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US Marshals Jump Into 'Cyber Monday' Mania 5 comments
AT&T Will Raise Cost of Old Unlimited Data Plans By $5 In February 16 comments
Researchers Create Sodium Battery In Industry Standard "18650" Format 66 comments
Swallow the Doctor: The Present and Future of Robots Inside Us 22 comments
New Campaign Features Internet Trolls On Roadside Billboards 135 comments
Companies Want To Insert Ads Into Unicode 210 comments
How Technology Is Increasing the Number of Jobs We Have 207 comments
BlackBerry Exits Pakistan Amid User Privacy Concerns 63 comments
Diamond Nanothreads Could Support Space Elevator 136 comments
VW Officials Knew Since Last Year of Misleading Fuel Economy Claims 161 comments
Israel Meets With Google and YouTube To Discuss Censoring Videos 456 comments
Contractors or Not, Seattle Uber Drivers Might Get Collective Bargaining 116 comments
Amazon Reveals New Delivery Drone Design With Range of 15 Miles 256 comments
Facebook Expands Parental Leave Policy For All Employees Globally 128 comments
New Type of 'Flow Battery' Can Store 10 Times the Energy of the Next Best Device 73 comments
Driverless Cars Will Compete -- But Only With Each Other -- In Formula E Races 43 comments
Creator of Relay On BITNET, Predecessor of IRC, Dies 34 comments
What USB Has Replaced (And What it Hasn't) 278 comments
Air Force Hires Civilian Drone Pilots For Combat Patrols 74 comments
Peter Thiel: We Need a New Atomic Age 345 comments
Parts of Falcon 9 Launcher Wash Ashore In England 20 comments
Finnish IT Retailer Reveals Most Returned Products 105 comments
Celebrating ARM's 25th Anniversary With the Visual ARM1 37 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is There a Bookmark Manager That Actually Manages Bookmarks? 97 comments
LinkedIn's Own CSS Abused For Clickjacking Attacks 12 comments
The First Online Purchase Was a Sting CD (Or Possibly Weed) 53 comments
LSD Microdosing Gaining Popularity For Silicon Valley Professionals 442 comments
UK Prisons To Crack Down On Inmate Internet and Mobile Phone Use 70 comments
London's Deputy Mayor On Ditching Diesel 184 comments
Apple Looks To Introduce OLED Displays In iPhone Models From 2018 225 comments
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Will Ship With Linux Kernel 4.4 LTS 101 comments
Software Freedom Conservancy Asks For Supporters 44 comments
Tesla's NOx Problem: Model X Delay Explained? 42 comments
Pressure From Uber Forces London Taxis To Finally Accept Cards 114 comments
AMD's Crimson Radeon Driver For Linux Barely Changes Anything 94 comments
Google Scours 1.2 Million URLs To Conform With EU's "Right To Be Forgotten" Law 66 comments
How Sports Commentaries Can Speed Up AI Development 40 comments
Why Car Salesmen Don't Want To Sell Electric Cars 479 comments
Scientists Produce Graphene 100 Times Cheaper Than Ever Before 77 comments
New Wearable Tech Translates Sign Language Into Text 32 comments
Will You Be Able To Run a Modern Desktop Environment In 2016 Without Systemd? 754 comments
The Quest For the Ultimate Vacuum Tube 108 comments
KGB Software Almost Triggered War In 1983 210 comments
AMD's 'Crimson' Driver Software Released 50 comments
Windows 10 Fall Update Uninstalls Desktop Software Without Informing Users 358 comments
UK Mobile Operator Could Block Ads At Network Level 103 comments
One Family Suffering Through Years-Long Trolling Campaign 256 comments
How Black Friday and Cyber Monday Are Losing Their Meaning 138 comments
Judge Wipes Out Safe Harbor Provision In DMCA, Makes Cox Accomplice of Piracy 222 comments
