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UK Wants Authority To Serve Warrants In U.S. 127 comments
Free State Project Reaches Goal of 20,000 Signups 423 comments
Everything You Need To Know About the Big New Data-Privacy Bill In Congress 29 comments
Marco Rubio Wants To Permanently Extend NSA Mass Surveillance 332 comments
IRS Computer Problems Shut Down Tax Return E-file System 166 comments
Congressional Testimony Says NASA Has No Plan For the Journey To Mars 306 comments
Senators Blast Comcast, Other Cable Firms For "Unfair Billing Practices" 155 comments
MIT Inches Closer To ARC Reactor Despite Losing Federal Funding 179 comments
Journalist Claims Secret US Flight 'To Capture Snowden' Overflew Scottish Airspace 196 comments
EU Proposes End of Anonymity For Bitcoin and Prepaid Card Users 158 comments
Perfect Coin-Toss Record Broke 6 Clinton-Sanders Deadlocks In Iowa 634 comments
The Feds' Freeway Font Flip-Flop 182 comments
NSA Hacker Chief Explains How To Keep Him Out of Your System 70 comments
Air Force Firewall Now Designated a Weapons System 137 comments
ACLU Sues Anaheim Police For Public Records On Cell Phone Surveillance 29 comments
A Legal Name Change Puts 'None of the Above' On Canadian Ballot 171 comments
Obama Calls For $4B 'Computer Science For All' Program For K-12 Schools 246 comments
Europe Now Has Its Own "Most Wanted Fugitives" Web Page 207 comments
US Gov't Confirms Clinton Emails Contained Top-Secret Information 571 comments
Cable Lobby Steams Up Over FCC Set-Top Box Competition Plan 167 comments
Canadian Government Lobbies Europe To Pass CETA 69 comments
Satellite Failure Behind GPS Timing Anomaly 62 comments
12 Years Later, Warrantless Wiretaps Whistleblower Facing Misconduct Charges 96 comments
OSINT Analysis of Militia Communications, Equipment and Frequencies 336 comments
The US Government and Open Standards: a Tale of Personal Woe 256 comments
Pakistan Orders ISPs To Block Over 400k Porn Websites 105 comments
Filmmaker Forces Censors To Watch 10-Hour Movie of Paint Drying 255 comments
NSA Wants To Dump the Phone Records It Gathered Over 14 Years 56 comments
Stingray Case Lawyers: "Everyone Knows Cell Phones Generate Location Data" 171 comments
Why 6 Republican Senators Think You Don't Need Faster Broadband 521 comments
Uber's Short-lived Helicopter Service In Utah Grounded 81 comments
US Regulators Find Serious Deficiencies At Theranos Lab 66 comments
2016's First Batch of Anti-Science Education Bills Arrive In Oklahoma 509 comments
Privacy Ombudsman Could Handle EU Complaints About US Surveillance 44 comments
How Have Large Donations Affected Education Policy In New York City? 37 comments
FBI "Took Over World's Biggest Child Porn Website" 301 comments
CIA: 10 Tips When Investigating a Flying Saucer 54 comments
NSA Chief: Arguing Against Encryption Is a Waste of Time 184 comments
Backdoor Account Found On Devices Used By White House, US Military 166 comments
Big Brother Is Coming To UK Universities 75 comments
Senior Homeland Security Official Says Internet Anonymity Should Be Outlawed 532 comments
UK Voice Crypto Standard Built For Key Escrow, Mass Surveillance 66 comments
The Heavily Redacted World of the FBI's Tracking Technology Unit 53 comments
Pakistan Lifts 3-Year Ban On YouTube, Allows Local Version 36 comments
Clinton Hints At Tech Industry Compromise Over Encryption 345 comments
Belgium's Aging Nuclear Plants Worry Neighbors 319 comments
Iran Complies With Nuclear Deal; Sanctions Lifted 229 comments
Anti-Terrorism Hypothetical: Bulk Scanning of Hosted Files? 284 comments
The FBI Feared Communist Infiltration of EPCOT 112 comments
