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Google Stories for 2008

Google, Apple, Microsoft Sued Over File Preview 250 comments
As Christmas Bonus, Google Hands Out "Dogfood" 366 comments
Chrome Complicates Mozilla/Google Love-In 307 comments
Network Neutrality Defenders Quietly Backing Off? 171 comments
Google's Mayer Says Personalization is Key To Future Search 93 comments
Google Zeitgeist 2008 136 comments
Google Chrome Is Out of Beta 444 comments Uses Google Moderator System 436 comments
Google Native Client Puts x86 On the Web 367 comments
Google To Sell Truly Open Android Dev Phone 219 comments
Net Neutrality Opponent Calls Google a "Bandwidth Hog" 320 comments
AT&T Sidestepping Google, Eyes Symbian 139 comments
Second Google Android Phone Revealed 176 comments
Google Was 3 Hours Away From DOJ Antitrust Charges 221 comments
Google's Gatekeepers 150 comments
Sending Secret Messages Via Google's SearchWiki 160 comments
Google Map To Real Piracy 262 comments
Google Sorts 1 Petabyte In 6 Hours 166 comments
Google Turns On User-Tweakable Search Wiki 161 comments
Google to Track TV Viewers More Closely 123 comments
Holiday Art Executed In Google Documents 72 comments
Google Chrome OEM Strategy To Take On IE 290 comments
Google Terminates Lively 186 comments
IRS Looking at Google/Mozilla Relationship 261 comments
Google To Host 10M Images From Life Magazine's Archive 79 comments
OpenOffice Five Times As Popular As Google Docs 207 comments
Google Earth Recreates Ancient Rome 97 comments
Google Is Taking Spoken Questions 94 comments
Google Text Ads For Known Malware Sites 110 comments
Googling Security 142 comments
Google Can Predict the Flu 289 comments
OpenOffice Vs. Google Apps 336 comments
MGM First To Post Full-Length Features To YouTube 116 comments
StarOffice Dropped From Google Pack 135 comments
Google Exec Hints At Future Open Platform 73 comments
Four Google Officials Facing Charges In Italy For Errant Video 153 comments
Google Kills Yahoo Ad Deal 79 comments
Privacy Concerns Over Google On the Rise In Germany 63 comments
Google Apps Gets a 99.9% Guarantee 155 comments
Google May Scrap Yahoo Deal 49 comments
Google Sheds Light On 'Dark Web' With PDF Search 78 comments
Google Book Search Settlement Receiving Criticism 119 comments
Chrome Helping Other Browsers Out, Says Opera CEO 187 comments
Google Adopts, Forks OpenID 1.0 316 comments
Running Google Android On iPhone Clones 191 comments
Tech Giants In Human Rights Deal 97 comments
$125 Million Settlement In Authors Guild v. Google 238 comments
Russian Regulators Block Google Online Advertising Acquisition 120 comments
Security Flaw In Android Web Browser 59 comments
Google Launches User-Driven Debate Site 68 comments
Google Founders Buy Fighter Jet 356 comments
Is Anyone Buying T-Mobile's Googlephone? 454 comments
Google Opens Up Android Codebase 204 comments
Microsoft, Google Battle Over Energy Efficiency 164 comments
iGoogle Users Irate About Portal's Changes 321 comments
Why the Kill Switch Makes Sense For Android 384 comments
Ballmer Admits Google Apps Are Biting Into MS Office 293 comments
Extended Gmail Outage Frustrates Admins 430 comments
Android Also Comes With a Kill-Switch 300 comments
Full Review of the T-Mobile G1 Android Device 135 comments
Google Demands Higher Chip Temps From Intel 287 comments
Google Negotiating With Justice Department 83 comments
YouTube Passes Yahoo As #2 Search Engine 125 comments
Google's Chrome Declining In Popularity 489 comments
Google's GeoEye-1 Takes Its First Pictures 152 comments
Google Brings Ads To Games, Game Ads To YouTube 108 comments
Prevent Gmail From Emailing Under the Influence 258 comments
Google's Obfuscated TCP 392 comments
Google Profiling Social Network Users 96 comments
Was the Yahoo-Google Deal a Ploy To Weaken Yahoo? 82 comments
Now Google's CAPTCHA Is Broken 408 comments
Google, Circa 2001 355 comments
Google Lively To Be an Online Gaming Platform 123 comments
Debunking the Google Earth Censorship Myth 294 comments
Google Reveals Wireless Vision — Open Networks 90 comments
Google To Fund Ideas That Will Change the World 165 comments
Google Chrome Spinoff 'Iron' For Privacy Fanatics 165 comments
Has Google Redefined Beta? 292 comments
Russian Town Puts Giant Smiley On Google Maps 280 comments
Google Pushes Back Against US Copyright Treaty 233 comments
Google Unveils First Android Phone 546 comments
T-Mobile May Offer Free Gmail Data Access On G1 Phone 71 comments
Google Goofs On Firefox's Anti-Phishing List 168 comments
Analyzing Your GMail History 29 comments
