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Technology (Apple) Stories

Apple Patents Alternative To NFC 171 comments
Snow Leopard Snubs Document Creator Codes 214 comments
COLLADA Contest Winners From Siggraph 2009 31 comments
Apple Working On Tech To Detect Purchasers' "Abuse" 539 comments
iPhone 3GS Finally Hacked 376 comments
Apple Tablet Rumors Again (Still?) 165 comments
Reports Say Apple May Manufacture Its Own Chips 202 comments
Going Deep Inside Xserve Apple Drive Modules 243 comments
Apple Touch-Screen Netbook? 291 comments
Apple's iPhone Developer Crisis 315 comments
Apple Planning Video-Call iPhone 268 comments
Steve Jobs' Macworld Keynotes, 1998-2008 108 comments
The Beginnings of Apple Computer 181 comments
Toxic Fumes From Mac Pros? 267 comments
Revamped WebKit JavaScript Engine Doubles In Speed 270 comments
IPhone 3G Jailbreak Released, Paves Way For Open Source Apps 382 comments
"New" Words From the Geek Culture 191 comments
Apple's SproutCore, OSS Javascript-Based Web Apps 203 comments
HyperCard Comes Back From the Dead to the Web 117 comments
NYTimes Speculates On the Next iPhone 302 comments
HyperCard, What Could Have Been 159 comments
iPhone SDK and Free Software Don't Match 304 comments
Woz Dumps on MacBook Air, iPhone, AppleTV 360 comments
What Bugs Apple Fans About Apple 437 comments
Apple to Allow Virtual Mac OS X Server Instances 167 comments
Apple Platform Lock-Ins, A 3rd Party Dev's Opinion 411 comments
Apple Gives $100 Store Credit To iPhone Customers 452 comments
iPhone Gets Better Battery, Scratch Resistant Glass 527 comments
The Apple II At 30 299 comments
Answers From Steve Jobs at Apple's Shareholder Meeting 162 comments
Apple Recalls 1.1 Million Laptop Batteries 156 comments
An Insider's Take on Steve Jobs 114 comments
MacBook is Speedy, but no FireWire 800, Modem Ports 199 comments
South Park Turns to Xserve for Storage Upgrade 324 comments
Apple Files Patent for "Tamper-Resistant Code" 401 comments
Did Apple Sabotage the ROKR? 502 comments
Video iPod Oct 12? 471 comments
From TR-1 to iPod mini 195 comments
Why the Rokr Phone Is An Important Failure 470 comments
Did Microsoft Invent The iPod? 540 comments
Speculation on Real Reasons Behind Apple Switch 659 comments
Getting Rich Writing Mac Software 136 comments
Apple Moves to All Dual-Processor Power Mac Lineup 443 comments
Is Piracy the Pathway to Apple Profit? 563 comments
Nokia Develops a New Browser on Apple WebKit 211 comments
Apple Releases WebKit 329 comments
Apple/Intel Speculation Running Rampant 623 comments
Apple to Use Intel Chips? 920 comments
The Apple II: The Machine That Started It All 83 comments
Mac mini's New Friend 142 comments
New Mac System Specs 650 comments
Apple Releasing Home Media Center: iHome 91 comments
Mac mini as Embedded Development Platform 80 comments
LinuxPPC64 Contest 184 comments
IBM Using iPod to boot Linux on PCs 318 comments
Apple's Dev. Tools Hint @ Dual-core G5 & Quad Mac 421 comments
Torvalds Switches to a Mac 1162 comments
Was the Mac mini Intended to Have an iPod dock? 404 comments
Motorola Announces E1060 Phone With iTunes Support 268 comments
Why Apple Makes a One-Button Mouse 1271 comments
Apple Website Points to PowerBook G5 387 comments
Apple Releases Mac Mini 1212 comments
New Apple IT Pro Section 178 comments
Earth Simulator, G5 Cluster Drop In 'Top 500' List 343 comments
Live CD for PPC? 45 comments
What Makes Apple's Power Mac G5 Processor So Hot 313 comments
Linux Supporting G5 Liquid Cooling System 109 comments
InfiniBand Drivers Released for Xserve G5 Clusters 134 comments
IBM Launches Power site For Developers 50 comments
Freescale Debuts Faster, Cooler G4 37 comments
iMac G5 Porn Roundup 530 comments
Gentoo for Mac OS X Released 291 comments
Jobs Previews Displays, Tiger at WWDC 832 comments
2.8TB in a Power Mac G5? 104 comments
New PowerMac G5s: Up to 2.5Ghz, Liquid Cooled 1009 comments
G5 in an iMac 89 comments
Apple to Award Workgroup Clusters to Scientists 199 comments
PowerBooks & iBooks Get Speed Bumped 751 comments
Apple Releases Xgrid Technology Preview 2 54 comments
Better Business Bureau Targets Apple's G5 Ads 595 comments
Apple Ships Xserve G5 104 comments
Pixar Switches to Mac OS X and G5s 692 comments
One more G4 for the PowerBook? 487 comments
