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AT&T Stories

AT&T Brings Back Unlimited Mobile Data To Lure TV Subscribers 68 comments
Carrier iQ Goes Under, AT&T Buys Assets and Staff 26 comments
AT&T Building Massive Fiber Network That Barely Exists 91 comments
No Such Thing As 'Unlimited' Data 622 comments
AT&T Says Malware Secretly Unlocked Hundreds of Thousands of Phones 123 comments
AT&T Offers $250k Reward To Find the California Fiber-Optic Ripper 145 comments
AT&T Hotspots Now Injecting Ads 187 comments
The Network Is Hostile 124 comments
AT&T Helped the NSA Spy On Internet Traffic 82 comments
FCC Approves AT&T's DirecTV Purchase 100 comments
Study: Major ISPs Slowing Traffic Across the US 181 comments
FCC Tosses Petition Challenging Its New Internet Regulations 133 comments
AT&T Bills Elderly Customer $24,298.93 For Landline Dial-Up Service 234 comments
ATT, DirecTV Mega-Merger May Go Through 82 comments
Court Refuses To Dismiss AT&T Throttling Case 105 comments
House Republicans Roll Out Legislation To Overturn New Net Neutrality Rules 550 comments
Google Teams Up With 3 Wireless Carriers To Combat Apple Pay 186 comments
Ten Lies T-Mobile Told Me About My Data Plan 237 comments
AT&T Patents System To "Fast-Lane" File-Sharing Traffic 112 comments
AT&T To Match Google Fiber In Kansas City, Charge More If You Want Privacy 227 comments
'Revolving Door' Spins Between AT&T, Government 61 comments
Some Early Nexus 6 Units Returned Over Startup Bug 39 comments
AT&T Stops Using 'Super Cookies' To Track Cellphone Data 60 comments
AT&T To "Pause" Gigabit Internet Rollout Until Net Neutrality Is Settled 308 comments
AT&T Won't Do In-Flight Wi-Fi After All 35 comments
Tech Giants Donate $750 Million In Goods and Services To Underprivileged Schools 143 comments
FTC Sues AT&T For Throttling 'Unlimited' Data Plan Customers Up To 90% 179 comments
AT&T Locks Apple SIM Cards On New iPads 112 comments
AT&T To Repay $80 Million In Shady Phone Bill Charges 61 comments
AT&T Proposes Net Neutrality Compromise 243 comments
Under the Apple Hype Machine, Amazon Drops Fire Phone Price To 99 Cents 134 comments
AT&T Says 10Mbps Is Too Fast For "Broadband," 4Mbps Is Enough 533 comments
How Big Telecom Smothers Municipal Broadband 111 comments
Ask Slashdot: What To Do About Repeated Internet Overbilling? 355 comments
The Misleading Fliers Comcast Used To Kill Off a Local Internet Competitor 250 comments
Senator Al Franken Accuses AT&T of "Skirting" Net Neutrality Rules 81 comments
AT&T Says Customer Data Accessed To Unlock Smartphones 65 comments
AT&T Charges $750 For One Minute of International Data Roaming 321 comments
AT&T To Use Phone Geolocation To Prevent Credit Card Fraud 228 comments
Big Telecom: Terms Set For Sprint To Buy T-Mobile For $32B 158 comments
AT&T Hacker 'weev' Demands One Bitcoin For Each Hour He Spent In Jail 449 comments
AT&T Buying DirecTV for $48.5 Billion 173 comments
EFF: Amazon, AT&T, and Snapchat Most Likely To Rat On You To the Gov't 69 comments
WSJ Reports AT&T May Be Eying a $40B DirecTV Acquisition 73 comments
AT&T Plans To Launch Internet Video Service 43 comments
AT&T's Gigabit Smokescreen 129 comments
Bidding At FCC TV Spectrum Auction May Be Restricted For Large Carriers 91 comments
Yahoo DMARC Implementation Breaks Most Mailing Lists 83 comments
WSJ: Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever 449 comments
Weev's Attorney Says FBI Is Intercepting His Client's Mail 109 comments
