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Cloud Stories

Amazon Announces Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans 122 comments
"Hello Barbie" Listens To Children Via Cloud 163 comments
Google Nearline Delivers Some Serious Competition To Amazon Glacier 71 comments
Red Hat Strips Down For Docker 44 comments
Under US Pressure, PayPal Stops Working With Mega 136 comments
How Machine Learning Ate Microsoft 96 comments
Does Open Data Have a Dark Side? 65 comments
Microsoft's First Azure Hosted Service Is Powered By Linux 66 comments
Facebook Launches ThreatExchange To Let Companies Share Threat Info 30 comments
Microsoft To Offer Azure Credits To Compete With IBM, AWS 29 comments
Facebook Will Soon Be Able To ID You In Any Photo 153 comments
Why It's Important That the New Ubuntu Phone Won't Rely On Apps 140 comments
Ask Slashdot: With Whom Do You Entrust Your Long Term Data? 178 comments
Automakers Move Toward OTA Software Upgrades 157 comments
Greg KH Favors Rolling Release Distros 175 comments
Twitter Moves To Curb Instagram Links 114 comments
Data Encryption On the Rise In the Cloud and Mobile 83 comments
Would You Rent Out Your Unused Drive Space? 331 comments
Study: 15 Per Cent of Business Cloud Users Have Been Hacked 72 comments
2015 Means EU Tax Increase On Cloud Storage, E-books and Smartphone Applications 164 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Options For a Standalone Offline Printing Station? 190 comments
Gmail Access Starts To Come Back In China, State-Run Paper Blames Google 45 comments
Romanian Cybersecurity Law Will Allow Warrantless Access To Data 62 comments
Goodbye, Alek's Internet-Controlled Christmas Lights for Celiac Research 21 comments
The Joys and Hype of Hadoop 55 comments
ODF Support In Google Drive 40 comments
Microsoft To Open Source Cloud Framework Behind Halo 4 Services 50 comments
Fedora 21 Released 106 comments
Using OwnCloud To Integrate Dropbox, Google Drive, and More In Gnome 30 comments
Google Confirms That It's Designing Kid-Friendly Versions of Its Services 52 comments
Google Hopes To One Day Replace Gmail With Inbox 239 comments
Clarificiation on the IP Address Security in Dropbox Case 152 comments
NSF Commits $16M To Build Cloud-Based and Data-Intensive Supercomputers 29 comments
Intel Planning Thumb-Sized PCs For Next Year 101 comments
BitTorrent Unveils Sync 2.0 60 comments
Microsoft Azure Outage Across the Globe 167 comments
Five Years of the Go Programming Language 82 comments
Amazon Goes After Oracle (Again) With New Aurora Database 102 comments
Germans Can Get Free Heating From the Cloud 148 comments
LHC Data Generation Expected To Scale Up To 400PB a Year 99 comments
Technology Group Promises Scientists Their Own Clouds 45 comments
OneDrive Delivers Unlimited Cloud Storage To Office 365 Subscribers 145 comments
OwnCloud Dev Requests Removal From Ubuntu Repos Over Security Holes 126 comments
China Staging a Nationwide Attack On iCloud and Microsoft Accounts 109 comments
OpenStack Juno Released 20 comments
If Your Cloud Vendor Goes Out of Business, Are You Ready? 150 comments
Amazon Web Services To Build Two New Aussie Data Centers 27 comments
Department of Defense May Give Private Cloud Vendors Access To Top Secret Data 60 comments
Vax, PDP/11, HP3000 and Others Live On In the Cloud 62 comments
CloudFlare Announces Free SSL Support For All Customers 67 comments
EU Gives Google Privacy Policy Suggestions About Data Protection 42 comments
Amazon Forced To Reboot EC2 To Patch Bug In Xen 94 comments
Facebook To Start Testing Internet-Beaming Drones In 2015 42 comments
Apple Allegedly Knew of iCloud Brute-Force Vulnerability Since March 93 comments
Not Just Netflix: Google Challenges Canada's Power To Regulate Online Video 109 comments
Netflix Rejects Canadian Regulator Jurisdiction Over Online Video 184 comments
The Raid-Proof Hosting Technology Behind 'The Pirate Bay' 144 comments
Proposed Law Would Limit US Search Warrants For Data Stored Abroad 131 comments
Google's Doubleclick Ad Servers Exposed Millions of Computers To Malware 226 comments
Dropbox and Google Want To Make Open Source Security Tools Easy To Use 24 comments
Native Netflix Support Is Coming To Linux 178 comments
