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First Person Shooters (Games) Stories

Rail Gun Controller Lets You Pack the Heat of Your Air Soft Gun In Any FPS Game 44 comments
Open-Source Doom 3 Advances With EAX Audio, 64-bit ARM/x86 Support 37 comments
Gamers Are Fans of Games, Not Genres 119 comments
Bethesda Unveils New Doom Game, Announces Dishonored 2 113 comments
Fallout 4 Announced 229 comments
"Descent" Goes For a Crowdfunding Reboot (and a Linux Version) 149 comments
Human Eye's Oscillation Rate Determines Smooth Frame Rate 187 comments
Blizzard Announces Overwatch, a First-Person Shooter 183 comments
Quake Meets Minecraft in FPS Construction Kit Gunscape 50 comments
Early Reviews of Destiny: Unfulfilled Potential 93 comments
John Romero On Reinventing the Shooter 266 comments
Changing the Rules of a 15-Year-Old Game: Quake Live Update Causes Controversy 170 comments
CCP Games Explains Why Virtual Reality First Person Shooters Still Don't Work 154 comments
The Simultaneous Rise and Decline of Battlefield 208 comments
Wolfenstein: The New Order Launches 167 comments
Halo 5 Announced 8 comments
Measuring the Xbox One Against PCs With Titanfall 377 comments
New DOOM Game Not Dead: Beta Comes With Wolfenstein Pre-Order 108 comments
Doom Is Twenty Years Old 225 comments
John Carmack Leaves id Software 154 comments
Battlefield 4 DRM Locking Out Part of North America Until EU Release 312 comments
The Dark Mod 2.0 Standalone: Id Tech 4 GPL Yields a Free Thief-a-Like Game 98 comments
Game Preview: Firefall (video) 122 comments
BioShock: Infinite Released 149 comments
Crysis 3 Review: Amazing Graphics, Still a Benchmark Buster, Boring Gameplay 211 comments
Punkbuster Service Goes Down, Hundreds of Online Game Servers Affected 74 comments
"Adults Only" OpenArena Now Playable On Raspberry Pi 65 comments
Pakistan Boycotting Call of Duty, Medal of Honor Games 220 comments
Game Review: Planetside 2 (video) 157 comments
Gabe Newell Confirms Source 2 Engine 88 comments
Navy Seals Disciplined For Revealing Secrets As Consultants On Video Game 204 comments
CowboyNeal Reviews Alien Arena: Reloaded 33 comments
EA Outs Battlefield 4, Plans To Charge $70 For New Games 323 comments
New 'Reloaded Edition' of Alien Arena Open Source FPS Released 71 comments
Activision Turning The Walking Dead Into a First-Person Shooter 102 comments
Quake 3 Source Code Review 107 comments
Wolfenstein 3-D Celebrates 20 Years With Free Browser-Based Version 160 comments
Aleph One 1.0 Released 105 comments
Battlefield 3 Banned In Iran 248 comments
Doom 3 Source Released 187 comments
Modern Warfare 3 Released 201 comments
Battlefield 3 Performance: 30+ Graphics Cards Tested 171 comments
New Coral Named After Call of Duty: Black Ops 27 comments
Mass Effect 3 To Include Co-op Multiplayer 78 comments
id Software Releases RAGE 192 comments
An FPS Minus the Shooting 172 comments
Gears of War 3 Released 69 comments
Why Aren't There More Civilians In Military Video Games? 431 comments
German Ban On Doom Finally Lifted 176 comments
PS3 Counter-Strike To Support Keyboard and Mouse 168 comments
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Released 138 comments
Rage and the Tech Behind id Tech 5 172 comments
Valve Announces Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 109 comments
Early Look At GoldenEye Reloaded 5 comments
