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Anime Stories

My Neighbor Totoro In Virtual Reality 45 comments
Illegal Downloading Now a Crime In Japan With Increased Penalties 286 comments
Company Unveils Personalized Anime Robot Girl 240 comments
Life-size Eva Unit 01 Being Built In Japan 80 comments
Porn Virus Blackmails Victims Over "Copyright Violation" 222 comments
Toei Animation Thinks Mobiles Could Save Anime 69 comments
Ubuntu Reaching Out To 16,000 Anime Lovers 293 comments
Astro Boy Director Speaks 82 comments
Keanu Reeves To Star In Cowboy Bebop 439 comments
Dreamworks Acquires Rights for Ghost in the Shell 405 comments
Comcast Targets Unlicensed Anime Torrenters 352 comments
Ghost in the Shell, Other Anime Coming to Xbox Live 49 comments
Robotech Heading to Big Screen, Starring Toby Maguire 236 comments
40 Years of Ultraman 69 comments
Profitmon Catches The Dollars 262 comments
Myth TV + Multiple Video Arcade = Anime for All 94 comments
American Newspapers to Begin Carrying Manga 304 comments
Space Tourism Gets Another Passenger 27 comments
Manga Explains NASA Mission 139 comments
Central Park Media Lets Fans Cast "Outlanders" 135 comments
Miyazaki Talks to the Guardian 234 comments
Largest US Anime Distributor Goes BitTorrent 145 comments
American Anime Localization Company Tries Torrents 280 comments
Cartoon Network Acquires Neon Genesis Evangelon 330 comments
The Business of Anime 523 comments
Can Hayao Miyazaki Save Disney's Soul? 548 comments
Bandai and Namco To Merge 35 comments
Bandai to Ship UMD and DVD Discs Together 79 comments
Cartoon Network's 1st Original 'Toonami' Series 195 comments
Katsuhiro Otomo's Steamboy in Theaters 215 comments
Fansubbers Under Fire 972 comments
New Yorker on Miyazaki 196 comments
Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle Open in Japan 222 comments
Titanic Director to Make Battle Angel Movie 209 comments
Ghost In The Shell : SAC Game Confirmed 12 comments
Visual Novel Translated For Free Trial 17 comments
Animated Short - This Wonderful Life 254 comments
Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence in Theaters 298 comments
A Glimpse Into the World of Japanese Animation 200 comments
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Impressions 180 comments
The Giants of Anime are Coming 392 comments
Anime 'Visual Novel' Game DVDs Debut In West 68 comments
Ghost in the Shell 2 in Theaters Late This Summer 356 comments
Scanlation: Distributed Manga 347 comments
Japanese Anime Industry In Danger Of Fragmentation 435 comments
Pixar's Next Movie: The Incredibles 435 comments
Real 'Akira' Motorcycle 320 comments
Star Wars: Clone Wars Premieres Tonight 196 comments
Live-Action Anime: Casshern 282 comments
The Future of Ghibli US Releases 168 comments
Appleseed World Preview Minireview 147 comments
GitS Sequel and Appleseed Remake Are Coming 234 comments
Jet-powered Nausicaa Glider Project 346 comments
Japan's Empire of Cool 406 comments
Cartoon Network Serves Up More Anime 331 comments
Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence 344 comments
Miyazaki's "Nausicaa" Dub Updates 278 comments
Pirate Anime FAQ Updated 172 comments
Updating the Pirate Anime FAQ 231 comments
Evangelion Live Action Movie 335 comments
Want Anime Network on Your Cable System? 385 comments
Must-See Films at L.A. Anime Festival 153 comments
James Cameron's Live Action Battle Angel Alita 148 comments
Comparing Sci-fi Starship Sizes 553 comments
Review: Cowboy Bebop 286 comments
Spirited Away Set for 800 Theatre Rerelease 296 comments
Miyazaki's 'Spirited Away' Wins Best Animated Picture 455 comments
Trigun Coming to Cartoon Network 229 comments
Cowboy Bebop Movie comes to the States 263 comments
Lupin III Coming to Hollywood 238 comments
Giant Mecha News 259 comments
Slashback: Compromise, Bugs, Slag 262 comments
An Extensive History of Anime 235 comments
Why Does Manga Succeed Where American Comics Fail? 397 comments
1st Episode Of Animatrix Released 285 comments
More Anime College and University Courses Being Offered 284 comments
Miyazaki Region 1 DVDs at Last? 217 comments
Anime Unleashed on TechTV 172 comments
Spirited Away Wins Award; Cowboy Bebop Opening Soon 139 comments
Adult Swim Gets Three More Anime Series 224 comments
Sequel to Ghost In The Shell 95 comments
Angry Spirited Away Fans Strike Back 334 comments
Spirited Away Still Has a Chance 341 comments
The Significance of Anime 301 comments
ADV Confirms Cable Anime Channel 516 comments
Review: Spirited Away 212 comments
Miyazaki's Spirited Away U.S. Release 227 comments
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Trailer 210 comments
Animatrix Trailer 134 comments
Dreamworks Delves Into Anime 162 comments
Cowboy Bebop Film's American Premiere Announced 276 comments
Ghost In The Shell TV Series 142 comments
Anime Stores, Rentals and Theaters? 320 comments
Spriggan Released On DVD 145 comments
Evangelion Reviewed In LA Times 339 comments
Anime + FreeBSD = LainOS 70 comments
DragonBall: The Live Action Movie 263 comments
I Wanna Watch Cartoons! 132 comments
Toonami Producer on Editing Process 247 comments
Disney Aquires Sen to Chihiro, Lasseter to Dub 263 comments
New Anime Block Starts Tonight Cartoon Network 386 comments
Escaflowne & Metropolis Hit US Big Screens Friday 189 comments
NY Times on Anime 182 comments
My Neighbor Totoro and Ebert 178 comments
Matsumoto/Daft Punk Videos Online 165 comments
Cowboy Bebop Back on Toonami 128 comments
Cartoon Network Dropping Gundam and Bebop? 316 comments
Ghost in the Shell 2, Matrix Revisted, Daft Punk 123 comments
Miyazaki's Future w/ Disney 170 comments
Akira Re-Released 141 comments
Tenchi 3rd Season Confirmed 70 comments
Cowboy Bebop on TV This Fall 100 comments
Robotech DVDs Released! 131 comments
Evangelion Movies Coming This Fall 117 comments
Robotech On DVD, Ghost in the Shell 2 144 comments
Interview With Tenchi Co-Creator Hayashi Hiroki 79 comments
Violence's Niche In Cartoons 181 comments
Akira Being Rereleased 111 comments
New Tenchi Muyo OVA Series Confirmed! 49 comments
More Anime Washing Ashore In 2001 100 comments
Princess Mononoke Released On DVD 131 comments
Anime Hardsuits For Sale 75 comments
Akira on DVD? It Might Happen 229 comments
Blue Sub #6, Outlaw Star, And Tenchi, Oh My! 91 comments
NDK2K: Colorado's Anime Convention 132 comments
News Dragonball Z Starts Today, Plus Anime Bits 113 comments
Interview with Creators of Cowboy Bebop 70 comments
Cartoon Network, Tenchi, Silverhawks, and DBZ 231 comments
Lain Discussion Panel At Otakon 115 comments
Anime And The Tech Lifestyle 228 comments
'AD Police' Makes A Comeback 76 comments
Toonami Plans Revealed 164 comments
Princess Mononoke Delayed.. To Add Japanese! 190 comments

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