170 comments
Latest Samy Kamkar Hack Unlocks Most Cars 97 comments
Leading the Computer Revolution In a Totalitarian State 75 comments
Hacker's Device Can Intercept OnStar's Mobile App and Unlock, Start GM Cars 54 comments
Hacking a 'Smart' Sniper Rifle 73 comments
Hacker Set To Demonstrate 60 Second Brinks Safe Hack At DEFCON 147 comments
You3dit is Working to Help Crowdsource 3D Design and Printing (Video) 12 comments
"Ludicrous Speed" For Tesla's Model S Means 0-60 MPH In 2.8 Seconds 171 comments
ProxyGambit Replaces Defunct ProxyHam 26 comments
Keyboardio is a Hackable 'Artisanal Keyboard' That's Already Kickstarted (Video) 46 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Is Your Most Unusual Hardware Hack? 210 comments
Celebrating Workarounds, Kludges, and Hacks 145 comments
UW Researchers Prototype Sonar-Based Contactless Sleep Monitoring 40 comments
Pi Stays Sky High In 2015 Hacker SBC Survey 32 comments
Ask Slashdot: If You Were Building a New Home, What Cool New Tech Would You Put In? 557 comments
Ask Slashdot: Your Most Unusual Hardware Hack? 258 comments
1-Pixel Pac-Man 41 comments
More About Dan Shapiro and the Glowforge CNC Laser Cutter (Video #2) 25 comments
Glowforge is a CNC Laser Cutter, not a 3D Printer (Video) 45 comments
Turning an Arduino Project Into a Prototype 107 comments
Apple Watch's Hidden Diagnostic Port To Allow Battery Straps, Innovative Add-Ons 113 comments
Meet the Firmware Lead For Google's Project Ara Modular Smartphone (Video) 25 comments
Another 'Draw Your Own Circuits' System at SXSW (Video) 27 comments
eBay Sales Patterns Show That the Maker Movement is Still Growing (Video) 24 comments
Armstrap Claims to Make ARM Prototyping Easier (Video) 41 comments
Radar That Sees Through Walls Built In Garage 63 comments
Turning the Arduino Uno Into an Apple ][ 113 comments
Building an NES Emulator 140 comments
Hand-Drawn and Inkjet Printed Circuits for the Masses (Video) 33 comments
Hack Air-Gapped Computers Using Heat 123 comments
Maker Person Rich Olson Returns (Video) 42 comments
Watch an Original NES Run Netflix 80 comments
One Year of Data Shows the Hacker Community Is Tight-knit and Welcoming 42 comments
Xenon Flashes Can Make New Raspberry Pi 2 Freeze and Reboot 192 comments
You Can Now Clone Samsung's Gear VR and Test Your Virtual Reality Apps 32 comments
New Multi-Core Raspberry Pi 2 Launches 355 comments
Researchers Moot "Teleportation" Via Destructive 3D Printing 163 comments
Librem: a Laptop Custom-Made For Free/Libre Software 229 comments
NJ Museum Revives TIROS Satellite Dish After 40 Years 28 comments
Insurance Company Dongles Don't Offer Much Assurance Against Hacking 199 comments
Nintendo Power Glove Used To Create 'Robot Chicken' 40 comments
Ask Slashdot: Can I Trust Android Rooting Tools? 186 comments
Engineer Combines Xbox One, PS4 Into Epic 'PlayBox' Laptop 78 comments
Wireless Keylogger Masquerades as USB Phone Charger 150 comments
Ask Slashdot: Options For Cheap Home Automation? 189 comments
Hackers Leak Xbox One SDK Claiming Advancement In Openness and Homebrew 86 comments
Putting a MacBook Pro In the Oven To Fix It 304 comments
Glowing Hobbit Sword Helps You Find Unsecured Wi-Fi 67 comments
Quake On an Oscilloscope 71 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Wireless LED Light Setup for 2015? 68 comments
How Laws Restricting Tech Actually Expose Us To Greater Harm 116 comments
Many DDR3 Modules Vulnerable To Bit Rot By a Simple Program 138 comments
Extracting Data From the Microsoft Band 51 comments
The Personal Computer Revolution Behind the Iron Curtain 115 comments
Ask Slashdot: What's the Most Hackable Car? 195 comments
Raspberry Pi Founder Demos Touchscreen Display For DIY Kits 81 comments
Reverse Engineering the Oculus Rift DK2's Positional Tracking Tech 26 comments
The $1,200 DIY Gunsmithing Machine 651 comments
Arducorder, Next Open Source Science Tricorder-like Device, Nears Completion 56 comments
Marines Put Microsoft Kinect To Work For 3D Mapping 37 comments
From the Maker of Arduboy: Tetris On a Bracelet 15 comments
CPU's Heat Output to Amplify DNA Could Make Drastically Cheaper Tests 27 comments
Update: Raspberry Pi-Compatible Development Board Cancelled 165 comments
Ask Slashdot: What To Do About Repeated Internet Overbilling? 355 comments
Interviews: Andrew "bunnie" Huang Answers Your Questions 32 comments
Microsoft Research Brings Kinect-Style Depth Perception to Ordinary Cameras 31 comments
