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Ford, GM Sued Over Vehicles' Ability To Rip CD Music To Hard Drive 301 comments
Sony Agrees To $17.75m Settlement For 2011 PSN Attack 66 comments
Privacy Lawsuit Against Google Rests On Battery Drain Claims 175 comments
Activist Group Sues US Border Agency Over New, Vast Intelligence System 82 comments
New York Judge OKs Warrant To Search Entire Gmail Account 150 comments
Appeals Court Affirms Old Polaroid Patent Invalid 45 comments
$10 Million Lawsuit Against Wikipedia Editors "Stragetically" Withdrawn 51 comments
Apple Agrees To $450 Million Ebook Antitrust Settlement 91 comments
Manuel Noriega Sues Activision Over Call of Duty 83 comments
French Blogger Fined For Negative Restaurant Review 424 comments
Court Rejects Fox's Attempt to Use Aereo Ruling Against Dish's Hopper 67 comments
Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours 749 comments
Aereo Embraces Ruling, Tries To Re-Classify Itself As Cable Company 147 comments
Microsoft Settles With No-IP After Malware Takedown 83 comments
Judge Shoots Down "Bitcoin Isn't Money" Argument In Silk Road Trial 135 comments
Tor Project Sued Over a Revenge Porn Business That Used Its Service 311 comments
Climate Change Skeptic Group Must Pay Damages To UVA, Michael Mann 497 comments
Goldman Sachs Demands Google Unsend One of Its E-mails 346 comments
Encryption Keys For Kim Dotcom's Data Can't Be Given To FBI, Court Rules 149 comments
Amazon Sues After Ex-Worker Takes Google Job 272 comments
Baton Bob Strikes Back Against Police That Coerced Facebook Post From Him 203 comments
Court Allowed NSA To Spy On All But 4 Countries 242 comments
Microsoft Takes Down Domains 495 comments
Supreme Court Rejects Appeal By Google Over Street View Data Collection 113 comments
Fox Moves To Use Aereo Ruling Against Dish Streaming Service 210 comments
Want To Resell Your Ebooks? You'd Better Act Fast 72 comments
Bye Bye Aereo, For Now 93 comments
What To Do If Police Try To Search Your Phone Without a Warrant 286 comments
NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks 532 comments
Mass. Supreme Court Says Defendant Can Be Compelled To Decrypt Data 560 comments
Supreme Court Rules Cell Phones Can't Be Searched Without a Warrant 249 comments
Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo Streaming Service 484 comments
Wikipedia Editors Hit With $10 Million Defamation Suit 268 comments
Federal Judge Rules US No-fly List Violates Constitution 276 comments
Venture-Backed Bitcoin Miner Startup Can't Deliver On Time, Gets Sued 120 comments
US Court Dings Gov't For Using Seized Data Beyond Scope of Warrant 63 comments
Court Releases DOJ Memo Justifying Drone Strike On US Citizen 371 comments
Supreme Court Upholds Most EPA Rules On Greenhouse Gases 109 comments
Red Hat Assistant General Counsel Analyses Supreme Court's Patent Ruling 43 comments
Emails Show Feds Asking Florida Cops To Deceive Judges About Surveillance Tech 251 comments
The Supreme Court Doesn't Understand Software 263 comments
Judge: $324M Settlement In Silicon Valley Tech Worker Case Not Enough 150 comments
US Supreme Court Invalidates Patent For Being Software Patent 220 comments
Canadian Court Orders Google To Remove Websites From Its Global Index 248 comments
LinkedIn Spam Lawsuit Can Continue 50 comments
Man Arrested For Parodying Mayor On Twitter Files Civil Rights Lawsuit 163 comments
Appeals Court Finds Scanning To Be Fair Use 34 comments
Canadian Supreme Court Delivers Huge Win For Internet Privacy 112 comments
The Government Can No Longer Track Your Cell Phone Without a Warrant 173 comments
