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UK Users Overwhelmingly Spurn Broadband Filters 6 comments
Ask Slashdot: Linux Login and Resource Management In a Computer Lab? 23 comments
Exodus Intelligence Details Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In Tails OS 65 comments
Netflix Reduces Physical-Disc Processing, Keeps Prices the Same 172 comments
NVIDIA Launches Tegra K1-Based SHIELD Tablet, Wireless Controller 34 comments
AirMagnet Wi-Fi Security Tool Takes Aim At Drones 37 comments
MIT' Combines Carbon Foam and Graphite Flakes For Efficient Solar Steam Generati 79 comments
For Now, UK Online Pirates Will Get 4 Warnings -- And That's It 99 comments
A New Form of Online Tracking: Canvas Fingerprinting 144 comments
Print Isn't Dead: How Linux Voice Crowdfunded a New Magazine 45 comments
Experiment Shows People Exposed To East German Socialism Cheat More 401 comments
MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures 312 comments
No RIF'd Employees Need Apply For Microsoft External Staff Jobs For 6 Months 224 comments
Rupert Murdoch's Quest To Buy Time Warner: Not Done Yet 60 comments
Mimicking Vesicle Fusion To Make Gold Nanoparticles Easily Penetrate Cells 19 comments
The Loophole Obscuring Facebook and Google's Transparency Reports 18 comments
NASA Names Building For Neil Armstrong 49 comments
The "Rickmote Controller" Can Hijack Any Google Chromecast 124 comments
Activist Group Sues US Border Agency Over New, Vast Intelligence System 76 comments
How One School District Handled Rolling Out 20,000 iPads 232 comments
Researcher Finds Hidden Data-Dumping Services In iOS 93 comments
UEA Research Shows Oceans Vital For Possibility of Alien Life 82 comments
Verizon Boosts FiOS Uploads To Match Downloads 225 comments
Method Rapidly Reconstructs Animal's Development Cell By Cell 39 comments
Why My LG Optimus Cellphone Is Worse Than It's Supposed To Be 278 comments
China Has More People Going Online With a Mobile Device Than a PC 57 comments
New Toyota Helps You Yell At the Kids 195 comments
New York Judge OKs Warrant To Search Entire Gmail Account 144 comments
California In the Running For Tesla Gigafactory 165 comments
Snowden Seeks To Develop Anti-Surveillance Technologies 129 comments
Researchers Create Origami Wheels That Can Change Size 51 comments
The Almost Forgotten Story of the Amiga 2000 177 comments
A Look At NASA's Orion Project 108 comments
Russian Government Edits Wikipedia On Flight MH17 655 comments
Ars Editor Learns Feds Have His Old IP Addresses, Full Credit Card Numbers 198 comments
High School Students Not Waiting For Schools To Go Online 81 comments
Critroni Crypto Ransomware Seen Using Tor for Command and Control 121 comments
Exhibit On Real Johnny Appleseed To Hit the Road 71 comments
Domain Registry of America Suspended By ICANN 112 comments
"Intelligent" Avatars Poised To Manage Airline Check-In 102 comments
Apollo 11 Moon Landing Turns 45 202 comments
MicroxWin Creates Linux Distribution That Runs Debian/Ubuntu & Android Apps 39 comments
States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth 760 comments
Can the Multiverse Be Tested Scientifically? 144 comments
Linux Needs Resource Management For Complex Workloads 158 comments
White House Approves Sonic Cannons For Atlantic Energy Exploration 270 comments
EPA Mulling Relaxed Radiation Protections For Nuclear Power 223 comments
Drone Search and Rescue Operation Wins Fight Against FAA 77 comments
Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution' 370 comments
Genetically Modifying an Entire Ecosystem 52 comments
Amazon Isn't Killing Writing, the Market Is 190 comments
Dungeons & Dragons' Influence and Legacy 125 comments
Japan To Offer $20,000 Subsidy For Fuel-Cell Cars 153 comments
NASA: Lunar Pits and Caves Could House Astronauts 153 comments
New Digital Currency Bases Value On Reputation 100 comments
World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use 465 comments
US Senator Blasts Microsoft's H-1B Push As It Lays 18,000 Off Workers 514 comments
Gene Therapy Converts Heart Cells Into "Biological Pacemakers" 26 comments
Australian Website Waits Three Years To Inform Customers of Data Breach 35 comments
UK Government Faces Lawsuit Over Emergency Surveillance Bill 43 comments
Appeals Court Affirms Old Polaroid Patent Invalid 44 comments
