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GNOME Stories

What the GNOME Desktop Gets Right and KDE Gets Wrong 267 comments
GNOME 3.16 Released 196 comments
Using OwnCloud To Integrate Dropbox, Google Drive, and More In Gnome 30 comments
GTK+ Developers Call For Help To Finish Cross-Platform OpenGL Support 89 comments
Groupon Backs Down On Gnome 114 comments
GNOME Project Seeks Donations For Trademark Battle With Groupon 268 comments
Trisquel 7 Released 39 comments
GNOME 3 Winning Back Users 267 comments
GNOME 3.14 Released 250 comments
Debian Switching Back To GNOME As the Default Desktop 403 comments
The GNOME Foundation Is Running Out of Money 693 comments
GNOME 3.12 Released 134 comments
Ubuntu Gnome Seeking Long Term Support Status 26 comments
Official Wayland Support Postponed From GNOME 3.12 77 comments
Gnome 3.12 Delayed To Sync With Wayland Release 204 comments
Fedora 20 Released 147 comments
Canonical Moving Away From GNOME Control Center 208 comments
MATE To Make It Into Debian Repositories 152 comments
GNOME 3.10 Released 218 comments
Middle-Click Paste? Not For Long 729 comments
GNOME 3.10 Is Now Properly Supported On Wayland 128 comments
Intel, Red Hat Working On Enabling Wayland Support In GNOME 168 comments
The Last GUADEC? 376 comments
Giving GNOME 3 a GNOME 2 Look 181 comments
Xfce, LXDE, GNOME3 Desktops Running On Ubuntu Mir Via XMir 162 comments
Red Hat Confirms GNOME Classic Mode For RHEL 7 192 comments
One Week With GNOME 3 Classic 169 comments
GNOME2 Fork MATE Desktop 1.6 Released 86 comments
GNOME 3.8 Released Featuring New "Classic" Mode 267 comments
GTK+ 3.8 Released With Support For Wayland 193 comments
GNOME Aiming For Full Wayland Support by Spring 2014 300 comments
Gnome Founder Miguel de Icaza Moves To Mac 815 comments
Gnome Goes JavaScript 387 comments
SolusOS Forks Gnome 3 Fallback Mode 162 comments
Fedora 18 Released 118 comments
Gnome Extension Offers a Shopping Lens We Can Live With 72 comments
Fedora Adds MATE and Cinnamon Desktops to Main Repository, Releases Beta 56 comments
GNOME 3 To Support a "Classic" Mode, of Sorts 197 comments
GNOME 3.8 To Scrap Fallback Mode 378 comments
OpenGL Becoming a Requirement For the Linux Desktop 229 comments
GNOME 3.6 Released 230 comments
Cinnamon 1.6 Brings New Features and Applets 74 comments
GNOME 3.6 To Include Major Revisions 327 comments
Ubuntu Gnome Remix 12.10 Arrives For Testing 175 comments
Torvalds Takes Issue With De Icaza's Linux Desktop Claims 616 comments
The True Challenges of Desktop Linux 505 comments
GNOMEbuntu Set To Arrive In October 157 comments
Designer Jon McCann: "More Optimistic About GNOME Than In a Long Time" 235 comments
GNOME: Possible Recovery Strategies 432 comments
Debian Changes Default Desktop From GNOME To XFCE 328 comments
GNOME Developers Lay Out Plans for GNOME OS 208 comments
Fedora 18 To Feature the GNOME2 Fork MATE 202 comments
GNOME: Staring Into the Abyss 535 comments
Ask Slashdot: Why Aren't You Running KDE? 818 comments
Fedora 17 Released 141 comments
MATE Desktop 1.2 Released 194 comments
Controlling GNOME 3 With Skeltrack 18 comments
GNOME 3.4 Released 147 comments
Garden Gnome Tests Earth's Gravity 144 comments
