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Book Review: Effective Python: 59 Specific Ways To Write Better Python 71 comments
Brain Cancer Claims Horror Maestro Wes Craven At 76 35 comments
Neurologist and Author Oliver Sacks Dead at 82 31 comments
FBI Informant: Ray Bradbury's Sci-fi Written To Induce Communistic Mass Hysteria 282 comments
Hugos Refuse To Award Anyone Rather Than Submit To Fans' Votes 1042 comments
The Real NASA Technologies In 'The Martian' 60 comments
Jason Scott of Textfiles.com Is Trying To Save a Huge Storage Room of Manuals 48 comments
XKCD Author's New Unpublished Book Becomes Scientific Best-Seller 90 comments
Physical Books Successfully Coexisting With Ebooks 134 comments
Book Review: Cloud Computing Design Patterns 33 comments
Frank Herbert's Dune, 50 Years On 234 comments
The 2015 Open Source Summer Reading List 31 comments
Amazon Is Only Going To Pay Authors When Each Page Is Read 172 comments
Librarians As the First Line of Privacy Defense 51 comments
High Court Orders UK ISPs To Block EBook Sites 138 comments
Book Review: The Terrorists of Iraq 270 comments
On the Taxonomy of Sci-Fi Spaceships 90 comments
How To Set Up a Pirate EBook Store In Google Play Books 90 comments
Free Comic Book Day Event Features Neil Gaiman, the Simpsons 33 comments
Obama Announces e-Book Scheme For Low-Income Communities 126 comments
Hacked Sony Emails Reveal That Sony Had Pirated Books About Hacking 59 comments
First 26 Pages of Neal Stephenson's New Novel "Seveneves" Online 110 comments
Book Review: Networking For System Administrators 33 comments
Hugo Awards Turn (Even More) Political 587 comments
Sen. Feinstein Says Anarchist Cookbook Should Be "Removed From the Internet" 538 comments
Book Review: Drush For Developers, 2nd Edition 29 comments
Book Review: Future Crimes 27 comments
Feds Attempt To Censor Parts of a New Book About the Hydrogen Bomb 341 comments
Modern PHP: New Features and Good Practices 182 comments
New Site Mocks Bad Artwork On Ebook Covers 59 comments
Some of the Greatest Science Fiction Novels Are Fix-Ups 104 comments
Book Review: Data and Goliath 51 comments
Lauren Ipsum: A Story About Computer Science and Other Improbable Things 44 comments
The Case Against E-readers -- Why Digital Natives Prefer Reading On Paper 261 comments
Wheel of Time TV Pilot Producers Sue Robert Jordan's Widow For Defamation 148 comments
Something Resembling 'The Wheel of Time' Aired Last Night On FXX 54 comments
The Man Who Invented the Science Fiction Paperback 99 comments
Book Review: Core HTML5 2D Game Programming 50 comments
R.U. Sirius Co-Authors New Book On Transhumanism 76 comments
George R. R. Martin's "The Winds of Winter" Wiill Not Be Published In 2015 180 comments
Book Review: Designing and Building a Security Operations Center 29 comments
Why We Still Can't Really Put Anything In the Public Domain 99 comments
Book Review: FreeBSD Mastery: Storage Essentials 75 comments
Ridley Scott Adapts Philip K. Dick's 'Man in the High Castle' For Amazon 94 comments
Authors Alarmed As Oxford Junior Dictionary Drops Nature Words 174 comments
South Africa Begins Ambitious Tablets In Schools Pilot Project 66 comments
Writers Say They Feel Censored By Surveillance 130 comments
Happy Public Domain Day: Works That Copyright Extension Stole From Us In 2015 328 comments
How Amazon's Ebook Subscriptions Are Changing the Writing Industry 250 comments
App Gives You Free Ebooks of Your Paperbacks When You Take a "Shelfie" 131 comments
Amazon "Suppresses" Book With Too Many Hyphens 292 comments
Calculus Textbook Author James Stewart Has Died 170 comments
Book Review: Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS, and WordPress 31 comments
Book Review: Spam Nation 82 comments
Overly Familiar Sci-Fi 368 comments
Interviews: Malcolm Gladwell Answers Your Questions 48 comments
Book Review: Bulletproof SSL and TLS 92 comments
Judge Approves $450M Settlement For Apple's Ebook Price Fixing 69 comments
"Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer" Pulled From Amazon 561 comments
Machine-Learning Algorithm Ranks the World's Most Notable Authors 55 comments
