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Caldera Stories for 2003

New Survey Finds No Linux 'Chill' From SCO Suit 582 comments
Linus Blasts SCO's Header Claims 599 comments
SCO Invokes DMCA, Names Headers, Novell Steps In 770 comments
SCO Gets More Desperate; Sends More Letters 449 comments
Bob Young's Open Letter to SCO/Darl McBride 263 comments
SCO Code to be Protected in Closed Court 493 comments
SCO UnixWare 7.1.3 Review 399 comments
Groklaw Outlines More SCO Linux Contributions 258 comments
SCO Not Lying About DoS Attack 615 comments
Security Experts Doubt SCO's Claims of DoS 510 comments
SCO Group Web Site Attacked Again 564 comments
SCO Investor Changing the Deal 392 comments
Linus Corrects Darl on Copyright Law 606 comments
Top 10 Linus Quotes on SCO 286 comments
SCO Ordered to Produce Evidence 693 comments
SCOrched Earth 436 comments
McBride's New Open Letter on Copyrights 770 comments
Interview with Groklaw's Creator 31 comments
More Damning SCO Evidence At Groklaw 404 comments
SCO Letter to Fortune 1500 Now Online 410 comments
Could Google Be SCO's Next Big Target? 677 comments
OSDL Releases New Paper on SCO's Claims 290 comments
Caldera/SCO Co-Founder Ransom Love Speaks 198 comments
Gartner Recommends Holding Onto The SCO Money 455 comments
SCO Hints at *BSD Lawsuits Next Year, And More 971 comments
McBride Speaks, In Person And In Print 782 comments
SCO News Roundup 473 comments
OSDL Pays For Linus Torvalds' SCO Defense 347 comments
Forbes Examines SCO Subpoenas 416 comments
SCO Fires back, Subpoenas Stallman, Torvalds et al 1145 comments
IBM Subpoenas SCO Investors, Analysts 507 comments
SCO to Take On Hollywood 341 comments
SCO Will Pay You Not to Use Linux 513 comments
IBM Puts Pressure On SCO 395 comments
SCO's Lawyers Analyzed 331 comments
SCO Now Willfully Violating the GPL 1043 comments
SCO Madness Reigns Supreme 607 comments
SCO Calls GPL Unenforceable, Void 1186 comments
SCO Asks IBM To Make SCO's Case For It 459 comments
SCO Selective About Linux Licensees 409 comments
Microsoft Behind SCO Cash Investment? 395 comments
SCO gets $50 Million Investment 491 comments
SCO Backing Off Linux Invoice Plan 283 comments
NY Times Reveals SCO/Canopy Group Hypocrisy 223 comments
SCO Claims IBM/SGI Licenses are Revokable 378 comments
McBride Interview from Utah SCO Protest 207 comments
Red Hat Cornering SCO in Delaware 356 comments
ACCC Asks SCO To Explain Themselves 254 comments
Notes From The SCO Roadshow's First Stop 382 comments
SGI Compares Linux & System V Source Code 406 comments
SGI Code Changes Not Enough, Says SCO 399 comments
SGI's Letter to the Linux Community 565 comments
SCO Derides GPL, Will Revoke SGI's UNIX License 681 comments
SCO's Roadshow Coming Soon 439 comments
Ransom Love, Caldera Co-Founder Interviewed 237 comments
IBM Adds SCO Counterclaim Charging Copyright Infringement 743 comments
SCO's Plan Examined 580 comments
HP Clarifies Indemnification Offer For Linux Users 275 comments
HP Offers Linux Purchasers Indemnification 326 comments
Groklaw Sends A Dear Darl Letter 268 comments
SCO Claims $15,300,000 From SCOsource 404 comments
SCO Volleys to Red Hat 469 comments
More on SCO Code Snippets 339 comments
Linus to SCO: 'Please Grow Up' 1163 comments
Back To SCO 560 comments
ESR to Shred SCO Claims? 554 comments
SCO's Open Letter to Open Source Community 724 comments
SCO Run-Time Licenses: Get 'em While They're Hot! 587 comments
More Criticism of SCO's Claims To UNIX 400 comments
SCO's Next Target: SGI? 338 comments
SCO Roundup 471 comments
SCO Says It Has No Plan To Sue Linux Companies 478 comments
SCO DOS Harming Innocent Bystanders 422 comments
SCO Says IBM is Beating Up on Them 1133 comments
SCO: Code Proof Analyzed, Linus Interviewed 890 comments
Samba Team Points Out SCO's Hypocrisy 612 comments
Open Source Community Approaches SCO 521 comments
SCO: FSF Reply To GPL Claims, Conference Sponsors Back Off? 580 comments
RMS on SCO, Distributions, DRM 711 comments
OSDL Releases Q&A on SCO Legal Actions 285 comments
SCO Attorney Declares GPL Invalid 1137 comments
SCO Announces Final Termination of IBM's Licence 807 comments
SCO Execs Dumping Stock 691 comments
FSF, GCC, and SCO Compiler Support 525 comments
SCO: Fortune 500 Company Buys License, IBM Retort 557 comments
SCO Calls IBM Countersuit "Unsubstantiated Allegations" 972 comments
IBM Countersues SCO, And More! 1156 comments
SCO Targets US Government, TiVo 1539 comments
SCO Wants $699 for Linux Systems 1659 comments
SCO "Disappointed" by Red Hat Lawsuit 778 comments
Red Hat Sues SCO, Sets Up Legal Fund 787 comments
OSDL Position Paper on SCO and Linux 421 comments
Gartner Says Delay Linux Deployment Due to SCO 720 comments
SCO Awarded UNIX Copyright Regs, McBride Interview 1388 comments
SCO Preparing Linux Licensing Program 508 comments
OSCON Panel: SCO Lawsuit About the Money 252 comments
Linux vs. SCO: The Decision Matrix 457 comments
SCO Taking Linux Discussion To Japan 463 comments
Darl McBride Interview 463 comments
FSF Statement on SCO vs. IBM 413 comments
Law Professor Examines SCO Case 558 comments
My Visit to SCO 592 comments
The Power Behind the SCO Nuisance 821 comments
SCO Amends Suit, Clarifies "Violations", Triples Damages 1347 comments
SCO Terminates IBM's Unix License 1065 comments
Settling SCOres 460 comments
No Business Like SCO Business 500 comments
SCO Gives Friday Deadline To IBM 914 comments
Latest SCO News 787 comments
SCO NDA Online at LinuxJournal 441 comments
SCO SCO SCO! 687 comments
SCO's Real Motive... A Buyout? 451 comments
Today's SCO News 741 comments
SCO vs Linux.. Continued 965 comments
SCO Might Sue Linus for Patent Infringement? 1154 comments
SCO Claims Linux Sales After Suit Irrelevant 692 comments
IBM Denies Charges of Unix Theft 419 comments
SCO Group Lawsuit Q&A 253 comments

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