Tom's Hardware Tests and Reviews Fedora 16 and Gnome 3 101 comments
Data Breach Flaw Found In Gnome-terminal, Xfce Terminal and Terminator 184 comments
GNOME 3.4 Preview 144 comments
GNOME 3: Beauty To the Bone? 647 comments
Cinnamon Gnome-Shell Fork Releases Version 1.2 81 comments
Ask Slashdot: Assembling a Linux Desktop Environment From Parts? 357 comments
Linux Mint Developer Forks Gnome 3 314 comments
Examining the Usability of Gnome, Unity and KDE 228 comments
Linux Mint Diverting Banshee Revenue 178 comments
GNOME 3 Wins Linux Journal's Readers' Choice Award 378 comments
GNOME Shell Extensions Are Live 204 comments
Linux Mint 12 Released Today 396 comments
Ask Slashdot: Unity/Gnome 3/Win8/iOS — Do We Really Hate All New GUIs? 1040 comments
Linux Mint 12 to Blend GNOMEs 2 & 3 266 comments
GNOME Shell No Longer Requires GPU Acceleration 237 comments
Linux Mint Will Adopt Gnome 3 315 comments
Fedora 16, OpenSuse 12.1 Betas With Gnome 3.2 117 comments
GNOME 3.2 Released 205 comments
Interview With GNOME 3 Designer Jon McCann 294 comments
Linus Torvalds Ditches GNOME 3 For Xfce 835 comments
GNOME and KDE Devs Wrangle Over 'System Settings' Name 289 comments
Lennart Poettering: BSD Isn't Relevant Anymore 460 comments
Tom's Hardware Dissects Ubuntu 11.4's Interface and Performance 272 comments
GNOME Shell Hurts Gaming Performance 232 comments
Linux Desktop Summit Program Announced 121 comments
Preliminary Benchmarks: Unity vs. Gnome-Shell 258 comments
Proposal For Gnome To Become Linux-Only 292 comments
Ubuntu 11.10 To Switch From GDM To LightDM 236 comments
On-Screen Keyboard Maliit Demoed With Gnome 3 66 comments
ALS Sufferer Used Legs To Contribute Last Patch 222 comments
92,000 LEGO Robots To Take Over Peruvian Schools Alongside OLPC 56 comments
GNOME 3 Released 353 comments
GNOME vs. KDE: the Latest Round 344 comments
Gtk 3.2 Will Let You Run Applications In a Browser 184 comments
The Full Story Behind the Canonical vs. GNOME Drama 247 comments
Has GNOME Rejected Canonical Help? Shuttleworth Responds 181 comments
GNOME To Lose Minimize, Maximize Buttons 797 comments
Canonical To Divert Money From GNOME 374 comments
Ubuntu Dumps X For Unity On Wayland 640 comments
Ubuntu Moves Away From GNOME 514 comments
Open Source-Friendly Smartphones For the Small Office? 222 comments
Making Ubuntu Look Like Windows 7 473 comments
First GNOME Census Results 175 comments
GNOME 3.0 Delayed Until March 2011 201 comments
GNOME 2.30, End of the (2.x) Line 276 comments
Gnome 2.30 Released 138 comments
Ubuntu's "Lucid Lynx" Enters Beta 366 comments
Open Source Is Not a Democracy 641 comments
Fedora 13 Alpha Released 3 comments
Ubuntu Gets a New Visual Identity 683 comments
Oracle Drops Sun's Commitment To Accessibility 220 comments
Chinese Pirates Launch Ubuntu That Looks Like XP 580 comments
Gnome Switches Nautilus Back To Browser Mode 311 comments
GNOME Developer Suggests Split From GNU Project 587 comments
GNOME 3 Delayed Until September 2010 419 comments
New Web-Based Netbook From Litl — Based On Clutter, Uncluttered 109 comments
New OLPC Laptop 1.5 Dual-Boots Sugar, Gnome Desktop 81 comments
How GNOME and KDE Spend Their Money 167 comments