California Legislation Would Require License Plates, Insurance For Drones 151 comments
Obama Proposes $4 Billion Investment In Self-Driving Cars 276 comments
NASA Safety Panel Finds Concerns With the Journey To Mars 155 comments
NY Bill Would Force Decryption of Smartphones On Demand 353 comments
EFF: Cisco Shouldn't Get Off the Hook For Aiding Torture In China 143 comments
US Modernizes Nuclear Arsenal With Smaller, Precision-Guided Atomic Weapons 230 comments
TPP Signing Ceremony To Take Place In February 192 comments
India Telecom Regulator Pooh-Poohs Facebook's Orchestrated Lobbying Campaign 32 comments
Kentucky Bill: Wait an Hour Before Posting Injuries To Social Media 257 comments
ATF Puts Up Surveillance Cameras Around Seattle ... To Catch Illegal Grease Dump 189 comments
French Conservatives Push Law To Ban Strong Encryption 246 comments
Federal Law Now Says Kids Can Walk To School Alone 545 comments
North Korea Expands Retaliatory Loudspeaker Propaganda 146 comments
New Jersey Rejects Request For Dolphin Necropsy Results, Cites "Medical Privacy" 228 comments
Marco Rubio: We Need To Add To US Surveillance Programs 343 comments
K-12 CS Efforts Earn Microsoft CEO Ringside Seat For State of the Union Address 117 comments
Crypto Guru David Chaum's Private Communications Network Comes With a Backdoor 179 comments
How We Know North Korea Didn't Detonate a Hydrogen Bomb 176 comments
Drone Flight Takes To Living Rooms, Gymnasiums, and Parking Garages 73 comments
The US Gov't Could Become the Biggest Customer for Smart Guns 555 comments
South Korea To Restart Propaganda Loudspeakers Along Border 170 comments
An FBI Hacking Campaign Targeted Over a Thousand Computers 138 comments
Entering the Age of Body-Worn Police Cameras 202 comments
Brain Game Maker Lumosity Fined $2 Million For False Advertising 70 comments
A History of Innovation and Dysfunction At Los Alamos National Laboratory 85 comments
How an IRS Agent Stole $1M From Taxpayers 169 comments
NSA Targeted 'The Two Leading' Encryption Chips 113 comments
Dutch Government Backs Strong Encryption, Condemns Backdoors 128 comments
Ask Slashdot: Jamming UK Metadata Collection? 192 comments
Massive Marine Reserve Created In Atlantic 81 comments
BlackBerry Will Continue Operations In Pakistan 36 comments
Majority of Americans OK With Warrantless Internet Surveillance 395 comments
State Dept. Releases 5,500 Hillary Clinton Emails, 275 Retroactively Classified 261 comments
Feds: Your Employer Can't Stop You From Recording Conversations At Work 139 comments
NSA Cheerleaders Discover Value of Privacy Only When Their Own Is Violated 267 comments
Lessig: Future Tech Will Help Privacy Catch Up With the Internet 35 comments
1st Circuit Injunction Re: TSA's New Mandatory AIT Search Rule Fully Briefed 122 comments
Coding Styles Survive Binary Compilation, Could Lead Investigators Back To Programmers 164 comments
Drone Registration Is FAA's Way of Getting You To Read Their "EULA" 131 comments
Brazil's Biggest City Wants To Charge Fees For Uber Rides 77 comments
CFR China Expert: US Tech Firms Should Worry About Beijing's New Anti-Terror Law 50 comments
Russia Cancels All Moon Missions Till 2025 135 comments
NASA Uncertain How To Proceed In Developing Deep Space Module 120 comments
Dutch City To Experiment With Paying Citizens a "Basic Income" 474 comments
TSA Moves Closer To Rejecting Some State Driver's Licenses For Airline Travel 428 comments
Database of 191 Million US Voters Exposed On Internet 77 comments
FAA's Drone Laws Clash With Local Regulations 115 comments
China Passes Law Requiring Tech Firms To Hand Over Encryption Keys 170 comments
North Korea's Operating System Analyzed 98 comments
