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Bug Stories

Some Core I7 5960X + X99 Motherboards Mysteriously Burning Up 102 comments
Privacy Vulnerabilities In Coursera, Including Exposed Student Email Addresses 31 comments
Steve Ballmer Authored the Windows 3.1 Ctrl-Alt-Del Screen 169 comments
Project Zero Exploits 'Unexploitable' Glibc Bug 98 comments
$75K Prosthetic Arm Is Bricked When Paired iPod Is Stolen 194 comments
Windows 8.1 Update Crippling PCs With BSOD, Microsoft Suggests You Roll Back 304 comments
Microsoft Black Tuesday Patches Bring Blue Screens of Death 179 comments
Errata Prompts Intel To Disable TSX In Haswell, Early Broadwell CPUs 131 comments
Wiring Programmers To Prevent Buggy Code 116 comments
PayPal's Two-Factor Authentication Can Be Bypassed Using eBay Bug 33 comments
Passport Database Outage Leaves Thousands Stranded 162 comments
"ExamSoft" Bar Exam Software Fails Law Grads 100 comments
Popular Android Apps Full of Bugs: Researchers Blame Recycling of Code 150 comments
Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken" 739 comments
Bad "Buss Duct" Causes Week-long Closure of 5,000 Employee Federal Complex 124 comments
CNN iPhone App Sends iReporters' Passwords In the Clear 40 comments
Researchers Test Developer Biometrics To Predict Buggy Code 89 comments
Critical Vulnerabilities In Web-Based Password Managers Found 114 comments
Today In Year-based Computer Errors: Draft Notices Sent To Men Born In the 1800s 205 comments
Bug In Fire TV Screensaver Tears Through 250 GB Data Cap 349 comments
Why Software Builds Fail 279 comments
Over 300,000 Servers Remain Vulnerable To Heartbleed 74 comments
One Developer's Experience With Real Life Bitrot Under HFS+ 396 comments
European iPhone Chargers Prone To Overheating 128 comments
SpaceX Landing Video Cleanup Making Progress 54 comments
GnuTLS Flaw Leaves Many Linux Users Open To Attacks 127 comments
OpenSSL To Undergo Security Audit, Gets Cash For 2 Developers 132 comments
Google Releases VirusTotal Uploader For OS X 37 comments
The 69 Words GM Employees Can Never Say 373 comments
Finding More Than One Worm In the Apple 116 comments
Adobe Creative Cloud Is Back 74 comments
Apple's Revenge: iMessage Might Eat Your Texts If You Switch To Android 415 comments
Adobe Creative Cloud Services Offline (Again?) 164 comments
5-Year-Old Linux Kernel Bug Fixed 127 comments
Eavesdropping With a Smart TV 93 comments
4chan Launches '$20 Bug Bounty' After Hackers Ruin moot's Day 79 comments
The Upcoming Windows 8.1 Apocalypse 293 comments
iOS 7 Update Silently Removes Encryption For Email Attachments 68 comments
Why Microsoft Shouldn't Patch the XP Internet Explorer Flaw 345 comments
XP Systems Getting Emergency IE Zero Day Patch 179 comments
Heartbleed Turned Against Cyber Criminals 50 comments
HP Server Killer Firmware Update On the Loose 100 comments
Preventative Treatment For Heartbleed On 81 comments
Bug Bounties Don't Help If Bugs Never Run Out 235 comments
Heartbleed Sparks 'Responsible' Disclosure Debate 188 comments
How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion? 582 comments
Private Keys Stolen Within Hours From Heartbleed OpenSSL Site 151 comments
Wi-Fi Problems Dog Apple-Samsung Trial 80 comments
GM Names Names, Suspends Two Engineers Over Ignition-Switch Safety 236 comments
Heartbleed Coder: Bug In OpenSSL Was an Honest Mistake 447 comments
Google Chrome Flaw Sets Your PC's Mic Live 152 comments
Canada Halts Online Tax Returns In Wake of Heartbleed 50 comments
Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability: A Technical Remediation 239 comments
OpenSSL Bug Allows Attackers To Read Memory In 64k Chunks 303 comments
Linux Developers Consider On-Screen QR Codes For Kernel Panics 175 comments
Bugs In SCADA Software Leave 7,600 Factories Vulnerable 70 comments
Nest Halts Sales of Smart Fire Alarm After Discovering Dangerous Flaw 128 comments
Russian GLONASS Down For 12 Hours 148 comments
Western Digital 'MyCloud' Is Down 5 Days and Counting 127 comments
Ask Slashdot: How To Handle Unfixed Linux Accessibility Bugs? 266 comments