CodeWeavers Package Google Chrome For Linux and Mac 239 comments
Google's Floating Datahaven 450 comments
Questioning Google's Privacy Reform 134 comments
Stuck In Google's Doghouse 165 comments
Examining Chrome's Source Code 288 comments
Google Unsure About Letting Users Vote On Search 145 comments
Could Google Become a Game Publisher? 85 comments
Automated News Crawling Evaporates $1.14B 546 comments
Google Claims User Content In Multiple Products 166 comments
Google Invests In Broadband For Poorer Countries 161 comments
USDOJ Sniffing Google Antitrust Suit, Hires Ex-Disney Lawyer 241 comments
HTTPS Cookie Hijacking Not Just For Gmail 128 comments
Google Will Anonymize IP Logs Faster 97 comments
Google To Digitize Millions of Old Newspaper Pages 201 comments
The Google Navy 259 comments
Development, Privacy, and Standards for Chrome 114 comments
Google Updates Chrome's Terms of Service 318 comments
Chrome Vs. IE 8 771 comments
Picasa Rolls Out 3.0 — Now With Facial Recognition 243 comments
Google Chrome, Day 2 1016 comments
Reading Google Chrome's Fine Print 607 comments
"Google Satellite" To Be Launched This Week 280 comments
Mozilla's Thoughts On Google's Chrome 604 comments
Google Chrome, the Google Browser 807 comments
Google Awards Android Dev Prizes, Introduces App Store 52 comments
Google Reverses "Absurd" Mozilla Code Ban 201 comments
Google Tests Custom Highlights, Comments In Search 174 comments
Google Drops Bluetooth API From Android 1.0 167 comments
Has Google Lost Its Mojo? 560 comments
A Good Reason To Go Full-Time SSL For Gmail 530 comments
Google Revs Android, FCC Approves First Phone 259 comments
Outages Leave Google Apps Admins In the Hotseat 260 comments
YouTube Stands Up To IOC Over Free Tibet Video 187 comments
Apple's Market Cap Exceeds Google's 689 comments
Google Using DoubleClick Tracking Cookies 175 comments
Open Source Helps New IT Grads Get Foot in the Door 128 comments
Google's Streetview Seen As Culturally Insensitive In Japan 524 comments
Google News Has Russian Army Invading Savannah, GA 413 comments
Google Has All My Data – How Do I Back It Up? 215 comments
Google Earth Used To Predict Electrical Problems 91 comments
Google Says Complete Privacy Does Not Exist 543 comments
Amazon Payment Systems Take On PayPal 92 comments
Are We Searching Google, Or Is Google Searching Us? 346 comments
Final Days For Hackontest Selection of Projects 7 comments
New Search Engine Cuil Takes Aim At Google 649 comments
Sneaking Past Heavy-Handed Audio Compression on YouTube 234 comments
Google Caught On Private Property 668 comments
Google URL Index Hits 1 Trillion 249 comments
Google's Knol, Expert Wiki, Goes Live 263 comments
Google Blogger "Hosts 2% of World's Malware" 134 comments
Speculation On a Second Internet Economy Collapse 307 comments
Is Anyone Using the Google Web Toolkit? 470 comments
Encrypting Google Calendar With Firefox Extensions 52 comments
GDocs vs. ThinkFree vs. Zoho vs. MS Office 226 comments
Spammers Choose GMail 325 comments
Gmail Reveals the Names of All Users 438 comments
Google Wins Agreement To Anonymize YouTube Logs 242 comments
Viacom Looks For Google Staff Uploads in YouTube Logs 308 comments
Gmail, SPF, and Broken Email Forwarding? 300 comments
Google Lively Review 205 comments
Google Open Sources Browser Sync 113 comments
Google Launches Lively, an Avatar Based 3D World 358 comments
Google Open Sources Its Data Interchange Format 332 comments
Boiling Down Books, Algorithmically 177 comments
Finding Fault With Google's Privacy Policy 155 comments
Google Creates Tour de France Video Maps 78 comments
Google Seeking "FriendRank" Patent 80 comments
Google Gives Away Web App Security Tool 30 comments
Justice Dept To Investigate Google-Yahoo Deal 105 comments
Some Developers Leaving Google For Microsoft 685 comments
Google Browser Sync Source Released 33 comments
Google Apps Hacks 46 comments
Google Begat the End of the Scientific Method? 387 comments
Google Sued for $1B Over Outlook Migration Tool 332 comments
Google Abandons the Gmail Name In Germany 187 comments
Android Phones Delayed 167 comments
Georgia's New State Health Plan Is Google 105 comments
Blogger Launches 'Google Bomb' At McCain 545 comments
Google To Develop ISP Throttling Detector 198 comments
Google, Yahoo, and the Elephant In the Room 123 comments
Google Browser Sync To Be Discontinued 195 comments
Yahoo Ends Talks With Microsoft, Embraces Google Instead 214 comments
eBay's Plan to Force PayPal Rejected Down Under 181 comments
Google's Brin Books a Space Flight 170 comments