How a Young IRS Agent Identified the Man Behind Silk Road 163 comments
Dissecting a $231 Million High-Tech Boondoggle 139 comments
Justice Department Shuts Down Huge Asset Forfeiture Program 232 comments
Australian Government Tells Citizens To Turn Off Two-factor Authentication 146 comments
Motion Filed In 1st Circuit To Enjoin TSA's New Mandatory "AIT" Screening 129 comments
Wyndham Settlement: No Fine, But More Power To the FTC 17 comments
FTC Issues New Rules for Native Advertising on the Internet 120 comments
USPTO Power Outage Damages Equipment and Shuts Down IT Systems 62 comments
Investigation Into Security Director Who Hacked the Lottery Expands 167 comments
Schneier: We Need a Better Way of Regulating New Technologies 123 comments
TSA Body Scanner Opt-out No Longer Guaranteed 278 comments
US Stops British Muslim Family From Boarding Flight To Visit Disneyland 704 comments
The Science Behind the Paris Climate Accords 118 comments
DOE Launches Nuclear Waste Disposal Initiative 143 comments
DHS's Ongoing Drone Boondoggle 77 comments
FAA Drone Rules May Already Be Outlawed By Congress 226 comments
FAA Admits Names & Addresses In Drone Registry Will Be Publicly Available 300 comments
ICANN's Ex CEO Fronts Chinese Initiative On Running the Internet 55 comments
Tim Cook Calls Apple's Tax Questions 'Political Crap' 456 comments
Should a Mars Colony Be Independent? 295 comments
US Budget Bill Passes With CISA Surveillance Intact 153 comments
White House Expected To Announce Big Computer Science Push 161 comments
NSF and Federal Partners Award $37M To Advance Nation's Co-robots 13 comments
LifeLock Agrees To Pay $100 Million Fine In Settlement With FTC 50 comments
Catalogue of Government Gear For Cellphone Spying 69 comments
Do Tax Breaks For Data Centers Make Sense? 94 comments
Tacoma Goes All In To Support Municipal Fiber 90 comments
The FAA To Facilitate American Commercial Participation In the ESA Moon Village 31 comments
CISA Surveillance Bill Hidden Inside Last Night's Budget Bill 166 comments
Go To Jail For Visiting a Web Site? Top Law Prof Talks Up the Idea 563 comments
Marco Rubio and Other Senators Move To Block Municipal Broadband 352 comments
'Do Not Track' Bill Aims To Let Consumers Reject Online Tracking 75 comments
Carly Fiorina Says Government Needs a Way To "Work Around" Encryption 345 comments
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Now Can Perform Marriages In New Zealand 209 comments
Bangladesh Extends Social Media Ban, Blocking Twitter and Skype 44 comments
NY Attorney General Wants Public To Report Broadband Speeds 99 comments
FAA: Small Drones Must Be Registered By February 533 comments
A Typo Almost Derailed Paris Climate Deal 339 comments
North Carolina Town Defeats Big Solar's Plan To Suck Up the Sun 760 comments
Why Governments Lie About Encryption Backdoors 247 comments
WSJ: New Education Bill To Get More Coding In Classrooms 88 comments
FBI: Just Don't Call Them Backdoors 347 comments
DHS Deployed Plane Above San Bernardino To Scoop Up All Phone Calls After Attack 147 comments
Paris Climate Deal Adopted 292 comments
Anonymous Goes After Donald Trump 365 comments
Ted Cruz Wants Minimum H-1B Wage of $110,000 543 comments
US Navy's $700 Million Mine-drone Won't Hunt 92 comments
France Will Not Ban Wi-Fi Or Tor, Prime Minister Says 89 comments
NHTSA Toughens Crash Test Rating Standards 165 comments
How the Thirty Meter Telescope Ruling Will Impact Future Astronomy Projects 251 comments
Top Democratic Senator Will Seek Legislation To "Pierce" Through Encryption 556 comments
UK's National Crime Agency Publishes Crazy Cyber-Crime Warning Signs 151 comments
Qualcomm Faces Antitrust Charges In Europe 33 comments
