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Your Rights Online Stories for 2005

Australia To Legalize VCR Recording and CD Ripping 352 comments
UK Cold War Era Nuclear War Plans Revealed 200 comments
Indiana Tries to Pass Game Law Again 267 comments
RIAA Bullies Witnesses Into Perjury 385 comments
Google Talk Targeted In Patent Lawsuit 229 comments
How The U.S. Government Undermined the Internet 394 comments
Programmer Challenges RIAA Investigators 238 comments
Sony Settlement Start of DRM Protection Act? 258 comments
NSA Caught With The Cookies 329 comments
Spammer Sued Under EU Law 102 comments
You've Got Indictments 119 comments
Slashback: Little Red Hoax, Firefly, Google 508 comments
A Look at Technology Legislation for 2006 77 comments
Peter Quinn Resigns 129 comments
Australian Media 'Crooks' to Come in from the Cold 273 comments
ISP Restrictions Based on Hardware/Software? 387 comments
Blu-Ray Facing Delays Caused by DRM Squabbling 201 comments
Europe Building Their Own GPS 536 comments
RIAA Sets Their Sights on Russia 485 comments
Podcasting Censored by Government 241 comments
Fighting RIAA Without an Attorney 407 comments
Judge Blocks Ban on Violent Video Game Sales 242 comments
Such a Thing as too Paranoid About Privacy? 231 comments
Free P2P In France? 190 comments
NSA Data Mining Much Larger Than Reported 863 comments
Microsoft, Google, Lee Settle Hiring Dispute 73 comments
More CA Games Bill Reactions 20 comments
Metadata in Vista Could Be Too Helpful 276 comments
Slyck Interviews the MPAA 139 comments
Visto Founder Blogs about Microsoft Lawsuit 134 comments
CA Games Bill Stopped 24 comments
Senate Proposes Patriot Act Extension 519 comments
U.S. Ecommerce To Be Broadly Taxed? 639 comments
Sony DRM Installed Even When EULA Declined 433 comments
Symantec Restricts Crypto Export 186 comments
Microsoft Set To Be Fined $2.4M a Day 777 comments
France to Legalize File Sharing 446 comments
UC Wins Contract to Run Los Alamos 100 comments
Britain to log all vehicle movement 914 comments
Digital Content Security Act 473 comments
Juniper Sues Message Board Posters 257 comments
Games Met Politics In 2005 23 comments
FTC Declares Can-Spam a Success 310 comments
Xbox Modders Charged Under DMCA 377 comments
Cutting Through the Patent Thicket 122 comments
Pokemon Gene Renamed Under Legal Threat 69 comments
Removing Obstacles on Joint Research 72 comments
Testing Drugs on India's Poor 531 comments
ISPs Race to Create Two-Tiered Internet 612 comments
Analog Hole Legislation Formally Introduced 549 comments
The History of Videogame Lawsuits 116 comments
Warner Chappell Apology For PearLyrics 120 comments
Defending Against Surveillance? 157 comments
Portable Stereo Creator Gets His Due 149 comments
Little Red Book Draws Government Attention 1088 comments
Another NTP Patent Invalidated 104 comments
Senate Fails To Reauthorize Patriot Act Provisions 538 comments
Clinton Files Game Legislation 61 comments
Bush Backed Spying On Americans 1092 comments
A Justification for Server CALs? 74 comments
Microsoft Wins Hyperlink TV Pause Battle 165 comments
eBay Slammed Over Levels of Fraud 522 comments
Microsoft Sued Over Patent Infringements 162 comments
Up Next... Skypecasting 190 comments
Blackberry Competitor Announced 147 comments
Kazaa Owners Risk Jail 221 comments
Settlement in Marvel vs. NCSoft Lawsuit 31 comments
It's "1984" in Europe, What About Your Country? 1208 comments
No More Internet Anonymity 740 comments
Slashback: Quinn, iBackups, Wikipedia 239 comments
Cyber Attacks on US Linked to Chinese Military? 698 comments
Korean Banks Forced to Compensate Hacking Victims 154 comments
EU Approves Data Retention 350 comments
Paramount Sues Ohio Man For $100,000 724 comments
Diebold CEO Resigns Under Cloud 342 comments
DirectTV to Pay $5.4M in Privacy Fines 187 comments
Telcos Propose 2-Tier Internet 414 comments
Radio Telescope Has Military Uses? 186 comments
Challenge to Transfer IT Power in MA 243 comments
Law Requires Italian Web Cafes to Record ID 207 comments
Webhost Sues Google 233 comments
Teen Charged With Harassing Thompson 62 comments
EFF Sues NC Election Board 247 comments
Legal Battles Over Cellphone Tracking 141 comments
Kansas Anti-Creationism Professor Resigns 1469 comments
