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Valve Pulls the Plug On Paid Mods For Skyrim 58 comments
Google Launches a Marketplace To Buy Patents From Interested Sellers 38 comments
Google Officially Discontinues Nexus 7 Tablet 149 comments
Pandora Paying Artists $0.0001 More Per Stream Than It Was Last Year 115 comments
Intel Showcases RealSense 3D Camera Applications and Technologies In New York 17 comments
Apple's Next Frontier Is Your Body 93 comments
Oculus Rift: 2015 Launch Unlikely, But Not Impossible 74 comments
Vizio, Destroyer of Patent Trolls 99 comments
Microsoft Increases Android Patent Licensing Reach 103 comments
Microsoft, Chip Makers Working On Hardware DRM For Windows 10 PCs 301 comments
Amazon's Profits Are Floating On a Cloud (Computing) 81 comments
Comcast Officially Gives Up On TWC Merger 112 comments
Good: Companies Care About Data Privacy Bad: No Idea How To Protect It 77 comments
We'll Be the Last PC Company Standing, Acer CEO Says 417 comments
POS Vendor Uses Same Short, Numeric Password Non-Stop Since 1990 128 comments
Yahoo Called Its Layoffs a "Remix." Don't Do That. 194 comments
Google Launches Project Fi Mobile Phone Service 112 comments
Intel 'Compute Stick' PC-Over-HDMI Dongle Launched, Tested 174 comments
Microsoft Announces Device Guard For Windows 10 189 comments
German Court Rules Adblock Plus Is Legal 279 comments
Japan Looks To Distributed Control Theory To Manage Energy Market Deregulation 53 comments
YouTube Going Dark On Older Devices 129 comments
Robot Workers' Real Draw: Reducing Dependence on Human Workers 288 comments
AMD Publishes New 'AMDGPU' Linux Graphics Driver 88 comments
Why the Journey To IPv6 Is Still the Road Less Traveled 389 comments
New PCIe SSDs Load Games, Apps As Fast As Old SATA Drives 160 comments
Elon Musk Bailed Out of $6bn Google Takeover To Save Tesla From 2013 Bankruptcy 118 comments
Comcast and TWC Will Negotiate With Officials To Save Their Merger 101 comments
How Publishing Upstart Mendeley Weathered Revolt and Became Part of the Paywall 81 comments
How Uber Surge Pricing Really Works 96 comments
DOJ Could Nix Comcast-Time Warner Merger 76 comments
Kingston HyperX Predator SSD Takes Gumstick M.2 PCIe Drives To 1.4GB/sec 51 comments
Hacked Sony Emails Reveal That Sony Had Pirated Books About Hacking 59 comments
Twitter Moves Non-US Accounts To Ireland, and Away From the NSA 153 comments
Exploit For Crashing Minecraft Servers Made Public 118 comments
Microsoft Open Technologies Is Closing: Good Or Bad News For Open Source? 110 comments
Wikileaks Publishes Hacked Sony Emails, Documents 143 comments
AMD Withdraws From High-Density Server Business 133 comments
Microsoft's Role As Accuser In the Antitrust Suit Against Google 192 comments
Cyanogen Partners With Microsoft To Replace Google Apps 179 comments
2K, Australia's Last AAA Studio, Closes Its Doors 170 comments
IT Worker's Lawsuit Accuses Tata of Discrimination 294 comments
Seattle CEO Cuts $1 Million Salary To $70K, Raises Employee Salaries 482 comments
Google Responds To EU Antitrust Claims In Android Blog Post 245 comments
Chinese Ninebot Buys US Rival Segway 134 comments
Nokia To Buy Alcatel-Lucent for $16.6 Billion 66 comments
EU To Hit Google With Antitrust Charges 247 comments
How Mission Creep Killed a Gaming Studio 131 comments
IT Consultant Talks About 'Negotiating for Nerds' (Video) 61 comments
Microsoft Starts Working On an LLVM-Based Compiler For .NET 125 comments
Kludgey Electronic Health Records Are Becoming Fodder For Malpractice Suits 184 comments
US Dept. of Education Teams With Microsoft-Led On Teacher Diversity 148 comments
