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Montana Newspaper Plans To Out Anonymous Commenters Retroactively 9 comments
Parts of the SpaceX Falcon-9 Rocket Found Off the Isles of Scilly 17 comments
LSD Microdosing Gaining Popularity For Silicon Valley Professionals 157 comments
Lenovo Patches Serious Vulnerabilities In PC System Update Tool 18 comments
UK Prisons To Crack Down On Inmate Internet and Mobile Phone Use 46 comments
London's Deputy Mayor On Ditching Diesel 136 comments
NASA Concludes That Comets, Not Alien Megastructures Orbit KIC 8462852 69 comments
Apple Looks To Introduce OLED Displays In iPhone Models From 2018 165 comments
Greenwald: Why the CIA Is Smearing Edward Snowden After Paris Attacks 224 comments
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Will Ship With Linux Kernel 4.4 LTS 85 comments
Japanese Company Makes Low-Calorie Noodles Out of Wood 119 comments
Free Pascal Compiler 3.0.0 Is Out; Adds Support For 16-Bit MS-DOS, 64-Bit iOS 96 comments
Russians Build Nuclear-Powered Data Center 49 comments
Software Freedom Conservancy Asks For Supporters 25 comments
900 Embedded Devices Share Hard-Coded Certs, SSH Host Keys 44 comments
Czech Judge Cuts Deal With Software Pirate: Get 200K YouTube Views Or Pay Huge Fine 87 comments
Richard Dawkins Opposes UK Cinemas Censoring Church's Advert Before Star Wars 254 comments
Tesla's NOx Problem: Model X Delay Explained? 32 comments
Pressure From Uber Forces London Taxis To Finally Accept Cards 109 comments
AMD's Crimson Radeon Driver For Linux Barely Changes Anything 92 comments
Raspberry Pi Unveils New $5 Mini-computer 207 comments
Google Scours 1.2 Million URLs To Conform With EU's "Right To Be Forgotten" Law 63 comments
How Sports Commentaries Can Speed Up AI Development 38 comments
IT Execs On Their Dream Dinner Guests 82 comments
Japanese Rocket Launches Its First Commercial Satellite 29 comments
Critical Zen Cart Vulnerability Could Spell Black Friday Disaster For Shoppers 53 comments
Why Car Salesmen Don't Want To Sell Electric Cars 445 comments
Scientists Produce Graphene 100 Times Cheaper Than Ever Before 73 comments
Insurer Refuses To Cover Cox In Massive Piracy Lawsuit 100 comments
New Wearable Tech Translates Sign Language Into Text 32 comments
This Gizmo Knows Your Amex Card Number Before You've Received It 66 comments
Will You Be Able To Run a Modern Desktop Environment In 2016 Without Systemd? 691 comments
The Quest For the Ultimate Vacuum Tube 102 comments
Neil deGrasse Tyson Touches Off Debate With Remarks On Commercial Space 324 comments
What Is the Future of the Television? 217 comments
KGB Software Almost Triggered War In 1983 189 comments
Even the Dumbest Ransomware Is Almost Unremovable On Smart TVs 146 comments
Engineers Nine Times More Likely Than Expected To Become Terrorists 488 comments
Another Giant xkcd Comics Experiment 46 comments
AMD's 'Crimson' Driver Software Released 50 comments
Dark Matter Grows Hair Around Stars and Planets 160 comments
Windows 10 Fall Update Uninstalls Desktop Software Without Informing Users 350 comments
The Tamagochi Singularity Made Real: Infinite Tamagochi Living On the Internet 82 comments
On iFixit and the Right To Repair 239 comments
How Computer Scientists Cracked a 50-Year-Old Math Problem 90 comments
2015 'Dance Your PhD' Winner Announced 18 comments
Green Light Or No, Nest Cam Never Stops Watching 199 comments
Hospitals Can 3D Print a Patient's Vasculature For Aneurysm Pre-Op Practice 21 comments
UK Mobile Operator Could Block Ads At Network Level 102 comments