Teacher Tenure Laws Ruled Unconstitutional In California 519 comments
NSA's Novel Claim: Our Systems Are Too Complex To Obey the Law 245 comments
Netflix Trash-Talks Verizon's Network; Verizon Threatens To Sue 364 comments
Kim Dotcom Offers $5 Million Bounty To Defeat Extradition 253 comments
After Trademark Dispute, Mexican Carriers Can No Longer Use iPhone Name In Ads 53 comments
$57,000 Payout For Woman Charged With Wiretapping After Filming Cops 216 comments
GM Names and Fires Engineers Involved In Faulty Ignition Switch 307 comments
Web Browsing Isn't Copyright Infringement, Rules EU Court of Justice 79 comments
Life Sentences For Serious Cyberattacks Proposed In Britain 216 comments
UK Seeks To Hold Terrorism Trial In Secret 240 comments
EFF Tells Court That the NSA Knowingly and Illegally Destroyed Evidence 269 comments
Local Police Increasingly Rely On Secret Surveillance 146 comments
Patent Troll Ordered To Pay For the Costs of Fighting a Bad Patent 191 comments
Oregon vs. Oracle: the Battle of Blame Heats Up 83 comments Thinks Depictions of Pi Are Protected Intellectual Property 264 comments
German Authorities Lack Evidence To Prosecute Anyone For NSA Spying 107 comments
Federal Court Pulls Plug On Porn Copyright Shakedown 136 comments
Iran Court Summons Mark Zuckerberg For Facebook Privacy Violations 304 comments
After Knocked-Down Damages Claim, Apple Again Seeks to Ban Some Samsung Phones 114 comments
US Gov't Seeks 7-Month Sentence For LulzSec's Sabu 76 comments
FCC Gets Go-Ahead For Plan To Expand Rural Internet Access 156 comments
German Court Rules That You Can't Keep Compromising Photos After a Break-Up 334 comments
Japanese Court Rules Against Restarting Ohi Reactors 75 comments
Blizzard Sues Starcraft II Cheat Creators 252 comments
Zenimax Sues Oculus Over VR Tech 97 comments
Kaleidescape Settles With DVD CCA But No Victory For DRM 76 comments
Apple To Face Lawsuit For iMessage Glitch 238 comments
Apple and Google's Motorola Unit End Patent War 46 comments
Pedophile Asks To Be Deleted From Google Search After European Court Ruling 370 comments
EU Court Backs 'Right To Be Forgotten' 153 comments
EU Court of Justice Paves Way For "Right To Be Forgotten" Online 199 comments
Plaintiff In Tech Hiring Suit Asks Judge To Reject Settlement 215 comments
Court Orders Marvell To Pay Carnegie Mellon $1.5B For Patent Infringement 85 comments
SpaceX Injunction Dissolved 98 comments
Court: Oracle Entitled To Copyright Protection Over Some Parts of Java 303 comments
Jury Finds Apple and Samsung Infringed Each Other's Patents 49 comments
Pirate Bay Sports-Content Uploader Faces $32m Lawsuit 149 comments
Washington Files First Consumer Protection Lawsuit Over Kickstarter Fraud 47 comments
Google Hit With Antitrust Lawsuit Over Default Search on Android Phones 221 comments
SpaceX Wins Injunction Against Russian Rocket Purchases 166 comments
Supreme Court Makes It Easier To Get Lawyers Fees In Patent Cases 51 comments
SCOTUS Ends Novell's Anti-Trust Cast Against Microsoft 174 comments
DOJ Complains About Getting a Warrant To Search Mobile Phones 178 comments
American Judge Claims Jurisdiction Over Data Stored In Other Countries 226 comments
Texas Family Awarded $2.9 Million In Fracking Lawsuit 146 comments
Former US Test Site Sues Nuclear Nations For Disarmament Failure 165 comments
Apple, Google Agree To Settle Lawsuit Alleging Hiring Conspiracy 108 comments
Aereo To SCOTUS: Shut Us Down and You Shut Down Cloud Storage 342 comments
Supreme Court OKs Stop and Search Based On Anonymous 911 Tips 461 comments
