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Introducing Slashdot's New Build Section 34 comments
Amazon Announces 'Fire Phone' 192 comments
Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds! 2219 comments
Come Try Out Slashdot's New Design (In Beta) 1191 comments
Experience the New Slashdot Mobile Site 384 comments
Wikimedia Foundation Launches Wikivoyage 47 comments
Thanks For Reading: 15 Years of News For Nerds 229 comments
Reminder: Slashdot Anniversary Meetups, Free T-Shirts 46 comments
Slashdot Turns 15, What Are You Doing Later? 247 comments
Want to Change the Slashdot Logo? For 1 Day in October, You Can 128 comments
Help Shape the Future of Slashdot 763 comments
Obama Sets End of Iraq Combat For August 31st 659 comments
Linux Kernel 2.6.35 Released 159 comments
Knuth Plans 'Earthshaking Announcement' Wednesday 701 comments
Rock Band 3 Officially Announced For Holiday 2010 76 comments
VLC Team Announces Video Editor In the Works 120 comments
OpenSSH Going Strong After 10 Years With Release of v5.3 249 comments
Apple Announces iTunes 9, "LPs," Video Camera For the iPod Nano 521 comments
ESA Sent Takedown Notices For 45 Million Infringements In Fiscal 2009 81 comments
Canonical Fully Open-Sources the Launchpad Code 104 comments
Netflix Prize May Have Been Achieved 83 comments
Linux To Be First OS To Support USB 3.0 296 comments
Wikipedia Launches a New Mobile Interface, Seeks Help 70 comments Relaunched Under New Management 70 comments
FreeBSD 7.2 Released 204 comments
Ubuntu 9.04 RC Released 239 comments
Fermilab Not Dead Yet, Discovers Rare Single Top Quark 194 comments
Linux Foundation Purchases 231 comments
Creative Commons Releases "Zero" License 209 comments
Shuttleworth Announces Karmic Koala 305 comments Self-Slashdotted 388 comments
The MST3K Crew Reunites For Live Webcast 60 comments
Gen Con Goes Up For Sale 34 comments
Theora 1.0 Released, Supported By Firefox 310 comments
ASUS and Intel Launch Collaborative PC Design Site 85 comments
Permanent Links For US Legislation Documents 42 comments
Fluorescent Protein Research Lands Scientists Nobel Prize 79 comments
Particle Physicists Share the Physics Nobel 67 comments
GNOME 2.24 Released 163 comments
Mayor Orders Mandatory Evacuation of New Orleans 712 comments
ACM OSR Linux Issue Available For Free Download 18 comments
Listen Online To Last HOPE Conference 49 comments
Release Team Proposes Gnome 3.0 Plans 306 comments
NetBSD Moves To a 2-Clause BSD License 67 comments
George Carlin Dead of Heart Failure 583 comments
Codemasters Receives Exclusive Formula One Rights 48 comments
Games For Change Holds 5th Annual Festival 13 comments
Fedora 9 (Sulphur) Released 218 comments
id Software Announces Doom 4 425 comments
OpenBSD 4.3 Released 69 comments
2008 Turing Award Winners Announced 66 comments
Mass OLPC Production Begins 167 comments
New Network Neutrality Squad — Users Protecting the Net 168 comments
NC State Creates Most Powerful Positron Beam Ever 214 comments
Mark Webbink Joins Software Freedom Law Center 10 comments
Ubuntu Hardy Heron Announced 511 comments
Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Announced 463 comments
Did We Really Need Seven New Wonders? 324 comments
Easy-to-Make Material Scratches Diamond 213 comments
Fran Allen Wins Turing Award 79 comments
Ethernet Creator Makes the Inventors Hall of Fame 45 comments
Linux Kernel Devs Offer Free Driver Development 348 comments
Help Choose the Best Tech Writing of 2007 15 comments
"Dracula's Castle" For Sale In Romania 167 comments
SCALE 5x Opens For Registration 13 comments
Hybrids Beware? EPA Revises Mileage Standards 550 comments
"Sysadmin of the Year" Winners Announced 206 comments
"Revenge of the Nerds" Remake Cancelled 193 comments
Peter Quinn To Keynote ODF Workshop at SCALE 4x 6 comments
NTP Pool Project Reaches 500 Servers 165 comments
Linux Symposium Issues CFP 36 comments
GIMP 10th Anniversary Splash Contest Winner Announced 253 comments
New, Modularized X Window Release Now Available for Download 456 comments
New Mammal Species Found in Borneo 363 comments
Libranet On The Rocks 152 comments
Dapper Drake Hits Ubuntu Servers 259 comments