R. A. Montgomery, Creator of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" Books, Dead At 78 80 comments
Ask Slashdot: Programming Education Resources For a Year Offline? 223 comments
Book Review: Countdown To Zero Day 58 comments
Amazon's Luxembourg Tax Deals 200 comments
Interviews: Ask Warren Ellis a Question 58 comments
Adobe's Digital Editions Collecting Less Data, Says EFF 32 comments
Rhode Island Comic Con Oversold, Overcrowded 126 comments
Book Review: Measuring and Managing Information Risk: a FAIR Approach 46 comments
Bill Gates: Piketty's Attack on Income Inequality Is Right 839 comments
Book Review: Scaling Apache Solr 42 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Books On the Life and Work of Nikola Tesla? 140 comments
Adobe Spies On Users' eBook Libraries 150 comments
Statistician Creates Mathematical Model To Predict the Future of Game of Thrones 127 comments
Publishers Gave Away 123 Million Books During World War Two 121 comments
Top EU Court: Libraries Can Digitize Books Without Publishers' Permission 102 comments
Book Review: Architecting the Cloud 75 comments
E-Books On a $20 Cell Phone 116 comments
XKCD Author's Unpublished Book Remains a Best-Seller For 5 Months 169 comments
Japanese Publishers Lash Out At Amazon's Policies 113 comments
Book Review: Social Engineering In IT Security Tools, Tactics, and Techniques 45 comments
Do Readers Absorb Less On Kindles Than On Paper? Not Necessarily 105 comments
At Home with Tim O'Reilly (Videos 1 and 2 of 6) 11 comments
Student Bookstores Beware, Amazon Comes To Purdue Campus 95 comments
Why the Public Library Beats Amazon 165 comments
Geneticists Decry Book On Race and Evolution 541 comments
Interviews: Ask Tim O'Reilly About a Life Steeped In Technology 39 comments
Sony Tosses the Sony Reader On the Scrap Heap 172 comments
Book Review: Introduction To Cyber-Warfare: A Multidisciplinary Approach 27 comments
Apple $450 Million e-Book Settlement Wins Court Approval 93 comments
Amazon's eBook Math 306 comments
Ridley Scott to Produce Philip K Dick's The Man In the High Castle 144 comments
Apple Acquires "Pandora For Books" Booklamp For $15 Million 26 comments
Nightfall: Can Kalgash Exist? 86 comments
Amazon Isn't Killing Writing, the Market Is 192 comments
Apple Agrees To $450 Million Ebook Antitrust Settlement 91 comments
Amazon Is Testing a $10-Per-Month Ebook Service 87 comments
The Least They Could Do: Amazon Charges 1 Cent To Meet French Free Shipping Ban 309 comments
Book Review: Data-Driven Security: Analysis, Visualization and Dashboards 26 comments
Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Heads Into Home Stretch 68 comments
Want To Resell Your Ebooks? You'd Better Act Fast 72 comments
Update Your Shelf: BitLit Offers Access To Ebook Versions of Books You Own 82 comments
Barnes & Noble To Spin Off Nook Media, Will Take It Public 51 comments
HUGO Winning Author Daniel Keyes Has Died 66 comments
Book Review: Security Without Obscurity 51 comments
Appeals Court Finds Scanning To Be Fair Use 34 comments
Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Earns One Million Dollars In Less Than a Day 164 comments
Amazon Confirms Hachette Spat Is To "Get a Better Deal" 211 comments
Book Review: Hacking Point of Sale 56 comments
Author Charles Stross: Is Amazon a Malignant Monopoly, Or Just Plain Evil? 405 comments
Amazon Escalates Its Battle Against Publishers 218 comments
Game of Thrones Author George R R Martin Writes with WordStar on DOS 522 comments
$200 For a Bound Textbook That You Can't Keep? 252 comments
Book Review: Extending Bootstrap 27 comments
Book Review: Designing With the Mind In Mind 52 comments
Lucasfilm Announces Break With Star Wars Expanded Universe 157 comments
Why Speed-Reading Apps Don't Work 92 comments
Ask Slashdot: Books for a Comp Sci Graduate Student? 247 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Good Print Media Is Left? 285 comments
Seattle Bookstores Embrace Amazon.com 83 comments
Online Skim Reading Is Taking Over the Human Brain 224 comments
Judge OKs Class Action Suit Against Apple For E-Book Price Fixing 88 comments
UK Bans Sending Books To Prisoners 220 comments
Bring On the Monsters: Tolkien's Translation of Beowulf To Be Published 94 comments