Camera Module Problems May Delay Samsung's Galaxy S5 70 comments
Large DDoS Attack Brings WordPress Pingback Abuse Back Into Spotlight 58 comments
Portal 2 Incompatible With SELinux 212 comments
Bug In the GnuTLS Library Leaves Many OSs and Apps At Risk 231 comments
New iOS Keylogging Vulnerability Discovered 72 comments
Complete Microsoft EMET Bypass Developed 116 comments
Apple SSL Bug In iOS Also Affects OS X 140 comments
Stack Overflow Could Explain Toyota Vehicles' Unintended Acceleration 664 comments
Drive-by Android Malware Exploits Unpatchable Vulnerability 120 comments
Why Your Phone Gets OTA Updates But Your Car Doesn't 305 comments
Dear Asus Router User: All Your Cloud Are Belong To Us 148 comments
DARPA Training Cadets and Midshipmen As Cyber Warriors 65 comments
More Bitcoin Exchanges Forced Out of Sync After Massive DDoS Attack 135 comments
Ask Slashdot: Should Developers Fix Bugs They Cause On Their Own Time? 716 comments
GitHub Launches Bug Bounty Program, Offers Between $100 and $5,000 14 comments
Tesla's Having Issues Charging In the Cold 476 comments
How Google Broke Itself and Fixed Itself, Automatically 125 comments
Gmail Bug Sends Thousands of Emails To One Man 113 comments
Microsoft Quietly Fixes Windows XP Resource Hog Problem 246 comments
Encrypted Messaging Startup Wickr Offers $100K Bug Bounty 39 comments
23-Year-Old X11 Server Security Vulnerability Discovered 213 comments
Snapchat Update Addresses Security Hole 58 comments
Unencrypted Windows Crash Reports a Blueprint For Attackers 103 comments
The Year's Dumbest Moments in Tech 96 comments
The Biggest Tech Mishap of 2013? 162 comments
Not All Bugs Are Random 165 comments
Website Checkout Glitches: Two Very Different Corporate Responses 303 comments
How Changed the Software Testing Conversation 118 comments
Obamacare and Middle-Wheel-Wheelbarrows 199 comments
The Case For a Global, Compulsory Bug Bounty 81 comments
Coolant Glitch Forces Partial Space Station Shutdown 49 comments
Disqus Bug Deanonymizes Commenters 151 comments
DARPA Makes Finding Software Flaws Fun 46 comments
About 25% of Applications Have Errors 157 comments
How Much Is Oracle To Blame For Healthcare IT Woes? 275 comments
Chicago Transit System Fooled By Federal ID Cards 196 comments
Tesla Model S Has Bizarre 'Vampire-Like' Thirst For Electricity At Night 424 comments
Failed Software Upgrade Halts Transit Service 125 comments
Google Extends Its Patch Reward Program To Include Android 33 comments
Netflix Users In Danger of Unknowingly Picking Up Malware 153 comments
Blue Light of Death Plagues PlayStation 4 309 comments
Google Halts Sales of HP's USB-Charging Chromebook 11 Over Overheating 57 comments
Microsoft and Facebook Launch Internet Bug Bounty Program 57 comments
Microsoft Warns of Zero-Day Attacks 165 comments
New Framework For Programming Unreliable Chips 128 comments
Microsoft Admits Windows 8.1 Update May Bork Your Mouse, Promises a Fix 326 comments
RAF Pilots Blinded At 1000 Mph By Helmet Technical Glitch 154 comments What Went Wrong? 400 comments
Hackers Break Currency Validator To Pass Any Paper As Valid Euro 162 comments
Apple Blocks Lawrence Lessig's Comment On iOS 7 Wi-Fi Glitch 326 comments
Mac OS 10.9's Mail App — Infinity Times Your Spam 158 comments
Jeffrey Zients Appointed To Fix 250 comments
How To Lose $172,222 a Second For 45 Minutes 327 comments
Simple Bug Exposed Verizon Users' SMS Histories 60 comments
IE 11 Breaks Rendering For Google Products, and Outlook Too 231 comments
35,000 vBulletin Sites Have Already Been Exploited By Week Old Hole 91 comments
Obamacare Website Fixes Could Take Two Weeks Or Two Months 382 comments
Xerox "Routine Backup Test" Leave 17 States Without Food Stamps 305 comments
Irony: iPhone 5S Users Reporting Blue Screen of Death 192 comments
How DirecTV Overhauled Its 800-Person IT Group With a Game 85 comments
Microsoft Hands Out $28k In IE11 Bug Bounty Program 57 comments
Yahoo To Offer Bug Bounty Rewards Up To $15,000 65 comments
Tesla Model S Catches Fire: Is This Tesla's 'Toyota' Moment? 388 comments
GMail Chat/GTalk Sending Chats To Wrong Recipients 109 comments
