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Third Stage Design Problem Cause of Most Recent Proton Failure 0 comments
Stanford Researchers Make Photonic Components Faster, With Algorithmic Design 9 comments
First Ultraviolet Quantum Dots Shine In an LED 25 comments
Hacking Your Body Through a Nerve In Your Neck 59 comments
Land Art Park Significantly Reduces Jet Engine Noise Near Airport 47 comments
Professional Internet Troll Sues Her Former Employer 154 comments
Emulator Now Runs x86 Apps On All Raspberry Pi Models 73 comments
Uber Revises Privacy Policy, Wants More Data From Users 128 comments
Hacked Emails Reveal Russian Plans To Obtain Sensitive Western Tech 95 comments
Feds Bust a Dark-Web Counterfeit Coupon Kingpin 86 comments
DARPA Wants You To Verify Software Flaws By Playing Games 26 comments
Billboard Advertising Banned Products In Russia Hides If It Recognizes Cops 83 comments
FCC Proposes To Extend So-Called "Obamaphone" Program To Broadband 350 comments
GoPro's Next Adventure: Virtual Reality and Drones 33 comments
Live Anthrax Shipped Accidentally To S Korea and US Labs 66 comments
Why Detecting Drones Is a Tough Gig 222 comments
Murder Accusations Hang Over Silk Road Boss Ulbricht's Sentencing 80 comments
Android M To Embrace USB Type-C and MIDI 101 comments
Neil DeGrasse Tyson Urges America To Challenge China To a Space Race 263 comments
A Tool For Analyzing H-1B Visa Applications Reveals Tech Salary Secrets 119 comments
How Tesla Batteries Will Force Home Wiring To Go Low Voltage 549 comments
New Technique To Develop Single-Molecule Diode 35 comments
The Tricky Road Ahead For Android Gets Even Trickier 342 comments
Computer Chips Made of Wood Promise Greener Electronics 128 comments
GM To Offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto API In Most 2016 Vehicles 76 comments
Making the World's Largest Panoramic Photo 96 comments
California Is Giving Away Free Solar Panels To Its Poorest Residents 269 comments
The Marshall Islands, Nuclear Testing, and the NPT 67 comments
Microsoft Edge To Support Dolby Audio 103 comments
Prospects and Limits For the LHC's Capabilities To Test String Theory 147 comments
SpaceX Cleared For US Military Launches 62 comments
Volvo Self-Parking Car Hits People Because Owner Didn't Pay For Extra Feature 389 comments
Ask Slashdot: Will Technology Disrupt the Song? 157 comments
Creationists Manipulating Search Results 441 comments
Why PowerPoint Should Be Banned 322 comments
Amtrak Installing Cameras To Watch Train Engineers 289 comments
Microsoft Bringing Cortana To iOS, Android 65 comments
Linux/Moose Worm Targets Routers, Modems, and Embedded Systems 110 comments
Hyundai Now Offers an Android Car, Even For Current Owners 86 comments
Court Orders UberPop Use To Be Banned In All of Italy 201 comments
Charter Strikes $56B Deal For Time Warner Cable 187 comments
Leaked Document Shows Europe Would Fight UK Plans To Block Porn 253 comments
Hackers Can Track Subway Riders' Movements By Smartphone Accelerometer 69 comments
Privacy Behaviors Changed Little After Snowden 113 comments
Mozilla Drops $25 Smartphone Plans, Will Focus On Higher Quality Devices 90 comments
Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10 236 comments
Firefox's Optional Tracking Protection Reduces Load Time For News Sites By 44% 206 comments
Tech Bubble? What Tech Bubble? 106 comments
San Bernardino Sheriff Has Used Stingray Over 300 Times With No Warrant 104 comments
Daimler and Qualcomm To Develop In-Car Tech, Wireless Charging 41 comments
Machine That "Uncooks Eggs" Used To Improve Cancer Treatment 39 comments
