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Science Stories for 1999

Hazards of Genetic Engineering 208 comments
Hubble Producing Data Again 2 comments
Toxic-Waste Consuming Bacteria 143 comments
Quantum computation in Brain Microtubules 1 comments
Science in 1999 48 comments
Hubble Repairs Declared "Complete Success" 67 comments
Albert Einstein - Person of the Century 331 comments
50 Year Old Quantum Physics Problem Solved 112 comments
UO Scientists Get Funding for Quantum Logic Gates 43 comments
Hubble's Computers Upgraded 97 comments
Physics Fraud or Ground-Breaking Science? 426 comments
Brightest Moon Fallacy 286 comments
Discovery Launched, Hubble to be repaired soon 109 comments
NASA Launches Terra Satellite 63 comments
Sex in Space 276 comments
Mail from the NASA Administrator 0 comments
Existing Spacecraft to Search for Mars Polar Lander 0 comments
Scientists Manage Interspecies Birthing 204 comments
Life on the Moons of Jupiter? 215 comments
Scientists Poised to Create Life 827 comments
Caught Before the Act 399 comments
Bionic Implants Stimulate Muscle Contractions 87 comments
The Genome Project and the Dark Side 556 comments
Mars Lander Probably Lost 0 comments
Bandwidth Over Power Lines 0 comments
Intellectual Pursuits May Create Brain Synapses 130 comments
Mars Polar Lander Remains Silent 205 comments
Stevie Wonder to Implant Eye Chip? 198 comments
Mars Polar Lander Lands Today 95 comments
Human Chromosome 22 Mapped 208 comments
Petition for Human Exploration of Mars 340 comments
Mars Deep Space 2 Crash Program 170 comments
Reverse Time Could Explain Dark Matter 194 comments
Five Possible Life-Bearing Planets Found 275 comments
Neurocomputing Makes Headway 155 comments
UK Govt Plans To Set Up 'Armageddon' Centre 54 comments
Evidence for a Flat Universe? 334 comments
Peering Into the Future 48 comments
Extrasolar Planet's Light Observed 143 comments
Shimura-Taniyama-Weil (STW) Solved 186 comments
Nano-switches and Self-Assembling Nanostructures 73 comments
SETI@Home Says Client 'Upgrades' Are a Bad Idea 250 comments
Leonid Meteor Shower Tonight 155 comments
DNA as Construction Equipment 37 comments
Grand Unified Theory Possible by 2050 155 comments
Hubble Space Telescope Goes Into Safe Mode 113 comments
Penny-Sized CDs 68 comments
Extrasolar Planet Detected Visually 96 comments
The Starchild Project Claims to Have Alien Skull 266 comments
Broadcast Power? Wireless Energy? 30 comments
Combining New/Old Approaches for Nuclear Fusion 320 comments
Testing the Theory of Relativity 169 comments
New Genetic Information Web Portal 73 comments
Single Molecule Memory 134 comments
SlugBot, the Slug-Powered Slug-Hunting Robot 166 comments
Nanosystems 52 comments
HIV Gene Offers Potential Cancer Cure 101 comments
Oil Isn't from Dinosaurs & Other Iconoclasms 242 comments
Biotech Makes the News 59 comments
Mashed Potatoes Directly Enhance Memory 102 comments
Sir Arthur Speaks 84 comments
DNA Code - IP or Public Domain? 247 comments
Global Population Implosion? 343 comments
How Much Give Can the Brain Take? 124 comments
New Photos of Io 47 comments
Rise of the Nanobots 178 comments
Wooly Mammoth Extracted Intact From Siberian Ice 279 comments
Donate Spare Cycles for Climate Prediction 131 comments
Advance on Nanotech Dip Pen - The Nano Plotter 47 comments
Time Doesn't Exist 375 comments
Girl Geeks Launch Picosatellite 134 comments
Caffeine Good For Long-Term Memory 222 comments
Monsanto Agrees Not to Sell "Terminator" Seeds 247 comments
1999 Nobel Science Prizes Announced 121 comments
Genetically Engineered Children 482 comments
The Big Bang Generator That Wasn't 220 comments
Solar Powered Chemical Processing 48 comments
