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GameCube (Games) Stories

No More GameCube, Wii 2.0 On the Far Horizon 153 comments
A Method To Mario's Madness 41 comments
Zelda: Twilight Princess Delayed 121 comments
The Many Secrets of Smash Bros. Melee 78 comments
Miyamoto Says Wind Waker Was Boring 143 comments
Nintendo Won't Pull A Sega 133 comments
More Twilight Princess Details Emerge 109 comments
The Nintendo Conference In-Depth 553 comments
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 63 comments
Guide for the Nintendo Fan at E3 76 comments
Legend of Zelda: Needs A Subtitle Previewed 44 comments
More Details on Zelda Emerge 95 comments
The Next-Gen Consoles - Sort Fact From Fiction 66 comments
Nintendo Revolution Details Reaffirmed 61 comments
Next Zelda Game Examined 29 comments
Soul No Longer Burns on Xbox, GC 52 comments
Nintendo Dismisses October Zelda Launch 70 comments
The Nintendo Keynote In Depth 105 comments
Nintendo's Next Console Revolution Will Have WiFi 471 comments
Nintendo Revolution May Alienate Third Party Developers 118 comments
Nintendo Allows Japanese DS Gamers Taste of Wireless 24 comments
Nintendo Warns MMO Company Over Trademark Issues 86 comments
EA Founder Predicts MS Purchase of Nintendo 132 comments
Nintendo Trademarks Prompt Speculation 25 comments
Resident Evil 4 PS2 Porting Problems 93 comments
Nintendo's Early 2005 Strategy 63 comments
Intergalactic Bounty Hunters Wanted 83 comments
All Three Next-Gen Consoles at e3 2005 371 comments
European DS Launch and Titles Announced 21 comments
Nintendo Revolution Rumours Emerge 136 comments
Ten Most Anticipated Games of 2005 102 comments
Hardware Shortages Weaken Holiday Sales 26 comments
60 Day Gamecube Development Contest 26 comments
Mario to Shake His Groove Thing 69 comments
Sales Data Indicates GameCube Underperforming 169 comments
UK Retailers Dumping Gamecube? 134 comments
Nintendo Running Itself into the Ground? 237 comments
Nintendo to Drop D-pad 110 comments
Gamecube MMORPG Back From the Dead 43 comments
Sticking up for Nintendo 109 comments
Jeff Minter's Unity Cancelled 64 comments
Japanese DS Game Substantially Different Than US? 64 comments
Prince of Persia 2 On Store Shelves 50 comments
Nintendo Eyeing the Big Screen 308 comments
Nintendo Going Online, Releasing New Games 112 comments
First Mod Chip For GameCube 312 comments
Metal Gear Solid 3 Ships 38 comments
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Launches 277 comments
Nintendo's Lawsuits Aided by Fans 402 comments
Nintendo Gamer's Summit 2004 10 comments
Resident Evil 4 for PS2 48 comments
KDE Running On A GameCube 169 comments
Nintendo iQue Set To Go Online 24 comments
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Sites Appear 46 comments
Nintendo Spokesman Talks Next-Gen and MS 128 comments
Zelda Extravaganza 38 comments
Nintendo DS Hands On 213 comments
Nintendo Gamer's Summit 2004 15 comments
The Evolution of Mario 33 comments
Nintendo May Do Anime 60 comments
Official DS Packaging Revealed 37 comments
Donkey Konga Bundle Pack Announced 24 comments
Bottles' Revenge Unlocked! 17 comments
Nintendo Patents Online Console Gaming 395 comments
Nintendo - NES Classics, Metroid Prime 2 Movies 58 comments
Nintendo's Reggielution Will Not Be Televised 46 comments
Microsoft Lusts Nintendo, To Little Avail 174 comments