Windows Remains Vulnerable To Serious 18-Year-Old SMB Security Flaw 171 comments
New York State Spent Millions On Program For Startups That Created 76 Jobs 238 comments
Report: Apple Watch Preorders Almost 1 Million On First Day In the US 290 comments
Microsoft and Miele Team Collaborate To Cook Up an IoT Revolution 105 comments
French Intelligence Bill: 5 Web Hosting Providers Threaten To Leave the Country 105 comments
Microsoft Pushes For Public Education Funding While Avoiding State Taxes 173 comments
220TB Tapes Show Tape Storage Still Has a Long Future 229 comments
Amazon Gets Approval To Test New Delivery Drones 74 comments
Microsoft: Feds Are 'Rewriting' the Law To Obtain Emails Overseas 100 comments
US Blocks Intel From Selling Xeon Chips To Chinese Supercomputer Projects 229 comments
Intel's Core M Performance Is Erratic Between Devices 85 comments
Amazon Sues To Block Fake Reviews 126 comments
Ten US Senators Seek Investigation Into the Replacement of US Tech Workers 407 comments
FAA Allows AIG To Use Drones For Insurance Inspections 53 comments
US Pens $200 Million Deal For Massive Nuclear Security-Focused Supercomputer 74 comments
Uber Finally Accepts Cash -- For Autorickshaws In Delhi 62 comments
Netflix Algorithm Tells You When Your Best Employee Is About To Leave You 210 comments
Microsoft Creates a Docker-Like Container For Windows 95 comments
Dell Expands Intel RealSense Tablet Lineup With 10.5-Inch Venue 10 7000 2-in-1 22 comments
Google To Offer Ad-Free YouTube - At a Price 358 comments
Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Bans Salary Negotiations To Equalize Pay For Men, Women 892 comments
The Key To Interviewing At Google 185 comments
Phone App That Watches Your Driving Habits Leads To Privacy Concerns 73 comments
Patent Case Could Shift Power Balance In Tech Industry 83 comments
LG Will Lend You a Free Phone If You Talk About It On Social Media 22 comments
Obama Says Climate Change Is Harming Americans' Health 304 comments
Google, Apple and Microsoft Squirm As Global Tax Schemes Scrutinized 312 comments
With H-1B Cap Hit, Zuckerberg and Ballmer-Led Groups Press For More Tech Visas 442 comments
Feds Boost Goal To 75k New Solar Power Workers By 2020 69 comments
Privacy Commissioner of Canada Rules Bell's Targeted Ad Program Violates the Law 39 comments
Windows 10 Successor Codenamed 'Redstone,' Targeting 2016 Launch 197 comments
Consumer Groups Bemoan Google's "Deceptive" Ads for Kids In FTC Complaint 92 comments
Google Rolls Out VP9 Encoding For YouTube 109 comments
How Comcast Bankrolls Organizations That Support TWC Merger 59 comments
The New Struggles Facing Open Source 146 comments
Turkey Blocks Twitter, YouTube Access Over Image of Slain Prosecutor 66 comments
Carly Fiorina Calls Apple's Tim Cook a 'Hypocrite' On Gay Rights 653 comments
Kinect For Windows Is Dead; Long Live Kinect For Windows Via USB 45 comments
Swiss Launch of Apple Watch Hit By Patent Issue 111 comments
Mono 4 Released, First Version To Adopt Microsoft Code 223 comments
Second Technical Preview of Windows Server 2016 Arriving This Spring 34 comments
Ask Slashdot: Options Beyond YouTube For An Indie Web Show? 60 comments
Microsoft Celebrates 40th Anniversary 142 comments
Valve Bootstrapped Source 2 Engine On an Open-Source Vulkan Driver 60 comments
The Most Highly Voted Requests In Windows 10 Feedback Pool 159 comments
Microsoft To Stop Enabling 'Do Not Track' By Default 64 comments
Microsoft Engineer: Open Source Windows Is 'Definitely Possible' 303 comments
Sony Buys, Shuts Down OnLive 249 comments