OLPC 1.5 Hardware Upgrades Include Java, Full-Screen Video 67 comments
The Battle Between Purists and Pragmatists 213 comments
WebKit For Metacity/Mutter CSS Theming? 124 comments
Shuttleworth's Take On GNOME 3.0, Coordination with Debian 320 comments
Does the Linux Desktop Innovate Too Much? 542 comments
Attempting To Reframe "KDE Vs. GNOME" 455 comments
Review of GNOME 2.26 and GTK+ 2.16 140 comments
Public Bug Tracking and Open-Source Policy 118 comments
Linus Switches From KDE To Gnome 869 comments
Ubuntu Mobile Looks At Qt As GNOME Alternative 262 comments
Building Linux Applications With JavaScript 288 comments
OpenSolaris 2008.11 – Year of the Laptop? 223 comments
Gnome's Nautilus Gets ZFS Integration, In OpenSolaris 38 comments
Mandriva Linux 2009 Released 106 comments
Matching Up Hotkeys for OS X and Linux GUIs? 83 comments
GNOME 2.24 Released 163 comments
Cross-Platform Video Chat For Linux? 338 comments
Ubuntu To Pay for Upgrades To the Free Software User Experience 546 comments
Shuttleworth Sees Possibility For a QT-based GNOME 296 comments
Release Team Proposes Gnome 3.0 Plans 306 comments
Moving Toward a Single Linux UI? 441 comments
Identify and Verify Users Based on How They Type 196 comments
Gnome 2.22 Released 97 comments
The Notable Improvements of GNOME 2.22 265 comments
GNOME 2.20.3 for Slackware 44 comments
KDE and KOffice Rebuke OOXML, GNOME Dithers 398 comments
Weigh In On the OOXML Issue During Live Debate 71 comments
GNOME Foundation Helping OOXML? 471 comments
GNOME 2.20 Released 443 comments
Syncing Music Players In Linux? 278 comments
Gnome 2.18 Released 253 comments
Godwin's Law Invoked in Linus/Gnome Spat 828 comments
GnuCash 1.9.0 Released 221 comments
Preview Of New Beagle Search UI 36 comments
Fedora Core 5 includes Mono 463 comments
Macedonia Deploys 5,000 Ubuntu Desktops in Schools 227 comments
GNOME 2.12 Released 495 comments
GNOME 2.12 Previewed 437 comments
Interview with a Gnome artist, William Szilveszter 20 comments
Legal Impediments to Using F/OSS Screenshots? 75 comments
GUADEC Streams and Archives Online 47 comments
Havoc Pennington on GNOME 3's Future 309 comments
Gnome Removed From Slackware 761 comments
The GNOME Journal, March Edition 33 comments
GNOME Ignoring its Own Users? 735 comments
Gnome 2.10 Released 526 comments
Bounties for Gnome Optimization 469 comments
ClearLooks to be Default Theme on Gnome 2.12 149 comments
Rasterman Responds To Seth And Havoc 423 comments
Miguel de Icaza Talks About Mono 596 comments
GNOME 2.10 Beta 1 Screenshot Demo 480 comments
GTK+ to Use Cairo Vector Engine 247 comments
Gnome 2.10 Sneak Peek 436 comments
Novell to port Evolution to Windows 346 comments
The GNOME Journal, January Edition 19 comments
GTK 2.6.0 Released 255 comments
GNOME Foundation Elections Results Are In 158 comments
AbiWord 2.2 Unleashed 344 comments
Debian Announces Sarge Will Include GNOME 2.8 276 comments Built with KDE and GNOME Support 299 comments
Todd Kulesza Leaving Dropline GNOME 17 comments
Slackware Likely To Drop GNOME Support 708 comments
eWeek Reviews Gnome 2.8 And KDE 3.3 233 comments
ULB GNOME 2.8.0 Released 23 comments
Interview with Mikael Hallendal of Imendio HB 5 comments
