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Android Stories

Maliciously Crafted MKV Video Files Can Be Used To Crash Android Phones 91 comments
OnePlus Announces OnePlus 2 'Flagship Killer' Android Phone With OxygenOS 149 comments
950 Million Android Phones Can Be Hijacked By Malicious Text Messages 120 comments
Razer Acquires Ouya's Storefront and Technical Team 91 comments
'Stagefright' Flaw: Compromise Android With Just a Text 202 comments
The Android L Update For Nvidia Shield Portable Removes Features 117 comments
Hacking Team's RCS Android May Be the Most Sophisticated Android Malware Ever Exposed 91 comments
Meet "London," Marshall's First Android Smartphone 67 comments
A Quick Leak, As Microsoft Tests the Waters For Cortana On Android 44 comments
Commodore PET Smartphone Comes Loaded With C64 and Amiga Emulators 62 comments
Google Asks Android Developers To Show Sensitivity To Disasters and Atrocity 96 comments
Microsoft Brings Office To Android Smartphones For Free 85 comments
IT Pros Blast Google Over Android's Refusal To Play Nice With IPv6 287 comments
Ask Slashdot: Keeping Cloud Data Encrypted Without Cross-Platform Pain? 107 comments
Planned Sequel To Fairphone Promises an Ethical, Repairable Phone 83 comments
Google Expands Security Rewards To Bugs In Android Devices 20 comments
Is BlackBerry Launching an Android Phone? 113 comments
LG Arbitrarily Denying Android Lollipop Update To the G2 In Canada? 131 comments
An Early Look At Android M's Multi-Window Mode For Tablets 95 comments
NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Reviewed: Gaming and Possibly the Ultimate 4K Streamer 54 comments
Android, Chromecast To Get HBO Now 39 comments
Android M Arrives In Q3: Native Fingerprint Support, Android Pay, 'Doze' Mode 83 comments
Android M To Embrace USB Type-C and MIDI 106 comments
The Tricky Road Ahead For Android Gets Even Trickier 344 comments
GM To Offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto API In Most 2016 Vehicles 76 comments
Microsoft Bringing Cortana To iOS, Android 65 comments
Hyundai Now Offers an Android Car, Even For Current Owners 86 comments
Google Developing 'Brillo' OS For Internet of Things 227 comments
Chrome For Android Is Now Almost Entirely Open Source 51 comments
Factory Reset On Millions of Android Devices Doesn't Wipe Storage 92 comments
Adblock Plus Launches Adblock Browser: a Fork of Firefox For Android 111 comments
Google Can't Ignore the Android Update Problem Any Longer 434 comments
Researchers Detect Android Apps That Connect to User Tracking and Ad Sites 74 comments
Android and iOS App Porting Will Not Be Available At Windows 10 Launch 51 comments
LG G4 and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 808 Benchmarked 45 comments
Windows 10 Can Run Reworked Android and iOS Apps 223 comments
Crowdfunded Android Console Ouya Reportedly Seeking Buyout 123 comments
Google Officially Discontinues Nexus 7 Tablet 160 comments
Microsoft Increases Android Patent Licensing Reach 103 comments
Broken Beer Bottle Battle In Debate Over Merits of Android Over iPhone 134 comments
Google Adds Handwriting Input To Android 124 comments
Cyanogen Partners With Microsoft To Replace Google Apps 179 comments
Google Lollipop Bricking Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 Devices 179 comments
Popular Android Package Uses Just XOR -- and That's Not the Worst Part 277 comments
Forking Away: OnePlus Introduces Android-Based OxygenOS 38 comments
Google: Less Than One Percent of Android Devices Are Affected By Harmful Apps 91 comments
Visual Studio 2015 Can Target Linux; Android Apps Anywhere Chrome Can Run 96 comments
Android's Smart Lock Won't Ask You For a Password Until You Set Your Phone Down 127 comments
Apple May Start Accepting Android Phones As Trade-Ins 148 comments
Google 'Experts' To Screen Android Apps For Banned Content 139 comments
Google, Developers Demo Impressive Gaming and VR Apps For Project Tango Tablet 15 comments
Flaw In Dropbox SDK For Android Lets Attackers Steal Data Sent To Users' Account 23 comments
Microsoft Asks US Court To Ban Kyocera's Android Phones 148 comments
Google Announces Android 5.1 172 comments
NVIDIA Announces SHIELD Game Console 116 comments
Google Backs Off Default Encryption on New Android Lollilop Devices 124 comments
Google Prepares To Enter Wireless Market As an MVNO 43 comments
Who's Afraid of Android Fragmentation? 136 comments
YouTube Kids Launches On Android and iOS 81 comments