Once Vehicles Are Connected To the Internet of Things, Who Guards Your Privacy? 130 comments
Tim Cook Says Apple Can't Read Users' Emails, That iCloud Wasn't Hacked 191 comments
Quickflix Wants Netflix To Drop Australian VPN Users 172 comments
New Data Center Protects Against Solar Storm and Nuclear EMPs 59 comments
The MOOC Revolution That Wasn't 182 comments
Verizon Working On a La Carte Internet TV Service 108 comments
HP Buys Cloud Provider, Gets Marten Mickos To Head Its Cloud Division 35 comments
U.S. Threatened Massive Fine To Force Yahoo To Release Data 223 comments
Amazon Instant Video Now Available On Android 77 comments
Google Hangouts Gets Google Voice Integration And Free VoIP Calls 162 comments
5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked, Google Says No Evidence Of Compromise 203 comments
UK's National Health Service Moves To NoSQL Running On an Open-Source Stack 198 comments
Nonprofit Builds Salesforce Cloud For the Blind 13 comments
Book Review: Architecting the Cloud 75 comments
CenturyLink Looks At Buying Rackspace 44 comments
Should Docker Move To a Non-Profit Foundation? 47 comments
Shadowy Tech Brokers Deliver Data To the NSA 35 comments
Slashdot Talks with David Nalley About Apache CloudStack (Video) 13 comments
Privacy Vulnerabilities In Coursera, Including Exposed Student Email Addresses 31 comments
Apple Denies Systems Breach In Photo Leak 311 comments
Bringing New Security Features To Docker 29 comments
Amazon's Plan To Storm the Cable Industry's Castle 85 comments
Banks Report Credit Card Breach At Home Depot 132 comments
NATO Set To Ratify Joint Defense For Cyberattacks 34 comments
Hackers Behind Biggest-Ever Password Theft Begin Attacks 107 comments
New Nigerian ID Card Includes Prepay MasterCard Wallet 62 comments
Reported iCloud Hack Leaks Hundreds of Private Celebrity Photos 336 comments
Apple Said To Team With Visa, MasterCard On iPhone Wallet 187 comments
IBM Opens Up Its Watson Supercomputer To Researchers 28 comments
Google Buys Zync Cloud Graphics Rendering Service 20 comments
Dropbox Caught Between Warring Giants Amazon and Google 275 comments
National Science Foundation Awards $20 Million For Cloud Computing Experiments 25 comments
Microsoft Tip Leads To Child Porn Arrest In Pennsylvania 353 comments
Inside BitFury's 20 Megawatt Bitcoin Mine 195 comments
Attackers Install DDoS Bots On Amazon Cloud 25 comments
Apple and IBM Announce Partnership To Bring iOS + Cloud Services To Enterprises 126 comments
New Russian Law To Forbid Storing Russians' Data Outside the Country 206 comments
Bug In Fire TV Screensaver Tears Through 250 GB Data Cap 349 comments
Microsoft Opens 'Transparency Center' For Governments To Review Source Code 178 comments
Bye Bye Aereo, For Now 93 comments
Why The Korean Government Could Go Open Source By 2020 64 comments
Sigsense is Making Interchangeable, Modular Sensors (Video) 21 comments
Microsoft's Cloud Storage Service OneDrive Now Offers 15GB For Free 99 comments
Microsoft To Launch Machine Learning Service 56 comments
IPMI Protocol Vulnerabilities Have Long Shelf Life 62 comments
Test-Driving NVIDIA's GRID GPU Cloud Computing Platform 29 comments
Australian iPhone and iPad Users Waylaid By Ransomware 52 comments
Victoria Livshitz, Cloud Pioneer and Serial Entrepreneur (Video) 36 comments
OpenStack: the Open Source Cloud That Vendors Love and Users Are Ignoring 99 comments
Don't Be a Server Hugger! (Video) 409 comments
Adobe Creative Cloud Services Offline (Again?) 164 comments
Comcast Predicts Usage Cap Within 5 Years 475 comments
Dropbox and Box Leaked Shared Private Files Through Google 92 comments
American Judge Claims Jurisdiction Over Data Stored In Other Countries 226 comments
Aereo To SCOTUS: Shut Us Down and You Shut Down Cloud Storage 342 comments
How Amazon Keeps Cutting AWS Prices: Cheapskate Culture 146 comments
Commenters To Dropbox CEO: Houston, We Have a Problem 448 comments
Double Take: Condoleezza Rice As Dropbox's Newest Board Member 313 comments
GameSpy Multiplayer Shutting Down, Affecting Hundreds of Games 145 comments
Ask Slashdot: Do Any Development Shops Build-Test-Deploy On A Cloud Service? 119 comments
Canonical Shutting Down Ubuntu One File Services 161 comments