Eric Schmidt Proposes 'Hate Spell-Checker' For Radical and Terrorist Content 305 comments
Theremin's Bug Let Soviets Spy On USA For More Than 7 Years 99 comments
In Kazakhstan, the Internet Backdoors You 94 comments
Donald Trump: America Should Consider "Closing the Internet Up In Some Way" 735 comments
Senators: Has Uncle Sam Paid Off Ransomware Criminals? 53 comments
NASA 'Moving On' From Low-Earth Orbit 118 comments
French Legislation Would Block Tor and Restrict Free Wi-Fi 115 comments
Paris Climate Change Talks Yield First Draft 138 comments
Hillary Clinton Urges Silicon Valley To 'Disrupt' ISIS 452 comments
Congress Joins Battle Against Ticket Bots 150 comments
How To Lead a Nation That's About To Be Swallowed By the Sea 289 comments
California Attack Has US Rethinking Strategy On Homegrown Terror 676 comments
FTC Appoints EFF Board Member Lorrie Cranor As Chief Technologist 50 comments
Iran's Military Nuclear Program Lasted Longer Than We Thought 134 comments
Court: 'Repugnant' Online Discussions Aren't Thoughtcrime 155 comments
Choose a Better Train With Web Scraping 50 comments
Microsoft, Law Enforcement Disrupt Dorkbot Botnet 31 comments
Patriot Act Author Warns EU Against Dragnet Response To Terror 138 comments
IT Worker Fired After Massive Georgia Data Breach Speaks Out 113 comments
Microsoft Promotes New Trade Secrets Bill 28 comments
China Blamed For Attack On Australian Bureau of Meteorology 44 comments
IRS: We Used Stingray Devices To Track 37 Phones 63 comments
DHS Offering Free Vulnerability Scans, Penetration Tests 79 comments
Revealed: What Info the FBI Can Collect With a National Security Letter 93 comments
HTTP/2.0 Opens Every New Connection It Makes With the Word 'PRISM' 200 comments
It's Getting Harder To Reside Anonymously In a Modern City 100 comments
BlackBerry Exits Pakistan Amid User Privacy Concerns 71 comments
France Using Emergency Powers To Prevent Climate Change Protests 248 comments
NSA To End Bulk Phone Surveillance By Sunday 139 comments
Greenwald: Why the CIA Is Smearing Edward Snowden After Paris Attacks 298 comments
BBC World Service To Provide Radio For North Korea and Eritrea 64 comments
With $160 Billion Merger, Pfizer Moves To Ireland and Dodges Taxes 365 comments
FAA To Drone Owners: Get Ready To Register To Fly 195 comments
Nearly 35,000 Comment On New Federal STEM OPT Extension Rule 55 comments
Australian State Bans Possession of Blueprints For 3D Printing Firearms 313 comments
How Anonymous' War With Isis Is Actually Harming Counter-Terrorism 393 comments
US and China Setting Up "Space Hotline" 15 comments
Blackberry Offers 'Lawful Device Interception Capabilities' 137 comments
Florida Group Wants To Make Space a 2016 Presidential Campaign Issue 118 comments
Ex-CIA Director Says Snowden Should Be 'Hanged' For Paris Attacks 486 comments
Donald Trump Obliquely Backs a Federal Database To Track Muslims 608 comments
Judge: Stingrays Are 'Simply Too Powerful' Without Adequate Oversight 111 comments
File Says NSA Found Way To Replace Email Program 93 comments
EU Set To Crack Down On Bitcoin and Anonymous Payments After Paris Attack 275 comments
FDA Signs Off On Genetically Modified Salmon Without Labeling 514 comments
Manhattan DA Pressures Google and Apple To Kill Zero Knowledge Encryption 291 comments
Georgia Gives Personal Data of 6 Million Voters To Georgia GunOwner Magazine 110 comments
Carnegie Mellon Denies FBI Paid For Tor-Breaking Research 79 comments
US Rep. Joe Barton Has a Plan To Stop Terrorists: Shut Down Websites 275 comments
DoJ Going After Makers of Dietary Supplement 161 comments
FCC Clarifies: It's Legal To Hack Your Router 85 comments