Is Google Making Us Stupid? 636 comments
Gmail Labs Lets Users Experiment With 13 New Features 142 comments
Google Earth Beaten By Autorendering From Photos 176 comments
Examining Presidential Candidates Via Google Trends 119 comments
Google Gets Serious About Open Source Mac Projects 193 comments
Google Gadgets Join Dashboard Widgets As KDE Plasmoids 28 comments
Why Google Should Embrace 277 comments
Google Releases Desktop Gadgets For Linux 172 comments
Google to Offer Real-Time Stock Quotes 299 comments
goosh, the Unofficial Google Shell 310 comments
Google Accidently Revealed As eBay Critic 259 comments
A Look At the Workings of Google's Data Centers 160 comments
Google Earth, Now With Browser Goodness 143 comments
SoCal Selene Group Drops Google Lunar X Prize Bid 64 comments
Google To Host Ajax Libraries 285 comments
Google Opens Up (Some) Search Algorithms 86 comments
Delving Into Google Health's Privacy Concerns 121 comments
YouTube Refuses To Remove Terrorist Videos 676 comments
Google Health Opens To the Public 199 comments
Google Assists In Arrest Of Indian Man 609 comments
2008 Google Summer of Code Highlights 101 comments
YouTube's Unspoken Linking Policy For Copyright Infringers 73 comments
Google Begins Blurring Faces In Street View 170 comments
China to Regulate Internet Map Publishing 279 comments
Brad Neuberg, Google Gears, and the Future of the Web 65 comments
Gmail As Open-Relay Spam Server 145 comments
Google's Street View Meets Resistance In France 201 comments
Google's Shareholders Vote Against Human Rights 376 comments
Google Backs Open-Source CERT Group 13 comments
CoreCodec Apologizes For CoreAVC Takedown 185 comments
Google Nervous About Verizon's Open Access 116 comments
Google Pulls Open Source CoreAVC Project Over DMCA Complaint 207 comments
Google To Be Sued in UK For Trademark-Linked Ads 235 comments
Making Free Phone Calls With Google's GrandCentral 144 comments
Google's Audio CAPTCHA Falls To Automated Attack 145 comments
Google Sets Sights On 3D Map of the Oceans 83 comments
Google VisualRank for Image Search 63 comments
Is Google Neglecting Blogger? 149 comments
Google Turns Over Data on Suspected Pedophiles In Brazil 445 comments
Google Announces Summer of Code 2008 Projects 35 comments
iGoogle Launches Developer Sandbox 62 comments
Google Invests In Genetic Indexing 74 comments
Hackontest — 24h Open Source Coding Marathon 50 comments
Google Earth 4.3 Offers a Number of New Features 133 comments
Google Crawls The Deep Web 197 comments
How Social Networks May Kill Search as We Know It 209 comments
Yahoo to Take on Google Analytics 95 comments
Google Shares Its Security Secrets 106 comments
Google Takes Down HuddleChat After Complaints [Warning] 157 comments
Google Mail Servers Enable Backscatter Spam 344 comments
Google StreetView Is In Your Driveway 439 comments
Google Previews App Engine 167 comments
Some Anti-Spam Vendors Blocking and Slowing Gmail 163 comments
Google Sued Over Privacy Invasion On Street View 481 comments
Google Ends Silence On C Block Auction 162 comments
Google Plans To Sell Part of DoubleClick 61 comments
Google Scoops Microsoft w/ Mesh Applications 152 comments
Summer of Code Deadline Extended 6 Days 38 comments
Google Docs Aims At Microsoft Office Live 95 comments
Clandestine Operations at Google 166 comments
Google Attempts to Allay US Privacy Fears 101 comments
Someday You'll Hate Apple (And Google Too) 734 comments
Patriot Act Haunts Google Service 277 comments
A New Tool From Google Worries Brand-Name Sites 168 comments
Google Patents Detecting, Tracking, Targeting Kids 115 comments
Google a "Happy Loser" In Spectrum Auction 162 comments
Pleasing Google's Tech-Savvy Staff 142 comments
Summer of Code'08 Organizations List Announced 48 comments
Google Sky Now Available Through Your Browser 83 comments
Google's New Patent on Commercial Breaks 134 comments
High Expectations For Google Android 274 comments
Tivo On Board With YouTube's New API 73 comments
EU Approves Google-DoubleClick Merger 78 comments
G-Archiver Harvesting Google Mail Passwords 462 comments
Nanaimo, The Google Capital of the World 227 comments
Google Says Spam, Virus Attacks to Get More Clever 108 comments
Google Pulls Map Images At Pentagon's Request 217 comments
Security Holes In Google's Android SDK 77 comments
Google Street a Slice of Dystopian Future? 325 comments
JotSpot Relaunched As Google Sites 22 comments
Feds Block EFF Look at Google/DoJ Contacts 79 comments
Gmail CAPTCHA Cracked 317 comments
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