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Debian Stories

Debian Working on Reproducible Builds To Make Binaries Trustable 130 comments
Largest DebConf Ever Will Hit Heidelberg In Mid-August 41 comments
Purism Offers Free (as in Freedom) Laptops (Video) 77 comments
Debian Drops SPARC Platform Support 152 comments
Google Criticized For 'Opaque' Audio-Listening Binary In Debian Chromium 85 comments
Debian GNU/Linux 8.1 (Jessie) Officially Released 128 comments
Linux Mint Will Continue To Provide Both Systemd and Upstart 347 comments
$9 Open Source Computer Blows Past Crowdfunding Goal 180 comments
Debian GNU/Hurd 2015 Released 52 comments
Debian 8 Jessie Released 442 comments
Linux Mint Debian Edition 2 Will Be Rolling-Release 48 comments
CrunchBang Linux Halts Development 129 comments
SystemD Gains New Networking Features 553 comments
Devuan Progress Report Published 184 comments
Debian Forked Over Systemd 647 comments
Debian Votes Against Mandating Non-systemd Compatibility 581 comments
Longtime Debian Developer Tollef Fog Heen Resigns From Systemd Maintainer Team 550 comments
Joey Hess Resigns From Debian 450 comments
Debate Over Systemd Exposes the Two Factions Tugging At Modern-day Linux 863 comments
Debian's Systemd Adoption Inspires Threat of Fork 555 comments
Ubuntu Turns 10 110 comments
Ask Slashdot: Stop PulseAudio From Changing Sound Settings? 286 comments
Debian Talks About Systemd Once Again 522 comments
Debian Switching Back To GNOME As the Default Desktop 403 comments
Elementary OS "Freya" Beta Released 209 comments
Exodus Intelligence Details Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In Tails OS 132 comments
MicroxWin Creates Linux Distribution That Runs Debian/Ubuntu & Android Apps 42 comments
Interviews: Bruce Perens Answers Your Questions 224 comments
Ask Slashdot: Practical Alternatives To Systemd? 533 comments
All Packages Needed For FreedomBox Now In Debian 54 comments
Lucas Nussbaum Re-Elected As Debian Project Leader 28 comments
Not Just Apple: GnuTLS Bug Means Security Flaw For Major Linux Distros 144 comments
Interview: Ask Bruce Perens What You Will 129 comments
Debian Considering Long Term Support for Squeeze 46 comments
Experimental Port of Debian To OpenRISC 56 comments
Ubuntu To Switch To systemd 279 comments
GNU Hurd Gets Improvements: User-Space Driver Support and More 163 comments
Debian Technical Committee Votes For Systemd Over Upstart 379 comments
Valve Offers Free Subscription To Debian Developers: Paying It Forward 205 comments
Under the Hood of SteamOS 201 comments
Valve Releases Debian-Based SteamOS Beta 211 comments
MATE To Make It Into Debian Repositories 152 comments
Debian To Replace SysVinit, Switch To Systemd Or Upstart 362 comments
Debian Turns 20 121 comments
Knoppix 7.2 Released 53 comments
Debian Says Remove Unofficial Repository From Your Sources 159 comments
Retro Gaming With Raspberry Pi 106 comments
Debian GNU/Hurd 2013 Released 264 comments
Debian + Openbox = CrunchBang Linux (Video) 106 comments
On the Heels of Wheezy, Aptosid Releases 2013-01 79 comments
Debian 7.0 ("Wheezy") Released 191 comments
Debian 7.0 ('Wheezy') Release Planned For 1st Weekend in May 226 comments
Valve Starts Publishing Packages For Its Own Linux Distribution 310 comments
Kali Linux, Successor of the BackTrack Penetration Testing Distro, Launched 59 comments
Gamer Rewrites Valve's Steam Installer For Debian 158 comments
Debian Allows Trademark Use For Commercial Activities 57 comments
