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AMD Enters Virtual Reality Fray With LiquidVR SDK At GDC 5 comments
Gritty 'Power Rangers' Short Is Not Fair Use 192 comments
What Would Minecraft 2 Look Like Under Microsoft? 180 comments
Games Workshop At 40: How They Brought D&D To Britain 62 comments
Marissa Mayer On Turning Around Yahoo 166 comments
Google Prepares To Enter Wireless Market As an MVNO 43 comments
That U2 Apple Stunt Wasn't the Disaster You Might Think It Was 200 comments
Intel Announces Atom x3, x5 and x7, First SOCs With Integrated 3G and LTE Modems 99 comments
Google+ Divided Into Photos and Streams, With New Boss 140 comments
How Do You Handle the Discovery of a Web Site Disclosing Private Data? 229 comments
Foxconn Factories' Future: Fewer Humans, More Robots 185 comments
Under US Pressure, PayPal Stops Working With Mega 135 comments
Google Reverses Stance, Allows Porn On Blogger After Backlash 101 comments
Microsoft Finally Allows Customers To Legally Download Windows 7 ISOs 132 comments
Microsoft Closing Two Phone Factories In China 85 comments
Teamsters Seek To Unionize More Tech Shuttle Bus Drivers In Silicon Valley 300 comments
Patent Trolls On the Run But Not Vanquished Yet 56 comments
Microsoft's Goals For Their New Web Rendering Engine 166 comments
Intel To Rebrand Atom Chips Along Lines of Core Processors 109 comments
Users Decry New Icon Look In Windows 10 507 comments
5 White Collar Jobs Robots Already Have Taken 257 comments
US Govt and Private Sector Developing "Precrime" System Against Cyber-Attacks 55 comments
Intel Updates NUC Mini PC Line With Broadwell-U, Tested and Benchmarked 60 comments
The Peculiar Economics of Developing New Antibiotics 243 comments
It's Official: NSA Spying Is Hurting the US Tech Economy 270 comments
Google Now Automatically Converts Flash Ads To HTML5 188 comments
Amazon Files Patent For Mobile 3D Printing Delivery Trucks 101 comments
AMD Unveils Carrizo APU With Excavator Core Architecture 114 comments
Can Tracking Employees Improve Business? 87 comments
Attention, Rockstar Developers: Get a Talent Agent 145 comments
Intel Moving Forward With 10nm, Will Switch Away From Silicon For 7nm 279 comments
Google Teams Up With 3 Wireless Carriers To Combat Apple Pay 186 comments
Looking Up Symptoms Online? These Companies Are Tracking You 147 comments
Microsoft Translator Now Supports Yucatec Maya and Querétaro Otomi Language 60 comments
Is Sega the Next Atari? 151 comments
Lenovo Hit With Lawsuit Over Superfish Adware 114 comments
YouTube Kids Launches On Android and iOS 81 comments
Pandora Pays Artists $0.001 Per Stream, Thinks This Is "Very Fair" 304 comments
Apple To Invest $2B Building Green Data Centers In Ireland and Denmark 82 comments
The History of, the Most Contested Domain On the Internet 70 comments
Intel Core M Enables Lower Cost Ultrabooks; Asus UX305 Tested 70 comments
Nvidia Faces Suit Over GTX970 Performance Claims 159 comments
Ten Lies T-Mobile Told Me About My Data Plan 237 comments
No Tech Bubble Here, Says CNN: "This Time It's Different." 252 comments
Why Sony Should Ditch Everything But the PlayStation 187 comments
Tim O'Reilly On Big Data, CS Education, and the Future of Print 26 comments
Smart Rendering For Virtual Reality 25 comments
A123 Sues Apple For Poaching Employees 196 comments
How Machine Learning Ate Microsoft 96 comments
Samsung Takes On Apple Pay By Acquiring Mobile Wallet Startup LoopPay 62 comments