Algorithm Composes Music By Text Analyzing the World's Best Novels 31 comments
Transhumanist Children's Book Argues, "Death Is Wrong" 334 comments
Why Are There More Old Songs On iTunes Than Old eBooks? 77 comments
XKCD Author's Unpublished Book Has Already Become a Best-Seller 129 comments
Book Review: Threat Modeling: Designing For Security 32 comments
Book Review: Sudo Mastery: User Access Control For Real People 83 comments
Ghostwriter Reveals the Secret Life of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange 359 comments
Another Possible Voynich Breakthrough 160 comments
Book Review: Survival of the Nicest 176 comments
Ask Slashdot: E-ink Reader For Academic Papers? 134 comments
Microsoft Building an 'Xbox Reading' App For Windows 8 52 comments
Adobe's New Ebook DRM Will Leave Existing Users Out In the Cold Come July 304 comments
Book Review: The Art of the Data Center 30 comments
Ask Slashdot: How To Reimagine a Library? 231 comments
Canadian Health Scientists Resort To Sneaker Net After Funding Slashed 168 comments
Book Review: The Digital Crown 69 comments
Algorithm Aims To Predict Fiction Bestsellers 146 comments
First US Public Library With No Paper Books Opens In Texas 212 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Are the Books Everyone Should Read? 796 comments
53% More Book Banning Incidents In US Schools This Year 360 comments
Sherlock Holmes Finally In the Public Domain In the US 207 comments
E-Books That Read You 120 comments
Book Review: Digital Archaeology: the Art and Science of Digital Forensics 14 comments
Interview: Ask Bruce Sterling What You Will 60 comments
Sci-fi Author Charles Stross Cancels Trilogy: the NSA Is Already Doing It 208 comments
1.5 Million Pages of Ancient Manuscripts Online 79 comments
Unpublished J. D. Salinger Stories Leaked On Bittorrent Site 218 comments
62% of 16 To 24-Year-Olds Prefer Printed Books Over eBooks 331 comments
Book Review: Digital Outcasts 65 comments
Nathan Myhrvold's $500 Cookbook Now an $80 iPhone App 193 comments
Google Books Case Dismissed On Fair Use Grounds 124 comments
Digital Textbook Startup Kno Was Sold For $15 Million 39 comments
Could We "Wikify" Scholarly Canons? 63 comments
Amazon Gets Blow-Back Over Plan To Sell Kindles At Small Bookshops 176 comments
Spooked By His Sci Fi, FBI Looked Into Asimov As Possible Communist Tipster 190 comments
Amazon Offers Cut of Ebook Sales To Book Stores Selling Kindle 80 comments
David Craddock and Two Blizzard North Co-Founders (Video 2 of 2) 14 comments
Self-Published Zombie Titles Have Doubled Since 2012 74 comments
David Craddock and Two Blizzard North Co-Founders Answer Your Questions (Video) 40 comments
Book Review: Stay Awhile and Listen 66 comments
Book Review: Testing Cloud Services: How To Test SaaS, PaaS & IaaS 45 comments
Book Review: The App Generation 59 comments
Inside South Africa's First Fully Digital Government School 47 comments
France Moves To Protect Independent Booksellers From Amazon 264 comments
Book Review: The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon 45 comments
Book Review: Minecraft 77 comments
Book Review: Secret History: the Story of Cryptology 71 comments
Neil Gaiman On Why Libraries Are the Gates to the Future 149 comments
Book Review: Getting Started With Drupal Commerce 37 comments
Books With "Questionable Content" Being Deleted From ebookstores In Sweeping Ban 548 comments
Read Better Books To Be a Better Person 158 comments
Book Review: The Circle 85 comments
Ask Author David Craddock About the Development of Diablo, Warcraft 109 comments
Tom Clancy Is Dead At 66 236 comments
Text Analyzer Reveals Emotional 'Temperature' of Novels and Fairy Tales 65 comments
Scribd Launches a Global 'Spotify For eBooks' 53 comments
Book Review: Latest Two Books By Peter Loshin 28 comments
Everything You Needed To Know About the Internet In May, 1994 168 comments
The Circle Skewers Google, Facebook, Twitter 56 comments
Book Review: Citrix XenApp Performance Essentials 24 comments
Ask Slashdot: Prioritizing Saleable Used Computer Books? 219 comments
Is HTML5 the Future of Book Authorship? 116 comments
Insiders Say B&N Will Launch New Nook,Tablet In October 50 comments