WSJ: Americans' Phone Bills Are Going Up 273 comments
Government Sent 2,000+ National Security Letters To AT&T In 2013 67 comments
FCC Wants To Trial Shift From Analog Phone Networks To Digital 218 comments
AT&T Introduces "Sponsored Data" Allowing Services to Bypass 4G Data Caps 229 comments
Verizon and AT&T Join the 'Transparency Report' Club 37 comments
Google Fiber In Austin Hits a Snag: Incumbent AT&T 291 comments
The Next Big Fiber Showdown: Austin 230 comments
AT&T Maintains Call Database For the DEA Going Back To 1987 141 comments
Mobile Virtual Networks Are Booming Again 79 comments
A New Spate of Deaths In the Wireless Industry 247 comments
First California AMBER Alert Shows AT&T's Emergency Alerts Are a Mess 380 comments
Google Replaces AT&T At Starbucks 100 comments
How To Stop AT&T From Selling Your Private Data To Advertisers 88 comments
WA Post Publishes 4 More Slides On Data Collection From Google, Et Al 180 comments
AT&T Gets Patent To Monitor and Track File-Sharing Traffic 75 comments
2013 U.S. Wireless Network Tests: AT&T Fastest, Verizon Most Reliable 131 comments
Researcher Unlocks Galaxy S4 Bootloader For AT&T, Verizon Phones 75 comments
AT&T Quietly Adds Charges To All Contract Cell Plans 338 comments
Georgia Tech and Udacity Partner for Online M.S. in Computer Science 122 comments
EFF: Trust Twitter — Not Apple Or Verizon — To Protect Your Privacy 75 comments
Study: Limiting Bidding On Spectrum Could Cost Billions 140 comments
HTC Does What Google Wouldn't: Sell an LTE Phone That Sidesteps AT&T 290 comments
How Google Fiber Could Do Some National Good, Or At Least Scare the Carriers 163 comments
Facebook Launches "Home" For Android 138 comments
41 Months In Prison For Man Who Leaked AT&T iPad Email Addresses 459 comments
AT&T: Don't Want a Data Plan for That Smartphone? Too Bad. 798 comments
Multi-State AT&T U-Verse Outage Enters Third Day 202 comments
AT&T Buys More Alltel Operations For $780 Million 28 comments
Andrew Auernheimer Case Uncomfortably Similar To Aaron Swartz Case 400 comments
Netflix Ranks ISP Speeds 186 comments
Jail Looms For Man Who Revealed AT&T Leaked iPad User E-Mails 124 comments
Ask Slashdot: AT&T's Data Usage Definition Proprietary? 562 comments
AT&T To Pay $700,000 For Overcharging Consumers 74 comments
An Open Standard For Wireless Charging? 82 comments
AT&T Facing Net Neutrality Complaint Over FaceTime Restrictions 95 comments
Wrong Number: Why Phone Companies Overcharge For Data 105 comments
AT&T Promises To Expand LTE To More US Markets 105 comments
Would You Pay an Internet Broadband Tax? 601 comments
AT&T Defends Controversial FaceTime Policy Following Widespread Backlash 220 comments
AT&T Killing Its 2G Network By 2017 102 comments
AT&T Introducing Verizon-Style Shared Data Plans 307 comments
AT&T Sponsors Zero-Day Hacking Contest For Kids 43 comments
US ISPs Continue To Support DNSChanger Redirection Servers 87 comments
Cell Carriers Responded Last Year To 1.3M Law Enforcement Data Requests 155 comments
A Look At the "Information Superhighway," As It Looked In 1985 241 comments
Worst Companies At Protecting User Privacy: Skype, Verizon, Yahoo 113 comments
AT&T Expects Data-Only Phone Plans Within 2 Years 97 comments
iPhone Users Sue AT&T For Letting Thieves Re-Activate Their Stolen Devices 197 comments
US Carriers Finally Doing Something About Cellphone Theft 155 comments
AT&T Charged US Taxpayers $16 Million For Nigerian Fraud Calls 155 comments