Blue Origin "New Shepherd" Makes It To Space... and Back Again 121 comments
Turkey Downs Allegedly Intruding Russian Fighter Near Syria Border 594 comments
Yahoo Denies Ad-blocking Users Access To Email 326 comments
BBC World Service To Provide Radio For North Korea and Eritrea 64 comments
Axel Springer Goes After iOS 9 Ad Blockers In New Legal Battlle 222 comments
Understanding the Antikythera Mechanism 75 comments
Patreon Users Threatened By Ashley Madison Scammers 75 comments
Fake Bomb Detector, Blamed For Hundreds of Deaths, Is Still In Use 151 comments
FAA To Drone Owners: Get Ready To Register To Fly 192 comments
NASA Contracting Development of New Ion/Nuclear Engines 70 comments
Google Previews Android Studio 2.0 40 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Single Change Would You Make To a Tech Product? 508 comments
New IBM Tech Lets Apps Authenticate You Without Personal Data 27 comments
Nearly 35,000 Comment On New Federal STEM OPT Extension Rule 55 comments
Microsoft Pulls Windows 10 November Update (1511) ISOs 195 comments
How Anonymous' War With Isis Is Actually Harming Counter-Terrorism 392 comments
Telemedicine: The State of Telepresence In Healthcare 34 comments
20 Years of GIMP 352 comments
Zuckerberg To Take 2 Months Paternity Leave To Give His Kid a Better Outcome 164 comments
Mozilla Is Removing Tab Groups and Complete Themes From Firefox 316 comments
Blackberry Offers 'Lawful Device Interception Capabilities' 137 comments
Satellite Wars 98 comments
How Apple Is Giving Design a Bad Name 461 comments
Happy 30th Birthday, Windows! 249 comments
Tesla To Voluntarily Recall Every Model S Because One Seat Belt Came Apart 207 comments
Judge: Stingrays Are 'Simply Too Powerful' Without Adequate Oversight 111 comments
Jolla Goes For Debt Restructuring 46 comments
You Can Look Forward To 8 More Years of Leap Second Problems 143 comments
TGV Accident Caused By Excessive Speed 96 comments
Controversy Over High-Tech Brooms Sweeps Through Sport of Curling 181 comments
French ITER Fusion Project To Take At Least 6 Years Longer Than Planned 193 comments
ISIS's Hunt For a Bogus Superweapon 330 comments
EFF launches Site To Track Censored Content On Social Media 39 comments
YouTube Defending Select Videos Against DMCA Abuse 56 comments
Docker Turns To Minecraft For Server Ops 93 comments
ISIS Help Desk Assists In Covering Tracks 145 comments
Chicago Sends More Than 100,000 "Bogus" Camera-Based Speeding Tickets 200 comments
Volvo Unveils Autonomous Concept Car, WIth Retracting Wheel, 25" Display 154 comments
New Anti-Piracy Law In Australia Already Being Abused 73 comments
AMD Launches Radeon R9 380X, Fastest GPU Under $250 110 comments
Manhattan DA Pressures Google and Apple To Kill Zero Knowledge Encryption 291 comments
The War On Campus Sexual Assault Goes Digital 399 comments
UK's Gigaclear Launches 5 Gbps Fiber Broadband Service 91 comments
Carnegie Mellon Denies FBI Paid For Tor-Breaking Research 79 comments
Taxi Owners Sue NYC Over Uber, While Court Overrules Class-Action Appeal 210 comments
Structural Engineer On the Fallacies of Movie Bridge Destruction 211 comments
How Bill Nye Insulted NASCAR Fans About the Sport Being the "Anti-NASA" 387 comments
Facebook Can Block Content Without Explanation, Says US Court 147 comments
Another Crowd-funded Drone Project Collapses 211 comments
The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2015 Is an Emoji 151 comments
US Rep. Joe Barton Has a Plan To Stop Terrorists: Shut Down Websites 275 comments
