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Delivering Malicious Android Apps Hidden In Image Files 22 comments
Speed Cameras In Chicago Earn $50M Less Than Expected 109 comments
Mars Orbiter Beams Back Images of Comet's Surprisingly Tiny Nucleus 18 comments
Facebook To DEA: Stop Using Phony Profiles To Nab Criminals 95 comments
3D-Printed Gun Earns Man Two Years In Japanese Prison 146 comments
Australian Physicists Build Reversible Tractor Beam 43 comments
Doctor Who To Teach Kids To Code 107 comments
Security Company Tries To Hide Flaws By Threatening Infringement Suit 81 comments
A Look At Orion's Launch Abort System 27 comments
32 Cities Want To Challenge Big Telecom, Build Their Own Gigabit Networks 122 comments
Rumor: Lenovo In Talks To Buy BlackBerry 56 comments
Which Android Devices Sacrifice Battery-Life For Performance? 88 comments
China Staging a Nationwide Attack On iCloud and Microsoft Accounts 91 comments
GNU Emacs 24.4 Released Today 129 comments
More Eye Candy Coming To Windows 10 181 comments
Help ESR Stamp Out CVS and SVN In Our Lifetime 209 comments
NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew 334 comments
Debian's Systemd Adoption Inspires Threat of Fork 443 comments
Manga Images Depicting Children Lead to Conviction in UK 399 comments
'Endrun' Networks: Help In Danger Zones 27 comments
Barometers In iPhones Mean More Crowdsourcing In Weather Forecasts 77 comments
An Algorithm to End the Lines for Ice at Burning Man 285 comments
Developers, IT Still Racking Up (Mostly) High Salaries 175 comments
Google Changes 'To Fight Piracy' By Highlighting Legal Sites 145 comments
How Lobby Groups Rejected the Canadian Government's Plan To Combat Patent Trolls 48 comments
Ubuntu Turns 10 104 comments
Microsoft Gearing Up To Release a Smartwatch of Its Own 165 comments
IBM Pays GlobalFoundries $1.5 Billion To Shed Its Chip Division 79 comments
The Largest Ship In the World Is Being Built In Korea 258 comments
Ask Slashdot: LTE Hotspot As Sole Cellular Connection? 101 comments
The Woman Who Should Have Been the First Female Astronaut 193 comments
3-D Printed "Iron Man" Prosthetic Hands Now Available For Kids 64 comments
If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data 305 comments
In UK, Internet Trolls Could Face Two Years In Jail 477 comments
Gigabit Cellular Networks Could Happen, With 24GHz Spectrum 50 comments
Soda Pop Damages Your Cells' Telomeres 408 comments
NASA Cancels "Sunjammer" Solar Sail Demonstration Mission 73 comments
Brain Patterns Give Clues To Why Some People Just Keep Gambling 57 comments
Watch Comet Siding Spring's Mars Fly-By, Live 33 comments
Ask Slashdot: Good Hosting Service For a Parody Site? 113 comments
No More Lee-Enfield: Canada's Rangers To Get a Tech Upgrade 284 comments
Apple Doesn't Design For Yesterday 360 comments
Be True To Your CS School: LinkedIn Ranks US Schools For Job-Seeking Programmers 127 comments
BBC Takes a Stand For the Public's Right To Remember Redacted Links 109 comments
Canada Will Ship 800 Doses of Experimental Ebola Drug to WHO 98 comments
Despite Patent Settlement, Apple Pulls Bose Merchandise From Its Stores 313 comments
iFixit Tears Apart Apple's Shiny New Retina iMac 106 comments
Robot SmackDowns Wants To Bring Robot Death Matches To an Arena Near You 82 comments
JavaScript and the Netflix User Interface 192 comments
Snapchat Will Introduce Ads, Attempt To Keep Them Other Than Creepy 122 comments
Florida Supreme Court: Police Can't Grab Cell Tower Data Without a Warrant 110 comments
Apple's Next Hit Could Be a Microsoft Surface Pro Clone 248 comments
Ask Slashdot: Stop PulseAudio From Changing Sound Settings? 281 comments
Researchers Scrambling To Build Ebola-Fighting Robots 87 comments
Direct3D 9.0 Support On Track For Linux's Gallium3D Drivers 52 comments
India Successfully Launches Region-Specific Navigation Satellite 84 comments
The One App You Need On Your Resume If You Want a Job At Google 199 comments
NSA CTO Patrick Dowd Moonlighting For Private Security Firm 80 comments
Cisco Exec: Turnover In Engineering No Problem 148 comments
New Music Discovered In Donkey Kong For Arcade 74 comments
Facebook 'Safety Check' Lets Friends Know You're OK After a Major Disaster 128 comments
How Whisper Tracks Users Who Don't Share Their Location 39 comments