Supreme Court Upholds Michigan's Ban On Affirmative Action In College Admissions 410 comments
General Mills Retracts "No Right to Sue" EULA Clause 88 comments
VA Supreme Court: Michael Mann Needn't Turn Over All His Email 348 comments
Oracle Deflects Blame For Troubled Oregon Health Care Site 163 comments
Click Like? You May Have Given Up the Right To Sue 216 comments
5-Year Suspended Sentence For S. Africa's First Online Pirate 45 comments
Lavabit Loses Contempt Appeal 128 comments
Student Records Kids Who Bully Him, Then Gets Threatened With Wiretapping Charge 798 comments
Wi-Fi Problems Dog Apple-Samsung Trial 80 comments
'weev' Conviction Vacated 148 comments
MA Gov. Wants To Ban Non-Competes; Will It Matter? 97 comments
Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law 1116 comments
European Court of Justice Strikes Down Data Retention Law 77 comments
U.S. Supreme Court Declines To Rule On Constitutionality of Bulk Surveillance 141 comments
FCC Orders Comcast To Stop Labeling Equipment Rental a Service Fee 97 comments
Details You're Not Supposed To See From Boston U's Patent Settlements 130 comments
Judge Overrules Samsung Objection To Jury Instructional Video 232 comments
Supreme Court Skeptical of Computer-Based Patents 192 comments
Emails Reveal Battle Over Employee Poaching Between Google and Facebook 132 comments
UN Court: Japanese Whaling "Not Scientific" 188 comments
Typo Keyboard For iPhone Faces Sales Ban 205 comments
Apple, Google Go On Trial For Wage Fixing On May 27 148 comments
Judge OKs Class Action Suit Against Apple For E-Book Price Fixing 88 comments
U.S. Court: Chinese Search Engine's Censorship Is 'Free Speech' 284 comments
DOJ Pushes to Expand Hacking Abilities Against Cyber-Criminals 49 comments
In Israel, Class-Action Plaintiff Requests Waze Source Code Under GPL 75 comments
Mt. Gox Working With Japanese Cops; Creditors Want CEO To Testify In US 62 comments
Weev's Attorney Says FBI Is Intercepting His Client's Mail 109 comments
Anti-Game-Violence Legislator Arrested, Faces Gun Trafficking Charges 234 comments
Owner of Nortel Patents Sues Cisco For 'Immense' Patent Infringement 83 comments
Target and Trustwave Sued Over Credit Card Breach 87 comments
Adam Carolla Joins Fight Against Podcast Patent Troll 126 comments
Florida Judge Rules IP Address Can't Identify a BitTorrent Pirate 158 comments
L.A. Police: All Cars In L.A. Are Under Investigation 405 comments
Ex-Head of Troubled Health Insurance Site May Sue, Citing 'Cover-Up' 162 comments
Google and Viacom Finally Settle YouTube Lawsuit 19 comments
Judge Tells Feds To Be More Specific About Email Search Warrants 41 comments
Google Sued Over Children's In-App Android Purchases 321 comments
US Court Freezes Assets of Mt. Gox CEO 132 comments
Calif. Court Orders Preservation of Disputed NSA Phone Records 28 comments
Apple Demands $40 Per Samsung Phone For 5 Software Patents 406 comments
Google Faces Up To $5 Billion Fine From Competition Commission of India 89 comments
A Dispatch From Outside the Prison Holding Barrett Brown 95 comments
Drone Pilot Wins Case Against FAA 236 comments
US Drops Link Sharing Charges Against Barrett Brown 40 comments
Legal Motion: Hyperlinks Are Protected By the First Amendment 49 comments
Feds Now Oppose Aereo, Rejecting Cloud Apocalypse Argument 140 comments
Government Accuses Sprint of Overcharging For Wiretapping Expenses 114 comments
Girl's Facebook Post Costs Her Dad $80,000 387 comments
Using Handheld Phone GPS While Driving Is Legal In California 142 comments
Privacy Lawsuits Over NSA Spying Force Retention of Metadata 59 comments