ULA Concedes GPS Launch Competition To SpaceX 55 comments
Drone Makers Add Geofencing To Keep Drones Out of Restricted Airspace 91 comments
The Next Gold Rush Will Be 5,000 Feet Under the Sea, With Robot Drones 129 comments
Google+ Redesigned 91 comments
Microsoft Invests $1 Billion In 'Holistic' Security Strategy 80 comments
Could a Change In Wording Attract More Women To Infosec? 291 comments
Anonymous Takes Down Thousands of ISIS-Related Twitter Accounts In a Day 319 comments
Google's Chromebit Micro-Computer Launches 60 comments
Microsoft's Plan To Port Android Apps To Windows Proves Too Complex 131 comments
Fire Takes Azerbaijan Offline 57 comments
NYT Quietly Pulls Article Blaming Encryption In Paris Attacks 259 comments
Snowden Says It's Your Duty To Use an Ad Blocker (for Security) 342 comments
US Navy Is Planning To Launch a Squadron of Underwater Drones By 2020 38 comments
UK PM Wants To Speed Up Controversial Internet Bill After Paris Attacks 167 comments
Intel Launches 72-Core Knight's Landing Xeon Phi Supercomputer Chip 179 comments
How Hollywood's Hedy Helped Heighten Handhelds 67 comments
Pandora To Buy Rdio Assets For $75M In Cash 20 comments
Grow Your Daily Protein At Home With an Edible Insect Desktop Hive 381 comments
World's First "Porous Liquid" Could Be Used For CO2 Sequestration 91 comments
The Next Big IT Projects From the University Labs 29 comments
After Paris, ISIS Moves Propaganda Machine To Darknet 184 comments
NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Performance Shines For GPU Computing 22 comments
Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop Comes To VR Through Partnership With AltspaceVR 40 comments
737 'Tailstrike' Caused By Typo On a Tablet 366 comments
Leaked Documents Confirm Polygraph Operators Can't Detect Countermeasures 125 comments
'Shrinking Bull's-eye' Algorithm Speeds Up Complex Modeling From Days To Hours 48 comments
Social Media and the Age of Microcomplaints 119 comments
Democrat Drops MN State House Run After Tweeting 'ISIS Isn't Necessarily Evil' 519 comments
Louis Friedman Says Humans Will Never Venture Beyond Mars 378 comments
Chinese Researchers Reveal Active Stealthy Material 138 comments
Linux 4.4 Kernel To Bring Raspberry Pi Graphics Driver, Open-Channel SSD Support 67 comments
Averaging Inanimate Objects Together Produces a Very Human Face 103 comments
Anonymous Vows Revenge For ISIS Paris Attacks 488 comments
FCC Clarifies: It's Legal To Hack Your Router 85 comments
GPS Always Overestimates Distances 131 comments
'Twas the Week Before the Week of Black Friday 146 comments
Huawei Battery Upgrade Means Dramatically Faster Charging For Mobile Devices 75 comments
Belgian Home Affairs Minister: Terrorists Communicate Via PlayStation 4 202 comments
An Algorithm To Facilitate Uber-Style Dynamic Phone Tariffs 75 comments
Experiment On Public Pre-reviewing and Discussion of Workshop Paper Submissions 41 comments
In France, TGV Test Train Catches Fire, Derails, Killing 10 129 comments
Dubai Buys Commercial Jetpacks For Firefighters 91 comments
Brazilian Army Gets Hacked After Allegations of Cheating In Security Cyber-Games 34 comments
Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Paris Attacks; Death Toll At 127 728 comments
Mozilla Has 'No Plans' To Offer Firefox Without Pocket 199 comments
Microsoft Rolls Out Major Fall Update To Windows 10 181 comments
Laser Strikes On Aircraft Increasing In Frequency 161 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Terminal Emulator Do You Use? 352 comments
SteamOS Gaming Performance Lags Well Behind Windows 184 comments