Alien Hominid Breaks New Grounds In Console 2D 22 comments
The Ultimate Nintendo Console 354 comments
Nintendo's Boss On Western Partnerships, Online 236 comments
GameCube Coders Caught Out By Gigantic Memory Card 104 comments
Aonuma Talks Zelda's Past, Nintendo DS Zelda Plans 55 comments
Sega Studios To Be Amalgamated In Sammy Merger 43 comments
Nintendo Shows Franchise Totals, Metroid-Themed GBA 40 comments
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Without GBAs? 74 comments
Nintendo To Debut Next-Gen Console At E3 2005 56 comments
Miyamoto Lecture At Smithsonian Documented 36 comments
Ribbit King - Perfecting The Art Of Frog Golf? 21 comments
Nintendo's Iwata Talks European Neglect, DS Origins 52 comments
Nintendo's Iwata - Innovate or Die 336 comments
Nintendo Talks DS, Zelda, PSP Threat 108 comments
E3 - Nintendo Shows DS Details, Realistic Zelda 441 comments
Industry Analysts, Jokers Predict E3 Shenanigans 12 comments
Legend Of Zelda - Evolution Of A Franchise 31 comments
Metroid Prime 2 - Echoes Shows Multiplayer Action For GameCube 78 comments
Capcom's Clover - Viewtiful Conversion, Sequel, Ookami 25 comments
On E3's Awards, Anticipation, Predictions 42 comments
Zelda - The Four Swords Adventures Rated 56 comments
Factor 5 Moves Away From GameCube Development 42 comments
Silicon Knights, Nintendo Cease Exclusivity Deal 70 comments
Nintendo's GCNext Direction Outlined By Iwata 90 comments
Nintendo To Get DS Renamed, Paper Mario Sequel 53 comments
Metal Gear Solid Gets TTS Speed Demo, Sequel Features 17 comments
Key Publishers Scaling Back GameCube Titles, Zelda Sequel Hints 97 comments
Do Videogames Need More Graphical Grit? 105 comments
Metal Gear Twin Snakes Adapter Talks Future 46 comments
Zelda Master Sword Forged For Fan 100 comments
Nintendo Faces Continuation Of Seizure Lawsuit 93 comments
PostgreSQL Ported to GameCube, Linux Progressing 73 comments
On Warp Pipe, Open Source, Closed Source 28 comments
GameCube Demand Spiking in U.S.? 111 comments
Metroid II, Prime Get New Speed Run Records 66 comments
On Alleged Anti-Nintendo Sentiment In The Gaming Media 91 comments
GameCube's Timeline, Accomplishments Charted 154 comments
Hiroshi Yamauchi On Nintendo's Future 65 comments
GameCube Successor For E3 2005? 103 comments
Nintendo's Next Seems on Track, Despite Reports 78 comments
Nintendo, Miyamoto Preview 2004 Releases 102 comments
Favorite 'Greatest Hits' Console Games Worldwide? 26 comments
GameCube-Powered Webserver 277 comments
Capcom - Gladiators, Nightmares, Jean Reno? 37 comments
On Stemming Nintendo's Exclusive Game Drought 110 comments
Linux Now Booted On GameCube System 80 comments
The Guy Game - Adult Console Trivia Nirvana? 52 comments
Nintendo's Mystery DS Portable Revealed 391 comments
Gamecube Linux Port Announced, In Progress 258 comments
Nintendo Claims No.2 Spot, PS2 Sales Down Year-On-Year 92 comments
Nintendo's Iwata On GameCube Sales, Future Plans 75 comments
Phantasy Star Online Gets Carded, PC-ed 18 comments
Metal Gear Solid - Twin Snakes, Mario Easter Eggs 32 comments
Simpler Sometimes Better In Videogames? 90 comments
More On Japanese Game Developers In 2004 35 comments
Top-Selling Japanese Games In 2003 Reveal Trends 58 comments
XLink Kai Beta For GC, Xbox Tunneling Launched 22 comments
Nintendo - Stodgy, Not-So-Super Mario? 174 comments