Interviews: Ask Tim O'Reilly About a Life Steeped In Technology 39 comments
Fooling a Mercedes Into Autonomous Driving With a Soda Can 163 comments
Grad Student Rigs Cheap Alternative To $1,000 Air Purifiers In Smoggy China 182 comments
Raspberry Pi-Compatible Development Board Released 47 comments
Ask Slashdot: Open Hardware/Software-Based Security Token? 113 comments
SRI/Cambridge Opens CHERI Secure Processor Design 59 comments
Hacking a Tesla Model S Could Net $10,000 Prize 77 comments
Intelligent Thimble Could Replace the Mouse In 3D Virtual Reality Worlds 65 comments
New Single Board Computer Lets You Swap Out the CPU and Memory 122 comments
3D Printed PiGRRL - Raspberry Pi Gameboy 49 comments
Hacking Internet Connected Light Bulbs 63 comments
2600 Distributor Withholds Money, Magazine's Future In Limbo 59 comments
Civilians Try to Lure an Abandoned NASA Spacecraft Back to Earth 53 comments
Ask Slashdot: PC-Based Oscilloscopes On a Microbudget? 172 comments
Ellipto: a DIY Fitness Tracker and Dashboard In 70 Lines 32 comments
Interviews: Ask Andrew "bunnie" Huang About Hardware and Hacking 58 comments
$470 RepRap Derived 3D Printer Going Into Production 32 comments
Replicating the NSA's Gadgets Using Open Source 47 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Inspired You To Start Hacking? 153 comments
Servo Stock 3D Printer Brings Closed-Loop Control To Reprap 56 comments
LegoTechno -- Making Music With Lego Bricks, Python, OpenCV and a Groovebox 5 comments
Unlock Your Android Phone With Open Source Wearable NFC 81 comments
OpenRISC Gains Atomic Operations and Multicore Support 77 comments
A 32-bit Development System For $2 138 comments
Man Builds DIY Cellphone Using Raspberry Pi 83 comments
DIY Wearable Pi With Near-Eye Video Glasses 59 comments
Ask Slashdot: Which Router Firmware For Bandwidth Management? 104 comments
Raspberry Pi's Eben Upton: How We're Turning Everyone Into DIY Hackers 90 comments
Tesla Model S Has Hidden Ethernet Port, User Runs Firefox On the 17" Screen 208 comments
Intel Upgrades MinnowBoard: Baytrail CPU, Nearly Halves Price To $99 92 comments
Operation Wants To Mine 10% of All New Bitcoins 275 comments
Fluke Donates Multimeters To SparkFun As Goodwill Gesture 250 comments
Is DIY Brainhacking Safe? 183 comments
Experimental Port of Debian To OpenRISC 56 comments
Radar Expert Explains How To Cheaply Add Radar To Your Own Hardware Projects 69 comments
12-Year-Old Builds Lego Braille Printer 49 comments
How To Take Control of a Car's Electronics, Cheap 109 comments
Fighting Gamer Rage With an Arduino Based Biometrics Headset 59 comments
Building an Open Source Nest 195 comments
New Home Automation? 336 comments
Russian Startup Offers Wireless Remote Controller For Cars 65 comments
Add USB LED Notifications To Your PC With Just a Bit of Soldering (Video) 129 comments
Neo900 Hacker Phone Reaches Minimum Number of Pre-Orders For Production 109 comments
Solar Pressure May Help Kepler Return To Planet-Hunting Duties 46 comments
Dual-Core Allwinner A20 Powered EOMA-68 Engineering Card Available 98 comments
Ask Slashdot: What's On Your Hardware Lab Bench? 215 comments
Raspberry Pi Hits the 2 Million Mark 246 comments
A Makerbot In Every Classroom 152 comments
Ink-Jet Printing Custom-Designed Micro Circuits 37 comments
Cold War Spoils: Amateur Builds Telescope With 70-Inch Lens 101 comments
Chinese Professor Builds Li-Fi System With Retail Parts 155 comments
Motorola's "Project Ara" Will Allow Users To Customize Their Smartphones 112 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Open Source Project For a Router/Wi-Fi Access Point? 193 comments
Tour Houston's Texas-Sized Hackerspace (Video 1 of 2) 57 comments
Turning a Smart Phone Into a Microscope 43 comments
Raspberry Pi As an Ad Blocking Access Point 82 comments
Austrian Professor Creates Kindle E-Book Copier With Lego Mindstorms 61 comments
New Keyboard Accessory Shocks Users When They Try To Go On Facebook 125 comments
3D Printing In Gel Enables Freeform Design and an Undo Function 33 comments
Google TV Hackers Open a Shell on the Chromecast; More Hacks To Follow 65 comments
DIY Satellite Tracking 30 comments
Adapteva Parallella Supercomputing Boards Start Shipping 98 comments
Home Automation Kit Includes Arduino, RasPi Dev Boards 49 comments
Eben Upton Muses on the Raspberry Pi, Scratch and, His Love For Parallela 71 comments
