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Google Unveils New Self-Driving Car Prototype 58 comments
North Korean Internet Is Down 240 comments
TSA Has Record-Breaking Haul In 2014: Guns, Cannons, and Swords 229 comments
Texas Instruments Builds New Energy Technology For the Internet of Things 52 comments
Chromebook Gets "OK Google" and Intel's Easy Migration App 35 comments
Major Security Vulnerabilities Uncovered At Frankfurt Airport 86 comments
How a Massachusetts Man Invented the Global Ice Market 78 comments
Librarians: The Google Before Google 91 comments
"Infrared Curtain" Brings Touchscreen Technology To Cheap Cars 115 comments
Viacom's Messy Relationship With YouTube and The Rise of Stephen Colbert 72 comments
The Magic of Pallets 230 comments
26 Foot Long Boat 3D Printed In 100,000 Different Pieces 56 comments
Cuba Says the Internet Now a Priority 108 comments
Finland Announces an Anti-Laser Campaign For Air Traffic 110 comments
Judge: It's OK For Cops To Create Fake Instagram Accounts 198 comments
Bitcoin Exec To Spend Two Years Behind Bars For Silk Road Transactions 69 comments
Google+ Will Make Your Videos Look Better 37 comments
Seattle Police Held Hackathon To Redact Footage From Body Cameras 91 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is an Open Source .NET Up To the Job? 395 comments
Study: Red Light Cameras Don't Improve Safety 262 comments
Google Sues Mississippi Attorney General For Conspiring With Movie Industry 113 comments
65,000 Complaints Later, Microsoft Files Suit Against Tech Support Scammers 238 comments
Tor Network May Be Attacked, Says Project Leader 86 comments
Tesla About To Start Battery-Swap Pilot Program 133 comments
All the Evidence the Government Will Present In the Silk Road Trial Is Online 51 comments
Anyone Can Now Launch Their Own Version of the Pirate Bay 79 comments
Hackers' Shutdown of 'The Interview' Confirms Coding Is a Superpower 220 comments
Marissa Mayer's Reinvention of Yahoo! Stumbles 222 comments
Extracting Data From the Microsoft Band 51 comments
"Team America" Gets Post-Hack Yanking At Alamo Drafthouse, Too 230 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Can I Really Do With a Smart Watch? 229 comments
Australia Moves Toward New Restrictions On Technology Export and Publication 90 comments
India Successfully Test Fires Its Heaviest Rocket 56 comments
Will Ripple Eclipse Bitcoin? 143 comments
Hackers Compromise ICANN, Access Zone File Data System 110 comments
Who's To Blame For Rules That Block Tesla Sales In Most US States? 141 comments
Councilmen Introduce Bills Strongly Regulating UAV Use in NYC 68 comments
Startup Helps You Build Your Very Own Picosatellite On a Budget 21 comments
Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites 394 comments
Navy Develops a Shark Drone For Surveillance 45 comments
Google Strikes Deal With Verizon To Reduce Patent Troll Suits 20 comments
NASA Tests Feasibility of 3D Printing on the Moon and Other Planets 58 comments
Book Review: Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS, and WordPress 31 comments
Research Highlights How AI Sees and How It Knows What It's Looking At 130 comments
Army To Launch Spy Blimp Over Maryland 176 comments
New Cargo Ship Is 488 Meters Long 115 comments
Sony Leaks Reveal Hollywood Is Trying To Break DNS 388 comments
A New Law For Superconductors 53 comments
ODF Support In Google Drive 40 comments
Single Group Dominates Second Round of Anti Net-Neutrality Comment Submissions 204 comments
A Domain Registrar Is Starting a Fiber ISP To Compete With Comcast 65 comments
Verizon "End-to-End" Encrypted Calling Includes Law Enforcement Backdoor 166 comments
Ask Slashdot: How Should a Liberal Arts Major Get Into STEM? 279 comments
In IT, Beware of Fad Versus Functional 153 comments
Uber Limits 'God View' To Improve Rider Privacy 76 comments
Virtual Reality Experiment Wants To Put White People In Black Bodies 447 comments
Touring a Carnival Cruise Simulator: 210 Degrees of GeForce-Powered Projection 42 comments
Skype Unveils Preview of Live English-To-Spanish Translator 99 comments
The Joker Behind the Signetics 25120 Write-Only Memory Chip Hoax 100 comments
Webcast Funerals Growing More Popular 70 comments
BT To Buy UK 4G Leader EE For £12.5 Billion 39 comments