8 Legged Robotic Micro Ant from Sweden 57 comments
Sir Arthur Clarke Writes About the 21st Century 167 comments
The Cat Cam 223 comments
Hubble Discovers Birth of Galaxy 57 comments
Sound-producing LCD Screens 36 comments
A 10th Planet in Our Solar System? 218 comments
Nanoguitar - The Next Musical Generation 78 comments
Short History of the 21st Century 407 comments
NASA/MIT Can Successfully Grow Human Tissue 63 comments
Alan Turing's Prediction for the Year 2000 126 comments
It's raining diamonds on Neptune & Uranus 117 comments
Scientists Hope to Clone Woolly Mammoth 215 comments
Neural Net Outperfoms Human in Speech Recognition 203 comments
Mars Orbiter Lost Over Metric Conversion Error 623 comments
The Stars My Destination 0 comments
Things That Make Us Smart: Defending Human Attributes in the Age of the Machine 121 comments
Space Probes Too Slow - Scientists Ask "Why?" 197 comments
Grow Your Own Plastic 105 comments
Haptic Feedback Nanomanipulator 34 comments
WWII Allies Tested Tidal Wave Bomb 143 comments
Atomic Orbitals Imaged 53 comments
NASA Administrator Calls for Space Privatization 112 comments
Interview with Kevin Warwick 119 comments
Mars Climate Orbiter AWOL 114 comments
Hilton Studies Feasibility of Space Hotel 101 comments
US and UK May Ban Human Gene Patents 121 comments
First Pictures from Chandra X-Ray Telescope 49 comments
Plan for Privately-Funded Moon Base 186 comments
I Am Not Doctor Strangelove 150 comments
Liquid Ocean on Europa? 117 comments
The Diamond Age 86 comments
Withered brain cells restored (in monkeys, anyway) 207 comments
Underwater telescope to study neutrinos 117 comments
First small planet found outside our solar system 169 comments
Cloning Another Extinct Species 175 comments
Can humans create life? 480 comments
Human Brain seems to procceses image data serially 164 comments
Smart Dust 109 comments
Dolly the Sheep not totally identical clone 115 comments
Brain Teaser: Who Owns the Fish? 21 comments
Solar Eclipse, As Seen From Mir 73 comments
HP breaks the 2 nanometer barrier 23 comments
Gaussian Distribution being questioned 205 comments
Genetic engineering boosts mouse intelligence 191 comments
Review: An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms 77 comments
Scientists map schematic of brain's fibers 98 comments
Extreme medicine: Head Transplants 238 comments
Extraterrestrial Water 62 comments
Mir to be Abandoned Today 149 comments
Silicon Chip Survival of the Fittest 105 comments
NASA releases first Chandra photos 37 comments
Integrated Circuits the Size of Molecules 70 comments
Carl Sagan Was a Secret Pot Smoker 445 comments
Scientists create digital bug-life 139 comments
New Space Propulsion System Uses Sun's Magnetic Field 124 comments
Cassini visits Earth 185 comments
NASA collecting anti-matter with giant ballon 104 comments
Scientists Find Evidence of Black Holes Sucking 161 comments
Iron Ferrite Batteries 45 comments
Earthlife 2.7 Billion Years Old 348 comments
Review:Nano: The Emerging Science of Nanotechnology 23 comments
Eclipse Today, Meteor Shower Friday 143 comments
Virtual Immune Systems Headed for Market 83 comments
Supercomputers Used to Study Urban Traffic 113 comments
Recycled Satellite Yields Scientific Treasure 37 comments
Scientists create flu virus entirely from genes 238 comments
NASA proposes keeping commercial income 64 comments
No dust plume from Lunar Prospecter 145 comments
Lunar Prospector Ready To Land On Moon 70 comments
Sea of oil seen on Titan/DS1 Asteriod fly-by 138 comments
The Truth About SETI@Home 257 comments
New Ideas for Scientific Publishing Online 133 comments
NASA Faces Major Budget Cuts 309 comments
Cloning of extinct Huia bird approved 405 comments