First Debian/Ubuntu Bootable ARM64 Images Released 34 comments
Debian Project Releases 7.0 "Wheezy" Installer Candidate 100 comments
GNU Hurd To Develop SATA, USB, Audio Support 274 comments
Debian m68k Port Resurrected 145 comments
Raspberry Pi Team Launches Pi Store 91 comments
Valve's Steam License Causes Linux Packaging Concerns 163 comments
AMD64 Surpasses i386 As Debian's Most Popular Architecture 216 comments
Happy Birthday, Debian! 172 comments
Debian Changes Default Desktop From GNOME To XFCE 328 comments
Debian Derivative Optimized for the Raspbery Pi Released 95 comments
English Translation of Debian Administrator's Handbook Available 40 comments
Glibc Steering Committee Dissolves; Switches To Co-Operative Development Model 102 comments
GPL, Copyleft On the Rise 277 comments
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin Beta 1 Released 243 comments
Why Linux Vendors Need To Sell More Than Linux 290 comments
Spanish Extremadura Moving 40,000 Desktops To Linux 137 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Kit For a Home Media Server? 355 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Tablet For Running a Real GNU/Linux Distribution? 277 comments
OpenMoko's FreeRunner Rises From the Ashes 133 comments
Evolution Of Debian Package Dependencies Resemble Predator-Prey Relationships 58 comments
Help Liberate the Debian Administrator's Handbook 143 comments
Installing Linux On a 386 Laptop 260 comments
Debian Wheezy To Have Multi-Architecture Support 135 comments
Lennart Poettering: BSD Isn't Relevant Anymore 460 comments
Watch Out Linux, GNU Hurd Coming 463 comments
Debian, SFLC Publish Patent Advice For Community Distros 63 comments
Synaptic Dropped From Ubuntu 11.10 360 comments
Debian, OpenSUSE, Arch, Gentoo and Grml Merge 117 comments
100% Libre, Trisquel 4.5 STS 'Slaine' Released 207 comments
Debian Is the Most Important Linux 354 comments
Why Debian Matters More Than Ever 345 comments
Debian 6.0 Released In GNU/Linux, FreeBSD Flavors 250 comments
Debian 6.0 To Feature a Completely Free Kernel 283 comments
Gmail Video Chat Now Available On Linux 113 comments
Happy 17th Birthday, Debian! 225 comments
Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" Frozen 202 comments
Ubuntu Gets a New Visual Identity 683 comments
Benchmarks of Debian GNU/kFreeBSD vs. GNU/Linux 143 comments
Shuttleworth To Step Down As Canonical CEO In 2010 163 comments
Malware Found Hidden In Screensaver On Gnome-Look 611 comments
FreeNAS Switching From FreeBSD To Debian Linux 206 comments
Debian Elevates KFreeBSD Port to First-Class Status 376 comments
New OLPC Laptop 1.5 Dual-Boots Sugar, Gnome Desktop 81 comments
Ubuntu 9.04 On Kindle 2 194 comments
Debian Decides To Adopt Time-Based Release Freezes 79 comments
Shuttleworth's Take On GNOME 3.0, Coordination with Debian 320 comments
Richard Stallman Says No To Mono 1008 comments
Mono Squeezed Into Debian Default Installation 503 comments
Preparing To Migrate Off of SHA-1 In OpenPGP 152 comments
Debian Switching From Glibc To Eglibc 565 comments
Shuttleworth Says Ubuntu Can't Just Be Windows 710 comments
Ubuntu 9.04 Is As Slick As Win7, Mac OS X 871 comments
Ubuntu 9.04 RC Released 239 comments
Use apt-p2p To Improve Ubuntu 9.04 Upgrade 269 comments
How To Build an Openfire Chat Server On Debian 5 108 comments
Debian Gets FreeBSD Kernel Support 425 comments
Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Now In Beta 180 comments
Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 "Lenny" Released 386 comments
Jumping To Ubuntu At Work For Non-Linux Geeks 181 comments
Canonical Close To $30M Critical Mass; Should Microsoft Worry? 625 comments
The Secret Lives of Ubuntu and Debian Users 501 comments
Debian For Android Installer Released 160 comments
Ubuntu 9.04 Daily Build Boots In 21.4 Seconds 654 comments
Taking a Look at Nexenta's Blend of Solaris and Ubuntu 248 comments
Debian Packages Screenshots Repository Launched 72 comments
Debian Running On the T-Mobile G1 127 comments
Debian Lenny Installer RC1 Arrives 81 comments
Is Ubuntu Getting Slower? 544 comments
Bugs Delay Release of Debian Lenny 227 comments
Ubuntu To Pay for Upgrades To the Free Software User Experience 546 comments
Ubuntu 9 Is Jaunty Jackalope, Coming Next April 318 comments
FSF-Sponsored gNewSense 2.1 Released 413 comments
Solving Sudoku With dpkg 190 comments
Debian On the Openmoko Neo FreeRunner Phone 167 comments
Debian's Testing Branch Nears Completion 216 comments
Strange Ubuntu/Vista Compatibility Bug, Solved 140 comments
Freespire Lives, Goes Back To Debian 104 comments
How Dell Is Making Ubuntu Linux More Attractive 160 comments
Debian Maintainer Hints At September Release for Lenny 117 comments
Intel Switches From Ubuntu To Fedora For Mobile Linux 165 comments
Package Managers As Achilles Heel 263 comments
Canonical Talks Netbook Remix Details 38 comments
Dag Wieers Scoffs at Coordinated Linux Release Proposal 240 comments
Shuttleworth Calls For Coordinated Release Cycles 238 comments
Debian Bug Leaves Private SSL/SSH Keys Guessable 670 comments
FSF-Approved gNewSense 2.0 Released 225 comments
Debian Not Looking For Commercial Fortune 45 comments
Ubuntu 8.04 Released 678 comments
Study Reports On Debian Governance, Social Organization 65 comments
Debian Cluster Replaces Supercomputer For Weather Forecasting 160 comments
Ubuntu Dev Summit Lays Out Plans For Hardy Heron 261 comments
Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon" Is Out 755 comments
Debian Refuses To Push Timezone Update For NZ DST 435 comments
Debian win32-loader Goes Official 246 comments
Canonical Begins To Open-Source Launchpad 65 comments
Debian 4.0 'Etch' Released 245 comments
Two Major Debian Releases In One Day 189 comments
Ian Murdock: Debian "Missing a Big Opportunity" 330 comments
Debian Package of the Day 58 comments
Debian Gets Win32 Installer 232 comments
Is Ubuntu a Serious Desktop Contender? 463 comments
The Well-Tempered Debian Desktop 182 comments
Debian Delayed by Disenchanted Developers 329 comments
MySQL Quietly Drops Support For Debian Linux [UPDATED] 339 comments
Ubuntu 6.06 'Dapper Drake' Released 435 comments
Debian Team Discusses GPLv3 143 comments
The Debian System Explained 281 comments
Ubuntu: Desktop Linux's Success Story 68 comments
Talking With Debian's Branden Robinson 104 comments
Libranet On The Rocks 152 comments
Intel Begins Support for Debian 33 comments
Taking Linux On The Road With Ubuntu 184 comments
Etch Goes Beta 31 comments
Debian GNU/Solaris 213 comments
Mad Penguin on Ubuntu 5.10 Preview 319 comments
Debian Questions Trademark Policy 82 comments
Debian Core Consortium Releases First Code 126 comments
Bruce Perens on the new Debian Common Core 21 comments
USB-Powered Linux Server Fits in Your Pocket 252 comments
Sixth DebConf Ends in Success 112 comments
Full Debian ARM for Under $200 233 comments
Debian Sid Moves to X.Org 212 comments
Branden Robinson Releases 3rd DPL Report 12 comments