What AI Experts Think About the Existential Risk of AI 413 comments
Dell Precision M3800 Mobile Workstation Packs Thunderbolt 2, Quadro, IGZO2 Panel 133 comments
Google and Gates-Backed Khan Academy Introduces "Grit"-Based Classroom Funding 117 comments
Soft Sensors Map Skin Mechanics 9 comments
Software Patch Fixes Mars Curiosity Rover's Auto-focus Glitch 53 comments
The Hoverboard Flies Closer To Reality 79 comments
Google Developing 'Brillo' OS For Internet of Things 226 comments
New 'Deep Learning' Technique Lets Robots Learn Through Trial-and-Error 65 comments
Cute Or Creepy? Google's Plan For a Sci-Fi Teddy Bear 102 comments
NSA-Reform Bill Fails In US Senate 135 comments
25 Years Today - Windows 3.0 387 comments
Epic's VR Demo Scene For the GTX 980 Now Runs On Morpheus PS4 Headset At 60 FPS 35 comments
Ask Slashdot: What's the Best Dumb Phone? 313 comments
Chrome For Android Is Now Almost Entirely Open Source 51 comments
The Body Cam Hacker Who Schooled the Police 159 comments
Adult Dating Site Hack Reveals Users' Sexual Preference, Extramarital Affairs 173 comments
Ads Based On Browsing History Are Coming To All Firefox Users 530 comments
NSA Planned To Hijack Google App Store To Hack Smartphones 94 comments
Netgear and ZyXEL Confirm NetUSB Flaw, Are Working On Fixes 34 comments
Security Researchers Wary of Wassenaar Rules 34 comments
The Wrap - Hacked airplane, POTUS on Twitter, WiFi by balloon 0 comments
Academics Build a New Tor Client Designed To Beat the NSA 63 comments
GM's Exec. Chief Engineer For Electric Vehicles Pam Fletcher Answers Your Question 107 comments
US Proposes Tighter Export Rules For Computer Security Tools 126 comments
Telstra Says Newly Acquired Pacnet Hacked, Customer Data Exposed 15 comments
Rate These 53 Sub-$200 Hacker SBCs, Win 1 of 20 45 comments
Simple Flaw Exposed Data On Millions of Charter Internet Customers 29 comments
Hydrogen-Powered Drone Can Fly For 4 Hours at a Time 116 comments
New Chrome Extension Uses Sound To Share URLs Between Devices 77 comments
Huawei's LiteOS Internet of Things Operating System Is a Minuscule 10KB 172 comments
How 1990s Encryption Backdoors Put Today's Internet In Jeopardy 42 comments
Do Russian Uranium Deals Threaten World Supply Security? 102 comments
Adblock Plus Launches Adblock Browser: a Fork of Firefox For Android 111 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Solve a Unique Networking Issue? 384 comments
Critical Vulnerability In NetUSB Driver Exposes Millions of Routers To Hacking 70 comments
Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fee To Replace Gas Tax 827 comments
US Levels Espionage Charges Against 6 Chinese Nationals 100 comments
Australian Law Could Criminalize the Teaching of Encryption 206 comments
Tweets To Appear In Google Search Results 91 comments
Jason Scott of Wants Your AOL & Shovelware CDs 123 comments
Google Offers Cheap Cloud Computing For Low-Priority Tasks 59 comments
Software Glitch Caused Crash of Airbus A400M Military Transport Aircraft 120 comments
Bitcoin Arrives At NYSE, Startup Aims To Tackle Micropayments and Easy Mining 85 comments
Microwave Comms Betwen Population Centers Could Be Key To Easing Internet Bottlenecks 221 comments
Swedish Court Orders Seizure of Pirate Bay Domains 55 comments
European Internet Users Urged To Protect Themselves Against Facebook Tracking 147 comments
UK Criminals Use Drones To Case Burglary Prospects 71 comments
US Navy Abandons Cloud and Data Center Plans In Favor of New Strategy 68 comments
Robotic Space Plane Launches In Mystery Mission This Week 110 comments
