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CDA Stories

California DNA Collection Law Struck Down 192 comments
Craigslist Fair Housing Act Suit Dismissed 162 comments
Song Sites Face Legal Crackdown 537 comments
Big ID Thefts Not To Be Feared 161 comments
Marquette Dental Student Suspended For Blogging 644 comments
DMCA Abuse Widespread 224 comments
Phishers Face Jail Time Under New U.S. Bill 262 comments
National PC Recycling Plan Proposed, Again 323 comments
Congressional Elections - Who's Good for IT Folks? 117 comments
Congressional Budget Office Studies Copyrights 117 comments
EFF's Letter to the Senate on INDUCE 189 comments
Copyright Bill could Stifle Innovation 597 comments
How Would You Design the Voting Technology? 233 comments
Joining the ACLU? 259 comments
Seeking Arguments Against the CBDTPA? 551 comments
Supreme Court To Review Child Online Protection Act 279 comments
Communications Decency Act Protects AOL in Lawsuit 130 comments
Is The U.S. No Longer The Choice For Freedom? 1456 comments
Judge: eBay Not Liable For Bootleg Recordings 81 comments
State Net Restrictions Roundup 2 comments
Chilean Congress does the CDA thing 2 comments
Three on Munich 61 comments
UCITA is passed 333 comments
Britain Tapped Communications 199 comments
We Lost the Privacy War 375 comments
Interception in the UK 131 comments
Anonymity not a "Free Speech" right 183 comments
Australia now has Net Censorship 281 comments
Censorship in Oz - We need help! 229 comments
Internet Censorship in Utah Schools & Libraries 407 comments
CDA II Injunction 53 comments
CDA has been struck another blow 0 comments
Library Censorware Unconstitutional 0 comments
CDA II blocked for the moment 0 comments
CDA II Lawsuit begins Thursday 0 comments
China cracked! 0 comments
Privacy vs. Free Speech in Sweden 0 comments
FBI wants to wiretap phones without court order 0 comments
CDA II passes House Subcommittee 0 comments
Student is suspended over a critizing webpage. 0 comments
C to English and English to C translator 0 comments
Net Privacy Enforced 0 comments
Laptops scanned by UK customs 0 comments
Open Software & Constitutionally Protected Speech 0 comments
More legal nonsense 0 comments
Interesting read at Salon Magazine 0 comments
CDA: It's baacckk 0 comments
Privacy Alert 0 comments
Filters or Cash? 0 comments

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