Telepresence Store Staffed Remotely Using Robots 52 comments
Graphene: Fast, Strong, Cheap, and Impossible To Use 187 comments
Snowden Leaks Prompt Internet Users Worldwide To Protect Their Data 53 comments
Want To Influence the World? Map Reveals the Best Languages To Speak 150 comments
Jaguar and Land Rover Just Created Transparent Pillars For Cars 191 comments
The Pirate Bay Responds To Raid 302 comments
The Personal Computer Revolution Behind the Iron Curtain 115 comments
Waze Causing Anger Among LA Residents 596 comments
Interviews: Ask Jonty Hurwitz About Art and Engineering 31 comments
Govt Docs Reveal Canadian Telcos Promise Surveillance Ready Networks 74 comments
Why Didn't Sidecar's Flex Pricing Work? 190 comments
Sir Richard Branson Quietly Shelves Virgin Submarine Plan 47 comments
Eric Schmidt: To Avoid NSA Spying, Keep Your Data In Google's Services 281 comments
SpaceX Set To Create 300 New US Jobs and Expand Facilities 43 comments
How Identifiable Are You On the Web? 159 comments
Spanish Media Group Wants Gov't Help To Keep Google News In Spain 191 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Software For Image Organization? 259 comments
French Cabbies Say They'll Block Paris Roads On Monday Over Uber 295 comments
Forbes Blasts Latests Windows 7 Patch as Malware 229 comments
Job Postings Offer Clues to Future of Google Fiber 38 comments
Google Suggests Separating Students With 'Some CS Knowledge' From Novices 307 comments
Facebook Drops Bing Search Results 33 comments
OpenMotics Offers Open Source (and Open Hardware) Home Automation 36 comments
California's Hydrogen Highway Adds Another Station 87 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Software To Revive PocketPCs With Windows Mobile 5-6? 110 comments
Airbus Attacked By French Lawmaker For Talking To SpaceX 168 comments
Seagate Bulks Up With New 8 Terabyte 'Archive' Hard Drive 219 comments
Cardboard Hits Half a Million Mark, Gets an SDK 28 comments
Google Earth API Will Be Retired On December 12, 2015 75 comments
Doctors Replace Patient's Thoracic Vertebrae With 3D-Printed Replica 55 comments
Tour the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum - Part Two (Video) 14 comments
Hollywood's Secret War With Google 176 comments
BGP Hijacking Continues, Despite the Ability To Prevent It 57 comments
2014 Geek Gift Guide 113 comments
Is Enterprise IT More Difficult To Manage Now Than Ever? 241 comments
3D Printer Owner's Network Puts Together Buyer's Guide 62 comments
Tracking the Mole Inside Silk Road 2.0 81 comments
Computer Error Grounds Flights In the UK 68 comments
Ford Ditches Microsoft Partnership On Sync, Goes With QNX 232 comments
Once Again, Baltimore Police Arrest a Person For Recording Them 515 comments
Google Closing Engineering Office In Russia 157 comments
Facebook Offers Solution To End Drunken Posts 134 comments
"Lax" Crossdomain Policy Puts Yahoo Mail At Risk 49 comments
Lenovo Recalls LS-15 Power Cords 71 comments
Are the TSA's New Electronic Device Screenings Necessary? 184 comments
How Your In-Store Shopping Affects the Ads You See On Facebook 69 comments
Congress Passes Bill Allowing Warrantless Forfeiture of Private Communications 379 comments
U.S. Passenger Vehicle Fleet Dirtier After 2008 Recession 176 comments
In Iowa, a Phone App Could Serve As Driver's License 207 comments
Army Building an Airport Just For Drones 48 comments
Google News To Shut Down In Spain On December 16th 183 comments
California Sues Uber Over Practices 139 comments
Bellard Creates New Image Format To Replace JPEG 377 comments
Why Open Source Matters For Sensitive Email 73 comments
Australia Pushes Ahead With Website Blocking In Piracy Fight 100 comments
US Navy Authorizes Use of Laser In Combat 225 comments
BitTorrent Launches Project Maelstrom, the First Torrent-Based Browser 67 comments
Fraud Bots Cost Advertisers $6 Billion 190 comments
LA Mayor Proposes Earthquake Retrofits On Thousands of Buildings 178 comments
An Algorithm To Prevent Twitter Hashtag Degeneration 162 comments
AI Expert: AI Won't Exterminate Us -- It Will Empower Us 417 comments
Peter Sunde: the Pirate Bay Should Stay Down 251 comments
$35 Quad-core Hacker SBC Offers Raspberry Pi-like Size and I/O 140 comments
AMD Offers a Performance Boost, Over 20 New Features With Catalyst Omega Drivers 73 comments