Sony Repents Over CD Debacle 227 comments
Intel Calls $100 Laptops Undesired Gadgets 429 comments
Song Sites Face Legal Crackdown 537 comments
Creative To Defend Interface Patent Rights 244 comments
Big ID Thefts Not To Be Feared 161 comments
Australian Senator Wants to Censor the Net 588 comments
USPTO Unable to Find Top Ten Patent Holders 321 comments
Music Should Be Heard But Not Understood 462 comments
Slashback: Cancer, Cats, ICANN 192 comments
India Hits Back in 'Bio-Piracy' Battle 190 comments
ESRB Retorts to NIMF 52 comments
Online Content Cannot Remain Free 345 comments
Patents and User Protection In OSS 70 comments
Marquette Dental Student Suspended For Blogging 644 comments
EFF Has Outlived Its Usefulness? 436 comments
NYT Opinion Piece on DRM And P2P 367 comments
E-Tracking May Change the Way You Drive 528 comments
Kazaa Blocks Australian Users 145 comments
A Look at the US Patent System 249 comments
Microsoft Sued Over Alleged Xbox 360 Defects 724 comments
UK Government Order Review of IP Rights 159 comments
Online Scammers Go Spear-Phishing 144 comments
Free Wi-fi Prompts BellSouth to Withdraw Donation 479 comments
Barcode Scam Redux - Target's $4.99 iPod 1014 comments
Device Stops Speeders From Inside Car 781 comments
Machinima With A Political Voice 20 comments
EA Sued Over Madden 06 Feature 46 comments
Microsoft Bows to Eolas, Revamps IE 237 comments
Illinois Videogame Law Struck Down 320 comments
France Hostile To Open Source Software? 524 comments
ACLU Joins Fight Against Internet Surveillance 158 comments
Researchers Want Right to Bypass Protected Spyware 266 comments
Laptop Makers Skeptical of $100 Laptop Schedule 302 comments
ICANN Plays Down U.S. Influence 253 comments
.xxx Domain Remains in Limbo 375 comments
First RIAA Lawsuit to Head to Trial 616 comments
Repercussions of Legislation on the Gaming Industry 35 comments
Blackberry Maker Facing Infringement Case In U.K. 138 comments
John Seigenthaler Sr. Criticises Wikipedia 672 comments
Consumer Strikes Back at Crooked Online Retailer 659 comments
Security Flaws Allow Wiretaps to be Evaded 191 comments
Slashback: BlackBerry, Cloning, Smart Hotels 378 comments
The ESRB Gets An 'F' 641 comments
Clinton Introduces Invasive Game Legislation 157 comments
CDC Wants to Track Travelers 299 comments
The End of Copyright 86 comments
Diebold Threatens to Pull Out of North Carolina 615 comments
ICANN/Verisign Sued For Monopoly Abuse 209 comments
New Orleans to Deploy Free Wi-Fi City Wide 363 comments
ICANN Considers Single Letter Domains 314 comments
Exception Expands Domestic Surveillance 320 comments
Ports for Porn - Using Firewalls to Block Porn 574 comments
Peter J. Quinn Investigated for Travel Omissions 120 comments
Canada Moves to Keep Skilled Workers 1067 comments
Dutch Court Orders Lycos to Reveal Client 126 comments
Singapore Blogger Spared Jail 239 comments
Canadian Ex-Minister Calls For Serious ET Study 479 comments
MS Has Free Software Removed From U.N. Paper 303 comments
Is Fear Reducing the Publicity for Open Source? 210 comments
Dead Chinese Gamer Wasn't A WoW Player 62 comments
TiVo Files Patent For RFID Schema 129 comments
Music Industry 'trying to hijack EU data laws' 147 comments
U.K. Says Botnets Good Sign 123 comments
Chinese Bloggers vs. The BBC 142 comments
The Demise of IP? 429 comments
DMCA Abuse Widespread 224 comments
Cube Privacy Via Gibberish 151 comments
Jack Thompson Tossed Out Of Court 381 comments
Sticky Tape Defeats Sony DRM Copy Protection 464 comments
TiVo Plans RFID-Aware PVR 114 comments
Texas Sues Sony BMG over Rootkit 703 comments
CCTV Network Tracks Getaway Car 434 comments
Paris Accelerates Move to Open Source 225 comments
President of RIAA Says Sony-BMG Did Nothing Wrong 631 comments
U.S. Gets Taste of Own Patent Medicine 76 comments
Online Daters Sue Matchmaking Web Sites for Fraud 548 comments
Blizzard Sued for Death of Gamer 544 comments
Music Industry Backlash Against Sony Rootkit 400 comments
The Guardian On Intellectual Property 240 comments
Cell Phones to Monitor Traffic Flow 88 comments
Microsoft Windows XP N Flops 277 comments
Sony, Amazon Detail Rootkit CD Buybacks 240 comments
Brit TV Won't Go Digital Till 2012 231 comments