Visual Studio 2015 Can Target Linux; Android Apps Anywhere Chrome Can Run 96 comments
Intel Launches SSD 750 Series Consumer NVMe PCI Express SSD At Under $1 Per GiB 67 comments
UK Forces Microsoft To Adopt Open Document Standards 178 comments
Amazon Moves "Buy Now" Into the Physical World, With the Dash Button 187 comments
It's Time To Open Your Eyes 136 comments
Why More 'Star Wars' Actors Don't Become Stars 360 comments
Report: Facebook Tracks Visitors Who Have Opted Out, Violating EU Law 40 comments
Microsoft Announces Surface 3 Tablet 128 comments
Amazon Tests Delivery Drones At Secret Canada Site After US Frustration 213 comments
Microsoft Considered Giving Away Original Xbox 85 comments
License Details Hint MS Undecided On Suing Users of Its Open Source Net Runtime 198 comments
Microsoft Rolls Out Project Spartan With New Windows 10 Build 122 comments
Why You Should Choose Boring Technology 232 comments
IT Jobs With the Best (and Worst) ROI 139 comments
Amazon Launches 'Home Services' For Repair, Installation, and Other Work 120 comments
Apple Extends Its Trade-In Program 55 comments
How Malvertising Abuses Real-Time Bidding On Ad Networks 113 comments
If You Want To Buy an Apple Watch In-Store, You'll Need a Reservation 193 comments
Chrome OS Receives Extreme Makeover With Material Design and Google Now 112 comments
Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Near Launching Presidential Bid 353 comments
SeaWorld and Others Discover That a Hashtag Can Become a Bashtag 124 comments
Arduino Dispute Reaches Out To Distributors 92 comments
Measuring How Much "Standby Mode" Electricity For Game Consoles Will Cost You 198 comments
Best Buy Kills Off Future Shop 198 comments
Startups Increasingly Targeted With Hacks 49 comments
IBM and OpenPower Could Mean a Fight With Intel For Chinese Server Market 85 comments
New Screenshots Detail Spartan Web Browser For Windows 10 Smartphones 62 comments
Ellen Pao Loses Silicon Valley Gender Bias Case Against Kleiner Perkins 365 comments
Amazon Requires Non-Compete Agreements.. For Warehouse Workers 331 comments
US Air Force Overstepped In SpaceX Certification 71 comments
Broadband ISP Betrayal Forces Homeowner To Sell New House 222 comments
Amazon Announces Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans 122 comments
Millennial Tech Workers Losing Ground In US 407 comments
Win Or Lose, Discrimination Suit Is Having an Effect On Silicon Valley 349 comments
PayPal To Pay $7.7 Million For Sanctions Violations 68 comments
Micron and Intel Announce 3D NAND Flash Co-Development To Push SSDs Past 10TB 93 comments
German Auto Firms Face Roadblock In Testing Driverless Car Software 177 comments
Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear 662 comments
NY Times: "All the News That Mark Zuckerberg Sees Fit To Print"? 79 comments
UK Setting Itself Up To Be More Friendly To Bitcoin Startups 43 comments
European Commission Proposes "Digital Single Market" and End To Geoblocking 137 comments
Comcast's Incompetence, Lack of Broadband May Force Developer To Sell Home 536 comments
Amazon Robot Contest May Accelerate Warehouse Automation 56 comments
RadioShack Puts Customer Data Up For Sale In Bankruptcy Auction 262 comments
Uber To Turn Into a Big Data Company By Selling Location Data 120 comments
IBM Will Share Tech With China To Help Build IT Industry There 108 comments
Microsoft Releases Windows 10 SDK 133 comments
Cisco SPA300/500 IP Phones Vulnerable To Remote Eavesdropping 45 comments
Gaming On Linux With Newest AMD Catalyst Driver Remains Slow 178 comments
Universal Reportedly Wants Spotify To Scale Back Its Free Streaming 117 comments
