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Two Cities Ask the FCC To Preempt State Laws Banning Municipal Fiber Internet 0 comments
Lawrence Krauss: Congress Is Trying To Defund Scientists At Energy Department 179 comments
Social Security Administration Joins Other Agencies With $300M "IT Boondoggle" 130 comments
VP Biden Briefs US Governors On H-1B Visas, IT, and Coding 217 comments
The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist 234 comments
The Department of Homeland Security Needs Its Own Edward Snowden 188 comments
Researchers Design Bot To Conduct National Security Clearance Interviews 102 comments
UK Users Overwhelmingly Spurn Broadband Filters 113 comments
Activist Group Sues US Border Agency Over New, Vast Intelligence System 82 comments
California In the Running For Tesla Gigafactory 171 comments
Ars Editor Learns Feds Have His Old IP Addresses, Full Credit Card Numbers 210 comments
EPA Mulling Relaxed Radiation Protections For Nuclear Power 230 comments
Drone Search and Rescue Operation Wins Fight Against FAA 77 comments
Japan To Offer $20,000 Subsidy For Fuel-Cell Cars 156 comments
FTC To Trap Robocallers With Open Source Software 125 comments
Chicago Red Light Cameras Issue Thousands of Bogus Tickets 229 comments
Preparing For Satellite Defense 117 comments
Australia Repeals Carbon Tax 291 comments
New York State Proposes Sweeping Bitcoin Regulations 121 comments
Why the FCC Is Likely To Ignore Net Neutrality Comments and Listen To ISPs 140 comments
US House Passes Permanent Ban On Internet Access Taxes 148 comments
Australian Electoral Commission Refuses To Release Vote Counting Source Code 112 comments
Telcos Move Net Neutrality Fight To Congress 52 comments
Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours 749 comments
FCC Public Comment Period For Net Neutrality Ends Tomorrow, July 15 69 comments
Bot Tweets Anonymous Wikipedia Edits From Capitol Hill 94 comments
Fighting Climate Change With Trade 155 comments
CDC Closes Anthrax, Flu Labs After Potentially Deadly Mix-Ups Come to Light 89 comments
FCC Approves Subsidy Plan to Upgrade School and Library Networks 70 comments
FAA Pressures Coldwell, Other Realtors To Stop Using Drone Footage 199 comments
William Binney: NSA Records and Stores 80% of All US Audio Calls 278 comments
Amazon Seeks US Exemption To Test Delivery Drones 155 comments
FTC Files Suit Against Amazon For In-App Purchases 47 comments
Senator Al Franken Accuses AT&T of "Skirting" Net Neutrality Rules 81 comments
After NSA Spying Flap, Germany Asks CIA Station Chief to Depart 219 comments
Today In Year-based Computer Errors: Draft Notices Sent To Men Born In the 1800s 205 comments
Maldives Denies Russian Claims That Secret Service Kidnapped a Politician's Son 100 comments
UK Gov't Plans To Push "Emergency" Surveillance Laws 147 comments
India's National Informatics Centre Forged Google SSL Certificates 107 comments
Single European Copyright Title On the Horizon 94 comments
The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere 364 comments
A Box of Forgotten Smallpox Vials Was Just Found In an FDA Closet 120 comments
Thousands of Leaked KGB Files Are Now Open To the Public 95 comments
Gov't Censorship Pushing Users To More Private Messaging In China 47 comments
German Intelligence Employee Arrested On Suspicion of Spying For US On Bundestag 74 comments
Comcast Executives Appear To Share Cozy Relationships With Regulators 63 comments
California Property Tax Exemptions For Solar Energy Systems Extended To 2025 76 comments
NSA Considers Linux Journal Readers, Tor (And Linux?) Users "Extremists" 361 comments