Comcast Sued For Turning Home Wi-Fi Routers Into Public Hotspots 291 comments
Fedora 21 Released 106 comments
Swedish Police Raid the Pirate Bay Again 184 comments
Tour the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum (Video) 19 comments
CIA Lied Over Brutal Interrogations 772 comments
Royal Mail Pilots 3D Printing Service 59 comments
High Temperature Superconductivity Record Smashed By Sulfur Hydride 80 comments
Just-Announced X.Org Security Flaws Affect Code Dating Back To 1987 172 comments
Microsoft's New Windows Monetization Methods Could Mean 'Subscriptions' 415 comments
Court Orders Uber To Shut Down In Spain 280 comments
Material Possiblities: A Flying Drone Built From Fungus 52 comments
Unity 8 Will Bring 'Pure' Linux Experience To Mobile Devices 125 comments
POODLE Flaw Returns, This Time Hitting TLS Protocol 54 comments
Civil Rights Groups Divided On Net Neutrality 127 comments
Bluetooth Gains Direct Internet Access, Security Enhancements 47 comments
China Plans Superheavy Rocket, Ups Reliability 86 comments
Ask Slashdot: Are Any Certifications Worth Going For? 317 comments
The Failed Economics of Our Software Commons 205 comments
Google Releases Android Studio 1.0, the First Stable Version of Its IDE 115 comments
Civil Case Uses Fitbit Data To Disprove Insurance Fraud 99 comments
Uber Banned In Delhi After Taxi Driver Accused of Rape 180 comments
Heathrow Plane In Near Miss With Drone 325 comments
How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Twitterbot 54 comments
Tesla Wants Texas Auto Sales Regulations Loosened 137 comments
Spectrum Vega: A Blast From the Past 110 comments
Twitter Use By Romney and Obama In 2012 Highlight the Speed of Social Media 47 comments
Canadian Agency Drops Cases Rather Than Deal With New Requirements For ISP Info 29 comments
Neglecting the Lessons of Cypherpunk History 103 comments
45-Year Physics Mystery Shows a Path To Quantum Transistors 56 comments
A Case Against Further Government Spectrum Auctions 66 comments
Man Caught Trying To Sell Plans For New Aircraft Carrier 388 comments
US Treasury Dept: Banks Should Block Tor Nodes 84 comments
EU May Not Unify Its Data Protection Rules After All 55 comments
Orion Capsule Safely Recovered, Complete With 12-Year-Old Computer Guts 197 comments
Ofcom Will Remove Mandatory Ham Callsign ID Interval, Allow Encryption For Some 57 comments
Make a Kids' Power Wheel Toy Awesome for $500 (Video) 39 comments
Should IT Professionals Be Exempt From Overtime Regulations? 545 comments
In North Korea, Hackers Are a Handpicked, Pampered Elite 102 comments
Trains May Soon Come Equipped With Debris-Zapping Lasers 194 comments
Why Apple, Google, and FB Have Their Own Programming Languages 161 comments
Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Electronics-Induced Inattentiveness? 312 comments
Why Elon Musk's Batteries Frighten Electric Companies 461 comments
Node.js Forked By Top Contributors 254 comments
Ron Wyden Introduces Bill To Ban FBI 'Backdoors' In Tech Products 109 comments
How Astronomers Will Take the "Image of the Century": a Black Hole 129 comments
Every Weapon, Armored Truck, and Plane the Pentagon Gave To Local Police 191 comments
Ultrasound Used To Create Haptics That Can Be Touched and Felt 41 comments
Ocean-Going Robot Fleet Completes Fish Tracking Mission 10 comments
How the NSA Is Spying On Everyone: More Revelations 148 comments
Using OwnCloud To Integrate Dropbox, Google Drive, and More In Gnome 30 comments
A Backhanded Defense of Las Vegas' Taxi Regulation 93 comments
Windows 10 Adds Battery Saver Feature 96 comments
The Cost of the "S" In HTTPS 238 comments
UK Completes 250km of Undersea Broadband Rollouts 70 comments
Chinese CEO Says "Free" Is the Right Price For Mobile Software 133 comments
Google Confirms That It's Designing Kid-Friendly Versions of Its Services 52 comments
How High-Tech Temporary Tattoos Will Hack Your Skin 57 comments
Google Hopes To One Day Replace Gmail With Inbox 239 comments
Kiva Systems Co-Founder: Drone Delivery Could Be As Low As 20 Cents Per Package 92 comments
The Fastest Camera Ever Made Captures 100 Billion Frames Per Second 122 comments
Dragon Age: Inquisition Reviewed and Benchmarked 91 comments
What Canada Can Teach the US About Net Neutrality 80 comments