The Physics of Why Cold Fusion Isn't Real 342 comments
Kickstarter Cancels Anonabox Funding Campaign 75 comments
South Korean ID System To Be Rebuilt From Scratch After Massive Leaks 59 comments
Google Releases Android 5.0 Lollipop SDK and Nexus Preview Images 77 comments
High-Tech Walkers Could Help Japan's Elderly Stay Independent 34 comments
Fusion and Fission/LFTR: Let's Do Both, Smartly 216 comments
Lead Mir Developer: 'Mir More Relevant Than Wayland In Two Years' 222 comments
Tesla Teardown Reveals Driver-facing Electronics Built By iPhone 6 Suppliers 155 comments
Python-LMDB In a High-Performance Environment 98 comments
How Curved Spacetime Can Be Created In a Quantum Optics Lab 89 comments
Debian Talks About Systemd Once Again 517 comments
Chemists Grow Soil Fungus On Cheerios, Discover New Antifungal Compounds 77 comments
OS X 10.10 Yosemite Review 300 comments
Mixing Agile With Waterfall For Code Quality 132 comments
An Air Traffic Control System For Drones 77 comments
As Prison Population Sinks, Jails Are a Steal 407 comments
Making Best Use of Data Center Space: Density Vs. Isolation 56 comments
The Guardian Reveals That Whisper App Tracks "Anonymous" Users 180 comments
OpenStack Juno Released 20 comments
Trans-Pacific Partnership May Endanger World Health, Newly Leaked Chapter Shows 130 comments
Google Fiber To Launch In Austin, Texas In December 88 comments
White House Wants Ideas For "Bootstrapping a Solar System Civilization" 348 comments
Court Rules Parents May Be Liable For What Their Kids Post On Facebook 319 comments
Internet Companies Want Wireless Net Neutrality Too 38 comments
Torvalds: I Made Community-Building Mistakes With Linux 387 comments
Warner Brothers Announces 10 New DC Comics Movies 186 comments
FBI Director Continues His Campaign Against Encryption 281 comments
Saturn's 'Death Star' Moon May Hide Subsurface Ocean 48 comments
Michigan About To Ban Tesla Sales 292 comments
For Game Developers, It's About the Labor of Love 160 comments
Apple Announces iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, OS X Yosemite and More 352 comments
FBI Warns Industry of Chinese Cyber Campaign 105 comments
Scientists Find Rats Aren't Smarter Than Mice, and That's Important 154 comments
Android On Intel x86 Tablet Performance Explored: Things Are Improving 97 comments
Bill Gates: Piketty's Attack on Income Inequality Is Right 832 comments
Adobe: Click-to-Play Would Have Avoided Flood of Java Zero-days 111 comments
Scanning Embryos For Super-Intelligent Kids Is On the Horizon 363 comments
Microsoft's JavaScript Engine Gets Two-Tiered Compilation 46 comments
Samsung Achieves Outdoor 5G Mobile Broadband Speed of 7.5Gbps 36 comments
After Negative User Response, ChromeOS To Re-Introduce Support For Ext{2,3,4} 183 comments
Journalists Route Around White House Press Office 110 comments
How Nigeria Stopped Ebola 381 comments
How an FBI Informant Led the Hack of British Tabloid "The Sun" 38 comments
Anonabox Accused of Lying About Its Product Being Open-Source On Kickstarter 72 comments
Early Childhood Neglect Associated With Altered Brain Structure, ADHD 87 comments
Worcester Mass. City Council Votes To Keep Comcast From Entering the Area 232 comments
Commerce Secretary: US Wants Multi-Stakeholder Process To Preserve Internet 57 comments
HBO To Offer Online Streaming Without TV Subscription 139 comments
Drupal Fixes Highly Critical SQL Injection Flaw 53 comments
Ask Slashdot: Handling Patented IP In a Job Interview? 224 comments
Microsoft Partners With Docker 104 comments
Eggcyte is Making a Pocket-Sized Personal Web Server (Video) 94 comments
Pentagon Reportedly Hushed Up Chemical Weapons Finds In Iraq 376 comments
Tech Workers Oppose Settlement They Reached In Silicon Valley Hiring Case 54 comments
Mozilla Teams Up With Humble Bundle To Offer Eight Plugin-Free Games 67 comments
Google Announces Motorola-Made Nexus 6 and HTC-Made Nexus 9 201 comments
Designing Tomorrow's Air Traffic Control Systems 72 comments
Technology Heats Up the Adultery Arms Race 304 comments
Data From Windows 10 Feedback Tool Exposes Problem Areas 138 comments
KDE Releases Plasma 5.1 56 comments
Facebook and Apple Now Pay For Female Employees To Freeze Their Eggs 246 comments
First Demonstration of Artificial Intelligence On a Quantum Computer 98 comments
The Great Robocoin Rip-off 116 comments