Antitrust Case Against Google Thrown Out of SF Court 62 comments
New Android Trojan Fakes Device Shut Down, Spies On Users 118 comments
Google Faces Anti-Trust Probe In Russia Over Android 149 comments
Report: Samsung Replacing Its Apps With Microsoft's For Galaxy S6 148 comments
EU Parliament Blocks Outlook Apps For Members Over Privacy Concerns 24 comments
Facebook Brings React Native To Native Mobile Development 78 comments
Google Quietly Unveils Android 5.1 Lollipop 167 comments
Ask Slashdot: Gaining Control of My Mobile Browser? 223 comments
Microsoft Launches Outlook For Android and iOS 175 comments
Microsoft To Invest In Rogue Android Startup Cyanogen 280 comments
Embedded Linux Conference Headlined By Drones 22 comments
Google Explains Why WebView Vulnerability Will Go Unpatched On Android 4.3 579 comments
Could Tizen Be the Next Android? 243 comments
Ask Slashdot: Can I Trust Android Rooting Tools? 186 comments
The Free Educational Software GCompris Comes To Android 75 comments
Google Throws Microsoft Under Bus, Then Won't Patch Android Flaw 629 comments
Is Kitkat Killing Lollipop Uptake? 437 comments
Sony Thinks You'll Pay $1200 For a Digital Walkman 391 comments
Twitter Bug Locks Out Many Users 69 comments
Nokia's Back In the Tablet Business, With the Android Lollipop-Based N1 60 comments
De-escalating the Android Patent War 63 comments
Manufacturer's Backdoor Found On Popular Chinese Android Smartphone 82 comments
$35 Quad-core Hacker SBC Offers Raspberry Pi-like Size and I/O 140 comments
Google Releases Android Studio 1.0, the First Stable Version of Its IDE 115 comments
Android Policy For Nexus and Google Play Devices Updated To Excuse Carrier Delay 73 comments
A Rift In OnePlus, Cyanogen Relationship 69 comments
Some Early Nexus 6 Units Returned Over Startup Bug 39 comments
Indian Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Snub Android One Phones 53 comments
Android Botnet Evolves, Could Pose Threat To Corporate Networks 54 comments
NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Android Lollipop Update Performance Explored 57 comments
Ars Dissects Android's Problems With Big Screens -- Including In Lollipop 103 comments
Visual Studio 2015 Supports CLANG and Android (Emulator Included) 192 comments
Nvidia Shield Tablet Gets Android Lollipop Update, Half Life 2 EP1 and GRID 58 comments
Popular Smartphones Hacked At Mobile Pwn2Own 2014 52 comments
Android 5.0 'Lollipop' vs. iOS 8: More Similar Than Ever 178 comments
Apple Releases iMessage Deregistration Utility 136 comments
Start-Up Vsenn Emerges From Stealth With Project Ara Modular Phone Competitor 30 comments
New NXP SoC Gives Android Its Apple Pay 122 comments
Microsoft Makes Office Mobile Editing Free As in Freemium 98 comments
Android 5.0 Makes SD Cards Great Again 214 comments
Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin Leaving Google 82 comments
Lenovo Completes Motorola Deal 59 comments
Delivering Malicious Android Apps Hidden In Image Files 113 comments
Which Android Devices Sacrifice Battery-Life For Performance? 108 comments
Microsoft Gearing Up To Release a Smartwatch of Its Own 172 comments
Google Releases Android 5.0 Lollipop SDK and Nexus Preview Images 77 comments
Android On Intel x86 Tablet Performance Explored: Things Are Improving 97 comments
Google Announces Motorola-Made Nexus 6 and HTC-Made Nexus 9 201 comments
Microsoft Develops Analog Keyboard For Wearables, Solves Small Display Dilemma 100 comments
Details of iOS and Android Device Encryption 146 comments
Cyanogen Inc. Turns Down Google, Seeing $1 Billion Valuation 107 comments
Samsung Paid Microsoft $1 Billion Last Year In Android Royalties 93 comments
Google To Require As Many As 20 of Its Apps Preinstalled On Android Devices 427 comments
Ask Slashdot: Swift Or Objective-C As New iOS Developer's 1st Language? 316 comments
Do Specs Matter Anymore For the Average Smartphone User? 253 comments
Android Apps Now Unofficially Able To Run On Any Major Desktop OS 101 comments
Robot Operating System To Officially Support ARM Processors 33 comments
Chrome OS Can Now Run Android Apps With No Porting Required 133 comments
Amazon Instant Video Now Available On Android 77 comments
European Commission Reopens Google Antitrust Investigation 96 comments
Carmack On Mobile VR Development 60 comments
Moto 360 Reviews Arrive 87 comments
Firefox 32 Arrives With New HTTP Cache, Public Key Pinning Support 220 comments
Post-Microsoft Nokia Offering Mapping Services To Samsung 67 comments