Doom 3 Source Code To Be Released This Year 210 comments
Low Violence Red Orchestra 2 For Australia 42 comments
Borderlands 2 Announced 79 comments
Preview of id Software's Rage 147 comments
Carmack Addresses FPS Creativity Concerns 280 comments
Valve's Team Fortress 2 Goes Free-To-Play 195 comments
Ars Technica Review Slams Duke Nukem Forever 462 comments
Duke Nukem Forever Demo Released 188 comments
Activision Reveals Call of Duty Subscription Plans 184 comments
GameStop To Honor Ancient Duke Nukem Pre-Orders 172 comments
Sprint Pushes FPS NOVA With Firmware — and Users Can't Remove It 182 comments
PLA Develops First Person Shooter With US Troops as Targets 395 comments
Modern Warfare 3 Details Leak 56 comments
Bin Laden Hideout Recreated In Counter-Strike 502 comments
id Software's RAGE To Ship With Mod Tools 94 comments
CryTek For Free: CryEngine 3 SDK and Editor 121 comments
FPS Gaming and the 'Just-World Hypothesis' 366 comments
Steam Success Holding Up Half-Life Development? 235 comments
Garry's Mod Catches Pirates the Fun Way 365 comments
Duke Nukem Forever Multiplayer Mode Predictably Controversial 344 comments
Super Mario Bros. As a First-Person Shooter 1 comments
Crysis 2 Leaked Over a Month Before Launch 203 comments
Fox News Brings Video Game Violence Debate To a New Low 421 comments
Duke Nukem Forever Release Date Revealed 288 comments
Arx Fatalis Updated, Released Under GPL 153 comments
Unreal Tournament 3 For Linux Is Officially Dead 190 comments
GoldenEye Source Conversion Mod Released 105 comments
John Carmack Not Enthused About Android Marketplace 163 comments
RAGE On iOS Shows Promise 102 comments
Combat Vets On CoD: Black Ops, Medal of Honor Taliban 93 comments
FPS Games That Need a Remake 518 comments
Video Games Found To Enhance Visual Attention 79 comments
John Carmack On RAGE For iOS/Android 105 comments
Duke Nukem 3D On Unreal Engine 3 118 comments
Berlin Wall 'Death Strip' Game Sparks Outrage In Germany 193 comments
Review: Halo: Reach 191 comments
Duke Nukem Forever Back In Development 356 comments
Gamer Plays Doom For the First Time 362 comments
Alien Swarm Can Be Played As a Terrifying FPS 157 comments
Crytek Dev On Fun vs. Realism In Game Guns 324 comments
Killzone 3 Announced 58 comments
Halo 2 Online Preservation Effort Ends 201 comments
Call of Duty: Black Ops Announced 110 comments
Dedicated Halo 2 Fans Keep Multiplayer Alive 239 comments
An Early Look At Next-Gen Shooter Bodycount 238 comments
Gears of War 3 Officially Confirmed For April 2011 76 comments
Crytek Plans Free Version of CryENGINE 3 75 comments
F.E.A.R. 3 Announced For This Fall 53 comments
Google Gets Quake II Running In HTML5 258 comments
Tremulous Switching To Xbox Live, Exclusively 43 comments
DarkPlaces Dev Forest Hale Corrects Nexuiz GPL Stance 131 comments
Nexuiz Founder Licenses It For Non-GPL Use 246 comments
BioShock 2's First DLC Already On Disc 466 comments
New Call of Duty Titles Announced, Fired Devs Sue For Name 134 comments
Cross-Platform Mobile Gaming Gaining Traction 43 comments
Quake 3 For Android 137 comments
BioShock 2 Released 209 comments
Code Review of Doom For the iPhone 161 comments
Modern Warfare 2 Surpasses $1 Billion Mark; Dedicated Servers What? 258 comments
Duke Nukem Forever Not Dead? (Yes, This Again) 195 comments
Framerates Matter 521 comments
BRINK Interview With Richard Ham and Edward Stern 34 comments