High-Security, Open-Source Router is a Hit on Indiegogo (Video) 110 comments
Lori Garver Claims That NASA Is 'Wary' of Elon Musk's Mars Plans 101 comments
One Family Suffering Through Years-Long Trolling Campaign 251 comments
How Black Friday and Cyber Monday Are Losing Their Meaning 136 comments
Judge Wipes Out Safe Harbor Provision In DMCA, Makes Cox Accomplice of Piracy 221 comments
High Level Coding Language Used To Create New POS Malware 91 comments
Microsoft Blames Layoffs For Drop In Female Employees 174 comments
Second Root Cert-Private Key Pair Found On Dell Computer 65 comments
Blue Origin "New Shepherd" Makes It To Space... and Back Again 121 comments
Pearson Credential Manager System Used By Cisco, IBM, F5 Has Been Breached 25 comments
Turkey Downs Allegedly Intruding Russian Fighter Near Syria Border 582 comments
Disney IT Workers Prepare To Sue Over Foreign Replacements 260 comments
Yahoo Denies Ad-blocking Users Access To Email 314 comments
BBC World Service To Provide Radio For North Korea and Eritrea 63 comments
Gene Drive Turns Mosquitoes Into Malaria Fighters 68 comments
Axel Springer Goes After iOS 9 Ad Blockers In New Legal Battlle 215 comments
Understanding the Antikythera Mechanism 74 comments
Cuban Talks Trash At Intel Extreme Masters, Drops $30K of F-Bombs For Charity 53 comments
Patreon Users Threatened By Ashley Madison Scammers 75 comments
Fake Bomb Detector, Blamed For Hundreds of Deaths, Is Still In Use 151 comments
With $160 Billion Merger, Pfizer Moves To Ireland and Dodges Taxes 363 comments
Can Full-Time Tech Workers Survive the Gig Economy? 167 comments
FAA To Drone Owners: Get Ready To Register To Fly 192 comments
NASA Contracting Development of New Ion/Nuclear Engines 70 comments
Dell Accused of Installing 'Superfish-Like' Rogue Certificates On Laptops 91 comments
"Clock Boy" Ahmed Mohamed Seeking $15 Million In Damages 791 comments
What the Sony Hack Looked Like To Employees 51 comments
Google Previews Android Studio 2.0 40 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Single Change Would You Make To a Tech Product? 491 comments
Sabotage Blacks Out Millions In Crimea 146 comments
Stack Overflow and the Zeitgeist of Computer Programming 167 comments
New IBM Tech Lets Apps Authenticate You Without Personal Data 27 comments
Nearly 35,000 Comment On New Federal STEM OPT Extension Rule 55 comments
Ransomware Expected To Hit 'Lifesaving' Medical Devices In 2016 108 comments
Microsoft Pulls Windows 10 November Update (1511) ISOs 194 comments
Australian State Bans Possession of Blueprints For 3D Printing Firearms 311 comments
How Anonymous' War With Isis Is Actually Harming Counter-Terrorism 386 comments
How Close Are We To a Mars Mission? 173 comments
Telemedicine: The State of Telepresence In Healthcare 34 comments
CIOs Spend a Third of Their Time On Security 107 comments
Intel Broadwell-E, Apollo Lake, and Kaby Lake Details Emerge In Leaked Roadmap 115 comments
The Moon's Two Sides Look So Different Thanks To 4.5 Billion-Year-Old Physics 96 comments
Pesticides Turn Bumblebees Into Poor Pollinators 93 comments
20 Years of GIMP 351 comments
George Lucas: "I'm Done With Star Wars" 424 comments
The History of SQL Injection, the Hack That Will Never Go Away 192 comments
Amazon Screenplay-Writing Software Submits Work To Amazon Studios 33 comments
Randall Munroe Interviewed: Answers In Comic Form 49 comments
Whistleblowers: How NSA Created the 'Largest Failure' In Its History 117 comments
US and China Setting Up "Space Hotline" 15 comments
Zuckerberg To Take 2 Months Paternity Leave To Give His Kid a Better Outcome 162 comments