MIPS Tempts Hackers With Raspbery Pi-like Dev Board 88 comments
Virtual Machine Brings X86 Linux Apps To ARMv7 Devices 61 comments
Researchers Hack Gmail With 92 Percent Success Rate 87 comments
Apple CarPlay Rollout Delayed By Some Carmakers 76 comments
Android Motorcycle Helmet/HUD Gains Funding 126 comments
Silent Circle's Blackphone Exploited at Def Con 46 comments
F-Secure: Xiaomi Smartphones Do Secretly Steal Your Data 164 comments
Google Fit Preview SDK Arrives For Android Developers 13 comments
Xiaomi Arrives As Top Smartphone Seller In China 82 comments
Microsoft Files Legal Action Against Samsung Over Android Patent Dispute 83 comments
Google, Linaro Develop Custom Android Edition For Project Ara 46 comments
Old Apache Code At Root of Android FakeID Mess 127 comments
$299 Android Gaming Tablet Reviewed 65 comments
Popular Android Apps Full of Bugs: Researchers Blame Recycling of Code 150 comments
Do Apple and Google Sabotage Older Phones? What the Graphs Don't Show 281 comments
NVIDIA Launches Tegra K1-Based SHIELD Tablet, Wireless Controller 42 comments
MicroxWin Creates Linux Distribution That Runs Debian/Ubuntu & Android Apps 42 comments
Want To Ensure Your Personal Android Data Is Truly Wiped? Turn On Encryption 91 comments
Avast Buys 20 Used Phones, Recovers 40,000 Deleted Photos 231 comments
All Web Developers Should Have Access to a Device Lab (Video) 60 comments
Android Wear Is Here 129 comments
Android Leaks Location Data Via Wi-Fi 112 comments
ARM Launches Juno Reference Platform For 64-bit Android Developers 69 comments
Project Tango is Giving Mobile Devices a Sense of Space and Motion (Video) 16 comments
KeyStore Vulnerability Affects 86% of Android Devices 71 comments
Google I/O 2014 Begins [updated] 49 comments
First Phone Out of Microsoft-Nokia -- and It's an Android 193 comments
Google Forks OpenSSL, Announces BoringSSL 128 comments
Malware Posing As Official Google Play Store Evades Most Security Checks 100 comments
Amazon's Android Appstore Coming To BlackBerry 76 comments
Android Needs a Simulator, Not an Emulator 167 comments
Chinese Gov't Reveals Microsoft's Secret List of Android-Killer Patents 140 comments
New Permission System Could Make Android Much Less Secure 249 comments
Intel Confronts a Big Mobile Challenge: Native Compatibility 230 comments
Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake' 711 comments
HP (Re-)Announces a 14" Android Laptop 121 comments
HP Delivers a Big-Name, 7-inch Android Tablet For $100: Comes With Compromises 182 comments
Android iBanking Malware Still Fetches $5,000 25 comments
Ouya's Unsung Strength: Multiplayer For Parties 54 comments
Apple's Revenge: iMessage Might Eat Your Texts If You Switch To Android 415 comments
Unlock Your Android Phone With Open Source Wearable NFC 81 comments
$7 USB Stick Aims To Bring Thousands of Poor People Online 201 comments
Court: Oracle Entitled To Copyright Protection Over Some Parts of Java 303 comments
Google Hit With Antitrust Lawsuit Over Default Search on Android Phones 221 comments
Canonical (Nearly) Halts Development of Ubuntu For Android 55 comments
Report: 99 Percent of New Mobile Threats Target Android 269 comments
OnePlus One Revealed: a CyanogenMod Smartphone 196 comments
Google's New Camera App Simulates Shallow Depth of Field 127 comments
Samsung's Position On Tizen May Hurt Developer Recruitment 93 comments
Amazon Reportedly Launching Smartphone This Year 38 comments
The Verge: Google Is Working on a TV Box Of Its Own 117 comments
Illustrating the Socioeconomic Divide With iOS and Android 161 comments
Amazon Launches Android-Powered 'Fire TV' For Streaming and Gaming 180 comments
Intel Upgrades MinnowBoard: Baytrail CPU, Nearly Halves Price To $99 92 comments
Russian Officials Dump iPads For Samsung Tablets Over Spy Fears 198 comments
Ouya Dropping 'Free-to-Play' Requirement 107 comments
One Billion Android Devices Open To Privilege Escalation 117 comments
Google Android Studio Vs. Eclipse: Which Fits Your Needs? 140 comments
Google Unveils Android Wear 103 comments
Google and Microsoft Both Want To Stop Dual-Boot Windows/Android Devices 153 comments
Google Sued Over Children's In-App Android Purchases 321 comments
Replicant OS Developers Find Backdoor In Samsung Galaxy Devices 126 comments
Ask Slashdot: How Can I Prepare For the Theft of My Android Phone? 374 comments
Google Blocking Asus's Android-Windows "Duet"? 194 comments
New Tool Makes Android Malware Easier To Create 42 comments