Microsoft, Facebook Declare European Kids Clueless About Coding, Too 212 comments
Lockheed Claims Breakthrough On Fusion Energy Project 564 comments
Positive Ebola Test In Second Texas Health Worker 463 comments
If Your Cloud Vendor Goes Out of Business, Are You Ready? 150 comments
Oracle Database Certifications Are No Longer Permanent 108 comments
Apple Releases CUPS 2.0 175 comments
MAVEN Spies Mars' Atmosphere Leaching Out Into Space 63 comments
Millions of Voiceprints Quietly Being Harvested 86 comments
Amazon Web Services To Build Two New Aussie Data Centers 27 comments
"Double Irish" Tax Loophole Used By US Companies To Be Closed 259 comments
Google Finds Vulnerability In SSL 3.0 Web Encryption 68 comments
Analysis of Linux Backdoor Used In Freenode Hack 37 comments
Battery Breakthrough: Researchers Claim 70% Charge In 2 Minutes, 20-Year Life 395 comments
How Women Became Gamers Through D&D 238 comments
Can the Sun Realistically Power Datacenters? 236 comments
Companies Genetically Engineer Spider Silk 82 comments
The Subtle Developer Exodus From the Mac App Store 229 comments
Confidence Shaken In Open Source Security Idealism 264 comments
Rosetta Takes Stunning Self-Portrait 10 Miles From Comet's Surface 62 comments
Firefox 33 Arrives With OpenH264 Support 113 comments
ISPs Violating Net Neutrality To Block Encryption 149 comments
How English Beat German As the Language of Science 323 comments
Flight Attendants Want Stricter Gadget Rules Reinstated 404 comments
Navy Tests Unpowered Exoskeleton 79 comments
Will New European Commission Leaders Welcome Open Source and Open Standards? 21 comments
Too Much Privacy: Finnish Police Want Big Euro Notes Taken Out of Circulation 314 comments
Dropbox Wasn't Hacked, Says Leaked Credentials Are From Unrelated Services 29 comments
Fighting the Culture of 'Worse Is Better' 240 comments
Windows Flaw Allowed Hackers To Spy On NATO, Ukraine, Others 97 comments
Netflix Video Speed On FiOS Doubles After Netflix-Verizon Deal 204 comments
Tiny Wireless Device Offers Tor Anonymity 68 comments
Who's In Charge During the Ebola Crisis? 279 comments
Wind Power Is Cheaper Than Coal, Leaked Report Shows 608 comments
Federal Government Removes 7 Americans From No-Fly List 124 comments
VeraCrypt Is the New TrueCrypt -- and It's Better 220 comments
Pentagon Unveils Plan For Military's Response To Climate Change 228 comments
Netflix To Charge More For 4K Video 158 comments
Password Security: Why the Horse Battery Staple Is Not Correct 546 comments
Secretive X-37B Military Space Plane Could Land On Tuesday 81 comments
Google Rejects 58% of "Right To Be Forgotten" Requests 144 comments
Book Review: Scaling Apache Solr 42 comments
Smart Battery Tells You When It's About To Explode 97 comments
Interviews: Ask Florian Mueller About Software Patents and Copyrights 179 comments
Ask Slashdot: Why Can't Google Block Spam In Gmail? 261 comments
The Correct Response To Photo Hack Victim-Blamers 622 comments
Raspberry Pi Sales Approach 4 Million 146 comments
Birth Control Pills Threaten Fish Stocks 147 comments
PETA Is Not Happy That Google Used a Camel To Get a Desert "StreetView" 367 comments
Hawking Radiation Mimicked In the Lab 64 comments
Linux Foundation Launches Open Source Dronecode Project 24 comments
Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage 445 comments
First Man To Walk In Space Reveals How Mission Nearly Ended In Disaster 122 comments
Samsung's Wi-Fi Upgrades Promise Speeds Up to 4.6Gbps 92 comments
WhatsApp's Next Version To Include VoIP Calls and Recording 65 comments
Oxytocin Regulates Sociosexual Behavior In Female Mice 216 comments
Independent Researchers Test Rossi's Alleged Cold Fusion Device For 32 Days 973 comments
Microsoft's Quantum Mechanics 39 comments
Four Dutch Uberpop Taxi Drivers Arrested, Fined 280 comments
Pro-Democracy Websites In Hong Kong Targeted With and Serving Malware 44 comments
Crowdsourced Remake "The Empire Strikes Back Uncut" Now Complete 55 comments
Feces-Filled Capsules Treat Bacterial Infection 135 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Books On the Life and Work of Nikola Tesla? 140 comments
Microsoft Develops Analog Keyboard For Wearables, Solves Small Display Dilemma 100 comments
Despite Push From Tech Giants, AP CS Exam Counts Don't Budge Much In Most States 144 comments