Lawrence Lessig Wins Fair Use Case 89 comments
Google Ordered To Remove Anti-Islamic Film From YouTube 321 comments
Supreme Court Ruling Relaxes Warrant Requirements For Home Searches 500 comments
YouTube Ordered To Remove "Illegal" Copyright Blocking Notices 427 comments
Copyright Ruling On Publishing Calculated Results: Common Sense Breaks Out 54 comments
Why Copyright Trolling In Canada Doesn't Pay 98 comments
Exxon Mobile CEO Sues To Stop Fracking Near His Texas Ranch 317 comments
"Microsoft Killed My Pappy" 742 comments
Canadian Court Tries to Dampen Copyright Trolls In P2P Lawsuits 60 comments
Stack Overflow Could Explain Toyota Vehicles' Unintended Acceleration 664 comments
'The Color Run' Violates Agreement With College Photographer, Then Sues Him 218 comments
Hyperlinking Is Not Copyright Infringement, EU Court Rules 97 comments
'CandySwipe' Crushed: When Game Development Turns Nasty 251 comments
Rand Paul Files Suit Against Obama Over NSA's Collection of Metadata 380 comments
FBI: $10,000 Reward For Info On Anyone Who Points a Laser At an Aircraft 445 comments
German Court Forbids Resale of Valve Games 261 comments
German Domain Registrar Liable For Copyright Infringement 164 comments
Silk Road's Ross Ulbricht's Next Court Date Set For November 77 comments
Silk Road Founder Indicted In New York 94 comments
DEA Presentation Shows How Agency Hides Investigative Methods From Trial Review 266 comments
Judge Rules BitTorrent Cases Must Be Tried Separately 60 comments
Google Poised To Settle EU Anti-Trust Probe 55 comments
Pirate Bay Block Lifted In the Netherlands 118 comments
Michael Mann Defamation Suit Against National Review Writer to Proceed 393 comments
Decision, EA: Judge Reverses Multimillion Dollar Award To Madden Dev 125 comments
Court Says Craigslist Sperm Donor Must Pay Child Support 644 comments
US Supreme Court: Patent Holders Must Prove Infringment 143 comments
Why Whistleblowers Can't Get a Fair Trial 441 comments
Google Faces Off Against Intellectual Ventures In Landmark Patent Trial 53 comments
Court Victory Gives Blogger Same Speech Protections As Traditional Press 137 comments
SCOTUS To Weigh Smartphone Searches By Police 201 comments
Controversial Execution In Ohio Uses New Lethal Drug Combination 1038 comments
Apple, Amazon, Microsoft & More Settle Lawsuits With Boston University 129 comments
FISA Judges Oppose Intelligence Reform Proposals Aimed At Court 187 comments
Silicon Valley Workers May Pursue Salary-Fixing Lawsuit 130 comments
Notorious Patent Troll Sues Federal Trade Commission 102 comments
Federal Court Kills Net Neutrality, Says FCC Lacks Authority. 383 comments
Australian Teen Reports SQL Injection Vulnerability, Company Calls Police 287 comments
Supreme Court To Hear Aereo Case 211 comments
It's Official: Registrars Cannot Hold Domains Hostage Without a Court Order 112 comments
Samsung, Apple Agree To Try Mediation In Patent Disputes 70 comments
Court Rules Against Online Anonymity 314 comments
BlackBerry Sues iPhone Keyboard Maker Typo 226 comments
Facebook Being Sued Over Mining of Private Messages 170 comments
How the Dark Lord of the Internet Made His Fortunes 60 comments
NSA's Legal Win Introduces a Lot of Online Insecurity 239 comments
US Federal Judge Rules NSA Data Collection Legal 511 comments
Google Sues Consortium Backed By Apple and Microsoft to Protect Android 150 comments
Ulbricht Admits Seized Bitcoins Are His and Wants Them Back 243 comments
Swedish Man Fined $650,000 For Sharing 1 Movie, Charged Extra For Low Quality 366 comments