A Post-Antibiotic Future Is Looming 135 comments
Mozilla Is Removing Tab Groups and Complete Themes From Firefox 313 comments
New Spectroscope Perfect For Asteroid Mining, Planetary Research 56 comments
Blackberry Offers 'Lawful Device Interception Capabilities' 137 comments
Netflix Remaking Lost In Space 166 comments
Florida Group Wants To Make Space a 2016 Presidential Campaign Issue 118 comments
MST3K Successfully Crowdsources Its Comeback 50 comments
Ask Slashdot: Xbox One Or PlayStation 4? 373 comments
Satellite Wars 98 comments
Now We Know Why the Hobbit Movies Were So Awful 174 comments
Sued Freelancer Allegedly Turns Over Contractee Source Code In Settlement 129 comments
And the Pulitzer Prize For SQL Reporting Goes To... 27 comments
How Apple Is Giving Design a Bad Name 460 comments
Researchers Create Plant-Circuit Hybrid 39 comments
TrueCrypt Safer Than Previously Thought 42 comments
Comcast Xfinity Wi-Fi Discloses Customer Names and Addresses 47 comments
FTC Amends Telemarketing Rule To Ban Payment Methods Used By Scammers 48 comments
Ex-CIA Director Says Snowden Should Be 'Hanged' For Paris Attacks 485 comments
600,000 Arris Cable Modems Have 'Backdoors In Backdoors,' Researcher Claims 76 comments
Donald Trump Obliquely Backs a Federal Database To Track Muslims 583 comments
Happy 30th Birthday, Windows! 248 comments
NASA Orders SpaceX Crew Mission To International Space Station 69 comments
Meet Mårten Mickos, Serial Open Source CEO (Video) 23 comments
Hands-On With the Voltera V-One PCB Printer 37 comments
Tesla To Voluntarily Recall Every Model S Because One Seat Belt Came Apart 207 comments
Coinbase Issues Bitcoin-Based Debit Card 52 comments
Judge: Stingrays Are 'Simply Too Powerful' Without Adequate Oversight 111 comments
Investigation Reveals How Easy It Is To Hijack a Science Journal Website 18 comments
Jolla Goes For Debt Restructuring 46 comments
You Can Look Forward To 8 More Years of Leap Second Problems 143 comments
File Says NSA Found Way To Replace Email Program 93 comments
First Images Ever Taken of a Planet Being Formed, 450 Light-Years From Earth 36 comments
Sony Quietly Adds PS2 Emulation To the PS4 150 comments
TGV Accident Caused By Excessive Speed 96 comments
Nation-backed Hackers Using Evercookie and Web Analytics To Profile Targets 47 comments
Controversy Over High-Tech Brooms Sweeps Through Sport of Curling 181 comments
Exploit Vendor Publishes Prices For Zero-Day Vulnerabilities 21 comments
French ITER Fusion Project To Take At Least 6 Years Longer Than Planned 193 comments
EU Set To Crack Down On Bitcoin and Anonymous Payments After Paris Attack 274 comments
The Information Theory of Life 90 comments
FDA Signs Off On Genetically Modified Salmon Without Labeling 514 comments
ISIS's Hunt For a Bogus Superweapon 329 comments
EFF launches Site To Track Censored Content On Social Media 39 comments
Reuters Bans RAW Photo Format 206 comments
Silent Ear and Tongue-Tracking Tech Can Control Wearables 10 comments
YouTube Defending Select Videos Against DMCA Abuse 56 comments
Ask Slashdot: Convincing a Team To Undertake UX Enhancements On a Large Codebase? 192 comments
Docker Turns To Minecraft For Server Ops 93 comments
NASA Selects Universities To Develop Humanoid Robot Astronauts 21 comments
ISIS Help Desk Assists In Covering Tracks 145 comments
Survey: Tech Pros Ignoring Work-Life Balance Is a Myth 242 comments
Chicago Sends More Than 100,000 "Bogus" Camera-Based Speeding Tickets 200 comments
Volvo Unveils Autonomous Concept Car, WIth Retracting Wheel, 25" Display 154 comments