Debian Addresses Security Problems 118 comments
Debian Struggling With Security 264 comments
Firefox Faces Trademark Issues 429 comments
Debian GNU/Linux now in AMD64 form 20 comments
Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (r0a) Quick Tour 213 comments
Debian Upgrade May Cause Serious Breakage 346 comments
Debian 3.1 (Sarge) Released 411 comments
Knoppix 3.9 Released 486 comments
Debian 3.0r6 Released 297 comments
Debian Sarge Coming Soon 284 comments
Ubuntu Linux 5.10 Colony 1 Released 35 comments
Mac mini Sans Wires - Batteries Inside the Case 317 comments
New Xen Linux Distribution 30 comments
Sarge is Now Frozen 380 comments
The Grumpy Groundhog - Ubuntu for Developers 56 comments
First Look at Libranet Linux 3.0 17 comments
Branden Robinson Lays Down the Law at Debian 386 comments
New Releases for Debian and SUSE 223 comments
Slashback: Pie, Election, Alarm 158 comments
Munich Decides On Debian 59 comments
48 Hours Enduring Ubuntu 5.04 127 comments
Is Ubuntu a Compatibility Nightmare for Debian? 638 comments
New Debian Project Leader: Branden Robinson 27 comments
Knoppix 3.8.1 is Released 37 comments
Mark Shuttleworth Answers At Length 171 comments
Record Low Turnout in Debian Leadership Election 525 comments
Ubuntu and UserLinux to Combine? 274 comments
Debian Leaders: We Need to Release More Often 460 comments
Debian Release Mgr. Proposes Dropping Some Archs 377 comments
Debian to be Marketed to Japan and China 173 comments
Knoppix 3.8 at CeBIT w/ Kernel 2.6, FF, and More 283 comments
The State of the Open Source Union, 2004 211 comments
Xandros Open Circulation Edition Released 18 comments
How to Install Debian on Mac mini 527 comments
Zen Linux 1.0 Released 48 comments
Debian Project Nominations Opened 106 comments
Linux Kernel Maintainer Joins Patent Celebrations 95 comments
Why Is The Ubuntu Hoary Beta Release A Milestone? 30 comments
Ubuntu Preps Next Release 50 comments
Mark Shuttleworth On Ubuntu's Lack Of Marketing 28 comments
Point-and-klik Linux Software Installation? 212 comments
Overclockix 3.7 Released 148 comments
Interview with Debian Project Leader 287 comments
Debian 3.0r4 Released 194 comments
Knoppix To Split Into 'Light,' 'Maximum' Versions 225 comments
Walmart Offers Sub-$500 laptop With Linspire 589 comments
Xandros Desktop OS 3 Deluxe Edition Reviewed 233 comments
Knoppix 3.7 Released 26 comments
Debian Sarge Installation Slide Show 35 comments
German Language Version Of SimplyMEPIS 6 comments
Debian Announces Sarge Will Include GNOME 2.8 276 comments
Point and Click Linux 192 comments
Ubuntu Beware: Installing Debian with Anaconda 43 comments
Making the 'Best' Desktop Linux System 355 comments
Ubuntu For PPC, And As A Live CD 289 comments
Updates From Debian 204 comments
Ubuntu 4.10 ('The Warty Warthog') Released 51 comments
System Recovery with Knoppix 270 comments
Unofficial Ubuntu Linux Forums 14 comments
Ubuntu Linux Review 217 comments
Ubuntu Linux Preview Released 271 comments
Debian Hardened Aims For Security 167 comments
UserLinux Releases First Beta 316 comments
Using Debian in Commercial Environments? 506 comments
First Unofficial GFS deb Packages 8 comments
Knoppix 3.6 released 24 comments
Debian Installer RC1 Is Out 212 comments
Debian Aims For September Release Date 282 comments
Debian Votes on AMD64 in Sarge 55 comments
Progeny Releases Beta 1 of Progeny Debian 2.0 77 comments
Debian Project Votes To Postpone Policy Changes 230 comments
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