Sony Offers a "Premium Sound" SD Card For a Premium Price 213 comments
Does Open Data Have a Dark Side? 65 comments
AT&T Patents System To "Fast-Lane" File-Sharing Traffic 112 comments
Microsoft's First Azure Hosted Service Is Powered By Linux 66 comments
Lenovo Allegedly Installing "Superfish" Proxy Adware On New Computers 248 comments
Will Every Xbox Be a Dev Kit? 69 comments
The Burden of Intellectual Property Rights On Clean Energy Technologies 145 comments
Torvalds: "People Who Start Writing Kernel Code Get Hired Really Quickly" 130 comments
Sony To Release Google Glass Competitor 76 comments
Advice on How to Start an IT Business (Video) 91 comments
AT&T To Match Google Fiber In Kansas City, Charge More If You Want Privacy 227 comments
Company Promises Positive Yelp Reviews For a Price; Yelp Sues 77 comments
Cellphone Start-Ups Handle Calls With Wi-Fi 73 comments
LG Exec Indicted Over Broken Samsung Washing Machine 132 comments
Ask Slashdot: Are General Engineering Skills Undervalued In Web Development? 323 comments
How Big Telecom Tried To Kill Net Neutrality Before It Was Even a Concept 62 comments
Tesla Factory Racing To Retool For New Models 257 comments
The Revolution Wasn't Televised: the Early Days of YouTube 81 comments
California Floats Conditional Approval For Comcast/TWC Merger 65 comments
Report: Samsung Replacing Its Apps With Microsoft's For Galaxy S6 148 comments
The Oddball Side of CES (Video) 35 comments
Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Preview For Phones 85 comments
Peak Google: The Company's Time At the Top May Be Nearing Its End 271 comments
LinkedIn Restricts API Usage 69 comments
What Intel's $300 Million Diversity Pledge Really Means 254 comments
Five Years After the Sun Merger, Oracle Says It's Fully Committed To SPARC 190 comments
Microsoft Fixes Critical Remotely Exploitable Windows Root-Level Design Bug 136 comments
Facebook Launches ThreatExchange To Let Companies Share Threat Info 30 comments
Layoffs Begin At Daybreak Games 54 comments
Elementary OS: Why We Make You Type "$0" 208 comments
Samsung Smart TVs Injected Ads Into Streamed Video 370 comments
Which Freelance Developer Sites Are Worth Your Time? 55 comments
Spider-Man Finally Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe 98 comments
West To East Coast: SpaceX Ready For Extreme Multitasking 23 comments
Microsoft To Offer Azure Credits To Compete With IBM, AWS 29 comments
EU Parliament Blocks Outlook Apps For Members Over Privacy Concerns 24 comments
Netflix Now Available In Cuba 125 comments
The Prickly Partnership Between Uber and Google 77 comments
Microsoft Trademarks "Windows 365" 191 comments
Alibaba Bets $590 Million On Becoming Smartphone Player 50 comments
The Man Squatting On Millions of Dollars Worth of Domain Names 175 comments
How a Hardware Designer Was Saved By His Own Creation 60 comments
Verizon Sells Off Wireline Operations, Blames Net Neutrality Plans 214 comments
Does Showing a Horrific Video Serve a Legitimate Journalistic Purpose? 645 comments
MPAA Considers Major Changes After Sony Hack 65 comments
YouTube Launches Multi-Angle Video Experiment 62 comments
Radioshack Declares Bankruptcy 294 comments
Verizon Dropping Data Rates, But Current Customers Have To Call 136 comments
Apple Said To Be Working On a Pay TV Service 155 comments
US Health Insurer Anthem Suffers Massive Data Breach 223 comments
Using Machine Learning To Find a Better Job 55 comments
Female-Run Companies Often do Better Than Male-Run Ones (Video) 271 comments