The Inside Story of Gmail On Its Tenth Anniversary 142 comments
Western Digital 'MyCloud' Is Down 5 Days and Counting 127 comments
Facebook To Begin Deploying Btrfs 115 comments
Google Cuts Prices On Enterprise Cloud Services 43 comments
Cisco Plans $1B Investment In Cloud 61 comments
Ask Slashdot: Easiest To Use Multi-User Map Editing? 52 comments
1GB of Google Drive Storage Now Costs Only $0.02 Per Month 335 comments
OpenShift Now Supports Windows; GoDaddy Joins OpenStack 19 comments
Feds Now Oppose Aereo, Rejecting Cloud Apocalypse Argument 140 comments
Cisco Offers $300,000 Prize For Internet of Things Security Apps 62 comments
Netflix Blinks, Will Pay Comcast For Network Access 520 comments
Why Is Dropbox Back On the Chinese Market? 46 comments
Gracenote, Privacy, and the Rise of Metadata As a Valuable Asset 33 comments
Ask Slashdot: Local Sync Options For Android Mobile To PC? 146 comments
Comparing Cloud-Based Image Services For Developers 28 comments
The Bitcoin Death Star: KnC Plans 10 Megawatt Data Center In Sweden 250 comments
Fire Destroys Iron Mountain Data Warehouse, Argentina's Bank Records Lost 463 comments
Microsoft Joins Open Compute Project, Will Share Server Designs 90 comments
OneDrive Is Microsoft's Rebranded Name For SkyDrive 197 comments
Robots Test Their Own World Wide Web 64 comments
Amazon and GoDaddy Are the Biggest Malware Hosters 76 comments
Canada Quietly Offering Sanctuary To Data From the US 184 comments
Sony Announces Game Streaming Service 144 comments
Chromebooks Have a Lucrative Year; Should WinTel Be Worried? 321 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Implement Wave Protocol Self Hosted? 112 comments
NSA's Legal Win Introduces a Lot of Online Insecurity 239 comments
Healthcare IT's Achilles' Heel: Sensors 84 comments
Owncloud 6 Brings Collaborative Open Document Format Editing to the Web 73 comments
Why Cloud Infrastructure Pricing Is Absurd 191 comments
In Three Years, Nearly 45% of All the Servers Will Ship To Cloud Providers 152 comments
Microsoft's NSA 'Transparency' Push Remains Pretty Opaque 90 comments
Open Source In the Datacenter: It Was Never About Innovation 100 comments
Ask Slashdot: Scientific Computing Workflow For the Cloud? 80 comments
Cloud Storage Comparison: Benchmarking From Afar 49 comments
Review: Puppet Vs. Chef Vs. Ansible Vs. Salt 141 comments
Ask Slashdot: How Reproducible Is Arithmetic In the Cloud? 226 comments
Putting the Wolfram Language (and Mathematica) On Every Raspberry Pi 99 comments
Gartner: OpenStack Lacks Clarity 77 comments
Ask Slashdot: Can You Trust Online Tax Software? 237 comments
Warner Bros. Admits To Issuing Bogus Takedowns 199 comments
Contiki 2.7 Released 21 comments
Amazon Hints At Details On Its CIA Franken-Cloud 67 comments
IBM To Offer Watson Services In the Cloud 56 comments
Google Halts Sales of HP's USB-Charging Chromebook 11 Over Overheating 57 comments
Microsoft Releases Browser-Based IDE, Visual Studio Online 89 comments
Amazon Jumps Into Desktop Virtualization With "WorkSpaces" 92 comments
1.21 PetaFLOPS (RPeak) Supercomputer Created With EC2 54 comments
Red Hat Wants to be a Dominant Force in the Cloud (Video) 40 comments
Ask Slashdot: Which Encrypted Cloud Storage Provider? 200 comments
Book Review: Testing Cloud Services: How To Test SaaS, PaaS & IaaS 45 comments
Microsoft Makes It Harder To Avoid Azure 164 comments
The Cloud: Convenient Until a Stranger Nukes Your Files 262 comments
Snapchat Search Warrants Emphasize Data Vulnerability 105 comments
Will Cloud Services One Day Be Traded Just Like Stocks and Bonds? 168 comments
Microsoft Azure Platform Certified "Secure" By Department of Defense 90 comments
Interview: Contiki OS Creator On Building the Internet of Things 45 comments
Will Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Stay With MySQL? 245 comments
Amazon "Unlaunches" & Postpones $100,000 Civic Apps Contest For AWS 17 comments
Poor US Infrastructure Threatens the Cloud 177 comments
New Operating System Seeks To Replace Linux In the Cloud 335 comments
Ask Slashdot: Cloud Service On a Budget? 121 comments
Qcloud Puts Quantum Chip In the Cloud For Coders To Experiment 73 comments
Lockbox Aims To NSA-Proof the Cloud 292 comments
Why PayPal Chose OpenStack 64 comments