$10 Million Lawsuit Against Wikipedia Editors "Stragetically" Withdrawn 51 comments
Math, Programming, and Language Learning 236 comments
FTC To Trap Robocallers With Open Source Software 123 comments
Tesla Model S Hacking Prize Claimed 59 comments
Chicago Red Light Cameras Issue Thousands of Bogus Tickets 228 comments
Google To Stop Describing Games With In-App Purchases As 'Free' 137 comments
Dell Starts Accepting Bitcoin 152 comments
Point-of-Sale System Bought On eBay Yields Treasure Trove of Private Data 68 comments
CCP Games Explains Why Virtual Reality First Person Shooters Still Don't Work 154 comments
Wearable Robot Adds Two Fingers To Your Hand 77 comments
The New Science of Evolutionary Forecasting 62 comments
Ask Slashdot: How Many Employees Does Microsoft Really Need? 271 comments
Preparing For Satellite Defense 114 comments
Verizon's Accidental Mea Culpa 388 comments
New Mayhem Malware Targets Linux and UNIX-Like Servers 163 comments
Russia Prepares For Internet War Over Malaysian Jet 502 comments
Lenovo Halts Sales of Small-Screen Windows 8.1 Tablets Due To "Lack of Interest" 123 comments
Heinz Zemanek Passes At 94 52 comments
New Treatment Stops Type II Diabetes 253 comments
Australia Repeals Carbon Tax 286 comments
New Map Fingers Future Hot Spots For U.S. Earthquakes 49 comments
New York State Proposes Sweeping Bitcoin Regulations 121 comments
Microsoft's Missed Opportunities: Memo From 1997 161 comments
MIT May Have Just Solved All Your Data Center Network Lag Issues 83 comments
Taking Great Ideas From the Lab To the Fab 19 comments
NIF Compresses Diamonds With 50 Million Atmospheres of Pressure 81 comments
Meet LibreOffice Volunteer Robinson Tryon (Video) 26 comments
More Forgotten Vials of Deadly Diseases Discovered 55 comments
ExoLance: Shooting Darts At Mars To Find Life 50 comments
Bing Implements Right To Be Forgotten 64 comments
The Hacking of NASDAQ 76 comments
Interviews: Ask Dr. Andy Chun About Artificial Intelligence 68 comments
Malaysian Passenger Plane Reportedly Shot Down Over Ukraine 750 comments
UN Report Finds NSA Mass Surveillance Likely Violated Human Rights 261 comments
X.Org Server 1.16 Brings XWayland, GLAMOR, Systemd Integration 223 comments
Pushdo Trojan Infects 11,000 Systems In 24 Hours 31 comments
Cosmologists Show Negative Mass Could Exist In Our Universe 214 comments
Committee Formed To Scrutinize Australia's Web Censorship Law 24 comments
Microsoft CEO To Slash 18,000 Jobs, 12,500 From Nokia To Go 380 comments
Nearly 25 Years Ago, IBM Helped Save Macintosh 235 comments
Fossils of Cambrian Predator Preserved With Brain Impressions 45 comments
US Marines Demonstrate Ultra Heavy-Lift Amphibious Connector Prototype 90 comments
Open Hardware and Digital Communications Conference On Free Video, If You Help 15 comments
The Improbable Story of the 184 MPH Jet Train 194 comments
Biofeedback Games and The Placebo Effect 57 comments
Sony Forgets To Pay For Domain, Hilarity Ensues 275 comments
FreeBSD 9.3 Released 77 comments
Canadian ISP On Disclosing Subscriber Info: Come Back With a Warrant 55 comments
Sexual Harassment Is Common In Scientific Fieldwork 362 comments
Why the FCC Is Likely To Ignore Net Neutrality Comments and Listen To ISPs 140 comments
Two Big Dark Matter Experiments Gain US Support 37 comments
LibreSSL PRNG Vulnerability Patched 151 comments
Apple Agrees To $450 Million Ebook Antitrust Settlement 91 comments
Giant Crater Appears In Northern Siberia 122 comments
Manuel Noriega Sues Activision Over Call of Duty 83 comments
ChickTech Brings Hundreds of Young Women To Open Source 158 comments
US House Passes Permanent Ban On Internet Access Taxes 148 comments
Researchers Find Evidence of How Higgs Particle Imparts Mass 91 comments
FBI Concerned About Criminals Using Driverless Cars 435 comments
Amazon Is Testing a $10-Per-Month Ebook Service 87 comments
Time Warner Turns Down Takeover Bid From Rupert Murdoch 70 comments
Selectively Reusing Bad Passwords Is Not a Bad Idea, Researchers Say 278 comments
KDE Releases Plasma 5 108 comments
Breaches Exposed 22.8 Million Personal Records of New Yorkers 40 comments
SRI/Cambridge Opens CHERI Secure Processor Design 59 comments
Mt. Fuji Volcano In 'Critical State' After Quakes 151 comments
Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate 525 comments
French Blogger Fined For Negative Restaurant Review 423 comments