Ask Slashdot: Gaining Control of My Mobile Browser? 223 comments
Staples To Buy Office Depot For $6.3 Billion 105 comments
Alibaba Tests Drone Delivery Service In China 66 comments
Microsoft Open Sources CoreCLR, the .NET Execution Engine 253 comments
Massive Layoff Underway At IBM 331 comments
Study Predicts 9% Drop In Salaries of New CS Grads This Year 170 comments
Apple To Build New $2 Billion Data Center In Bankrupted GT Advanced Buildings 98 comments
Google, Amazon, Microsoft Reportedly Paid AdBlock Plus To Unblock 619 comments
Google To Compete With Uber, Uber To Explore Autonomous Transportation 98 comments
RadioShack Near Deal To Sell Half of Its Stores, Close the Rest 242 comments
Building a Good Engineering Team In a Competitive Market 101 comments
Sony Sells Off Sony Online Entertainment 101 comments
Don't Sass Your Uber Driver - He's Rating You Too 265 comments
What Happens When the "Sharing Economy" Meets Higher Education 94 comments
Microsoft Announces Windows For Raspberry Pi 2 307 comments
DARPA-Funded Robots Learning To Cook By Watching YouTube Videos 88 comments
Test Shows Big Data Text Analysis Inconsistent, Inaccurate 60 comments
Obama Proposes One-Time Tax On $2 Trillion US Companies Hold Overseas 825 comments
Comcast Employees Change Customer Names To 'Dummy' and Other Insults 262 comments
How, and Why, Apple Overtook Microsoft 458 comments
Indian Woman Sues Uber In the US Over Alleged New Delhi Taxi Rape 277 comments
Cutting Through Data Science Hype 99 comments
Fixing Verizon's Supercookie 111 comments
UK Broadcaster Sky To Launch Mobile Service 32 comments
Microsoft Launches Outlook For Android and iOS 175 comments
Alibaba Face Off With Chinese Regulator Over Fake Products 79 comments
Microsoft To Invest In Rogue Android Startup Cyanogen 280 comments
LibreOffice Gets a Streamlined Makeover With 4.4 Release 148 comments
FSF-Endorsed Libreboot X200 Laptop Comes With Intel's AMT Removed 179 comments
One In Five Developers Now Works On IoT Projects 252 comments
Amazon Takes On Microsoft, Google With WorkMail For Businesses 65 comments
Comcast Pays Overdue Fees, Offers Freebies For TWC Merger Approval 77 comments
Apple Posts $18B Quarterly Profit, the Highest By Any Company, Ever 534 comments
Latest Windows 10 Preview Build Brings Slew of Enhancements 214 comments
YouTube Ditches Flash For HTML5 Video By Default 225 comments
Ubisoft Revokes Digital Keys For Games Purchased Via Unauthorised Retailers 468 comments
NVIDIA GTX 970 Specifications Corrected, Memory Pools Explained 113 comments
Virgin Galactic Dumps Scaled Composites For Spaceship Two 38 comments
Windows 10: Charms Bar Removed, No Start Screen For Desktops 378 comments
Inside Ford's New Silicon Valley Lab 39 comments
DirectX 12 Lies Dormant Within Microsoft's Recent Windows 10 Update 135 comments
Calif. DMV Back-Pedals On Commercial-Plate Mandate For Ride-Share Drivers 216 comments
Brought To You By the Letter R: Microsoft Acquiring Revolution Analytics 105 comments
Winklevoss Twins Plan Regulated Bitcoin Exchange 80 comments
Smartphones, Tablets and EBay Send SkyMall To Chapter 11 65 comments
Verizon About To End Construction of Its Fiber Network 201 comments
Surface RT Devices Won't Get Windows 10 158 comments
Microsoft Announces Office 2016 and Office For Windows 10 Coming Later This Year 148 comments
Blackberry CEO: Net Neutrality Means Mandating Cross-Platform Apps 307 comments
Simon Pegg On Board To Co-Write Next Star Trek Film 138 comments