Animal Rights Group Targets NIH Director's Home 222 comments
New Anti-Piracy Law In Australia Already Being Abused 73 comments
AMD Launches Radeon R9 380X, Fastest GPU Under $250 110 comments
Manhattan DA Pressures Google and Apple To Kill Zero Knowledge Encryption 291 comments
Texas Narrowly Rejects Allowing Academics To Fact-Check Public School Textbooks 337 comments
Georgia Gives Personal Data of 6 Million Voters To Georgia GunOwner Magazine 109 comments
The War On Campus Sexual Assault Goes Digital 399 comments
UK's Gigaclear Launches 5 Gbps Fiber Broadband Service 91 comments
Citrix Spinning Off GoTo Collaboration Business, Laying Off 1,000 People 43 comments
MIT Helping NASA Build Valkyrie Robots For Space Missions 35 comments
Carnegie Mellon Denies FBI Paid For Tor-Breaking Research 79 comments
Scientists Grow Working Vocal Cord Tissue In the Lab 25 comments
Taxi Owners Sue NYC Over Uber, While Court Overrules Class-Action Appeal 210 comments
Police Find Paris Attackers Coordinate Via Unencrypted SMS 202 comments
Structural Engineer On the Fallacies of Movie Bridge Destruction 211 comments
How Bill Nye Insulted NASCAR Fans About the Sport Being the "Anti-NASA" 387 comments
Julia Programming Language Receives $600k Donation 106 comments
Facebook Can Block Content Without Explanation, Says US Court 147 comments
How Cisco Is Trying To Prove It Can Keep NSA Spies Out of Its Gear 130 comments
Interviews: Alan Donovan and Brian Kernighan Answer Your Questions 42 comments
Another Crowd-funded Drone Project Collapses 211 comments
The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2015 Is an Emoji 151 comments
Microsoft Open-Sources Visual Studio Code 158 comments
First Liquid-Cooling Laser Could Advance Biological Research 55 comments
Star Wars Battlefront Released 126 comments
US Rep. Joe Barton Has a Plan To Stop Terrorists: Shut Down Websites 275 comments
UK's Coal Plants To Be Phased Out Within 10 Years 109 comments
AMA Calls For Ban On Direct-To-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs 305 comments
ULA Concedes GPS Launch Competition To SpaceX 55 comments
Terrorism Case Challenges FISA Spying 108 comments
Drone Makers Add Geofencing To Keep Drones Out of Restricted Airspace 91 comments
Adding Eye Control To Wheelchairs for Quadriplegics 15 comments
Python Is On the Rise, While PHP Falls 231 comments
The Next Gold Rush Will Be 5,000 Feet Under the Sea, With Robot Drones 129 comments
DoJ Going After Makers of Dietary Supplement 161 comments
Tape Disintegration Threatens Historical Records, But Chemistry Can Help 76 comments
Google+ Redesigned 91 comments
Daimler Builds Massive Industrial Energy Storage Systems From Used EV Batteries 73 comments
Microsoft Invests $1 Billion In 'Holistic' Security Strategy 80 comments
Could a Change In Wording Attract More Women To Infosec? 291 comments
Inside the Mission To Europa 106 comments
Anonymous Takes Down Thousands of ISIS-Related Twitter Accounts In a Day 318 comments
Google's Chromebit Micro-Computer Launches 60 comments
Microsoft's Plan To Port Android Apps To Windows Proves Too Complex 131 comments
Fire Takes Azerbaijan Offline 57 comments
Being Effective and Having Fun at Your Company's Trade Show Booth (video) 19 comments
Microsoft Brings Its Embrace-Extend-Extinguish Game To K-12 Schools? 168 comments
NYT Quietly Pulls Article Blaming Encryption In Paris Attacks 259 comments
Snowden Says It's Your Duty To Use an Ad Blocker (for Security) 342 comments
Slashdot Asks: Is Scrum Still Relevant? 371 comments