Evolution 2.0 Released, Screenshots 316 comments
Impress Your Friends With A 3D Desktop Pager 46 comments
GNOME 2.8 Released 506 comments
Gnome 2.8 RC1 Released 442 comments
Mono's Cocoa# Underway, GTK# Takes on Windows.Forms 378 comments
Evolution Bounty Stirs GPL Concerns 214 comments
Technology Review Profiles Miguel de Icaza 231 comments
Feature Preview of Gnome 2.8 244 comments
Stirring The GNOME Fires 261 comments
Project GoneME Fixes Perceived Gnome UI Errors 576 comments
Gnome 2.6 Usability Review 424 comments
How To Deal With The Spatial Paradigm 38 comments
World's First Large-Scale Ogg Theora Stream 137 comments
News From The Evolution Front 52 comments
GNOME Gets its Own Software Repository 85 comments
The GNOME Roadmap 455 comments
Everaldo and Jimmac On Linux Art and Usability 119 comments
Nicholas Petreley Slams Gnome 818 comments
Mozilla Foundation Meets The GNOME Foundation 380 comments
GNOME for Grandma 443 comments
Eiffel as a Gnome Development Language ? 397 comments
Ars Technica Looks At GNOME 2.6 [updated] 336 comments
GNOME 2.6 Reviewed 169 comments
SVG And The Free Desktop(s) 337 comments
Intrusion Cleanup Forces Delay For GNOME 2.6 170 comments
KDE And Gnome Together At Last? 466 comments Compromised? 512 comments
Rhythmbox Gets iPod Support 249 comments
Coding The Future Linux Desktop [updated] 700 comments
GTK 2.4.0 Released 303 comments
A Look at the Upcoming GNOME 2.6 428 comments
GnomeMeeting 1.0 Videoconferencing/VoIP Released 178 comments
A First Look At The GIMP 2.0 713 comments
Study Recommends Gnumeric Over MS Excel 86 comments
An Interview with Jeff Waugh 183 comments
GNOME in the Year of the Monkey 227 comments
The Full Story on GStreamer 201 comments
GNOME/KDE Integration Gets A Few Boosts 339 comments
The State Of The GTK+ File Selector 701 comments
KDE 3.x Installation On Solaris Discussed 177 comments
Has Anyone Used Evolution in an Enterprise? 49 comments
GNOME Foundation Board Election Results 242 comments
Evolution 1.5 has Been Released 317 comments
GNOME In Australia, France, India And Malaysia 15 comments
Get to Know GnomeMeeting 144 comments
GNOME 2.5.0 Available For FreeBSD 66 comments
Expose Metacity With Expocity 516 comments on KDE/Gnome, New Goals 340 comments Desktop Integration Bounty Hunt 329 comments
Novell Presents Mono Roadmap 53 comments
New Mono Roadmap, DotGNU 0.1 On CD 41 comments
GTK 2.3, And The Emerging File Selector 99 comments
StarOffice 7, GNOME-Office 1.0 Released 336 comments
Interview with Havoc Pennington of Red Hat 185 comments
GNOPPIX: Bootable GNOME CD 380 comments
Announcing GNOME 2.4.0 for FreeBSD 108 comments
Gnome 2.4 Release(d) 566 comments
'Storage' to Replace Traditional Filesystems? 599 comments
Gnumeric Developers Interviewed, And V1.2 Previewed 9 comments
GTK+ TTY Port 277 comments
Sun Mad Hatter Linux Desktop Revealed 663 comments
Gnumeric Now Supports All Excel Worksheet Functions 319 comments
A Look at the Upcoming GNOME 2.4 401 comments
gDesklets - Gnome2's Karamba 287 comments
Menu Shadows in GTK2 259 comments
Gnumeric Turns 5 370 comments
GU4DEC Live On The Web 85 comments
Ximian's Back 231 comments
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