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Responds In Nepal 25 comments
Using Satellites To Monitor Bridge Safety 36 comments
Chris Roberts Is the Least Important Part of the Airplane Hacking Story 200 comments
Book Review: The Terrorists of Iraq 263 comments
North Carolina Still Wants To Block Municipal Broadband 289 comments
Navy's New Laser Weapon: Hype Or Reality? 185 comments
Apple Acquires GPS Start-Up 71 comments
The Auto Industry May Mimic the 1980s PC Industry 287 comments
Decoding the Enigma of Satoshi Nakamoto 61 comments
Feds Order Amtrak To Turn On System That Would've Prevented Crash 393 comments
How We'll Someday Be Able To See Past the Cosmic Microwave Background 64 comments
First Smart TVs Powered By Firefox OS On Sale In Europe, Worldwide Soon 119 comments
Baton Bob Receives $20,000 Settlement For Coerced Facebook Post 201 comments
Microsoft Study Finds Technology Hurting Attention Spans 109 comments
Cocaine Use Can Now Be Tested In Fingerprints Using Ambient Mass Spectrometry 143 comments
Kim Dotcom Calls Hillary Clinton an "Adversary" of Internet Freedom 276 comments
Schools That Ban Mobile Phones See Better Academic Results 113 comments
New Chips Could Bring Deep Learning Algorithms To Your Smartphone 40 comments
NASA Announces the 3D Printed Habitat Challenge For Moon and Mars Bases 46 comments
Editor-in-Chief of the Next Web: Adblockers Are Immoral 618 comments
Rockwell Collins To Develop Cockpit Display To Show Sonic Boom Over Land 73 comments
KDE Plasma 5 Becomes the Default Desktop of OpenSUSE Tumbleweed 60 comments
How Windows 10 Performs On a 12-inch MacBook 241 comments
FBI Alleges Security Researcher Tampered With a Plane's Flight Control Systems 190 comments
Report: Google To Add 'Buy' Buttons To Mobile Search Results 35 comments
The Economic Consequences of Self-Driving Trucks 615 comments
Microsoft Confirms It Won't Offer Free Windows 10 Upgrades To Pirates 214 comments
European Telecoms May Block Mobile Ads, Spelling Trouble For Google 198 comments
House Science Committee Approves Changes To Space Law 103 comments
A Look At GTA V PC Performance and Image Quality At 4K 72 comments
Ask Slashdot: What's On Your Keychain? 278 comments
Oculus Rift Hardware Requirements Revealed, Linux and OS X Development Halted 227 comments
The Solution To Argentina's Banking Problems Is To Go Cashless 294 comments
Rust 1.0 Released 149 comments
MenuetOS, an Operating System Written Entirely In Assembly, Hits 1.0 368 comments
Biologists Create Self-Healing Concrete 94 comments
Turtle Receives First-Ever 3D Printed Titanium Jaw Implant of Its Kind 71 comments
Are We Entering a "Golden Age of Quantum Computing Research"? 86 comments
Kepler's "Superflare" Stars Sport Huge, Angry Starspots 25 comments
Baidu's Supercomputer Beats Google At Image Recognition 115 comments
Academics Call For Greater Transparency About Google's Right To Be Forgotten 57 comments
GE Is 3D Printing a Working Jet Engine 72 comments
United Airlines Invites Hackers To Find Security Vulnerabilities 54 comments
RTFM? How To Write a Manual Worth Reading 244 comments
FCC May Stop 911 Access For NSI Phones 211 comments
Wireless Charging Tech Adopted By Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota Goes Open Source 75 comments
Intel NUC5i7RYH Broadwell Mini PC With Iris Pro Graphics Tested 80 comments
World's Rudest Robot Set To Simulate the Fury of Call Center Customers 150 comments
Film Consortium Urges ISPs To Dump Ineffective "Six Strikes" Policy For Pirates 186 comments
Top Publishers To Post News Stories Directly To Facebook Timelines 50 comments