Self-Encrypting Drives Hardly Any Better Than Software-Based Encryption 73 comments
Quebec Introduces Bill To Mandate ISP Website Blocking 137 comments
Windows 3.1 Glitch Causes Problems At French Airport -- Wait, 3.1? 406 comments
Quantum Dots Made From Fool's Gold Boost Battery Performance 18 comments
Bank of England's Andy Haldane Warns Smart Machines Could Take 15M UK Jobs 291 comments
Boot Camps Introducing More Women To Tech 196 comments
Google Car Pulled Over For Driving Too Slow, Doesn't Get a Ticket 350 comments
Same Birthday, Same Social Security Number, Same Mess For Two Florida Women 214 comments
Hacked Amazon Echo Controls a Wheelchair 23 comments
Mozilla Plans To Remove Support For Firefox Complete Themes 267 comments
Ask Slashdot: Automated Verification For Uploaded Files? 74 comments
Google's New About Me Tool Is the Anti-Google+ 54 comments
Paper Retracted After Anti-Immigrant Scientist Bans Use of His Software 418 comments
Getting Started With GNU Radio 42 comments
Bluetooth 2016 Roadmap Brings Fourfold Range Increase and Mesh Networking 29 comments
Mozilla Launches Firefox For IOS 96 comments
Prison Hack Shows Attorney-Client Privilege Violation 190 comments
Tor Project Claims FBI Paid University Researchers $1m To Unmask Tor Users 108 comments
Broadband Bills Will Have To Increase To Pay For Snooper's Charter, MPs Warned 77 comments
Uber South Africa Launches $500 a Month Car Lease Which Includes Replacing Tires 83 comments
New Algorithm Recognizes Both Good and Bad Fake Reviews 59 comments
Google Will Retire Chrome Support For XP, Vista, OS X 10.6-8 In April 2016 140 comments
TV Networks Cutting Back On Commercials 242 comments
App Companies Propose New Model For Worker Benefits 113 comments
Webmail Services Struggling Against DDoS Attacks 90 comments
DARPA Is About To Start Testing an Autonomous, Submarine-Hunting Drone 84 comments
Fantasy Sports Sites Ordered To Stop Taking Bets In New York State 125 comments
With TensorFlow, Google Open Sources Its Machine Learning Resources 37 comments
Stanford Creates Tricorder-Like Devices For Detecting Cancer and Explosives 34 comments
Open Source Anniversaries: 6 Years of Go, 11 of Firefox 65 comments
The Dark Net Drug Market That Survived Ukraine's Civil War 15 comments
Sony To End Sales of Betamax Tapes Next Year 103 comments
ProtonMail Restores Services After Epic DDoS Attacks 57 comments
The Dawn of the Robotic Chef 50 comments
8 of the 10 Top Security Flaws Used By Cyber-Criminals This Year Were Flash Bugs 66 comments
The UK Will Police the Dark Web With a New Task Force 56 comments
TAG Heuer Launches "Connected" Android Wear Smartwatch With Intel Inside 55 comments
The Internet Falls For Rumblr, a Fake "Tinder For Fighting" App 135 comments
China, Russia Try To Hack Australia's Upcoming Submarine Plans 83 comments
What Happened To Passenger Hovercraft? 69 comments
Baidu Data Research Reveals China's Ghost Cities 109 comments
US Spends $1bn Over a Decade Trying To Digitize Immigration Forms, Just 1 Is Online 305 comments
No Such Thing As 'Unlimited' Data 622 comments
Google's Robotics Group Lacks Leadership 43 comments
WordPress Now Powers 25% of the Web 143 comments
Electric-Car Startup Faraday Future Building a $1 Billion Factory In California 162 comments
British Spaceplane Skylon Could Revolutionize Space Travel 226 comments
Rural Mississippi: The Land That the Internet Era Forgot 154 comments
The FCC Says It Can't Force Google and Facebook To Stop Tracking Their Users 127 comments
VW Engineers Have Admitted Manipulating CO2 Emissions Data 201 comments