Australian Electoral Commission Refuses To Release Vote Counting Source Code 112 comments
Apple and IBM Announce Partnership To Bring iOS + Cloud Services To Enterprises 126 comments
Is the Software Renaissance Ending? 170 comments
Pseudonyms Now Allowed On Google+ 237 comments
Telcos Move Net Neutrality Fight To Congress 52 comments
Harvesting Energy From Humidity 89 comments
HP Claims Their Moonshot System is a 'New Style of IT' (Video) 68 comments
Marvel's New Thor Will Be a Woman 588 comments
Comcast Customer Service Rep Just Won't Take No For an Answer 401 comments
Ask Slashdot: Future-Proof Jobs? 506 comments
Mozilla Doubles Down on JPEG Encoding with mozjpeg 2.0 129 comments
Your Personal Data Is On Your Phone -- In the Form of Bacteria 21 comments
White House Punts On Petition To Allow Tesla Direct Sales 382 comments
Google's Project Zero Aims To Find Exploits Before Attackers Do 62 comments
OpenWRT 14.07 RC1 Supports Native IPv6, Procd Init System 70 comments
The Last Three Months Were the Hottest Quarter On Record 551 comments
Brazil Nut Effect Explains Mystery of the Boulder-Strewn Surfaces of Asteroids 58 comments
Massive Job Cuts Are Reportedly Coming For Microsoft Employees 300 comments
Led By Nest, 'Thread' Might Be Most Promising IoT Initiative Yet 79 comments
Court Rejects Fox's Attempt to Use Aereo Ruling Against Dish's Hopper 67 comments
German NSA Committee May Turn To Typewriters To Stop Leaks 243 comments
Seat Detects When You're Drowsy, Can Control Your Car 106 comments
People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use 706 comments
How a Supercomputer Beat the Scrap Heap and Lived On To Retire In Africa 145 comments
'Hidden From Google' Remembers the Sites Google Is Forced To Forget 163 comments
AMD FirePro W9100 16GB Workstation GPU Put To the Test 42 comments
Coming Soon(ish) From LG: Transparent, Rollup Display 64 comments
Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours 749 comments
Hacking Online Polls and Other Ways British Spies Seek To Control the Internet 117 comments
Leaked Build of Windows 9 Shows Start Menu Return 346 comments
Three-Year Deal Nets Hulu Exclusive Rights To South Park 138 comments
FCC Public Comment Period For Net Neutrality Ends Tomorrow, July 15 69 comments
SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Blasts Off From Florida 112 comments
Phase-Changing Material Created For Robots 35 comments
Home Depot Begins Retail Store Pilot Program To Sell MakerBot 3-D Printers 126 comments
Interviews: Juan Gilbert Answers Your Questions 18 comments
Chemists Build First "Buckyball" Made of Boron 39 comments
Critical Vulnerabilities In Web-Based Password Managers Found 113 comments
With New Horizons Spacecraft a Year Away, What We Know About Pluto 128 comments
Apple Refutes Report On iPhone Threat To China's National Security 134 comments
Economist: File Sharing's Impact On Movies Is Modest At Most 214 comments
New Raspberry Pi Model B+ 202 comments
Bot Tweets Anonymous Wikipedia Edits From Capitol Hill 94 comments
Scotland Could Become Home To Britain's First Spaceport 151 comments
Walter Munk's Astonishing Wave-Tracking Experiment 55 comments
How To Fix The Shortage of K-5 Scholastic Chess Facilitators 128 comments
Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills 750 comments
Public To Vote On Names For Exoplanets 127 comments
Elite Group of Researchers Rule Scientific Publishing 123 comments
Scientists Have Developed a Material So Dark That You Can't See It 238 comments
How Deep Does the Multiverse Go? 202 comments
NSA Says Snowden Emails Exempt From Public Disclosure 231 comments
Chinese Couple Sells Children To Support Online Game Addiction 131 comments
Fighting Climate Change With Trade 155 comments
Rocket Scientist Designs "Flare" Pot That Cooks Food 40% Faster 202 comments
Utility Wants $17,500 Refund After Failure To Scrub Negative Search Results 110 comments
Want To Ensure Your Personal Android Data Is Truly Wiped? Turn On Encryption 91 comments
Geographic Segregation By Education 230 comments
Nano-Pixels Hold Potential For Screens Far Denser Than Today's Best 129 comments
The Least They Could Do: Amazon Charges 1 Cent To Meet French Free Shipping Ban 308 comments
Source Code Leaked For Tinba Banking Trojan 75 comments
CDC Closes Anthrax, Flu Labs After Potentially Deadly Mix-Ups Come to Light 89 comments