Magic Leap's AR Demo Video 40 comments
FTC's Internal Memo On Google Teaches Companies a Terrible Lesson 121 comments
DuckDuckGo Donates $100,000 Among Four FOSS Projects 36 comments
Mars One Delayed 2 Years, CEO Releases Video In Response To Criticism 89 comments
A Sucker Is Optimized Every Minute 110 comments
South Korea Begins To Deprecate ActiveX 95 comments
OEMs Allowed To Lock Secure Boot In Windows 10 Computers 362 comments
Every Browser Hacked At Pwn2own 2015, HP Pays Out $557,500 In Awards 237 comments
Amazon Launches One-Hour Delivery Service In Baltimore and Miami 110 comments
Tag Heuer Partners With Google and Intel To Create Luxury Apple Watch Rival 111 comments
Amazon Wins US Regulators' Approval To Test-fly Drone 90 comments
Why Is the Grand Theft Auto CEO Also Chairman of the ESRB? 128 comments
Microsoft Says Free Windows 10 Upgrades For Pirates Will Be Unsupported 193 comments
Taxi Companies Sue Uber For False Advertising On Safety 82 comments
First AMD FreeSync Capable Gaming Displays and Drivers Launched, Tested 63 comments
Microsoft Blacklists Fake Finnish Certificate 29 comments
New Jersey Removes Legal Impediment To Direct Tesla Sales 85 comments
Stanford Study Credits Lack of Non-Competes For Silicon Valley's Success 114 comments
UK Chancellor Confirms Introduction of 'Google Tax' 342 comments
Microsoft Offers Pirates Amnesty and Free Windows 10 Upgrades 322 comments
Not Quite Dead: SCO Linux Suit Against IBM Stirs In Utah 170 comments
Microsoft Is Killing Off the Internet Explorer Brand 317 comments
Data Research Reveals When Taking a Yellow Cab Is Cheaper Than an Uber 155 comments
Analysis: People Who Use Firefox Or Chrome Make Better Employees 127 comments
Nipples, Terrorism, and Sexual Descriptions - Facebook's List of Banned Content 134 comments
Is Microsoft Trying to Become "King of Search" With Cortana Strategy? 107 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Can Distributed Software Development Teams Learn From FLOSS? 133 comments
Windows 10 Enables Switching Between Desktop and Tablet Modes 240 comments
BlackBerry's Latest Experiment: a $2,300 'Secure' Tablet 95 comments
Intel Will Reportedly Land Apple As a Modem Chip Customer 77 comments
Microsoft Has Received 1 Million Pieces of Feedback For Windows 10 236 comments
Electrical Engineering Employment Declines Nearly 10%, But Developers Up 12% 154 comments
Tested: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Update W/ Intel Broadwell, Self-Encrypting SSD 87 comments
Steve Jobs's Big Miss: TV 205 comments
FAA Says Ad-Bearing YouTube Drone Videos Constitute "Commercial Use" 239 comments
IBM Reported To Be Developing Blockchain-Based Currency Transaction System 78 comments
Uber Rival Lyft Raises $530M, Will Beef Up IT 54 comments
$7.4 Million Blurred Lines Verdict Likely To Alter Music Business 386 comments
Google Nearline Delivers Some Serious Competition To Amazon Glacier 71 comments
Swatch Co-Inventor Predicts Apple Will Bring an 'Ice Age' To Swiss Watch Market 389 comments
California Looking To Make All Bitcoin Businesses Illegal 224 comments
Cody Wilson Wants To Help You Make a Gun 449 comments
Google's Angular 2 Being Built With Microsoft's TypeScript 91 comments
Google Nest Rumored To Be Moving Into Audio 37 comments
Ask Slashdot - Breaking Into Penetration Testing At 30 205 comments
Billionaire Teams Up With NASA To Mine the Moon 214 comments
edX Welcomes 'The University of Microsoft' Into Its Fold 44 comments
Why Israel Could Be the Next Cybersecurity World Power 163 comments
Open Source Hardware Approaching Critical Mass 64 comments