Hiccup In Space: Orbital Sciences ISS Docking Delayed By Days 51 comments
BlackBerry Delays Launch of BBM Apps For iOS, Android 54 comments
Software Glitch Means Loss of NASA's Deep Impact Comet Probe 65 comments
A New Way To Fund Open Source Software Projects, Bug Fixes and Feature Requests 52 comments
SSD Failure Temporarily Halts Linux 3.12 Kernel Work 552 comments
A Tale of Two MySQL Bugs 191 comments
NASA Finds, Fixes Small Glitch in LADEE Moon Probe 44 comments
Parallels Update Installs Unrelated Daemon Without Permission 170 comments
CoreText Font Rendering Bug Leads To iOS, OS X Exploit 178 comments
Google Claims ChromeCast Local Streaming Only Broken Because of SDK Changes 82 comments
Dark Day In the AWS Cloud: Big Name Sites Go Down 182 comments
NASDAQ Trading Halted Due To "Technical Issue" 240 comments
Google Admits Bitcoin Thieves Exploited Android Crypto PRNG Flaw 183 comments
Google Multiplies Low-Tier Bug Bounties By Factor of Five 29 comments
Xerox Confirms To David Kriesel Number Mangling Occuring On Factory Settings 163 comments
How the Leap Second Bug Led Facebook To Build DCIM Tools 46 comments
Xerox Photocopiers Randomly Alter Numbers, Says German Researcher 290 comments
Researchers Demo Exploits Bypassing UEFI Secure Boot 100 comments
How Did My Stratosphere Ever Get Shipped? 238 comments
English High Court Bans Publication of 0-Day Threat To Auto Immobilizers 168 comments
Hackers Using Bots, Scripts To Lock Down Restaurant Reservations 214 comments
Microsoft Bug Bounties Flow To Googlers 65 comments
PayPal Credits Man With $92 Quadrillion 151 comments
German Drone Darts Off and Hits Transport Plane On Ground 74 comments
Database Loophole Lets Legislators Avoid Photo Radar Tickets 165 comments
How Do You Get Better Bug Reports From Users? 205 comments
Study Finds Bug Bounty Programs Extremely Cost-Effective 95 comments
VLC And Secunia Fighting Over Vulnerability Reports 100 comments
Obamacare Software Glitch Will Limit Penalties Charged To Smokers 490 comments
Exposed SSH Key Means US Emergency Alert System Can Be Hacked 86 comments
Computer Failure Disrupts British Air Traffic Control Systems 35 comments
Sent To Jail Because of a Software Bug 239 comments
Patching Software on Another Planet 96 comments
Group Chat Vulnerability Discovered in Cryptocat, Project Fixes and Apologizes 83 comments
Firsthand Impressions of Now-Delayed NVIDIA SHIELD 74 comments
21 Financial Sites Found To Store Sensitive Data In Browser Disk Cache 118 comments
Microsoft Launches $100k Bug Bounty Program 68 comments
Relicensing of MySQL Man Pages Just a Bug 68 comments
BBC Clock Inaccurate - 100 Days To Fix? 487 comments
GitHub Back Online After Service Outage 55 comments
Bug In Samsung S3 Grabs Too Many Images, Ups Data Use 99 comments
The Case For a Government Bug Bounty Program 53 comments
Nasdaq Fined $10M Over Facebook IPO Failures 91 comments
PayPal Reviewing Qualifying Age For Vulnerability Rewards 95 comments
PayPal Denies Teen Reward For Finding Bug 318 comments
Ask Slashdot: Moving From Contract Developers To Hiring One In-House? 524 comments
Last Forking Warning For Bitcoin 334 comments
Vulnerability Found In Skyrim, Fallout, Other Bethesda Games 179 comments
Snapchats Don't Disappear 85 comments
450 Million Lines of Code Can't Be Wrong: How Open Source Stacks Up 209 comments
It's 2013, and Windows Activation Is Still Frustrating 435 comments
Video Poker Firmware Bug Yields Big Money, Federal Charges 312 comments
Pearson Vue Now On Day 5 of Massive Outage 151 comments
Statistical Errors Keep 4700 K-3rd Students From NYC 'Gifted' Programs 215 comments
The FAA Will Let Boeing's 787 Dreamliner Fly Again 32 comments
Botched Security Update Cripples Thousands of Computers 274 comments
American Airlines Grounds Flights 91 comments
Taking the Pain Out of Debugging With Live Programming 254 comments
Microsoft Telling Users To Uninstall Bad Patch 154 comments
British ISP Bombards Users With Deleted Emails 134 comments
Matthew Garrett Has a Fix To Prevent Bricked UEFI Linux Laptops 74 comments
Too Perfect a Mirror 192 comments