NetBSD 2.1 Released 109 comments
Nokia Starts Open Source Website 80 comments
Apple Unveils New Pro Products 590 comments
OpenBSD Turns 10 61 comments
Mandriva Linux 2006 Released 190 comments
Microsoft to Ship New Malware Protection Utility 226 comments
Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded 114 comments
German Linux Migration White Paper Updated 122 comments
Free Gentoo Technical Support 209 comments
Video Game Industry to Sue Michigan's Governor 505 comments
First Episode of NerdTV Released 165 comments
OpenSSH 4.2 released 183 comments
Ohio Linux Festival 2005 90 comments
Mambo Changes its Name to Joomla! 235 comments
2.6.13 Linux Kernel Released 464 comments
Earth's Core Spins Faster than Earth 309 comments
BSD Certification Group Releases Roadmap 87 comments
Google Releases GDS 2.0 789 comments
V For Vendetta Delayed until March 2006 302 comments
LSB Project Seeks Input at Annual Meeting 17 comments
Where is the British EFF? Just Around the Corner! 205 comments
Governing the Internet Report Released 344 comments
Leap Second This Year 107 comments
New FreeBSD Logo Contest to Close on June 30 42 comments
ApacheCon 2005 Comes to Europe 7 comments
MIT Physicists Create New Form of Matter 316 comments
Google Maps Now Cover Whole World 357 comments
U.S. to Digitize All Tangible Gov't. Publications 121 comments
A RAW repository, The Internet Archive and OpenRAW 146 comments
PHRACK Final 122 comments
Researching Open Source 84 comments
GUADEC Streams and Archives Online 47 comments
8th Annual ICFP Contest 72 comments
BBS Documentary Now Shipping 280 comments
High-Resolution Brain Atlases in CyberSpace 10 comments
Google's New Personalized Homepage 411 comments
OpenBSD 3.7 Released 325 comments
Free STIX Fonts to be Released in September 27 comments
Goblet of Fire Teaser Trailer Released 336 comments
FreeBSD 5.4 Released 268 comments
EuroBSDCon '05 - Call For Papers 5 comments
Linuxfest Northwest 2005 Webcast 5 comments
OpenLaszlo 3.0 Announced 40 comments
Image Preservation Through Open Documentation 193 comments
Opera CEO Prepares to Swim across the Atlantic 432 comments
Lyrics to OpenBSD 3.7 Song Released 65 comments
Drupal 4.6.0 Released 38 comments
Apache 2.0.54 Released 25 comments
Galactic Pancake Mystery Solved 117 comments
ICANN Officially Approves .jobs and .travel TLD's 263 comments
Hoary Hedgehog Ubuntu 5.04 Released 474 comments
Yahoo! Search Providing Support to Wikipedia 130 comments
Google Ride Finder Announced 349 comments
EU Funds New FLOSS Survey on Skills, Employment 166 comments
New Kernel Developer Blog 11 comments
Open Source Social Bookmarking Service 263 comments
AutoPackaging for Linux 623 comments
FLISOL: Simultaneous Install Fest in 100+ Cities 13 comments
BitMover Releases Open Source BitKeeper Client 255 comments
OpenBSD CVS RAID Array Failing, Needs Replacement 164 comments
SkypeIn Reaches Beta Users 124 comments
Gentoo UK Developer's Conference Streamed Live 19 comments
Chess Master Kasparov To Retire 320 comments
Gnome 2.10 Released 526 comments Coming Soon 150 comments
Breakthrough in solar photovoltaics 676 comments
KDE 3.4 RC1 Released 310 comments
The 2005 Wired Rave Awards 151 comments
Firefox 1.0.1 Released 617 comments
Dutch Say No to Software Patent Directive 363 comments
Google Donating Bandwidth and Servers to Wikipedia 451 comments
NetBSD Online Store Opens 24 comments
Knuth's Art of Computer Programming Vol. 4 289 comments
Sir Tim Berners-Lee Named Greatest Briton 217 comments
Ubuntu Linux Live CD Release 334 comments
International Free Software Forum Call For Papers 5 comments
FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE Available 25 comments
UKUUG LISA/Winter Conference 2 comments
Slackware 10.1 Beta And Pat's Health 151 comments
Robert Zemeckis to Direct Beowulf Movie 206 comments
What The Hack? 11 comments
Scientific Appeal to Community 27 comments 2005 Registrations Open 11 comments
CodeCon 2005 Program Now Available 5 comments
Top 25 Innovations of the Past 25 Years 624 comments
Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference 2005 11 comments
TiVo to Go Released 238 comments
5th HOPE Conference Audio Online 9 comments