Reactions to the New MacBook and Apple Watch 450 comments
Sugar Industry Shaped NIH Agenda On Dental Research 54 comments
Incomplete Microsoft Patch Left Machines Exposed To Stuxnet LNK Vulnerability 33 comments
Gigaom Closes Shop 101 comments
Microsoft Asks US Court To Ban Kyocera's Android Phones 148 comments
Obama Administration Claims There Are 545,000 IT Job Openings 348 comments
Intel Announces Xeon D SoC Line Based On Broadwell Core Architecture 76 comments
YouTube Video of Racist Chant Results In Fraternity Closure 606 comments
Apple's "Spring Forward" Event Debuts Apple Watch and More 529 comments
Do Tech Companies Ask For Way Too Much From Job Candidates? 292 comments
Game of Drones: As US Dithers, Rivals Get a Head Start 85 comments
Amazon Opening Imported Goods Store On Alibaba 31 comments
Indian Gov't Wants Worldwide Ban On Rape Documentary, Including Online 356 comments
Mozilla: Following In Sun's Faltering Footsteps? 300 comments
Microsoft Closes Gap Between Windows 10 and Xbox One With "Crossplay" Plans 66 comments
Apple, Google, Bringing Low-Pay Support Employees In-House 98 comments
Valve Developed an Open-Source Intel Vulkan GPU Driver For Linux 52 comments
Intel Reveals Unlocked, Socketed Broadwell and Core i7 NUC With Iris Graphics 51 comments
French Nuclear Industry In Turmoil As Manufacturer Buckles 384 comments
Microsoft Convinced That Windows 10 Will Be Its Smartphone Breakthrough 445 comments
Demand For Linux Skills Rising This Year 94 comments
GitLab Acquires Gitorious 48 comments
AMD Enters Virtual Reality Fray With LiquidVR SDK At GDC 23 comments
Gritty 'Power Rangers' Short Is Not Fair Use 255 comments
What Would Minecraft 2 Look Like Under Microsoft? 208 comments
Games Workshop At 40: How They Brought D&D To Britain 64 comments
Marissa Mayer On Turning Around Yahoo 167 comments
Google Prepares To Enter Wireless Market As an MVNO 43 comments
That U2 Apple Stunt Wasn't the Disaster You Might Think It Was 201 comments
Intel Announces Atom x3, x5 and x7, First SOCs With Integrated 3G and LTE Modems 112 comments
Google+ Divided Into Photos and Streams, With New Boss 146 comments
How Do You Handle the Discovery of a Web Site Disclosing Private Data? 230 comments
Foxconn Factories' Future: Fewer Humans, More Robots 187 comments
Under US Pressure, PayPal Stops Working With Mega 136 comments
Google Reverses Stance, Allows Porn On Blogger After Backlash 102 comments
Microsoft Finally Allows Customers To Legally Download Windows 7 ISOs 132 comments
Microsoft Closing Two Phone Factories In China 85 comments
Teamsters Seek To Unionize More Tech Shuttle Bus Drivers In Silicon Valley 301 comments
Patent Trolls On the Run But Not Vanquished Yet 56 comments
Microsoft's Goals For Their New Web Rendering Engine 166 comments
Intel To Rebrand Atom Chips Along Lines of Core Processors 109 comments
Users Decry New Icon Look In Windows 10 516 comments
5 White Collar Jobs Robots Already Have Taken 257 comments
US Govt and Private Sector Developing "Precrime" System Against Cyber-Attacks 55 comments
Intel Updates NUC Mini PC Line With Broadwell-U, Tested and Benchmarked 60 comments
The Peculiar Economics of Developing New Antibiotics 245 comments
It's Official: NSA Spying Is Hurting the US Tech Economy 270 comments
Google Now Automatically Converts Flash Ads To HTML5 188 comments
Amazon Files Patent For Mobile 3D Printing Delivery Trucks 101 comments
AMD Unveils Carrizo APU With Excavator Core Architecture 114 comments
Can Tracking Employees Improve Business? 87 comments
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