How To Compete With NSA By Hacking a Verizon Network Extender 56 comments
Progress On the Open Laptop 57 comments
RepRap Morgan Receives $20,000 Gada Prize For Simplifying 3D-Printer 67 comments
In Praise of Hackerspaces 68 comments
Cray X-MP Simulator Resurrects Piece of Computer History 55 comments
Whistled Platform Upgraded With Word Recognition 30 comments
iFixit Giving Away 1,776 "iPhone Liberation Kits" 260 comments
Helicopter Parts Make For Amazing DIY Camera Stabilization 78 comments
Retro Gaming With Raspberry Pi 106 comments
Wi-Fi Signals Allow Gesture Recognition All Through the Home 122 comments
Pi to Go: Hot Raspberry Pi DIY Mini Desktop PC Project 134 comments
Canon DSLR Hack Allows It To Shoot RAW Video 171 comments
Vastly Improved Raspberry Pi Performance With Wayland 259 comments
Google Releases Glass Factory System Image, Rooted Bootloader 74 comments
Ask Slashdot: Wiring Home Furniture? 235 comments
Arduino Branches Out, With a Plug-and-Program Robot 24 comments
RPiCluster: Another Raspberry Pi Cluster, With Neat Tricks 79 comments
New OpenWRT Drops Support For Linux 2.4, Low-Mem Devices 194 comments
$5 Sensor Turns LCD Monitors Into Touchscreens 98 comments
BeagleBone Black Released With 1GHz Cortex-A8 For Only $45 142 comments
Happy Hardware Freedom Day 35 comments
The Hacker Lifecycle 77 comments
Adafruit Launches Educational Show Aimed At Kids 44 comments
USC Launches 3-D Printed VR Headset Library 25 comments
Ask Slashdot: How To Donate Older Computers to Charity? 260 comments
Oculus-Alike: Build Your Own Virtual Reality Headset 23 comments
Celebrate Hardware Freedom Day 2013 22 comments
Ask Slashdot: Projects For a Heap of Tech Junk? 210 comments
Quadrocopters Throwing and Catching an Inverted Pendulum 103 comments
3-D Printing Pen Can Draw In the Air 85 comments
The Patents That Threaten 3-D Printing 134 comments
Turning a Kindle Fire HD Into a Power Tablet 81 comments
Brookstone Rover 2.0 SpyTank Teardown 64 comments
Public Domain Prosthetic Hand 31 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Electronics Prototyping Platform? 228 comments
Old Inkjet Becomes New Bio-Materials Printer 39 comments
Announcing Adafruit Gemma – Miniature Wearable Electronic Platform 44 comments
Hobbyist Builds Working Replica of Iron Man's Laser Gauntlet 78 comments
The 3D Un-Printer 91 comments
LEGO Announces GNU/LInux-Powered Mindstorms EV3 Platform 164 comments
Windows RT Jailbroken To Run Third-Party Desktop Apps 178 comments
Open-Hardware Licensed Handheld Software-Defined Radio In the Works 50 comments
A Firecracker-Launching Slingshot: Start the New Year With a Bang 65 comments
Adafruit To Teach Electronics Through Puppets In New Kids Show 68 comments
Mobile Raspberry Pi Computer: Build Your Own Pi-to-Go 97 comments
Arduino and MK802 Robot, Controlled By Phone 31 comments
Makerbot Cracks Down On 3D-Printable Gun Parts 528 comments
Open Hardware and Software Laptop 152 comments
Live Interview: Luke Leighton of Rhombus Tech 68 comments
USB NeXT Keyboard With an Arduino Micro 115 comments
Toward An FSF-Endorsable Embedded Processor 258 comments
PengPod Hits Funding Goal, Plans to Ship Linux Tablet In January 69 comments
Nexus 4 Includes Support For LTE 83 comments
A Wi-Fi Wardriving Motorbike — With Plans Available 36 comments
Entries Open For First Ever 24-Hour Raspberry Pi Hackathon 74 comments
Linux On the TI-Nspire Graphing Calculator 49 comments
Old Electric-Car Batteries Put Into Service For Home Energy Storage 198 comments
Just Days After Release, Google's Nexus 4 Has Already Been Rooted 85 comments
Fully Open A13-OLinuXino Single-Board Linux Computer 111 comments
Mike Storey and His Plate Reverb (Video) 163 comments
Shanghai Hosts Its First Maker Carnival 20 comments
iPhone Interface For Ham Radio Mates Old With New 51 comments
Pumpkin Carving For the Digital Age: Pumpktris 40 comments
What To Do With Those First Generation Photo Frames? 146 comments
DIY Laser Cutter Raises Capital, Concerns 184 comments
New Arduino Due Brings More Power To the Table 130 comments
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Jailbroken 51 comments
Pictures From an Exhibition: World Makerfaire 2012 NYC 33 comments
BrewPi: Raspberry Pi and Arduino Powered Fermentation Chamber 96 comments
RockBox + Refurbished MP3 Players = Crowdsourced Audio Capture 66 comments
African Robotics Network Challenge Spurs Rash of $10 Robots 60 comments
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