Hands On With Microsoft's Holographic Goggles 171 comments
Google Plans Major Play In Wireless Partnering With Sprint and T-Mobile 101 comments
Jim Blasko Explains 'Unbreakable Coin' (Video 2 of 2) 39 comments
What Will Google Glass 2.0 Need To Actually Succeed? 324 comments
Microsoft Reveals Windows 10 Will Be a Free Upgrade 570 comments
The Tech Industry's Legacy: Creating Disposable Employees 271 comments
Time For Microsoft To Open Source Internet Explorer? 165 comments Sends Personal Data To Over a Dozen Tracking Websites 204 comments
Windows Server 2003 Reaches End of Life In July 156 comments
First Look At Dell Venue 8 7000 and Intel's Moorefield Atom Performance 22 comments
Google Thinks the Insurance Industry May Be Ripe For Disruption 238 comments
The Fixes Sony's DualShock 4 Controller Still Needs 59 comments
Japanese Nobel Laureate Blasts His Country's Treatment of Inventors 191 comments
Serious Fraud Office Drop Investigation Into Autonomy Accounting 53 comments
Google Pondering $1 Billion Investment In SpaceX's Satellite Internet 105 comments
Microsoft Outlook Users In China Hit With MITM Attack 35 comments
Windows 10: Can Microsoft Get It Right This Time? 489 comments
President Obama Will Kibbitz With YouTube Stars 105 comments
Micromax Remotely Installing Unwanted Apps and Showing Ads 50 comments
Google Search Will Be Your Next Brain 45 comments
AMD Catalyst Is the Broken Wheel For Linux Gaming 160 comments
Fighting Tech's Diversity Issues Without Burning Down the System 479 comments
Google Releases More Windows Bugs 263 comments
Google Finally Quashes Month-Old Malvertising Campaign 56 comments
Study: Belief That Some Fields Require "Brilliance" May Keep Women Out 218 comments
Why We Have To Kiss Off Big Carbon Now 441 comments
Google Glass Is Dead, Long Live Google Glass 141 comments
Ad Company Using Verizon Tracking Header To Recreate Deleted Cookies 70 comments
Radio Shack Reported To Be Ready for Bankruptcy Filing 314 comments
The Mainframe Is Dead! Long Live the Mainframe! 164 comments
IEEE: New H-1B Bill Will "Help Destroy" US Tech Workforce 484 comments
Samsung In Talks To Acquire Troubled BlackBerry For $7.5 Billion 59 comments
Tiny Fanless Mini-PC Runs Linux Or Windows On Quad-core AMD SoC 180 comments
Facebook Targets Office Workers With Facebook At Work Service 112 comments
Obama Planning New Rules For Oil and Gas Industry's Methane Emissions 202 comments
PC Shipments Are Slowly Recovering 130 comments
Microsoft Ends Mainstream Support For Windows 7 640 comments
The Importance of Deleting Old Stuff 177 comments
Intuit Charges More For Previously Offered TurboTax Features, Users Livid 450 comments
Obama Proposes 30-Day Deadline For Disclosing Security Breaches 125 comments
Google Throws Microsoft Under Bus, Then Won't Patch Android Flaw 629 comments
Nintendo Puts Business In Brazil On Hiatus 111 comments
Big Names Dominate Open Source Funding 32 comments
Intel 5th Gen Core Series Performance Preview With 2015 Dell XPS 13 97 comments
Google Sees Biggest Search Traffic Drop Since 2009 As Yahoo Gains Ground 155 comments
Microsoft Restricts Advanced Notification of Patch Tuesday Updates 57 comments
HTTP/2 - the IETF Is Phoning It In 161 comments
BlackBerry's Survival Plan: the Internet of Things 74 comments
Cluetrain Authors Offer an Updated Guide To the Web 24 comments
FBI: North Korean Hackers "Got Sloppy", Leaked IP Addresses 219 comments
Unbundling Cable TV: Be Careful What You Wish For 448 comments