New Device Could Greatly Improve Speech and Image Recognition 67 comments
Does Using an AOL Email Address Suggest You're a Tech Dinosaur? 461 comments
After Over a Year of Police Action, Dark Net Black Markets Still Growing 87 comments
How Responsible Are App Developers For Decisions Their Users Make? 152 comments
Ask Slashdot: After We're Gone, the Last Electrical Device Still Working? 403 comments
The Decline of Pixel Art 175 comments
Uber Drivers In India Will Start Accepting Cash 34 comments
Amtrak Train Derails In Philadelphia 160 comments
Dissolvable Electronic Stent Can Monitor Blocked Arteries 27 comments
What's the Business Model For Commercializing Cyborgs? 43 comments
Criticizing the Rust Language, and Why C/C++ Will Never Die 386 comments
Judge: Warrantless Airport Seizure of Laptop 'Cannot Be Justified' 200 comments
Firefox 38 Arrives With DRM Required To Watch Netflix 371 comments
New Magnesium-Alloy Foam From NYU's Nikhil Gupta Floats On Water 101 comments
Will Robot Cars Need Windows? 435 comments
Open Source C++ ClanLib SDK Refreshed For 2015 47 comments
California Gets Past the Yuck Factor With "Toilet To Tap" Water Recycling 278 comments
Closing This Summer: Verizon To Scoop Up AOL For $4.4 Billion 153 comments
Construction At SpaceX's New Spaceport About To Begin 57 comments
Microsoft Invests In Undersea Cable Projects 41 comments
How Spotify Can Become Profitable 167 comments
White House Names Ed Felten As Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer 27 comments
Apollo 15 Commander Talks About Developing and Driving Lunar Buggy 49 comments
Philippines Gives Uber Its First Legal Framework To Operate In Asia 27 comments
Interviews: Fark Founder Drew Curtis Answers Your Questions 45 comments
Google Shuts Down Map Maker Following Hacks 37 comments
The World's Most Dangerous Driving Simulator 83 comments
Windows 10 the Last Version of Windows? Not So Fast. 154 comments
Ask Slashdot: What's the Future of Desktop Applications? 276 comments
Self-Driving Cars In California: 4 Out of 48 Have Accidents, None Their Fault 408 comments
Linux Mint Will Continue To Provide Both Systemd and Upstart 347 comments
Australia: Your Digital Games (and Movies!) Could Be About to Jump In Price 125 comments
FCC Tosses Petition Challenging Its New Internet Regulations 133 comments
British Pilots: Poll Data Says Public Wants Strict Rules For Drones 110 comments
Can Earthquakes Be Predicted Algorithmically? 94 comments
The Challenge of Web Hosting Once You're Dead 182 comments
How To Set Up a Pirate EBook Store In Google Play Books 90 comments
Examining Costs and Prices For California's High-Speed Rail Project 515 comments
Prison Messaging System JPay Withdraws Copyright Claims 141 comments
Researchers Discover Breakthrough Drug Delivery Method By Changing Shape of Pill 66 comments
Ask Slashdot: How To Own the Rights To Software Developed At Work? 353 comments
Texas Regulators Crack Down on App-Driven Hauling Service 167 comments
Anonymous Tor Cloud Project Closes Down 23 comments
Brainwave-Reading Patents Spike On Increase In Commercial Mind-Reading Apps 29 comments
Uber Wants To Buy Nokia's Mapping Services 45 comments
MIT Report Says Current Tech Enables Future Terawatt-Scale Solar Power Systems 176 comments
Critics Say It's Time To Close La Guardia Airport 203 comments
What Might Have Happened To Windows Media Center 198 comments
From Commune To Sharing Economy Startup 142 comments
Fastest 4.5 Watt Core M 5Y71 In Asus T300 Chi Competitive With Full Core i5 CPUs 48 comments