Meet the Guy Who Fact-Checks Stephen King On Stephen King 121 comments
Book Review: The Practice of Network Security Monitoring 15 comments
Ars Test Drives the "Netflix For Books" 108 comments
Austrian Professor Creates Kindle E-Book Copier With Lego Mindstorms 61 comments
Amazon Finally Bundles Ebooks With Printed Books 135 comments
Sci-Fi Great Frederik Pohl Passes Away At 93 57 comments
John Scalzi's Redshirts Wins Hugo Award for Best Novel 112 comments
Book Review: Hacking Exposed Mobile Security Secrets & Solutions 10 comments
Calibre Version 1.0 Released After 7 Years of Development 193 comments
Barnes & Noble Won't Give Up On the Nook 132 comments
Book Review: The Internet Police 27 comments
Amazon Forbids Crossing State Lines With Rented Textbooks 125 comments
Bill Gates Seeking Patent To Make Shakespeare Less Boring 338 comments
Book Review: The Healthy Programmer 461 comments
Have eBooks Peaked? 323 comments
Book Review: Present Yourself - Using SlideShare To Grow Your Business 40 comments
Ask Slashdot: High-School Suitable Books On How Computers Affect Society? 140 comments
Poll Shows That 75% Prefer Printed Books To eBooks 312 comments
J.K. Rowling Should Try the Voting Algorithm 128 comments
Sci-Fi Stories That Predicted the Surveillance State 213 comments
Book Review: Eloquent JavaScript: a Modern Introduction To Programming 107 comments
Ask Slashdot: Learning DB the Right Way; Books, Tutorials, or What? 106 comments
Are Amazon Vine Reviews of Technical Books a Joke? 126 comments
Book Review: Assessing Vendors 27 comments
Judge Rules Apple Colluded With Publishers to Fix Ebook Prices 383 comments
Orson Scott Card Pleads 'Tolerance' For Ender's Game Movie 1448 comments
Book Review: Programming PHP 3rd Edition 155 comments
The Price of Amazon 298 comments
How Copyright Makes Books and Music Disappear 128 comments
L.A. School District's 30,000 iPads May Come With Free Lock-In 232 comments
Nook Failure, Lack of Foot Traffic Could Spell Doom For Barnes & Noble 330 comments
Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Richard Matheson Dead At 87 57 comments
Book Review: Puppet 3 Beginner's Guide 81 comments
Book Review: The Ingenious Engine of Reality 19 comments
Altering Text In eBooks To Track Pirates 467 comments
Book Review: The Chinese Information War 139 comments
Book Review: Core HTML5 Canvas 72 comments
Iain Banks Dies of Cancer At 59 141 comments
Book Review: Exploding the Phone 64 comments
Amazon: Publishers Strong-Armed Us On E-Books 171 comments
Book Review: Creating Mobile Apps With JQuery Mobile 91 comments
Julian Assange Says Google's Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen Are "Witch Doctors" 253 comments
Apple E-book Price-Fixing Trial Begins 213 comments
DRM: How Book Publishers Failed To Learn From the Music Industry 212 comments
Writer Jack Vance Dead At 96 83 comments
Book Review: The Human Division 115 comments
Book Review: Locked Down: Information Security For Lawyers 43 comments
Justice Department Calls Apple the "Ringmaster" In e-book Price Fixing Case 192 comments
Gene Wolfe To Be Honored At Nebula Awards 34 comments
Book Review: The Plateau Effect: Getting From Stuck To Success 121 comments
Copyright Squabble Threatens Accessibility Boost for the Blind 61 comments
Microsoft May Acquire Nook Tablet Business From Barnes and Noble 157 comments
Help the OED Find a Lost Book 91 comments
Coursera Partners With Chegg To Offer Gratis, DRMed Textbooks for Courses 91 comments
Book Review: The New Digital Age 68 comments
Ask Slashdot: Science Books For Middle School Enrichment? 203 comments
Kobo CEO Says Not Selling Washing Machines Key To Overtaking Amazon 207 comments
Book Review: The Death of the Internet 102 comments
25000 Books Proofread By Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders 29 comments
Teachers Know If You've Been E-Reading 348 comments
Book Review: MODx Revolution - Building the Web Your Way 70 comments
Iain Banks: Extremely Ill With Cancer 150 comments
Remote Island Adopts Dothraki Language 65 comments
Bezos Patenting 'Dumb' Tablets, Glasses, Windshields 87 comments
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