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Chromium Stories

Phil Shapiro says 20,000 Teachers Should Unite to Spread Chromebooks (Video) 101 comments
Google To Replace GTK+ With Its Own Aura In Chrome 240 comments
Canonical Ports Chromium To The Mir Display Server 63 comments
Google Won't Enable Chrome Video Acceleration Because of Linux GPU Bugs 295 comments
Google Planning To Remove CSS Regions From Blink 249 comments
Google Launches Cordova Powered Chrome Apps For Android and iOS 47 comments
Google Chrome 31 Is Out: Web Payments, Portable Native Client 123 comments
Chromium To Support Wayland 61 comments
Google Dropping Netscape Plugin API Support In Chrome/Blink 170 comments
Google Enables VP9 Video Codec In Chromium 161 comments
Opera Releases Its First Chromium-Based Browser 191 comments
Ubuntu Developers Revisit Replacing Firefox With Chromium 153 comments
WebKit Developers Discuss Removal of Google-Specific Code 92 comments
Blink! Google Is Forking WebKit 252 comments
HTML5 Storage Bug Can Fill Your Hard Drive 199 comments
Google Chrome Getting Audio Indicators To Show You Noisy Tabs 155 comments
Chrome To Get 'Do Not Track' 111 comments
Chromium-Based Spinoffs Worth Trying 185 comments
No Tab Relocation Coming For Chrome 574 comments
Google Is Grooming Chrome As a Game Platform 127 comments
Kogan Beats Samsung and Acer With World's First Chrome OS Laptop 103 comments

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