Too Much Gold Delays World's Fastest Supercomputer 111 comments
H&R Block Software Glitch To Delay 600,000 U.S. Tax Refunds 104 comments
Bitcoin Blockchain Forked By Backward-Compatibility Issue 351 comments
Massive Email Crash Hits Canadian ISP Shaw 150 comments
Chrome, Firefox, IE 10, Java, Win 8 All Hacked At Pwn2Own 183 comments
HTML5 Storage Bug Can Fill Your Hard Drive 199 comments
Japanese Probe Finds Miswiring of Boeing 787 Battery 201 comments
Lots of Changes for Intel Graphics Coming in Linux 3.9 102 comments
Driver Trapped In Speeding Car At 125 Mph 1176 comments
What To Do When an Advised BIOS Upgrade Is Bad? 467 comments
Six Months Without Adobe Flash, and I Feel Fine 393 comments
Samsung Laptop Bug Is Not Linux Specific 215 comments
iOS 6.1 Leads To Battery Life Drain, Overheating For iPhone Users 266 comments
IE Patch To Fix 57 Vulnerabilities 91 comments
Facebook Breaks Major Websites With Redirection Bug 179 comments
Intel Gigabit NIC Packet of Death 137 comments
Kaspersky Update Breaks Internet Access For Windows XP Users 92 comments
Typing These 8 Characters Will Crash Almost Any App On Your Mountain Lion Mac 425 comments
Linux: Booting Via UEFI Can Brick Samsung Notebooks 232 comments
58,000 Security Camera Systems Critically Vulnerable To Attackers 157 comments
New Secure Boot Patches Break Hibernation 196 comments
You've Got 25 Years Until UNIX Time Overflows 492 comments
Decade Old KDE Bug Fixed 129 comments
Bug Sends Lost-Phone Seekers To Same Wrong Address 298 comments
Security Expert Says Java Vulnerability Could Take Years To Fix, Despite Patch 320 comments
HP Software Update Cancels Food Stamps 240 comments
Adobe and Apple Didn't Unit Test For "Forward Date" Bugs. Do You? 169 comments
No Patch On Tuesday For Internet Explorer Hole 63 comments
AMD Tweaking Radeon Drivers To Reduce Frame Latency Spikes 105 comments
Linus Chews Up Kernel Maintainer For Introducing Userspace Bug 1051 comments
Steam Hit By 'No Connection' Error Worldwide 126 comments
30 Days Is Too Long: Animated Rant About Windows 8 1110 comments
Whose Bug Is This Anyway? 241 comments
Denial-of-Service Attack Found In Btrfs File-System 210 comments
Google Sync Clobbers Chrome Browsers 102 comments
Swedish Stock Exchange Hit By Programming Snafu 136 comments
Researcher Finds Nearly Two Dozen SCADA Bugs In a Few Hours 104 comments
NTP Glitch Reverts Clocks Back To 2000 179 comments
Windows Phone 8 Users Hit Some Snags 391 comments
iOS 6 Streaming Bug Sends Data Usage Skyrocketing 98 comments
Internal Bug: Code Flaw May Lead to Wrong Dose From Infusion Pump 86 comments
EXT4 Data Corruption Bug Hits Linux Kernel 249 comments
Spreadsheet Blamed For UK Rail Bid Fiasco 125 comments
Apple CEO Tim Cook Apologizes For Maps App, Recommends Alternatives 451 comments
WhatsApp Threatens Developers of PC Gateway With Legal Action 27 comments
Intel CEO Tells Staff Windows 8 Is Being Released Prematurely 269 comments
New Java Vulnerability Found Affecting Java 5, 6, and 7 SE 121 comments
Samsung Smartphones Vulnerable To Remote Wipe Hack 151 comments
Sophos Anti-Virus Update Identifies Sophos Code As Malware 245 comments
Stubborn Intel Graphics Bug Haunts Ubuntu 12.04 320 comments
Recurly's Backup Mess Takes Days to Clean Up 21 comments
ICS-CERT Warns That Infrastructure Switches Have Hard-Coded Account Holes 60 comments
Java Exploit Patched? Not So Fast 87 comments
Polish Researcher: Oracle Knew For Months About Java Zero-Day 367 comments
Serious Problems With USB and Ethernet On the Raspberry Pi 202 comments
iPhone Bug Allows SMS Spoofing 92 comments
ICS-CERT Warns of Serious Flaws In Tridium SCADA Software 34 comments
Wall Street and the Mismanagement of Software 267 comments
Algorithmic Trading Glitch Costs Firm $440 Million 377 comments
Google Scrambles To Restore Google Talk From Outage 85 comments
Skype Bug Sends Messages To Random Contacts 77 comments
Yahoo! Closes Security Hole That Led To Breach 43 comments
O2's UK Network Crash Hits Offender Monitoring System 56 comments
Microsoft Kills Windows Gadgets Via Security Update 161 comments
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