Pizza Hut Tests New "Subconscious Menu" That Reads Your Mind 186 comments
Android Policy For Nexus and Google Play Devices Updated To Excuse Carrier Delay 73 comments
Openwashing: Users and Adopters Beware 96 comments
IoT Is the Third Big Technology 'Wave' In the Last 50 Years, Says Harvard 196 comments
UK Announces 'Google Tax' 602 comments
Valve Rolls Out Game Broadcasting Service For Steam 92 comments
Practical Magnetic Levitating Transmission Gear System Loses Its Teeth 103 comments
You're Doing It All Wrong: Solar Panels Should Face West, Not South 327 comments
Celebrated Russian Hacker Now In Exile 130 comments
Ben Harris Shows off the Electric Vehicle Challenge Simulator (Video) 37 comments
18th Century Law Dredged Up To Force Decryption of Devices 446 comments
Big Banks Will Vie For Your Attention With Cardless ATMs and VR 76 comments
A Mismatch Between Wikimedia's Pledge Drive and Its Cash On Hand? 274 comments
Chromebooks Overtake iPads In US Education Market 193 comments
Microsoft's Age-Old Image Library 'Clip Art' Is No More 110 comments
The Life of an ATLAS Physicist At CERN 34 comments
CoreOS Announces Competitor To Docker 71 comments
Ask Slashdot: Non-Coders, Why Aren't You Contributing To Open Source? 488 comments
Firefox 34 Arrives With Video Chat, Yahoo Search As Default 237 comments
The Cashless Society? It's Already Coming 375 comments
South Korea Bans Selfie-Stick Sales 111 comments
BlackBerry Clears Hurdle For Voice Crypto Acquisition 27 comments
How the FCC CIO Plans To Modernize 207 Legacy IT Systems 74 comments
How the Rollout of 5G Will Change Everything 216 comments
Intel Processor Could Be In Next-Gen Google Glass 73 comments
Montana Lawmakers Propose 85 Mph Speed Limit On Interstates 525 comments
Probe Into NSA Activity Reveals Germany Spying On Germans 83 comments
Breath Test For Pot Being Developed At WSU 342 comments
DOOM 3DO Source Released On Github 323 comments
Supreme Court To Decide Whether Rap Lyric Threats Are Free Speech 436 comments
The Driverless Future: Buses, Not Taxis 257 comments
Graphene May Top Kevlar As a Bullet-Stopping Material 129 comments
SKA Telescope To Offer Neighbors Cheap Broadband 63 comments
Taxi Medallion Prices Plummet Under Pressure From Uber 329 comments
FAA Report Says Near Collisions With Drones On the Rise 115 comments
Hackers Breach Payment Systems of Major Parking Garage Operator 38 comments
New Analysis Pushes Back Possible Origin For Antikythera Mechanism 62 comments
Single Pixel Camera Takes Images Through Breast Tissue 81 comments
Ask Slashdot: Objective C Vs. Swift For a New iOS Developer? 211 comments
France Wants To Get Rid of Diesel Fuel 395 comments
Shale: Good For Gas, Oil...and Nuclear Waste Disposal? 138 comments
Security Experts Believe the Internet of Things Will Be Used To Kill Someone 165 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Drone For $100-$150? 116 comments
Scientists Develop "Paint" To Help Cool the Planet 145 comments
Google Should Be Broken Up, Say European MPs 237 comments
Edsac Goes Live, At UK's National Museum of Computing 37 comments
Uber's Android App Caught Reporting Data Back Without Permission 234 comments
Google Told To Expand Right To Be Forgotten 193 comments
Windows 10 To Feature Native Support For MKV and FLAC 313 comments
Wikipedia's "Complicated" Relationship With Net Neutrality 134 comments
Australia Elaborates On a New Drift Model To Find MH370 154 comments
BT Blocking Private Torrent Sites? 80 comments
Consortium Roadmap Shows 100TB Hard Drives Possible By 2025 215 comments
Voting Machines Malfunction: 5,000 Votes Not Counted In Kansas County 127 comments
Jackie Chan Discs Help Boost Solar Panel Efficiency 194 comments
Fly With the Brooklyn Aerodrome (Video) 22 comments
Auto Industry Teams Up With Military To Stop Car Hacking 114 comments
Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Considering US Presidential Run 433 comments
NSF Commits $16M To Build Cloud-Based and Data-Intensive Supercomputers 29 comments
New Snowden Docs Show GCHQ Paid Telcos For Cable Taps 90 comments
Firefox Will Soon Offer One-Click Buttons For Your Search Engines 101 comments
How the World's First Computer Was Rescued From the Scrap Heap 126 comments
Samsung Shows 'Eye Mouse' For People With Disabilities 17 comments
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