Open Source FPS Blood Frontier Releases Beta 2 113 comments
Infinity Ward Fights Against Modern Warfare 2 Cheaters 203 comments
John Carmack Says No Dedicated Servers For Rage 162 comments
Left 4 Dead 2 Approved In Australia After Edits 134 comments
Early Look At EVE Creators' DUST 514 81 comments
Wolfenstein Being Recalled In Germany 625 comments
Re-Examining the Immersion Factor For First-Person Shooters 130 comments
Mac, Linux Support For Quake Live, Preview of Rage 79 comments
Playing a First-Person Shooter Using Real Guns 225 comments
New Left 4 Dead DLC Coming Next Month 55 comments
Carmack & Mustaine Talk Doom Resurrection For the iPhone 57 comments
From Doom To Dunia — the History of 3D Engines 117 comments
ArenaLive, an Open Source MMOFPS 95 comments
Despite New Owner, id Still Lives Or Dies By Their Engines 131 comments
ZeniMax, Parent Company of Bethesda, Buys id Software 147 comments
Open Source FPS Game Alien Arena 2009 Released 142 comments
Team Fortress 2 SDK Update Includes Source Files For 10 Maps 52 comments
Crysis 2 Confirmed For Multiple Platforms 61 comments
Classic Doom Coming To the iPhone Next Month 90 comments
Team Fortress 2 Update To Bring Maps, Sniper and Spy Upgrades 88 comments
Duke Nukem For Never 565 comments
Quake Live Dev Says Mac and Linux Are "Top Priority" 117 comments
ioquake3 1.36 Goes Gold 176 comments
Advanced Open Source Engine Based On Quake 3 137 comments
Versus Mode Comes To Resident Evil 5 28 comments
Open Source Shooter Nexuiz 2.5 Released 309 comments
Early Look At the New Wolfenstein Game 88 comments
Violent Video Games Can Improve Vision 205 comments
id Releases Open Source Wolfenstein 3D for the iPhone 232 comments
Tribes 1 Returns In-Browser At GDC Next Week 55 comments
Valve Engineers Weed Out 'Lying' TF2 Game Servers 97 comments
Blood Frontier "Beta 1" Officially Released 103 comments
Quake Live Open Beta Begins Feb. 24th 60 comments
Unreal Tournament 3 "Titan Pack" Expansion Coming In March 67 comments
In-Game Web Browser Round-Up 193 comments
Review: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin 217 comments
Early Killzone 2 Reviews Looking Good 140 comments
First Doom 4 Production Shots Revealed 136 comments
First-Person Shooter Modified For Fire Drill Simulation 158 comments
An Early Look at Killzone 2's Multiplayer 47 comments
Looking Back At Far Cry 2 138 comments
New Open Source FPS Blood Frontier Shows Promise 242 comments
How Quake Wars Met the Ray Tracer 158 comments
Most Popular Free, Arena-Style FPS? 205 comments
Gears of War 2 Patched To Fix Matchmaking Issues, Problems Persist 34 comments
Measuring Engagement In Games 72 comments
Black Mesa Nearing Completion, Trailer Released 103 comments
10 Years of Half-Life 182 comments
Activision On Iterating, Innovating Call Of Duty Series 66 comments
"Challenge Room" DLC Doesn't Follow BioShock's Strengths 41 comments
Left 4 Dead Demo Dated, Cinematic Released 30 comments
Matt Hazard Returns 31 comments
Command & Conquer FPS Canceled 83 comments
Review: Crysis Warhead 154 comments
"More Than Three Teams" Working On Halo Games 72 comments
id Software On Rage, Storytelling In Games 97 comments
Activision To "Monetize" Call of Duty Online Play 114 comments
Carmack Talks Quake Live 36 comments
Classic Shooters Heretic and Hexen Released Under GPL 74 comments
The Making of Bioshock 281 comments
Gameplay Videos Released For Fallout 3 97 comments