FCC Proposal To Limit Access To 5725-5850 MHz Band 112 comments
Senate Budgetmakers Move To End US Participation In ITER 225 comments
Privacy Oversight Board Gives NSA Surveillance a Pass 170 comments
Microsoft Opens 'Transparency Center' For Governments To Review Source Code 178 comments
The New 501(c)(3) and the Future of Open Source In the US 228 comments
Court Allowed NSA To Spy On All But 4 Countries 242 comments
White House May Name Patent Reform Opponent As New Head of Patent Office 211 comments
Mayors of Atlanta & New Orleans: Uber Will Knock-Out Taxi Industry 273 comments
US National Archives Will Upload All Its Holdings To Wikipedia 108 comments
RAND Study: Looser Civil Service Rules Would Ease Cybersecurity Shortage 97 comments
Netflix Could Be Classified As a 'Cybersecurity Threat' Under New CISPA Rules 125 comments
Is K-12 CS Education the Next Common Core? 113 comments
Why The Korean Government Could Go Open Source By 2020 64 comments
Saudi Government Targeting Dissidents With Mobile Malware 41 comments
FBI Issued 19,000 National Security Letters In 2013 61 comments
If Immigration Reform Is Dead, So Is Raising the H-1B Cap 341 comments
Massachusetts SWAT Teams Claim They're Private Corporations, Immune To Oversight 534 comments
NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks 532 comments
Germany Scores First: Ends Verizon Contract Over NSA Concerns 206 comments
Australian Government Seeks To Boost Spy Agencies' Powers 54 comments
Federal Judge Rules US No-fly List Violates Constitution 276 comments
FAA Bans Delivering Packages With Drones 199 comments
They're Spying On You: Hacking Team Mobile Malware, Infrastructure Uncovered 48 comments
Court Releases DOJ Memo Justifying Drone Strike On US Citizen 371 comments
Supreme Court Upholds Most EPA Rules On Greenhouse Gases 109 comments
Interviews: Ask Lawrence Lessig About His Mayday PAC 308 comments
New Sensors Will Scoop Up "Big Data" On Chicago 64 comments
Robert McMillen: What Everyone Gets Wrong In the Debate Over Net Neutrality 270 comments
The Revolutionary American Weapons of War That Never Happened 133 comments
WikiLeaks Publishes Secret International Trade Agreement 222 comments
Emails Show Feds Asking Florida Cops To Deceive Judges About Surveillance Tech 251 comments
US Marshals Accidentally Reveal Potential Bidders For Gov't-Seized Bitcoin 101 comments
US House of Representatives Votes To Cut Funding To NSA 164 comments
Chinese Vendor Could Pay $34.9M FCC Fine In Signal-Jammer Sting 188 comments
How Secret Partners Expand NSA's Surveillance Dragnet 63 comments
2 US Senators Propose 12-Cent Gas Tax Increase 619 comments
IRS Recycled Lerner Hard Drive 682 comments
Former FCC Head: "We Should Be Ashamed of Ourselves" For State of Broadband 118 comments
Washington Redskins Stripped of Trademarks 646 comments
Wireless Industry Lobbying Hard to Keep Net Neutrality Out 85 comments
IRS Lost Emails of 6 More Employees Under Investigation 465 comments
U.S. Democrats Propose Legislation To Ban Internet Fast Lanes 190 comments
The FBI's Jargon List: Internet Acronyms Galore 124 comments
Congressman Asks NSA To Provide Metadata For "Lost" IRS Emails 347 comments
US Agency Aims To Regulate Map Aids In Vehicles 216 comments
Judge Orders DOJ To Turn Over FISA Surveillance Documents 184 comments
EU May Allow Members Home Rule On GMO Foods 272 comments
FCC Looking Into Paid Peering Deals 37 comments
Man Arrested For Parodying Mayor On Twitter Files Civil Rights Lawsuit 163 comments
After Non-Profit Application Furor, IRS Says It's Lost 2 Years Of Lerner's Email 372 comments