Keystroke Logging Increases 204 comments
FEC Rules Bloggers Are Journalists 363 comments
Lie Detectors to be Used for Airline Security 504 comments
Mega Bloks Wins Supreme Court Battle Against Lego 254 comments
Real Story of the Rogue Rootkit 427 comments
OSDL Says Patent Threat to Linux is Receding 70 comments
MA Governor Wants More New Tech 500 comments
British Spammer Gets 6 Years 190 comments
German Politico Calls For Ban On Violent Games 61 comments
UN Internet Summit High Points 187 comments
DVD Jon's Code In Sony Rootkit? 585 comments
Slashback: IP Protection, ReligiousDocument, LiPS Savings 193 comments
Consumer Friendly Downloads? 169 comments
Canada Unveils Internet Surveillance Legislation 272 comments
UK To Passively Monitor Every Vehicle 703 comments
Bad Day To Be Sony 812 comments
Patent Pools and Pledges - Panacea or Placebo? 126 comments
Sony Rootkit Allegedly Contains LGPL Software 623 comments
I2hub Shutdown Due to Legal Pressure 333 comments
Continued Look at Global Open Source 178 comments
Verso Trials Skype Blocking in China 125 comments
Shareholders Pressure Internet Companies on Rights 227 comments
Mom Makes Website, Gets Sued for $2 Million 842 comments
Stiffer Penalties for Copyright Violations 502 comments
Sony's EULA Worse Than Its Rootkit? 521 comments
Anti-Gravity Device Patented 416 comments
Google Searches Used in Murder Trial? 260 comments
Feds Enter Blackberry Fray 226 comments
WI Assembly OKs Voting Paper Trail 197 comments
Where are the Prosecutors? 35 comments
The Reality of Patent Expirations for the NES 259 comments
Three Companies Shut Down For Spyware Bundling 95 comments
Sony Pulls Controversial Anti-Piracy Software 389 comments
Amazon Gets Patent on Consumer Reviews 341 comments
Quantum Computing Regulation Already? 238 comments
Spyware Maker Sues Detection Firm 503 comments
A Delay in the Michigan Violent Games Law 182 comments
OpenDocument Gains New Fans 233 comments
French Riots Lead to Crackdown on Blogs 1020 comments
California Class Action Suit Sony Over Rootkit DRM 508 comments
Patents Chilling Effect on Science 383 comments
Apple Files Patent for "Tamper-Resistant Code" 401 comments
Slashback: OpenDocument, Intelligent Design, More DRM 399 comments
The Death of Used Game Sales? 168 comments
School Power Over Student Web Speech? 369 comments
Kansas Board of Ed. Adopts Intelligent Design 2136 comments
Court Finds For Student In Web FOS Case 331 comments
Supreme Court Lets Utilization Rights Stand 341 comments
Jack Thompson Off Of Alabama Case 32 comments
Lessig on Internet Governance 281 comments
SCO Demands Linux 2.7 Information 410 comments
Grokster Shutting Down? 302 comments
Game Worlds and The Law Collide 46 comments
FBI Widens Use of National Security Letters 379 comments
Google Patent for User Targeted Search Results 168 comments
MIT Wireless Campus Tracking Users 58 comments
Unsecured Wi-Fi to Become Illegal? 418 comments
Amazon to Sell Books by Page, Display Books You Own 138 comments
Linspire CEO Offers S. Korea To Replace Windows 279 comments
Could the Web Not be Invented Today? 267 comments
Carnegie Mellon Resists FBI Tapping Requirement 226 comments
The Ethics Of Data Brokers 182 comments
A Monroe Doctrine for the Internet 708 comments
Fatal Flaw Weakens RFID Passports 281 comments
Police Need 90 Days To Crack Hard Drives 693 comments
Alleged Adware Purveyor Indicted 126 comments
New Bill Threatens to Plug "Analog Hole" 374 comments
USPTO Issues Provisional Storyline Patent 453 comments
Microsoft Calls for National Privacy Law 274 comments
Blizzard's Warden Thwarted by Sony's DRM Rootkit 418 comments
Democrats Defeat Online FOS Act 782 comments
Nestle Patents Coffee Beer 471 comments
British Teen Cleared in "E-mail Bomb" Case 155 comments
Telecommuters May Owe Extra State Taxes 617 comments
Infinium Labs in Trouble Again 35 comments
More on Sony's "DRM Rootkit" 608 comments
Identity Theft-What Can Really be Done w/o a SSN? 533 comments
The ESRB Bites Back 60 comments
Supreme Court Rejects Microsoft Eolas Appeal 219 comments
The RIAA's Halloween Tricks 670 comments
Massachusetts' CIO Defends Move to OpenDocument 274 comments
Google To Resume Scanning Books 257 comments
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