The Duke Is Finally Back, For Real 309 comments
First Public QuakeLive Footage In HD 65 comments
id, Raven Developers Discuss New Wolfenstein 162 comments
Browser-Based "Quake Live" Trailer Released 48 comments
Quake Editor Tread 3.0 Alpha Released 27 comments
A Video Game To Teach AP Level Immunology 158 comments
The Red Team Wins 299 comments
BioShock 3 Confirmed Despite Lack of BioShock 2 96 comments
Crysis Sequel Announced, Still PC Only 86 comments
Duke Nukem Forever Preview On Jace Hall Show 341 comments
Dark Void Gameplay Impressions 11 comments
First Details of New Bond Game Released 20 comments
Earthquake In China 595 comments
id Software Announces Doom 4 425 comments
The Ultimate Doom Mod Collection? 78 comments
Do Gamers Enjoy Dying in First-Person-Shooters? 309 comments
Free Software FPS Games Compared 194 comments
Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Demo Now Out 97 comments
Freeware FPS Alien Arena 2007 Reviewed 158 comments
Gunplay Blamed For Cutting Fiber 276 comments
id Resolves DOSBox/GPL Issue 78 comments
The Aftermath of QuakeCon 50 comments
E3 Previews — Haze and Crysis 12 comments
A Look At Free Quake3 Engine Based Games 77 comments
Video Games with Shooting May Improve Eyesight 47 comments
Ten Maxims Every FPS Should Follow 155 comments
Halo 3 To Have 'Mute the Jerk' Button 260 comments
Unreal 3 Engine to Skip the Wii 245 comments
The Crossing - A New Way to FPS? 184 comments
Sony, Nintendo, id Lauded With Emmys 55 comments
SiN Episodes Pretty Much Done 24 comments
John Carmack's QuakeCon Keynote Video 44 comments
Halo 2 Only on Vista 524 comments
Upcoming FPS Titles In 2006 86 comments
Hands on with SiN Episodes 36 comments
Planetside For Free 54 comments
Dystopia Patched, Aftermath Dated 16 comments
UT 2007 Might Make The PS3 Launch 32 comments
UT 2K7 Slated for PS3 Launch 53 comments
MMOFPS Games The Next Big Thing? 80 comments
Half-Life 2 Comes To Japanese Arcades 23 comments
Quake2 Ported to Java, Play Via the Web 326 comments
F.E.A.R. SDK Released 22 comments
Bill Gates' Doom Video From 1995 83 comments
Half-Life 2: Aftermath Delayed 29 comments
Old School Gameplay Collides With Modern Graphics 314 comments
Review: Serious Sam II 183 comments
Quake 4 Graphics Performance Compared 71 comments
Quake 4 Linux 392 comments
Duke Nukem Forever to Arrive December? 99 comments
Epic's Rein On Next-Gen And Secondhand 42 comments
MMO-Like Quake Is Possible 50 comments
Studies on Gaming Addiction? 28 comments
Fixing Bungie's Broken Masterpiece 48 comments
The Halo 2 Map Pack In-Depth 46 comments
Quake 3: Arena Source GPL'ed 485 comments
Carmack's QuakeCon Keynote Detailed 309 comments
Quake 3 Source Code to be Released 394 comments
Project Offset FPS Amazes 156 comments
Half-Life 2 Lost Coast, Antlion Troopers 36 comments
Quake 4 Visual Preview 67 comments
Review: Battlefield 2 565 comments
Shadowrun for the 360 77 comments
EA To Publish for Valve 86 comments
A Few Good G-Men - HL2 Machinima 37 comments
Doomed: How id Lost Its Crown 491 comments
EA's Advice is to Uninstall Battlefield 2 124 comments
How id Lost Its Crown 164 comments
Halo Script Hawked To Studios 100 comments
Threshold for Piracy? 88 comments
GPL First Person Shooter Released 70 comments
Black FPS Preview 44 comments
Half-Life 2 Panoramics 22 comments
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