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The Courts Stories for 2006

Source Code Access Denied in Disputed Race 310 comments
Sex, Violence, Tension & Video Games 87 comments
Guitar Hero Lawsuit Settled 25 comments
SCO Asks Court To Reconsider IBM's Dismissal 139 comments
Judge Rules Shared Files Folder Not Enough 156 comments
Judge Rules Against Deep-Linking of Content 418 comments
Google Search Convicts Hacker 116 comments
RIAA Drops Suit Against Santangelo 190 comments
RIAA Members Sue Over Infringement 323 comments
Lawsuits That Changed the Games Industry 54 comments
Wiimote Straps Result in Class Action Suit 812 comments
The Battle Over AT&T's Fiber Rollout 121 comments
HP's Windows Bundle Trouble 697 comments
First Russian Anti-Evolution Suit Enters Court Room 485 comments
Cleanfeed Canada - What Would It Accomplish? 211 comments
World's First Jail Sentence for BitTorrent Piracy 280 comments
Liquid Terror Charges Dropped 364 comments
Judge Orders Illinois to 'Pay Up' 89 comments
Regulatory Probe of LCD Market Widens 90 comments
Hans Reiser in Court Today 496 comments
RIAA Wants Artist Royalties Lowered 399 comments
Arson Science Rewritten 152 comments
Second Amendment Questioned 1471 comments
Criminals Target Tech Students With Job Offers 121 comments
Nintendo Sued over Wiimote Trigger 229 comments
Microsoft Sued Over Fall Update Issues 55 comments
HP Pays $14.5M to Make Civil Charges Disappear 107 comments
RIAA Victims Bring Class Action Against Kazaa 288 comments
The DOJ's New Spin on Blocking Software 150 comments
Why the Novell / MS Deal Is Very Bad 367 comments
Warner CEO Admits His Kids Stole Music 533 comments
Australia Backs Down on Draconian Copyright Laws 113 comments
Universal and MySpace Square Off Over DMCA 110 comments
New E-Discovery Rules Benefit Some Firms 35 comments
Clinton Prosecutor Now Targeting Free Speech 571 comments
Novell Files New Summary Judgement Motion 60 comments
FBI Taps Cell Phone Microphones in Mafia Case 274 comments
Insuring Contributed Code is Legal? 71 comments
Opening Statements Begin in Microsoft - Iowa Case 241 comments
FCC Sued to Allow Cell Phone Jammers 400 comments
NVidia, AMD Subpoenaed In Antitrust Investigation 132 comments
SCO Having a Hard Time In Court 120 comments
MPAA Kills California Anti-Pretexting Bill 299 comments
New Email Rules Effective Friday 193 comments
Portions of SCO's Expert Reports Stricken 170 comments
Supreme Court To Rule On "Obvious" Patents 239 comments
HP Faces Expanded Civil Lawsuit In Spying Case 45 comments
Judge To SCO — Quit Whining 156 comments
Ban On Louisiana Video Game Law Now Permanent 186 comments
Judge Says U.S. Money Violates Rights of the Blind 898 comments
4th Circuit Court Sides With a Spammer 154 comments
RIAA Subpoenas Neighbor's Son, Calls His Employer 593 comments
Microsoft Loses South Korea Patent Ruling 68 comments
Test for "Obvious" Patents Questioned 172 comments
Illinois Ban On Explicit Video Games Is Unconstitutional 195 comments
IBM Denies Destroying Evidence in SCO Case 125 comments
UK Copyright Extension Not Happening 391 comments
China Jails Porn Site Leader For Life 324 comments
TAC Files Counter-Suit Against Red Octane 16 comments
RIAA: Ripping CDs to iPod not 'Fair Use' 830 comments
Slashback: Quinn, InfoCards, McKinnon 103 comments
Botnet Attack Shuts Down Hospital Network 360 comments
Microsoft Helps Makers Defend Against IP Suits 115 comments
Surveillance Is on the Rise, Straining Carriers 336 comments
RIM Announces Workaround in NTP Case 118 comments
Legal Victory for P2P in France 237 comments
Step Away From The Games Legislation 104 comments
ESA Praises Sting of Game Software Pirates 50 comments
PUBPAT Makes Progress Against JPEG Patent 95 comments
Apple Sued Over Potential Hearing Loss 754 comments
19 Charged in Alleged Software Piracy Plot 311 comments
Slashback: OSS, Lawsuits, History 170 comments
Microsoft Loses Office Patent Dispute 228 comments
Unlimited Legal Music Downloads for $3.95 a Month? 244 comments
Microsoft Tricks Hacker Into Jail 284 comments
RIM - The Whole Story 262 comments
Court Rules Burning Porn = Making Porn 887 comments
Airport ID Checks Constitutional 807 comments
Hopes Rise for RIM 143 comments
UK Has First Verdict in P2P Case 193 comments
LA Attorney Sues Rockstar Over Hot Coffee 89 comments
Court Date Set for Google Lawsuit 209 comments
Canadian Record Label Fights RIAA Lawsuits 215 comments
Google's Cache Ruled Fair Use 213 comments
ChoicePoint Hit With Large Fine For Data Theft 85 comments
Need for Speed Unconnected to Fatal Crash 198 comments
Botnet Brain Pleads Guilty 137 comments
Officer's Group Calls for Ban On 25 To Life 148 comments
Court Action Does Not Reduce File-Sharing 233 comments
Wizards of the Coast Sues Rumor Site 64 comments
Slashback: GPLv3, Firefly, iTunes 275 comments
Get Fired. Delete Colleague's Account. Go To Jail. 425 comments
SEC Formally Investigates IBM 61 comments
Slashback: Dry Mars, Wet Doc, Keyboard Teaser 159 comments
IP Attorney - Why SCO Has No Case 138 comments
Sony to Settle Spyware Suit with Downloads? 187 comments
Apple Sues in iTunes Patent Dispute 146 comments
Felony For Refreshing a Web Page? 965 comments
Toshiba Settles Class Action Suit 138 comments
Accused Molester Hunted On Xbox Live 112 comments
SCO Amends Novell Complaint 286 comments
The Law And Virtual Worlds 30 comments

C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas l'Informatique. -- Bosquet [on seeing the IBM 4341]


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