FreeBSD Foundation Passes '04 Small Donation Needs 84 comments
Opera Browser Beta Adds Voice, More 369 comments
FreeBSD Foundation Needs Cash For 501(c)3 Status 101 comments
FOSDEM 2005 Speakers List Available 6 comments
Jeopardy! Whiz Becomes Encarta Spokesman 339 comments
AbiWord 2.2 Unleashed 344 comments
Linux Asia 2005 Conference and Expo 5 comments
21C3 Conference 'Fahrplan' Released 9 comments
66.3 Million Domain Names Registered 179 comments
Linux 2.4.28 Kernel Released 47 comments
Solaris 10 Released, Updated & Free (Like Speech) 363 comments
FTC P2P Deadline For Public Comments 13 comments
CBLDF Auction with Sim & Gaiman 72 comments
SCALE 3x Registration Now Open 3 comments
Fred Nilsson Leaves id Software 21 comments
Trustix Secure Linux 2.2 Released 13 comments
Zope X3 3.0.0 Released 229 comments
FreeBSD Looks Ahead to 6.0 68 comments
Supporting Community Projects 88 comments
WoW Street Date Announced 91 comments
On Family Gaming Past Present and Future 23 comments
New List For Linux in Government Initiatives 7 comments
OpenBSD 3.6 Released! 194 comments
FreeBSD 5.3 RC2 Released 150 comments
Mandrakelinux 10.1 Official Has Arrived 20 comments
TCCBOOT Compiles And Boots Linux In 15 Seconds 342 comments
GForge 4.0 Released 23 comments
Sony Quietly Opening Retail Stores 382 comments
Xandros Recruiting Beta Testers 155 comments
Ubuntu 4.10 ('The Warty Warthog') Released 51 comments
FreeBSD 5.3 Release Candidate Released 135 comments
Lit Window Library 0.3 released 29 comments
ApacheCon 2004 Registration Open 7 comments
UIUC Holds 10th annnual Reflections | Projections 8 comments
Dell Recalls Millions of AC Adaptors 288 comments
Google Launches SMS Search Service 239 comments
FreeBSD 5.3-BETA7 Released; 5.3-RELEASE Soon 76 comments
NetBSD 2.0RC2 Released 56 comments
Apache 2.0.52 Released 16 comments
Open Source Speech Recognition - With Source 404 comments
NetBSD Goodies: 2.0 RC1 Tagged, New pkgsrc Branch 55 comments
Google Local Launched In Canada 173 comments
Toorcon - 20 Years after Big Brother 7 comments
FORTRAN 2003 Accepted as Standard 59 comments
Beer Found to be as Healthy as Wine 517 comments
Ubuntu Linux Preview Released 271 comments
Apache httpd 2.0.51 Released 15 comments
Asia's Biggest Network Security Con, Oct 4-7 11 comments
Faster Updates for DNS Root Servers Arrive 150 comments
Slashdot Goes Political: Announcing 1045 comments
Ars Electronica : Biggest New Media Festival 47 comments
Java Specification Request on Community Currencies 112 comments
Mandrake 10.1 RC1 Available 6 comments
openMosix Summit 2005 Announced 8 comments
Internet2 Speed Record Broken 344 comments
IOCCC Winners Announced 175 comments
Linux USB-Driver: initial release of vp-usb-lock 15 comments
Europe Launches Open Source Forum 5 comments
Top Banned Books of 2003 1033 comments
Call For Papers: Chaos Communication Congress 2004 5 comments
MIT Names First Female President 540 comments
OhioLinuxfest 2004 Gearing Up 11 comments
SANE 2004 Conference In Amsterdam 6 comments
First UK Meeting For Gentoo Devs & Users 11 comments
Hotmail Means to Double Gmail Storage 616 comments
South Pole Research Station Hacked Twice 292 comments
PowerBook G4 Battery Recall 337 comments
Two New Saturnian Moons 215 comments
SHA-0 Broken, MD5 Rumored Broken 707 comments
Low Level Virtual Machine 1.3 Released 46 comments
2nd Swiss Unix Conference 7 comments
Munich Posts Want Ad - Seeking Linux Experts 17 comments
Munich to Go Ahead with Linux After All 142 comments
DEFCON WiFi Shootout Winners Set A Land Record 161 comments
Helix Player and RealPlayer 10 Released 323 comments
System Administrator Appreciation Day 372 comments
TopCoder Open 2004 Programming Tournament 42 comments
DNA Pioneer Francis Crick Passes Away 247 comments
Linux Picnic Follows LinuxWorld SF 5 comments
Bash 3.0 Released 507 comments
aKademy Team Announces International Lineup 83 comments
AT&T to Leave Residential Business 194 comments
Quantum Computing Using Traditional Transistors 323 comments
FAA Approves Sport Pilot License 520 comments
That's Sir Tim to You 249 comments
Fifth HOPE Conference Underway 184 comments
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