The FCC Can't Help Cities Trapped By Predatory Internet Deals With Big Telecom 93 comments
US To Auction 29,656 Bitcoins Seized From Silk Road 232 comments
EU's Top Court May Define Obesity As a Disability 625 comments
California Regulators Tell Ride-Shares No Airport Runs 314 comments
US Pushing Local Police To Keep Quiet On Cell-Phone Surveillance Technology 253 comments
Egyptian Blogger Sentenced to 15 Years For Organizing Protest 70 comments
Why United States Patent Reform Has Stalled 139 comments
The Government Can No Longer Track Your Cell Phone Without a Warrant 173 comments
Cable Companies Duped Community Groups Into Fighting Net Neutrality 170 comments
Behind the Great Firewall: What It's Really Like To Log On From China 90 comments
House Majority Leader Defeated In Primary 932 comments
NSA's Novel Claim: Our Systems Are Too Complex To Obey the Law 245 comments
Mayday Anti-PAC On Its Second Round of Funding 247 comments
NSF Researcher Suspended For Mining Bitcoin 220 comments
Did Russia Trick Snowden Into Going To Moscow? 346 comments
Kim Dotcom Offers $5 Million Bounty To Defeat Extradition 253 comments
MIT Used Lobbying, Influence To Restore Nuclear Fusion Dream 135 comments
After Trademark Dispute, Mexican Carriers Can No Longer Use iPhone Name In Ads 53 comments
Brownsville SpaceX Space Port Faces More Regulatory Hurdles 78 comments
Thai Police: We'll Get You For Online Social Media Criticism 86 comments
Virginia DMV Cracks Down On Uber, Lyft 260 comments
Parents Mobilize Against States' Student Data Mining 139 comments
Vodafone Reveals Warrantless Wiretapping 73 comments
Snowden Rallies Privacy Advocates In New York City 72 comments
Why NASA's Budget "Victory" Is Anything But 267 comments
How FBI Informant Sabu Helped Anonymous Hack Brazil 59 comments
FTC Lobbies To Be Top Cop For Geolocation 39 comments
US Marshals Seize Police Stingray Records To Keep Them From the ACLU 272 comments
A Year After Snowden's Disclosures, EFF, FSF Want You To Fight Surveillance 108 comments
Life Sentences For Serious Cyberattacks Proposed In Britain 216 comments
EFF Tells Court That the NSA Knowingly and Illegally Destroyed Evidence 269 comments
$10k Reward For Info On Anyone Who Points a Laser At Planes Goes Nationwide 264 comments
How Open Government Data Saved New Yorkers Thousands On Parking Tickets 286 comments
Man Who Issued Securities For Bitcoins Settles With SEC 56 comments
FCC Website Hobbled By Comment Trolls Incited By Comedian John Oliver 144 comments
Local Police Increasingly Rely On Secret Surveillance 146 comments
Bill Blunden's Rejected DEF CON Presentation Posted Online 40 comments
Whistleblowers Enter the Post-Snowden Era 129 comments
Daniel Ellsberg: Snowden Would Not Get a Fair Trial – and Kerry Is Wrong 519 comments
The Sudden Policy Change In Truecrypt Explained 475 comments
NSA Collecting Millions of Faces From Web Images 136 comments
LAPD Gets Some Hand-Me-Down Drones From Seattle, Promises Discretion 108 comments
New Federal Database Will Track Americans' Credit Ratings, Other Financial Info 294 comments
Congressman Introduces Bill To Limit FCC Powers 176 comments
Security Researchers Threatened With US Cybercrime Laws 156 comments
UPS Denies Helping the NSA 'Interdict' Packages 207 comments
Proposed SpaceX Spaceport Passes Its Final Federal Environmental Review 40 comments
In First American TV Interview, Snowden Talks Accountability and Patriotism 389 comments
NYC Councilman (and Open Source Developer) Submits Bill Establishing Open Source Preference 105 comments
Iranian Hacker Group Created Fake News Organization For Social Engineering 57 comments