Google Seeks To Throw Out UK Safari Tracking Suit 70 comments
Judge: NSA Phone Program Likely Unconstitutional 345 comments
Investor Lawsuit Blames NSA For $12B Loss In IBM Value 204 comments
EU Advocate General Says EU Data Retention Directive Unlawful 22 comments
Chimpanzee "Personhood" Lawsuits Fail In New York Courts 370 comments
Decades-Old Rambus Litigation Against Micron For RDRAM Tech Reaches Settlement 82 comments
California Man Arrested for Running 'Revenge Porn' Website 252 comments
Supreme Court To Review Software Patents 115 comments
eBay Founder Pleads For Leniency For the PayPal 14 225 comments
Tech Companies Set To Appeal 2012 Oracle Vs. Google Ruling 198 comments
Gov't Puts Witness On No Fly List, Then Denies Having Done So 462 comments
Hotfile Settles With MPAA, Drops Countersuit Against Warner Bros 88 comments
Anonymous Member Sentenced For Joining DDoS Attack For One Minute 562 comments
Lawsuits Seek To Turn Chimpanzees Into Legal Persons 641 comments
Supreme Court Declines Case On Making Online Retailers Collect Sales Taxes 293 comments
Woman Fined For Bad Review Striking Back In Court 249 comments
French Court Orders Search Engines, ISPs To Block Pirate Sites 75 comments
Jury Finds Newegg Infringed Patent, Owes $2.3 Million 324 comments
Image Lifted From Twitter Leads to $1.2M Payout For Haitian Photog 242 comments
Samsung Ordered To Pay Apple $290M In Patent Case 219 comments
Sweden Will Deliver Pirate Bay Co-Founder To Denmark 56 comments
Warner Bros. Admits To Issuing Bogus Takedowns 199 comments
Supreme Court Refuses To Hear EPIC Challenge To NSA Surveillance 227 comments
Prison Is For Dangerous Criminals, Not Hacktivists 337 comments
Google Books Case Dismissed On Fair Use Grounds 124 comments
P2P Data Not Private, But It Could Be 59 comments
Could Slashdot (Or Other Private Entity) Sue a Spy Agency Like GCHQ Or NSA? 188 comments
Judge: No Privacy Expectations For Data On P2P Networks 230 comments
Chicago State University Lawyers Attack Faculty Bloggers 94 comments
French Court Orders Google To Block Pictures of Ex-F1 Chief Mosley 180 comments
RIAA Targets 21 Sites For Shutdown 140 comments
Toyota's Killer Firmware 610 comments
Anti-Poaching Lawsuit Against Apple, Google and Others Given the Green Light 172 comments
Federal Prosecutors, In a Policy Shift, Cite Warrantless Wiretaps As Evidence 321 comments
ACLU: Lavabit Was 'Fatally Undermined' By Demands For Encryption Keys 230 comments
Facebook Faces PRISM Data Investigation In Ireland 86 comments
Finally, a Bill To End Patent Trolling 162 comments
Court Rules Probable-Cause Warrant Required For GPS Trackers 116 comments
Call Yourself a Hacker, Lose Your 4th Amendment Rights 488 comments
Open Rights Group International Says Virgin, Sky Blocking Innocent Sites 83 comments
Scientology's Fraud Conviction Upheld In France 321 comments
IsoHunt Settles With MPAA, Will Shut Down And Pay Up to $110 Million 245 comments
Mark Cuban Found Not Guilty of Insider Trading 48 comments
Blizzard Wins Legal Battle Against WoW Bot Company 285 comments
Ed Felten: Why Email Services Should Be Court-Order Resistant 183 comments
DOJ: Defendant Has No Standing To Oppose Use of Phone Records 396 comments
Broadcasters Petition US Supreme Court In Fight Against Aereo 229 comments
EU Court Holds News Website Liable For Readers' Comments 246 comments
New York Subpoenaed AirBnb For All NYC User Data 181 comments
DOJ Hasn't Actually Found Silk Road Founder's Bitcoin Yet 294 comments
'Dangerously Naive' Aaron Swartz 'Destroyed Himself' 362 comments
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