Poor, Homegrown Encryption Threatens Open Smart Grid Protocol 111 comments
Technology and Ever-Falling Attention Spans 147 comments
$9 Open Source Computer Blows Past Crowdfunding Goal 180 comments
25 Percent of Cars Cause 90 Percent of Air Pollution 395 comments
Researchers Make Spiders Produce Silk Strengthened With Graphene 59 comments
Future Holds Large Updates Instead of Stand-Alone Windows Releases 199 comments
Amazon's Delivery Drones Will Be Able To Track Your Location 99 comments
Is Facebook Keeping You In a Political Bubble? 179 comments
FAA: Big Tech Challenges For Massive Washington, DC Warbirds Flyover 54 comments
Superfish Injects Ads In 1 In 25 Google Page Views 91 comments
Creating the Open Drone Ecosystem Takes Room To Experiment 21 comments
Electron Microscopes Close To Imaging Individual Atoms 55 comments
Centimeter-Resolution GPS For Smartphones, VR, Drones 63 comments
FAA Program Tests Drones Flying Beyond Pilot's Line-of-Sight 37 comments
Defense Distributed Sues State Department Over 3-D Gun Censorship 312 comments
Tesla To Unveil Its $35,000 Model 3 In March 2016 318 comments
US Appeals Court Says NSA Phone Surveillance Is Not Authorized By Congress 237 comments
Export Ban Drives Cuba To Non-US Analytics Software To Boost Tourism 84 comments
Voting With Dollars: Politicians and Their Staffers Roll With Uber 132 comments
Sorority Files Lawsuit After Sacred Secrets Posted On Penny Arcade Forums 257 comments
Santa Clara County Opts Against Buying Stingray Due To Excessive Secrecy 39 comments
LinkedIn Used To Create Database of 27,000 US Intelligence Personnel 82 comments
Researcher: Drug Infusion Pump Is the "Least Secure IP Device" He's Ever Seen 83 comments
AMD Outlines Plans For Zen-Based Processors, First Due In 2016 166 comments
Ubuntu May Beat Windows 10 To Phone-PC Convergence After All 125 comments
17-Year-Old Radio Astronomy Mystery Traced Back To Kitchen Microwave 227 comments
Why Was Linux the Kernel That Succeeded? 469 comments
Apple's Plans For Your DNA 101 comments
Europe Vows To Get Rid of Geo-Blocking 114 comments
Oculus Rift Launching In Q1 2016 84 comments
Apple Gets Antitrust Scrutiny Over Music Deals 47 comments
Self-Driving Big Rigs Become a Reality 228 comments
Canadian Town Outlaws Online Insults To Police and Officials 152 comments
Uber Forced Out of Kansas 302 comments
The Ambitions and Challenges of Mesh Networks and the Local Internet Movement 56 comments
Google Can't Ignore the Android Update Problem Any Longer 434 comments
Ask Slashdot: Most Chromebook-Like Unofficial ChromeOS Experience? 99 comments
Microsoft: No More 'Patch Tuesday' For Windows 10 Home Users 141 comments
How the NSA Converts Spoken Words Into Searchable Text 164 comments
Recent Paper Shows Fracking Chemicals In Drinking Water, Industry Attacks It 328 comments
Single Verizon IP Address Used For Hundreds of Windows 7 Activations 323 comments
Internet Customers Surpass Cable Subscribers At Comcast 140 comments
Researchers Detect Android Apps That Connect to User Tracking and Ad Sites 74 comments
No, NASA Did Not Accidentally Invent Warp Drive 416 comments
Apple Watch's Hidden Diagnostic Port To Allow Battery Straps, Innovative Add-Ons 113 comments
China Takes Its Already Strict Internet Regulations One Step Further 49 comments
Accessibility In Linux Is Good (But Could Be Much Better) 65 comments
AI Experts In High Demand 78 comments
Facebook Launches Platform and Opens Up To More Developers 32 comments
Uber Office Raided By Police In China, Accused of Running 'Illegal' Car Business 176 comments
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