AT&T Threatens To Shut Off Service of Customer Who Won Throttling Case 327 comments
T-Mobile Exec Calls For End To Cell Phone Subsidies 355 comments
After Complaints, AT&T Solidifies, Increases Data Limit 211 comments
AT&T Should Be Investigated For 'Fraudulent' Data Policies, Says PK 138 comments
T-Mobile Announces LTE Network 75 comments
User Successfully Sues AT&T For Throttling iPhone Data 166 comments
Kentucky Telephone Companies Pushing For Option To End Basic Service 157 comments
SEC Decides Telcos Must Give Shareholders a Vote On Net Neutrality 107 comments
AT&T On Data Throttling: Blame Yourselves 406 comments
All-IP Network Produces $100B Real Estate Windfall 229 comments
AT&T Threatening To Raise Rates After Merger Failure 247 comments
AT&T Caps Netflix Streaming Costs At $68K/Yr 433 comments
How Much LTE Spectrum Do Big Carriers Have? 99 comments
June 6 Is World IPv6 Day 2012: This Time For Keeps 463 comments
Tivo Gets $215 Million Patent Settlement From AT&T 93 comments
FCC Approves AT&T's $1.9 Billion Qualcomm Spectrum Purchase 52 comments
AT&T Officially Ends Plans To Acquire T-Mobile USA 176 comments
AT&T Repeats As Lowest-Rated Wireless Carrier 201 comments
Carrier IQ Drama Continues 244 comments
The Strange Birth and Long Life of Unix 293 comments
AT&T Issues Scathing Response To FCC Report 215 comments
Mobile Industry Rolls Out Game Rating System 49 comments
AT&T Customer Phone Hacking Tied To Terrorists 39 comments
How Even a Failed AT&T/T-Mobile Deal Hurts Rivals 51 comments
AT&T Stops T-Mobile Merger Bid With the FCC 169 comments
AT&T/T-Mobile Merger 'Not In the Public Interest' 190 comments
Users' Data Target Of 'Targeted Attack' on AT&T 28 comments
AT&T Pushes 'Connected' Clothing For Healthcare 63 comments
100,000 iPhones Overwhelm Activation Server 166 comments
Sprint Bets Big On the iPhone 366 comments
AT&T Starts Throttling Heavy Wireless Data Users 158 comments
Verizon Chief Defends AT&T-T-Mobile Merger 128 comments
AT&T and Verizon LTE Networks Compared 116 comments
Seven States Pile On To Block AT&T/T-Mobile Deal 152 comments
AT&T Responds To DoJ Lawsuit 140 comments
Sprint Files Suit Against AT&T T-Mobile Merger 132 comments
Justice Dept. Files Antitrust Complaint Against AT&T and T-Mobile Merger 301 comments
AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile Bet Big On Mobile Payments 88 comments
AT&T Kills $10 Texting Plan, Pushes $20 Plan 348 comments
Leaked AT&T Letter Damages Case For T-Mobile Merger 201 comments
Comcast Launching $9.95 Low Income Broadband Plan 277 comments
AT&T To Start Data Throttling Heaviest Users 207 comments
AT&T: Meet the New US GSM Monopoly 189 comments
Facebook More Hated Than Banks, Utilities 332 comments
Windows Phones Getting Buried At Carriers' Stores 412 comments
SCOTUS Rules Incumbent Telcos Must Share Network Access At Cost 134 comments
Advocacy Group Files FCC Complaint Over Verizon Tethering Ban 190 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Smartphone Plan For a US Vacation? 200 comments
AT&T To Launch LTE Network In 5 Cities This Summer 84 comments
T-Mobile Joins the Capped Data Bandwagon 112 comments
App To Keep ISPs Honest About Bandwidth Caps 172 comments
AT&T To Allow Xbox 360 As U-verse Set-Top Box 62 comments
Convert a SIM To a MicroSIM, With a Meat Cleaver 302 comments
T-Mobile Sues Starbucks Over Free Wi-Fi Deal 142 comments

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