Mutant Registration vs. Vaccine Registration 493 comments
Comcast-Time Warner Deal May Hinge On Low-Cost Internet Plan 114 comments
No, Doesn't Require 500 Million Lines of Code 142 comments
Temporary Classrooms Are Bad For the Environment, and Worse For Kids 187 comments
Why Snowden Did Right 348 comments
NASA Money Crunch Means Trouble For Spitzer Space Telescope 107 comments
US May Prevent Chinese Hackers From Attending Def Con, Black Hat 193 comments
FCC Gets Go-Ahead For Plan To Expand Rural Internet Access 156 comments
Microsoft Fends Off Data Request, FBI Gets Data Another Way 152 comments
WikiLeaks: NSA Recording All Telephone Calls In Afghanistan 241 comments
Yelp Reviews Help NYC Health Department Find and Close Dirty Restaurants 64 comments
Who Helped Kill Patent Troll Reform In the Senate 157 comments
California Opens Driverless Car Competition With Testing Regulations 167 comments
White House Pressures Legislators Into Gutting USA FREEDOM Act 284 comments
AT&T Hacker 'weev' Demands One Bitcoin For Each Hour He Spent In Jail 449 comments
Congress Unhappy With FCC's Proposed Changes To Net Neutrality 208 comments
Why Lavabit Shut Down 304 comments
California Legislation Affirms Privacy Rights Against NSA Spying Methods 96 comments
China Bans Government Purchases of Windows 8 200 comments
Gun Rights Groups Say They Don't Oppose Smart Guns, Just Mandates 584 comments
Controversial TSA Nudie X-Ray Machines Sent To Prisons 108 comments
California Bill Would Safeguard Consumers' Rights To Criticize Firms Online 160 comments
Radioactivity Cleanup At Hanford Nuclear Reservation, 25 Years On 123 comments
Swedish Fare Dodgers Organize Against Transportation Authorities 389 comments
Congressmen Who Lobbied FCC Against Net Neutrality & Received Payoff 192 comments
Pentagon Document Lays Out Battle Plan Against Zombies 131 comments
Gen. Keith Alexander On Metadata, Snowden, and the NSA: "We're At Greater Risk" 238 comments
EFF: Amazon, AT&T, and Snapchat Most Likely To Rat On You To the Gov't 69 comments
Ten States Pass Anti-Patent-Troll Laws, With More To Come 64 comments
FCC Votes To Consider Next Round of 'Net Neutrality' Rules 182 comments
Watch the FCC Vote On Net Neutrality Live At 10:30am Eastern 90 comments
Air Force Prepares to Dismantle HAARP 178 comments
Federal Car Fleet To Become Test Bed For High-Tech Safety Gear 24 comments
From FCC Head Wheeler, a Yellow Light For Internet Fast Lanes 149 comments
US Navy Develops World's Worst E-reader 249 comments
Glenn Greenwald: How the NSA Tampers With US Made Internet Routers 347 comments
UN to Debate Use of Fully Autonomous Weapons, New Report Released 180 comments
Al Franken Says FCC Proposed Rules Are "The Opposite of Net Neutrality" 282 comments
Former NSA Director: 'We Kill People Based On Metadata' 155 comments
DOJ Requests More Power To Hack Remote Computers 76 comments
Australian Government To Standardise On Drupal 102 comments
The NSA and Snowden: Securing the All-Seeing Eye 97 comments
Milwaukee City Council Proposal Would Pave Way For Uber, Lyft 76 comments
SpaceX Injunction Dissolved 98 comments
Shunting the FCC To the Slow Lane 194 comments
Take a Picture: Snapchat Settles With FTC Over "Dissapearing" Claims 51 comments
USPTO Approves Amazon Patent For Taking Pictures 152 comments
Apple Can Extract Texts, Photos, Contacts From Locked iPhones 202 comments
Melbourne Uber Drivers Slapped With $1700 Fines; Service Shuts Down 255 comments
First Arrest In Japan For 3D-Printed Guns 274 comments
Russia Quietly Passes Anti-Blogger Law 284 comments