Intel Pledges $300 Million To Improve Diversity In Tech 341 comments
The Fire Phone Debacle and What It Means For Amazon's Future 155 comments
AMD, Nvidia Reportedly Tripped Up On Process Shrinks 230 comments
Little-Known Programming Languages That Actually Pay 242 comments
Sony Thinks You'll Pay $1200 For a Digital Walkman 391 comments
Intel Unveils 5th Gen Core Series Broadwell-U CPUs and Cherry Trail Atom 78 comments
How Long Will It Take Streaming To Dominate the Music Business? 169 comments
Microsoft Unveils Nokia 215, a $29 Phone With Internet Access 150 comments
After Outage, Sony Makes Peace Offering To Users of PlayStation Network 95 comments
Sony, Facebook, Google, Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft Now All Have a Hand In VR 61 comments
Uber Must Submit CEO Emails 183 comments
If the Programmer Won't Go To Silicon Valley, Should SV Go To the Programmer? 294 comments
AMD Catalyst Linux Driver Catching Up To and Beating Windows 136 comments
Box Office 2014: Moviegoing Hits Two-Decade Low 400 comments
Hunting For a Tech Job In 2015 174 comments
Would Twitter Make President Obama 'Follow' the Tea Party If the Price Is Right? 121 comments
Finnish KRP Questions Suspected Lizard Squad Member 62 comments
UK Arrest Over Xbox Live and Playstation Network Outages 86 comments
Sony Sends DMCA Notices Against Users Spreading Leaked Emails 138 comments
Bitcoin Gets Its First TV Ads 127 comments
The Billionaires' Space Club 235 comments
South Korean Activist To Drop "The Interview" In North Korea Using Balloons 146 comments
Pew Survey: Tech Increases Productivity, But Also Time Spent Working 82 comments
The Open Office Is Destroying the Workplace 420 comments
What's the Future of Corporate IT and ITSM? (Video) 50 comments
The One Mistake Google Keeps Making 386 comments
Lizard Squad: Xbox Live, PSN Attacks Were a 'Marketing Scheme' For DDoS Service 139 comments
How Amazon's Ebook Subscriptions Are Changing the Writing Industry 250 comments
Microsoft Is Building a New Browser As Part of Its Windows 10 Push 248 comments
Norse Security IDs 6, Including Ex-Employee, As Sony Hack Perpetrators 158 comments
Sony Hack Reveals MPAA's Big '$80 Million' Settlement With Hotfile Was a Lie 117 comments
Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Companies With Poor SSL Practices? 141 comments
Sony PlayStation Network Back Up Now, Supposedly 75 comments
Finn Linked To Lizard Squad Christmas Attack 51 comments
Sony Accused of Pirating Music In "The Interview" 180 comments
Phoronix Lauds AMD's Open Source Radeon Driver Progress For 2014 44 comments
Startup Acquisitions Herald Virtual, Augmented Reality Apps From Facebook 11 comments
Prosecutors Raid LG Offices Over Alleged Vandalism of Samsung Dishwashers 87 comments
PlayStation Game-Streaming Service Comes To Samsung Smart TVs In 2015 43 comments
Nokia's Back In the Tablet Business, With the Android Lollipop-Based N1 60 comments
Federal Judge: Facebook Must Face Suit For Scanning Messages 48 comments
How Target's Mobile App Uses Location Tech To Track You 61 comments
Inside China's 'Christmas Factory' Town, Yiwu 32 comments
Startups: the Crazy Ones, the Misfits, the Rebels ... the Dumb Ones 34 comments
Did North Korea Really Attack Sony? 282 comments
Sony To Release the Interview Online Today; Apple Won't Play Ball 227 comments
The History of the NORAD/Microsoft and Google Santa Trackers 59 comments
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