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Emulation (Games) Stories

Sony Quietly Adds PS2 Emulation To the PS4 150 comments
Hacking Jules Coaxes Android Wear To Run Nintendo 64 and PSP Emulators 37 comments
MAME Emulating a Sonic the Hedgehog Popcorn Machine 33 comments
Retro Roundup: Old Computers Emulated Right In Your Browser 78 comments
Emulator Now Runs x86 Apps On All Raspberry Pi Models 82 comments
MAME Changing License To Fully Libre One 56 comments
Building an NES Emulator 140 comments
Spectrum Vega: A Blast From the Past 110 comments
Vax, PDP/11, HP3000 and Others Live On In the Cloud 62 comments
GSOC Project Works To Emulate Systemd For OpenBSD 314 comments
Virtual Machine Brings X86 Linux Apps To ARMv7 Devices 61 comments
ScummVM 1.7.0 Released 26 comments
New Release of DICE, the CPU-Less Arcade Game Emulator, Adds Four Games 43 comments
Wine On Android Starts Allowing Windows Binaries On Android/ARM 140 comments Hosts Massive Collection of MAME ROMs 193 comments
Google Brings AmigaOS to Chrome Via Native Client Emulation 157 comments
Linux Kernel Running In JavaScript Emulator With Graphics and Network Support 177 comments
JavaScript-Based OpenRISC Emulator Can Run Linux, GCC, Wayland 89 comments
Wine 1.6 Released With 10,000 Changes 116 comments
Retro Gaming With Raspberry Pi 106 comments
DOS Emulation Arrives For the Raspberry Pi 189 comments
Dad Hacks "Donkey Kong" - Now Pauline Rescues Mario 262 comments
Open Source Gaming Handheld Project Wants Your Money 203 comments
Welcome to the University of Michigan's Computer and Video Game Archive (Video) 55 comments
Free Software PS2 Emulator PCSX2 Hits 1.0 202 comments
Browser Emulation of 1975 Computer Runs First 16-Bit Home Game 40 comments
The State of the Diablo 3 Beta (Two Videos) 237 comments
MAME Running In Chrome 165 comments
Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Buy Legal Game ROMs? 361 comments
Ask Slashdot: Passively Cooled Hardware For Game Emulation? 229 comments
Atari C&Ds Emulators, Site About Asteroids 155 comments
JavaScript Gameboy Color Emulator 153 comments
Google Yanks Several Emulators From App Store 190 comments
Ask Slashdot: DOSBox, or DOS Box? 585 comments
Google Pulls PSX4Droid For Sony's Xperia Play 140 comments
RIM Confirms Android Apps Will Run On Playbook, Through Intermediate Players 113 comments
Futureproofing Artifacts: Spacewar! 1962 In HTML5 175 comments
A JavaScript Gameboy Emulator, Detailed In 8 Parts 62 comments
DOS Emulator In and Out of App Store 338 comments
SD Adapter For Dreamcast Released 130 comments
3dfx Voodoo Graphic Card Emulation Coming To DOSBox 156 comments
PS3 Hacked Using Official Controller 292 comments
Emulation Arrives On the PS3 169 comments
First Pandora Console Reaches Customer 271 comments
Emulation For Preservation of Digital Artifacts 81 comments
The Amiga, Circa 2010 — Dead and Loving It 383 comments
Emulating New Super Mario Bros. Wii At 1080p 76 comments
Nintendo Upset Over Nokia Game Emulation Video 189 comments
Gameboy Color Boot ROM Dumped After 10 Years 124 comments
GBA Emulator Released For the DSi 66 comments
Sega Dreamcast Turns 10 193 comments
Apple Pulls C64 Emulator From the App Store 580 comments
C64 Emulator Finally Approved For iPhone 214 comments
MAME Ported To the Dingoo A320 44 comments
DOSBox Sees Continued Success 271 comments
The Return of Zork On ScummVM 45 comments
ScummVM 0.13.0 Delivers New Adventure Games 69 comments
UK University Making Universal Game Emulator 217 comments
Real Racing In the Virtual World 170 comments
Codemasters Receives Exclusive Formula One Rights 48 comments
CrossOver Games for FreeBSD 35 comments
NES Emulator for iPhone Emerges 111 comments
Nintendo Wii Homebrew Contest 2007 140 comments
Mario 64 Working Full Speed on PSP 51 comments
January DS Homebrew Overview 54 comments
The Dreamcast 7 Years Old and Still Marching 44 comments
30 Day PSP Coding Contest 34 comments
x86 Emulator on PSP Runs Windows & Linux 170 comments
Maniac Mansion Creator Supports Indie Ports 36 comments
EQ Emulator Winter's Roar Shut Down 66 comments
Mame Working on the PSP 118 comments
PSP Emulation Madness 328 comments
Your DIY Arcade Machine? 67 comments
Gameboy Emulator Released for PSP 212 comments
ROM Rental Service To Launch 70 comments
Installing Wine with DX9 22 comments
Arcade Kit Seller Applies for MAME Trademark [updated] 829 comments
All Emulation is Illegal 111 comments
First ZSNES Release In ~2.5 Years 216 comments
Emulation and the Video Game Industry 73 comments
Build Your Own Arcade Kit 115 comments
Sinclair And Clones Computer Show 218 comments
Mac OS X Running On Xbox 343 comments
Dream Coding Grand Prix 2004 6 comments
Glitch Art 48 comments
Amiga 500 Emulation Arrives on Dreamcast 29 comments
GBA Movie Player Plays NES Games From CF Card 55 comments
AtariST Emulation Finally Lands on Dreamcast 35 comments
When Emulation Isn't Enough 207 comments
10 Points About Transgaming's Cedega/WineX 275 comments
Amateurs Pushing the Dreamcast's Boundaries 236 comments
Commodore Follows Up TV Game With ROM Selling 64 comments
Quick Fixes For Those Pining For A 6-foot Cabinet 131 comments
PS2 Action Replay Adds MP3, DivX, Genesis Emulation 41 comments
Atari Lynx Emulator Goes Open Source 12 comments
BlackAura on Dreamcast Emulation/Homebrew Scene 19 comments
Nintendo Patents Handheld Emulation, Cracks Down 658 comments
PSX Emulator Performance Investigated 10 comments
WineX 3.3 Out - Now Supports Steam 85 comments
Dreamcast Homebrew Scene Continues To Thrive 42 comments
First Nintendo IQue Reviews 261 comments
Mame on the Nokia N-Gage 217 comments
Pacman for Excel 97 and 2000 43 comments
Emulating Classic Games As A Profession? 28 comments
PS3 Backwards Compatibility Confirmed 73 comments
Is ROM Collecting Wrong, or Just Misunderstood? 171 comments
History Of Gaming Featured In New Media Book/CD-ROM 10 comments

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