JSetiTracker 1.0.4b is now available 53 comments
New Heavy Ion Collider could "destroy the earth" 413 comments
MIT AI Acts Childish on Purpose 84 comments
Bulk Technology Might Produce Molecular Computers 75 comments
NASA's X-37 119 comments
Planned Constuction of Orbiting Microwave Power Station 244 comments
NASA: Return to Mercury and Comet Harpooning 50 comments
NASA Was Prepared to Silence Stranded Moon Astronauts 325 comments
Review:The Science of Discworld 66 comments
Stepping to Solid State Quantum Computing 108 comments
Seti@HOME Cracked By Aliens? 258 comments
Open Source/Open Science 19 comments
Europe plans comet landing 116 comments
French revolt against Prime Meridian-Sort Of 575 comments
Artificial Human-Like Fingers Grown 175 comments
US Gov't to double nano-tech funding 98 comments
Radiation Protection: Caffeine 178 comments
3D pics made using visible light 60 comments
Bionic Rats 68 comments
Ask Slashdot: Storage Capacity of the Human Brain? 518 comments
Why size mattered for Einstein 195 comments
First cloned human embryo revealed 402 comments
Nano-trains in New Scientist 26 comments
Review:The Meme Machine 161 comments
Biomolecular Computers 66 comments
Satellite's Circuits Emulate Nervous System 23 comments
Microbes grow in Mars conditions 91 comments
Element 118 detected 75 comments
Bell Labs moves bandwidth to 1.6 terabits 56 comments
NASA and AI Testing 113 comments
Team Slashdot leads SETI@Home 172 comments
Suppression of cold fusion research? 248 comments
Bright Star Getting Brighter 133 comments
NASA Crashing Probe to Look for H2O on Moon 149 comments
Leech Neuron Computers 186 comments
Mars 3D- and you don't need the glasses 71 comments
Warp Drive Breakthrough 264 comments
Cloned sheep shows signs of premature aging 99 comments
Age of Universe Derived 182 comments
Students Build Reactor For Scavenger Hunt 96 comments
Task Processor Found in Human Brain 187 comments
Black Holes...Pink? 55 comments
Patents and Quantum Computing 24 comments
Review:How the Mind Works 236 comments
The History of Moore's Law 29 comments
First Other Solar System discovered 188 comments
Fusion Research Coverage 136 comments
Gene Leakage 267 comments
SETI@Home For Linux 185 comments
DNA Strands as Semiconductors 42 comments
Nanotech Musical Instruments 18 comments
Cold Fusion with Nanotech? 74 comments
Researchers Create Artificial Eye Chip 34 comments
Low-power table-top fusion 89 comments
Scientists Engineer Chicken With Leg for a Wing 115 comments
A Celebration of Pi 66 comments
New Evidence for Life on Mars 177 comments
Space Hotel 120 comments
Carbon Nanotube Semiconductor Possibilites 14 comments
Light Traveling at 38 Miles an Hour 156 comments
NASA talking again about manned mission to Mars 80 comments
New element produced Z=114 83 comments
Lab Grown Internal Organs-Succesful Animal Transplant 31 comments
Chaos Theory Applied To Netwok Data Transmission 84 comments
Storage Dilemma Looms for NASA 75 comments
Quantum Computing Using Quantum Dots 33 comments
AAAS under way 18 comments
Interstellar Travel 67 comments
Is Pluto a Planet? 55 comments
Practical Nanotech 14 comments
Human Chip Implant Info 48 comments
Type with your Mind 50 comments
DNA-based nanometer-sized moving arm 18 comments
BACKLIGHT: The Relativistic Raytracer 24 comments
New Russian method to decommission plutonium 34 comments
Open Source used in new aviation technologies 32 comments
Name that probe! And 3 more years of duty for Mir 98 comments
Open Qubit [Open Source Quantum Computing Group] 18 comments

The Wright Bothers weren't the first to fly. They were just the first not to crash.


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