F-Secure: Android Accounted For 97% of All Mobile Malware In 2013 193 comments
Android Beats iOS As the Top Tablet OS 487 comments
Ouya CEO Talks Console's Tough First Year, and Ambitious "Ouya Everywhere" Plan 134 comments
Sundar Pichai: Android Designed For Openness; Security a Lower Priority 117 comments
Nokia Announces Nokia X Android Smartphone 105 comments
Amazon To Put Android In Set-top Box To Compete With Apple, Roku 104 comments
Drive-by Android Malware Exploits Unpatchable Vulnerability 120 comments
Google's Definition of 'Open' 168 comments
Google Apps License Forbids Forking, Promotes Google Services 163 comments
Nokia Turns To Android To Regain Share In Emerging Markets 146 comments
Microsoft Rumored To Integrate Android Apps 189 comments
Ask Slashdot: Local Sync Options For Android Mobile To PC? 146 comments
Wine On Android Starts Allowing Windows Binaries On Android/ARM 140 comments
Wozniak To Apple: Consider Building an Android Phone 249 comments
The App That Tracks Who's Tracking You 52 comments
Google's Motorola Adventure: Stinging Defeat, Or Semi-Victory? 139 comments
Why Does Facebook Need To Read My Text Messages? 293 comments
Google Charging OEMs Licensing Fees For Play Store 225 comments
VPN Encryption Vulnerability On Android 77 comments
China's Government Unveils 'China Operating System' To Great Skepticism 223 comments
Phil Zimmerman Launching Secure "Blackphone" 156 comments
Google Launches Android Automotive Consortium 117 comments
Nvidia Announces 192-Core Tegra K1 Chips, Bets On Android 128 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best App For Android For Remote Access To Mac Or PC? 165 comments
NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 Tested, Fastest Android 4.3 Slate Under $200 107 comments
PC Plus Packs Windows and Android Into Same Machine 319 comments
PC Makers Plan Rebellion Against Microsoft At CES 564 comments
Google Sues Consortium Backed By Apple and Microsoft to Protect Android 150 comments
LinuxDevices Content Returns To the Web 15 comments
Cyanogen Mod Raises $23 Million Funding All Set To Become Major Android Player 133 comments
Massive Android Mobile Botnet Hijacking SMS Data 117 comments
Chat with Microsoft Beat Journalist Preston Gralla (Video) 29 comments
Google Cuts Android Privacy Feature, Says Release Was Unintentional 324 comments
Nokia Still Experimenting With Android Smartphone 63 comments
FTC Drops the Hammer On Maker of Location-Sharing Flashlight App 187 comments
CyanogenMod Installer Removed From Google Play Store 255 comments
A 'Smart' Bathroom Mirror Powered by Android (Video) 71 comments
Google Extends Its Patch Reward Program To Include Android 33 comments
1.2% of Apps On Google Play Are Repackaged To Deliver Ads, Collect Info 131 comments
Ars Checks Out CyanogenMod's New Installer 143 comments
FCC App Lets Android Users Measure Mobile Broadband Speed 93 comments
CyanogenMod Windows-Based Installer Released, With Supporting Android App 74 comments
CyanogenMod Powered Oppo N1 Will Be Released In December 82 comments
Nexus 5 With Android 4.4 and Snapdragon 800 Challenges Apple A7 In Benchmarks 310 comments
Protect Your Android Phone By Killing All Its Crapware 201 comments
Microsoft Makes an Astonishing $2 Billion Per Year From Android Patent Royalties 304 comments
CyanogenMod 10.2 M1 Released 65 comments
Google Attacks Microsoft Again: Android 4.4 Ships With Quickoffice 178 comments
Microsoft, Apple and Others Launch Huge Patent Strike at Android 476 comments
Smartphone Sales: Apple Squeezed, Blackberry Squashed, Android 81.3% 390 comments
Android KitKat Released 358 comments
NVIDIA Updates SHIELD With Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, Console Mode, New Titles 57 comments
Ouya Developers Share Their Experiences 88 comments
Should Google Get Aggressive About Monetizing Android? 168 comments
Is Choice a Problem For Android? 361 comments
Java Spec Compatibility Weakened Android's TLS Encryption 82 comments
PengPod Crowdfunding a Tablet Made With OS-Switching In Mind 93 comments
Lenovo Shows Android Laptop In Leaked User Manuals 106 comments
NC School District Recalls Its Amplify Tablets After 10% Break In Under a Month 177 comments
How Many Android OEMs Cheat Benchmark Scores? Pretty Much All of Them 189 comments
Samsung Fudging Benchmarks Again On Galaxy Note 3 258 comments
Amazon Launches Kindle Fire HDX Tablets 88 comments
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