New Technology Uses Cellular Towers For Super-Accurate Weather Measurements 42 comments
Chimpanzee Intelligence Largely Determined By Genetics 157 comments
Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch? 381 comments
FCC Approves Subsidy Plan to Upgrade School and Library Networks 70 comments
Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water 241 comments
A Skeptical View of Israel's Iron Dome Rocket Defense System 368 comments
Take a Picture Just By Thinking About It, Using Google Glass With MindRDR App 41 comments
Biohackers Are Engineering Yeast To Make THC 158 comments
FAA Pressures Coldwell, Other Realtors To Stop Using Drone Footage 199 comments
Finnish National TV Broadcaster Starts Sending Bitcoin Blockchain 72 comments
New Microsoft CEO Vows To Shake Up Corporate Culture 204 comments
Sand-Based Anode Triples Lithium-Ion Battery Performance 60 comments
Chinese Hackers Infiltrate Firms Using Malware-Laden Handheld Scanners 93 comments
Mars (One) Needs Payloads 77 comments
O3b Launches Four More Satellites To Bring Internet To 'Other 3 Billion' 80 comments
Lyft's New York Launch Halted By Restraining Order 92 comments
"Internet's Own Boy" Briefly Knocked Off YouTube With Bogus DMCA Claim 157 comments
Chinese State Media Declares iPhone a Threat To National Security 143 comments
What Happens When Gaming Auteurs Try To Go It Alone? 86 comments
FCC Approves Plan To Spend $5B Over Next Five Years On School Wi-Fi 54 comments
First Release of LibreSSL Portable Is Available 101 comments
DARPA Successfully Demonstrates Self-Guiding Bullets 188 comments
A Peek Inside D-Wave's Quantum Computing Hardware 55 comments
The First Person Ever To Die In a Tesla Is a Guy Who Stole One 443 comments
William Binney: NSA Records and Stores 80% of All US Audio Calls 278 comments
Gameover ZeuS Re-Emerges As Fast-Fluxing Botnet 62 comments
Arecibo Radio Telescope Confirms Extra-galactic Fast Radio Pulses 95 comments
Ask Slashdot: Unattended Maintenance Windows? 265 comments
Amazon Seeks US Exemption To Test Delivery Drones 155 comments
Insurance Claims Reveal Hidden Electronic Damage From Geomagnetic Storms 78 comments
Child Thought To Be Cured of HIV Relapses, Tests Positive Again 125 comments
Google's Experimental Newsroom Avoids Negative Headlines 109 comments
Asteroid Mining Bill Introduced In Congress To Protect Private Property Rights 181 comments
Aereo Embraces Ruling, Tries To Re-Classify Itself As Cable Company 147 comments
Hair-Raising Technique Detects Drugs, Explosives On Human Body 162 comments
Google, Dropbox, and Others Forge Patent "Arms Control Pact" 73 comments
Peer Review Ring Broken - 60 Articles Retracted 178 comments
FTC Files Suit Against Amazon For In-App Purchases 47 comments
SpaceX Wins FAA Permission To Build a Spaceport In Texas 80 comments
Hints of Life's Start Found In a Giant Virus 158 comments
Senator Al Franken Accuses AT&T of "Skirting" Net Neutrality Rules 81 comments
The Oatmeal Convinces Elon Musk To Donate $1 Million To Tesla Museum 78 comments
Ode To Sound Blaster: Are Discrete Audio Cards Still Worth the Investment? 499 comments
On the Significance of Google's New Cardboard (Video) 35 comments
After NSA Spying Flap, Germany Asks CIA Station Chief to Depart 218 comments
How Google Map Hackers Can Destroy a Business 132 comments
Police Recording Confirms NYPD Flew At a Drone and Never Feared Crashing 310 comments
Today In Year-based Computer Errors: Draft Notices Sent To Men Born In the 1800s 205 comments
Microsoft Settles With No-IP After Malware Takedown 83 comments
Apple Gets Its First Batch of iPhone Chips From TSMC 45 comments
Hacking a Tesla Model S Could Net $10,000 Prize 77 comments
Maldives Denies Russian Claims That Secret Service Kidnapped a Politician's Son 100 comments
Prof. Andy Tanenbaum Retires From Vrije University 136 comments
UK Gov't Plans To Push "Emergency" Surveillance Laws 147 comments
Mathematicians Solve the Topological Mystery Behind the "Brazuca" Soccer Ball 144 comments
India's National Informatics Centre Forged Google SSL Certificates 107 comments
IBM To Invest $3 Billion For Semiconductor Research 68 comments
Judge Shoots Down "Bitcoin Isn't Money" Argument In Silk Road Trial 135 comments
Single European Copyright Title On the Horizon 94 comments
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