This October Was the Hottest Ever Measured 369 comments
US Navy Is Planning To Launch a Squadron of Underwater Drones By 2020 38 comments
Journalist: NASA Administrator Has Short Memory on Changing Space Policy 87 comments
UK PM Wants To Speed Up Controversial Internet Bill After Paris Attacks 167 comments
Intel Launches 72-Core Knight's Landing Xeon Phi Supercomputer Chip 179 comments
Value of University Degree Continues To Decline 393 comments
How Hollywood's Hedy Helped Heighten Handhelds 67 comments
Pandora To Buy Rdio Assets For $75M In Cash 20 comments
Grow Your Daily Protein At Home With an Edible Insect Desktop Hive 381 comments
Microsoft To Provide New Encryption Algorithm For the Healthcare Sector 85 comments
World's First "Porous Liquid" Could Be Used For CO2 Sequestration 91 comments
The Next Big IT Projects From the University Labs 29 comments
After Paris, ISIS Moves Propaganda Machine To Darknet 184 comments
NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Performance Shines For GPU Computing 22 comments
Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop Comes To VR Through Partnership With AltspaceVR 40 comments
737 'Tailstrike' Caused By Typo On a Tablet 366 comments
Leaked Documents Confirm Polygraph Operators Can't Detect Countermeasures 125 comments
'Shrinking Bull's-eye' Algorithm Speeds Up Complex Modeling From Days To Hours 48 comments
Tim Cook: Apple Won't Create 'Converged' MacBook and iPad 337 comments
ISP To Court: BitTorrent Usage Doesn't Equal Piracy 175 comments
Social Media and the Age of Microcomplaints 119 comments
China To Spend $47 Billion In Bid To Become 3rd-Largest Global Chip Manufacturer 53 comments
Democrat Drops MN State House Run After Tweeting 'ISIS Isn't Necessarily Evil' 519 comments
Louis Friedman Says Humans Will Never Venture Beyond Mars 378 comments
Chinese Researchers Reveal Active Stealthy Material 137 comments
Linux 4.4 Kernel To Bring Raspberry Pi Graphics Driver, Open-Channel SSD Support 67 comments
Experimental Drug Targeting Alzheimer's Disease Shows Anti-Aging Effects 101 comments
Averaging Inanimate Objects Together Produces a Very Human Face 103 comments
Anonymous Vows Revenge For ISIS Paris Attacks 488 comments
The Intel 4004 Microprocessor Turns 44 60 comments
Microsoft Kills Off Zune Music Service 66 comments
Why Free Services From Telecoms Can Be a Problem On the Internet 89 comments
Spaghetti Strainer Helmet Driver's License Photo Approved On Religious Grounds 518 comments
FCC Clarifies: It's Legal To Hack Your Router 85 comments
Intel Flagship Core i7-6950X Broadwell-E To Offer 10-Cores, 20-Threads, 25MB L3 167 comments
GPS Always Overestimates Distances 131 comments
Police Body Cameras Come With Pre-Installed Malware 100 comments
'Twas the Week Before the Week of Black Friday 145 comments
Quantum Entanglement Survives, Even Across an Event Horizon 152 comments
Huawei Battery Upgrade Means Dramatically Faster Charging For Mobile Devices 75 comments
Belgian Home Affairs Minister: Terrorists Communicate Via PlayStation 4 202 comments
An Algorithm To Facilitate Uber-Style Dynamic Phone Tariffs 75 comments
Chrome V8 JavaScript Exploit Leaves All Android Devices Ripe For Attack 107 comments
Experiment On Public Pre-reviewing and Discussion of Workshop Paper Submissions 41 comments
Ask Slashdot: Undervalued, Livable American Tech Towns? 464 comments
In France, TGV Test Train Catches Fire, Derails, Killing 10 129 comments
Neurons Can Be Changed From One Type To Another, Communication Paths Rewired 31 comments
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