Open Source Program To Give Voters More Active Role In Government 60 comments
US Military Drones Migrating To Linux 197 comments
Actual Results of Crimean Secession Vote Leaked 557 comments
Police Departments Using Car Tracking Database Sworn To Secrecy 202 comments
Rand Paul Starts New Drone War In Congress 272 comments
The Feds Accidentally Mailed Part of A $350K Drone To Some College Kid 157 comments
US Government To Study Bitcoin As Possible Terrorist Threat 210 comments
Researchers See a Post-Snowden Chilling Effect In Our Search Data 138 comments
Mozilla Offers FCC a Net Neutrality Plan With a Twist 123 comments
Europe's Cybersecurity Policy Under Attack 22 comments
Reason Suggests DoJ Closing Porn Stars' Bank Accounts 548 comments
SpaceX Wins Injunction Against Russian Rocket Purchases 166 comments
British Spy Chiefs Secretly Begged To Play In NSA's Data Pools 43 comments
One-a-Day-Compiles: Good Enough For Government Work In 1983 230 comments
SEC Chair On HFT: 'The Markets Are Not Rigged' 303 comments
How the USPS Killed Digital Mail 338 comments
Texas Sheriffs Crash $250k Drone They're Not Supposed To Be Flying 93 comments
CISPA 3.0: the Senate's New Bill As Bad As Ever 132 comments
To Save the Internet We Need To Own the Means of Distribution 338 comments
Mathematicians Push Back Against the NSA 233 comments
White House Worried About Discrimination Through Analytics 231 comments
How the FCC Plans To Save the Internet By Destroying It 217 comments
Identity Dominance: the US Military's Biometric War In Afghanistan 83 comments
DC Revolving Door: Ex-FCC Commissioner Is Now Head CTIA Lobbyist 170 comments
VK CEO Fired, Says Company Under Kremlin Control 149 comments
The Science Behind Powdered Alcohol 176 comments
Snowden to Critics: Questioning Putin Has Opened Conversation About Surveillance 168 comments
Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers? 243 comments
Obama Delays Decision On Keystone Pipeline Yet Again 206 comments
Preventative Treatment For Heartbleed On 81 comments
Beer Price Crisis On the Horizon 397 comments
Russia Writes Off 90 Percent of North Korea Debt 234 comments
Declassified Papers Hint US Uranium May Have Ended Up In Israeli Arms 165 comments
Peoria Mayor Sends Police To Track Down Twitter Parodist 169 comments
Oracle Deflects Blame For Troubled Oregon Health Care Site 163 comments
In Mississippi, Gov't Text Messages Are Officially Public Records 33 comments
Snowden Queries Putin On Live TV Regarding Russian Internet Surveillance 396 comments
Bidding At FCC TV Spectrum Auction May Be Restricted For Large Carriers 91 comments
Vintage 1960s Era Film Shows IRS Defending Its Use of Computers 146 comments
Student Records Kids Who Bully Him, Then Gets Threatened With Wiretapping Charge 798 comments
52 Million Photos In FBI's Face Recognition Database By Next Year 108 comments
Intuit, Maker of Turbotax, Lobbies Against Simplified Tax Filings 423 comments
Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes? 386 comments
Is Crimea In Russia? Internet Companies Have Different Answers 304 comments
IRS Can Now Seize Your Tax Refund To Pay a Relative's Debt 632 comments
Obama Says He May Or May Not Let the NSA Exploit the Next Heartbleed 134 comments
IRS Misses XP Deadline, Pays Microsoft Millions For Patches 322 comments
FAA Shuts Down Search-and-Rescue Drones 218 comments
Bill Would End US Govt's Sale of Already-Available Technical Papers To Itself 32 comments
Cost Skyrockets For United States' Share of ITER Fusion Project 174 comments
NSA Allegedly Exploited Heartbleed 149 comments
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