Linux Vendors Push For Open-Source In Hybrid Datacenter Clouds 30 comments
Dark Day In the AWS Cloud: Big Name Sites Go Down 182 comments
Forrester: NSA Spying Could Cost Cloud $180B, But Probably Won't 136 comments
Ex-Employee Divulges Shortfalls In IBM's Cloud Business 45 comments
VMware CEO: OpenStack Is Not For the Enterprise 114 comments
Microsoft Is Working On a Cloud Operating System For the US Government 171 comments
Battle of the Media Ecosystems: Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft 79 comments
CouchDB: Roll Your Own, Or Go With a Service? 54 comments
Microsoft Will Have To Rename SkyDrive 274 comments
Ask Slashdot: Secure DropBox Alternative For a Small Business? 274 comments
Should OpenStack Embrace Amazon AWS? 27 comments
Google Chromecast Reviewed; Google Nixes Netflix Discount 128 comments
Why Netflix Is One of the Most Important Cloud Computing Companies 111 comments
Google Launches Cloud Printer Service For Windows 135 comments
Google Is Bringing Chrome Remote Desktop App To Android 104 comments
How One Drunk Driver Sent My Company To the Cloud 290 comments
Microsoft Has 1 Million Servers. So What? 172 comments
BitTorrent Sync Beta Released 69 comments
Plug Touts Expandable Storage Via USB Drives Plugged In At Home 87 comments
IT Analyst Dan Kusnetzky Talks about Cloud Computing and Cloud Hype (Video) 27 comments
Dropbox Wants To Replace Your Hard Disk 445 comments
How DRM Won 221 comments
CERN Testing Cloud For Crunching the Universe's Secrets 67 comments
XenServer 6.2 Is Now Fully Open Source 86 comments
Ask Slashdot: Explaining Cloud Privacy Risks To K-12 Teachers? 168 comments
Larry Ellison and Marc Benioff Suddenly Playing Nice, Weirding Everyone Out 27 comments
Review: Oracle Database 12c 147 comments
Harvard, IBM Crunch Data For More Efficient Solar Cells 65 comments
Oracle and Microsoft To Announce Cloud Partnership Monday 82 comments
Citrix Founder and Key OS/2 Player Ed Iacobucci Dead At 59 98 comments
Can Red Hat Do For OpenStack What It Did For Linux? 118 comments
Red Hat Makes Supported OpenStack Release 50 comments
Woz Compares the Cloud and PRISM To Communist Russia 549 comments
Facebook Suffers Actual Cloud In Oregon Datacenter 83 comments
Hackers Spawn Web Supercomputer On Way To Chess World Record 130 comments
IBM Buys Dallas Based Softlayer For $2 Billion 78 comments
GitHub Back Online After Service Outage 55 comments
Questioning Google's Disclosure Timeline Motivations 73 comments
Xbox One: Cloud Will Quadruple the Power, Says Microsoft 400 comments
Google Code Deprecates Download Service For Project Hosting 185 comments
Dell Dumps Its Public Cloud Offerings 56 comments
IBM Takes System/z To the Cloud With COBOL Update 256 comments
Adobe's Creative Cloud Illustrates How the Cloud Costs You More 403 comments
BitTorrent Sees Sync Users Share Over 1PB of Data 56 comments
Adobe Creative Suite Going Subscription-Only 658 comments
IBM Researchers Open Source Homomorphic Crypto Library 130 comments
Hiring Developers By Algorithm 326 comments
Netflix: 'Arrested Development' Won't Crash Our Service 127 comments
BitTorrent Opens Up Its Sync Alpha To the Public For Windows, Mac, and Linux 49 comments
The Eternal Mainframe 225 comments
Businesses Moving From Amazon's Cloud To Build Their Own 121 comments
Google Apps Suffering Partial Outage 150 comments
Red Hat Launching Its Own Community Distro of OpenStack 25 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Should Happen To Your Data After You Die? 122 comments
Wordpress Sites Under Wide-Scale Brute Force Attack 110 comments
Nintendo To Cancel Weather, News, and Other Built-In Wii Apps In June 175 comments
OpenStack To Crack Down On Incompatible Clouds 30 comments
SkyDrive 3.0: Microsoft Gave Up Fighting Apple's 30% Cut 121 comments
Nebula Debuts 'Cloud Computer' Based On OpenStack 20 comments
Does Apple Need To Get Serious About Security? 84 comments
The Twighlight of Small In-House Data Centers 180 comments
One In Six Amazon S3 Storage Buckets Are Ripe For Data-Plundering 79 comments
AMD Reveals Radeon Sky Series For Cloud Gaming, Previews Radeon HD 7990 53 comments
Apache CloudStack Becomes a Top-level Project 43 comments
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