Texas Health Worker Tests Positive For Ebola 419 comments
ChromeOS Will No Longer Support Ext2/3/4 On External Drives/SD Cards 344 comments
The Cult of Elon Musk Shines With Steve Jobs' Aura 181 comments
Mining Kickstarter Data Reveals How To Match Crowdfunding Projects To Investors 20 comments
China Bans "Human Flesh Searching" 109 comments
Snowden's Tough Advice For Guarding Privacy 210 comments
More Details On The 3rd-Party Apps That Led to Snapchat Leaks 97 comments
Z Machine Makes Progress Toward Nuclear Fusion 151 comments
Ex-NSA Director Keith Alexander's Investments In Tech Firms: "No Conflict" 59 comments
Experts Decry Randomized Ebola Treatment Trials As Unethical, Impractical 193 comments
How Spurious Wikipedia Edits Can Attach a Name To a Scandal, 35 Years On 165 comments
Ask Slashdot: VPN Setup To Improve Latency Over Multiple Connections? 174 comments
Oculus Hiring Programmers, Hardware Engineers, and More For VR Research Division 16 comments
How Poor Punctuation Can Break Windows 94 comments
Only 100 Cybercrime Brains Worldwide, Says Europol Boss 104 comments
Windows Users, Get Ready For a Bigger-Than-Usual Patch Tuesday 63 comments
Core Secrets: NSA Saboteurs In China and Germany 228 comments
What Will It Take To Run a 2-Hour Marathon? 254 comments
Flash IDE Can Now Reach Non-Flash Targets (Including Open Source) 57 comments
Infinite Browser Universe Manyland Hits 8 Million Placed Blocks 67 comments
NSA To Scientists: We Won't Tell You What We've Told You; That's Classified 106 comments
Kmart Says Its Payment System Was Hacked 101 comments
FBI Says It Will Hire No One Who Lies About Illegal Downloading 577 comments
Antiperspirants Could Contribute to Particulate Pollution 70 comments
Liking Analog Meters Doesn't Make You a Luddite (Video) 155 comments
Snapchat Says Users Were Victimized By Their Use of Third-Party Apps 90 comments
NVIDIA Presents Plans To Support Mir and Wayland On Linux 80 comments
Where Intel Processors Fail At Math (Again) 238 comments
Interviews: Ask Reuben Paul What Hackers Can Learn From an 8-Year-Old 44 comments
AnandTech's Intro To Semiconductor Tech 21 comments
The CDC Is Carefully Controlling How Scared You Are About Ebola 478 comments
Prosthetic Hand Capable of Delivering Texture Sensations 30 comments
CSS Proposed 20 Years Ago Today 180 comments
BitHammer, the BitTorrent Banhammer 429 comments
Accessing One's Own Metadata 94 comments
2014 Nobel Peace Prize Awarded To Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzay 144 comments
Why the Trolls Will Always Win 716 comments
Tesla Announces Dual Motors, 'Autopilot' For the Model S 283 comments
Symantec To Separate Into Two Companies 86 comments
London Unveils New Driverless Subway Trains 127 comments
NASA Finds a Delaware-Sized Methane "Hot Spot" In the Southwest 213 comments
Ask Slashdot: Capture the Flag Training 102 comments
Amazon Robot Picking Challenge 2015 106 comments
Air Force To Take Over Two Ex-Shuttle Hangers In Florida For Its X-37B Program 48 comments
Simple Hack Enables VR Mode For Oculus Rift In Alien: Isolation 57 comments
Lego Ends Shell Partnership Under Greenpeace Pressure 252 comments
National Security Letter Issuance Likely Headed To Supreme Court 112 comments
Scientists Coax Human Embryonic Stem Cells Into Making Insulin 100 comments
Proposed Hab Module For Asteroid Redirect Mission Could Support a Lunar Return 55 comments
Axiom Open Source Camera Handily Tops 100,000 Euro Fundraising Goal 31 comments
Ubisoft Claims CPU Specs a Limiting Factor In Assassin's Creed Unity On Consoles 337 comments
Carl Sagan, as "Mr. X," Extolled Benefits of Marijuana 263 comments
A Critical Look At Walter "Scorpion" O'Brien 193 comments
Ask Slashdot: An Accurate Broadband Speed Test? 294 comments
Reverse Engineering the Oculus Rift DK2's Positional Tracking Tech 26 comments
Indonesian Cave Art May Be World's Oldest 77 comments
No Nobel For Nick Holonyak Jr, Father of the LED 276 comments
Goodbye, World? 5 Languages That Might Not Be Long For This World 546 comments
Startup's Open Source Device Promises Gamers "Surround Sound For Your Eyes" 43 comments
Google Takes the Fight With Oracle To the Supreme Court 146 comments
Outsourced Tech Jobs Are Increasingly Being Automated 236 comments
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