Warp Pipe Adds 8-Player Mario Kart, 1080 Avalanche Support 35 comments
Harry Potter Gets Azkaban Game, Stone Brickbats 32 comments
Panasonic Stops Production Of GameCube-Based Q 23 comments
Donkey Konga - Nintendo's Drumming Oddity Analyzed 67 comments
Metal Gear Solid - Behind The Scenes 39 comments
AOL Plans Console Gaming Ladder, PS2 Hookup 15 comments
Warp Pipe On Linux, Mac Versions, Future Plans 24 comments
Zelda - Four Swords Gets Tetra's Trackers Bonus 26 comments
Game Consoles, Software Have Happy Thanksgiving 50 comments
Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation Revealed 33 comments
Plush Game Consoles Revealed 32 comments
On Nintendo And Marketing Myopia 123 comments
Warp Pipe Launches With Mario Kart Support 28 comments
Medal Of Honor - Rising Sun Readied For Japan 132 comments
Metal Arms - Under-Appreciated For The Holidays? 38 comments
Mario Kart Double Dash - GameCube Savior Or Rehash? 110 comments
Survival Horror Gets Fashion Showdown 14 comments
Bargain Videogame Tips For Holidays? 74 comments
GameCube Tunneling Software Rivals Clash 53 comments
Nintendo To Launch New Machine Next Year? 295 comments
Nintendo - Zelda Bonus Disc Hands-On, 2004 Releases Trailed 40 comments
Nintendo's iQue Detailed, Pictured 37 comments
Top Japanese Designers Talk Development Problems 26 comments
Metroid Prime Done Even Quicker 51 comments
Prince Of Persia - Completion, Kudos, Bonuses 30 comments
Nintendo Resumes Production Of GameCube 69 comments
GameCube - Doubles U.S Share, UK Status, Zelda Bundle 65 comments
GTA-Styled True Crime Gets Final Verdict 32 comments
Further GameCube Tunneling Software Announced 18 comments
Videogame Injuries - The Ugly Truth 113 comments
Harrison On Nintendo's Shortcomings, Hopes 42 comments
Tony Hawk's Underground - A Worthy Return? 47 comments
Nintendo - Warp Piped, Retro Collected 25 comments
Nintendo Comment On Alleged Problems 111 comments
Wario Ware's GameCube Insanity Probed 15 comments
Rogue Squadron III - The Sequel You're Looking For? 47 comments
Quality Assurance In The Games Industry 75 comments
On The Failure Of Online Console Gaming 89 comments
Zelda GameCube Bundle Dated 65 comments
Alternative GameCube GBA Adapter Launched 35 comments
Warp Pipe Project Ramps Up For Mario Kart 15 comments
Nintendo Buys Bandai Shares, Prompts Merger Speculation 27 comments
Silicon Knights On Gaming Consolidation, Standardization 31 comments
Mario Gets Advanced Again, Parties On 37 comments
New GameCube Network Loader Runs Homebrew Games 296 comments
Nintendo Translator On Miyamoto, Mr. Resetti 28 comments
Nintendo Top Japanese Game Charts 21 comments
GameCube Outsells PS2, Xbox After Price Cut 159 comments
Viewtiful Joe Shows 2D Cel-Shaded Style 12 comments
Zelda Bundle For GameCube Confirmed 99 comments
Putting On Your Game Face 57 comments
Phantasy Star Online Ep.3 - A Worthy Direction? 17 comments
Nintendo Announces Net Loss, New Prices 53 comments
Donkey Konga - The Drums, The Majesty 31 comments
GameCube Sales Quadruple, Nintendo Debuts New Slogan 189 comments
Console Price Cuts And The Holiday Season 57 comments
Metal Gear - Twin Snakes Delayed, Snake Eater Trailed 14 comments
Nintendo President On Future Of Gaming 66 comments
Starcraft Ghost Takes Blizzard's Franchise Stealth 22 comments
Tokyo Game Show Frenzy Continues 10 comments
Miyamoto's Pac-Man Oddity Gets GC Bundled 30 comments