Own a Piece of An Apple-Based Supercomputer 296 comments
A Look Inside Virginia Tech's New Super Computer 420 comments
Correct Way to Charge an iPod? 107 comments
90nm 3GHz PPC 970FX by Summer 447 comments
Finding Holiday Discounts on iPods? 849 comments
Big Mac Officially Ranks 3rd 357 comments
Apple G5 Ads Banned In UK 709 comments
Factual 'Big Mac' Results 566 comments
Big Mac Benchmark Drops to 7.4 TFlops 417 comments
University Chooses Apple RAID for Linux Cluster 68 comments
Big Mac achieves around 14 TFlops with 128 Nodes 307 comments
Apple, Scully, And Intel vs. Motorola 434 comments
Apple G4 Power Supply Woes? 152 comments
PC Mag Compares G5 to Xeon 196 comments
Drooling Over VA Tech's 1100-Node G5 Cluster 441 comments
MacWorld Magazine Benchmarks the G5s 96 comments
Unreasonable Limit on Open Firmware Passwords 82 comments
Virginia Tech on Your Mac Life 40 comments
Gentoo is Fast on New G5s 119 comments
Apple Wins VT in Cost. vs. Performance 105 comments
PowerMac G5 Picture Gallery 111 comments
OpenOSX Provides Virtual PC Alternative 102 comments
Virginia Tech Announces Supercomputer Plans 419 comments
IBM Releases Compiler for Power4 and G5 471 comments
Apple Issues New G5 Benchmarks 661 comments
SuperDrive Options for Combo Drive PowerBooks? 75 comments
Hydrogenaudio AAC Listening Test Results 306 comments
Third Party Selling Upgraded G4 Cubes 82 comments
Yet Another G5 Roundup 69 comments
G5 Benchmark Roundup 251 comments
Apple Hardware VP Defends Benchmarks 1081 comments
Apple's G5 Speeds Challenged 1595 comments
Apple To Discuss HyperTransport For Future Macs 86 comments
PPC 970 Powerbooks and Powermacs in Production? 492 comments
Motorola to Have Rapid I/O in All Future Processors 110 comments
Motorola to Boost 0.13-micron PowerPCs 274 comments
Apple Posts Slot-Loading Drive Update 53 comments
Inside the PowerPC 970 163 comments
Build Your Own Mac With CoreCrib Kit 361 comments
Updated eMac Line Released Today 78 comments
ATX Power Supply Adapter for Macs? 53 comments
Apple Applies For Rotary Mouse Patent 393 comments
uDevGames Source Code Available 17 comments
Recent Macs Have Built-in USB 2.0 86 comments
Friday Apple Quickies 78 comments
Sonnet Announces New Upgrade for Old Macs 53 comments
Mac Clone Maker Details CoreBox on Radio 20 comments
Terra Soft Withdraws Plans for PowerPC Motherboards 137 comments
Apple Releases Cluster Node Xserve 57 comments
XServe RAID Finally Makes An Entrance 47 comments
Replacement for "Microsoft's" Virtual PC? 136 comments
iSCSI for Mac OS X? 60 comments
Rendezvous, Microsoft And Apple 484 comments
Apple Updates Xserve, Announces Xserve RAID 404 comments
New info on IBM's Power5 chip (G5's) 28 comments
Apple To Introduce Video iPod? 276 comments
Biometric Hardware and Software for Mac OS X? 16 comments
Shreve Systems is Dead and Going 48 comments
JPL Clusters XServes 62 comments
Build a Macintosh From Scratch 443 comments
Apple OSes and IDE DMA Support? 49 comments
Xserve Competes With High-End Unix Servers 126 comments
Apple Uses DMCA to Halt DVD burning 663 comments
Quartz Extreme with Unsupported Video Cards 45 comments
New Power Macs Have Crippled DDR Memory? 82 comments
Intel Inside For Apple? 239 comments
Apple Sticks with CRTs For Now 88 comments
Macworld: No new Towers, But 17-inch iMac 266 comments
Xserve Outperforms Sun, SGI, Windows 127 comments
200-Gigaflop Mac Cluster 49 comments
PowerLogix Releases G4 1GHz Upgrade Cards 29 comments
1394 Trade Association Adopts FireWire Brand 292 comments
Xserve Outside the Reality Distortion Field 83 comments
Video of Apple Xserve Introduction 32 comments
Apple Introduces Xserve Rackmount Servers 771 comments
Apple vs. PC in Adobe After Effects 84 comments
Where Old Macs Go To Thrive 63 comments
Myrinet Available for Mac OS X 21 comments
BFS Creator Giampaolo Joins Apple 35 comments
Kai Staats of Terra Soft Chats About Rackable Macs 22 comments
Terra Soft Releases Rackable Dual G4/1GHz 38 comments
Red Hat To Support PowerPC, AltiVec 246 comments
Gigahertz Mac Finally SPEC'd 52 comments
PPC Emulators To Debut at MacWorld Tokyo 47 comments
G4 Cases Holding Back Clustering Acceptance? 38 comments
Apple IDE Cannot Access Beyond 137GB 112 comments

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