Another $1 Million Crowdfunded Gadget Company Collapses 109 comments
Vulnerability In Java Commons Library Leads To Hundreds of Insecure Applications 115 comments
Fast Broadband To Be Classed a Fundamental Right in the UK 188 comments
Israel 'To Review' Top Appointment After Facebook Controversy 351 comments
Corporations and OSS Do Not Mix 213 comments
$1 Bid Wins Government Open Source Software Purchasing Experiment 124 comments
Before Barbie's Brainy Makeover, Mattel Execs Met With White House, Google 125 comments
The European Commission Is Preparing a Frontal Attack On the Hyperlink 220 comments
Autonomous Cars Aren't As Smart as They're Cracked Up To Be 258 comments
TalkTalk Hack: 4% of Customers' Data Accessed In Cyber Security Breach 25 comments
Pro-Privacy Webmail ProtonMail Pays Ransom, But Hit By DDoS Attack Anyway 101 comments
Report: Google Wants To Design Its Own Smartphone Chips 90 comments
Finland Releases National Emoji Collection 93 comments
Comcast Expanding Data Cap Locations, Training Reps To Avoid Subject 264 comments
Y Combinator, the X Factor of Tech 54 comments
Microsoft Follows Mozilla In Considering Early Ban On SHA-1 Certificates 47 comments
When Slide Rules Were Like Cellphones 220 comments
Ask Slashdot: Secure, Yet Accessible E-mail Archive Storage? 74 comments
First Remote-Access Trojan That Can Target Android, Linux, Mac and Windows 63 comments
Lytro Announces World's First Light Field VR Camera 30 comments
BBC Lets Viewers Buy Shows and Episodes Permanently, But No 'Extras' 80 comments
UK and US Suspect That ISIS Bomb Took Down Flight 9268 289 comments
Google-Supported CodeGirl Documentary Makes "Exclusive YouTube Premiere" 289 comments
OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 Released 31 comments
Controversial New UK Internet Powers Bill Makes No Mention of VPNs 115 comments
Emerging Technologies and the Future of Humanity 120 comments
Latest EMET Bypass Targets WoW64 Windows Subsystem 125 comments
Ask Slashdot: Smart Electronics For a Marathoner? 169 comments
Experimental Air Force Rocket Launch Fails 60 comments
Federal Prison System Wants Anti-Drone Technology 156 comments
Nine Out of Ten of the Internet's Top Websites Are Leaking Your Data 133 comments
That "Unbreakable" Glass That's "As Strong As Steel" Isn't Either 74 comments
TSA Screeners Can't Detect Weapons (and They Never Could) 349 comments
Reverse-Engineering GTA V 37 comments
Volkswagen Emissions Issues Spread To Gasoline Cars 208 comments
Google Hackers Expose 11 Major Security Flaws In Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 61 comments
Saying "Wasted" On Facebook Can Affect Your Credit Score 386 comments
Analog Still Big In Japan 360 comments
Fedora 23 Released 57 comments
Google Tries To Guess Your Email Responses 131 comments
Why Avast Won't Show Source Code To the Government, But Others Do 79 comments
'Game of Drones' -- a Live War Game About Drone Combat Strategy 37 comments
Andrew Tanenbaum Announces MINIXcon 104 comments
Firefox 42 Arrives With Tracking Protection, Tab Audio Indicators 134 comments
Vivaldi Hits Its First Beta 140 comments
The Return of OS/2 Warp Set For 2016 262 comments
FCC Fines Another Large Firm For Blocking WiFi 138 comments
EPA Finds More VW Cheating Software, Including In a Porsche 142 comments
App To Hold Police Instantly Accountable In Stop and Search 167 comments
NASA Eagleworks Has Tested an Upgraded EM Drive 203 comments
MIT Drone Autonomously Avoids Obstacles At 30 MPH 27 comments
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