Xbox Price To Shadow PS2, Not GameCube 55 comments
Capcom, SquareEnix Show Off New TGS Titles 25 comments
Atari Drops GameCube Support For Two Titles 86 comments
GameCube $99 Price Drop Now Official 80 comments
GameCube Dropped To $99 At Online Retailer 118 comments
Worldwide Console Hardware Sales Compared 46 comments
Xbox Boss Admits Mistakes, Bashes Nintendo 68 comments
Force Feedback - Star Wars Games Analyzed 23 comments
Xbox - Borrowing Nintendo's First-Party Model? 45 comments
Tokyo Game Show Titles Trailed 11 comments
Game Sales Up As Madden Leads Charge 45 comments
Simpsons Hit A Home(r) Run With GTA Clone? 25 comments
Capcom To Release Mega Man Anthology 70 comments
Jeff Minter Discusses Unity, Llamas 13 comments
Konami, Hudson Team Up, Smash Bros-Style 19 comments
Nintendo, AOL Enter Into Online Agreement 44 comments
Xbox And Gamecube's New Hardware Bundles? 59 comments
Has Nintendo Lost Its Edge? 255 comments
Wario Ware GameCube Craziness Explored 11 comments
Mario's GBA Luigi Team-Up, Sunshine Revisited 20 comments
Challenge In Games Is Not A Dirty Word 109 comments
Metal Gear Solid GC Enhancements Discussed 15 comments
Eidos To Stop GameCube Development 64 comments
GameCube Outsells PlayStation 2 In Japan 52 comments
Not Enough Online Console Games? 97 comments
Eidos Announces Plans, Profit, Changes 11 comments
Gloomy Outlook For Console Sales 39 comments
GameCube Resurgence Via RPGs? 50 comments
Metroid Designer Talks Metroid Prime II, EyeToy 19 comments
Nintendo Celebrates Pokemoniversary 31 comments
True Crime - Streets Of L.A. Ratchets Up The Vice 24 comments
Soul Calibur II Sparks Subdued Joy 51 comments
Sega Boss Stresses Fun Factor, Simpler Games 31 comments
Nintendo - Kirby, LAN, Paper Mario, Pikmin 2 23 comments
History Of 3D Fighting Games Explored 19 comments
Tony Hawk's Underground Hitches A Ride 8 comments
Mario Kart Double Dash Gets Turbo Boost 38 comments
DVD-Enabled Consoles Do Better? 87 comments
Best Videogame Endings Discussed 126 comments
Nintendo And Europe - Not Best Of Friends 56 comments
Rising Game Sales Reveal Trends? 26 comments
The Simpsons Meet Grand Theft Auto 43 comments
Madden Videogames - The New Wheaties Box? 19 comments
Arcade Stick For Soul Calibur II Announced 26 comments
Not Donkey Kong, But.. Donkey Konga? 26 comments
Tomb Raider Creator On Galleon Delays 17 comments
Nintendo - Money, Announcements, Comeback? 58 comments
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Rated 27 comments
GameCube Production to Halt 515 comments
Car Makers Use Games As Virtual Test Drive 31 comments
Nintendo Announce New Titles, Other Rumors 55 comments
Kirby Creator Leaves Company 32 comments
2D Shmups - History, Prospects? 21 comments
Nintendo Profits Up Amid GameCube Worries 174 comments
Game Company Financials Examined 14 comments
Linksys Makes Wireless Play For Gamers 36 comments
Silicon Knights On History, Nintendo, Miyamoto 18 comments
Sega's Grand Plans, Development Changes 27 comments
F-Zero Breaks Freeloader - Intentionally? 44 comments
The Rise Of Bugs In Console Games 132 comments
Gladius - LucasArts Goes FF Tactics? 16 comments
Warp Pipe Project - GameCube Online 167 comments
Xenosaga Episode II, Baten Kaitos Unveiled 25 comments
Harry Potter's Zelda-Influenced Philosophy 31 comments
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