Brazilian Army Gets Hacked After Allegations of Cheating In Security Cyber-Games 34 comments
Quebec Introduces Bill To Mandate ISP Website Blocking 137 comments
Same Birthday, Same Social Security Number, Same Mess For Two Florida Women 214 comments
Ask Slashdot: How To Determine If One Is On a Watchlist? 400 comments
Tor Project Claims FBI Paid University Researchers $1m To Unmask Tor Users 108 comments
Broadband Bills Will Have To Increase To Pay For Snooper's Charter, MPs Warned 77 comments
Bill Confirming Property Rights For Asteroid Miners Passes the Senate 171 comments
2016 Presidential Candidate Security Investigation 97 comments
DNA Data From California Newborn Blood Samples Stored, Sold To 3rd Parties 187 comments
In Ireland, All RC and Drones Over 1kg To Be Registered 108 comments
UK Gov't Can Demand Backdoors, Give Prison Sentences For Disclosing Them 187 comments
US Spends $1bn Over a Decade Trying To Digitize Immigration Forms, Just 1 Is Online 305 comments
Coming Set-top Box Mandate May Help Break Pay TV Firms' Hold Over Viewers 153 comments
Going Dark Crypto Debate Going Nowhere 111 comments
$1 Bid Wins Government Open Source Software Purchasing Experiment 124 comments
The European Commission Is Preparing a Frontal Attack On the Hyperlink 220 comments
NSA Uses Vulnerabilities Before It Discloses Them, Keeps Some To Itself 121 comments
Muzzled Canadian Scientists Can Now Speak Freely With Public 197 comments
MI5 'Secretly Collected Phone Data' For Decade 38 comments
Canada Reinstates Mandatory Census, To Delight of Social Scientists 284 comments
"Unsecured Memory Card" Prompts Election Fraud Investigation In Georgia 172 comments
Full Text of Trans-Pacific Partnership Released (Officially, This Time) 247 comments
UK and US Suspect That ISIS Bomb Took Down Flight 9268 289 comments
Federal Prison System Wants Anti-Drone Technology 156 comments
How California Police Are Tracking Your Biometric Data In the Field 46 comments
Why the Snowden Situation Shows 'Protected Disclosure' Is Critical 239 comments
How the FBI Can Detain, Render and Threaten Without Risk 318 comments
Why Avast Won't Show Source Code To the Government, But Others Do 79 comments
Virginia Radio Station Broadcasting Chinese Propaganda 294 comments
US Government IT Outsourcing Is Poorly Managed 85 comments
Feds Have a Plan For Catastrophic Solar Flares 188 comments
EU Parliament: Citizens' Rights Still Endangered By Mass Surveillance 53 comments
EFF Asks Appeals Court To "Shut Down the Eastern District of Texas" 67 comments
Finland Begins To Shape Basic Income Proposal 674 comments
Ask Slashdot: Securing a Journalist's Laptop Against a Police Search? 324 comments
A Push To Ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty? 67 comments
Mexican Senator Drafts One of the World's Worst Internet Laws 163 comments
UK Plans To Allow Warrantless Searches of Internet History 136 comments
Non-Binding Resolution: EU States Should Protect Snowden 210 comments
Hackers, Activists, Journos: How To Build a Secure Burner Laptop 139 comments
China Ends One-Child Policy 279 comments
Could the Volkswagen Cheating Scandal Improve Emissions Standards? 144 comments
Military Blimp Breaks Free and Drifts Over the Mid-Atlantic Trailing Tether 196 comments
Debt Collectors Sneaking Robocall Exemptions Into Budget Bill 216 comments
Pentagon Picks Northrop Grumman For Next Gen Bomber 237 comments
EU Passes Net Neutrality Rules, Fails To Close Loopholes 59 comments
US Senate Passes the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act 74-21 157 comments
DRM Circumvention Now Lawful For More Devices 106 comments
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