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Researchers Discover an "Off Switch" For Pain In the Brain 31 comments
Riecoin Breaks World Record For Largest Prime Sextuplet, Twice 44 comments
Interviews: The Hampton Creek Team Answers Your Questions 40 comments
Health Advisor: Ebola Still Spreading, Worst Outbreak We've Ever Seen 206 comments
Canada's Ebola Vaccine Nets Millions For Tiny US Biotech Firm 69 comments
LHC's 'Heart' Starts Pumping Protons Before Restart 50 comments
NSF Commits $16M To Build Cloud-Based and Data-Intensive Supercomputers 28 comments
ISS's 3-D Printer Creates Its First Object In Space 69 comments
NASA To Deploy Four Spacecraft To Study Magnetic Reconnection 29 comments
"Advanced Life Support" Ambulances May Lead To More Deaths 111 comments
Conglomerate Rock From Mars: (Much) More Precious Than Gold 65 comments
How the Pentagon's Robots Would Automate War 116 comments
Raspberry Pi-Powered Body Illusion Lets You Experience Parkinson's 38 comments
Complex Life May Be Possible In Only 10% of All Galaxies 304 comments
Interviews: Ask the Hampton Creek Team About the Science and Future of Food 143 comments
NASA Offering Contracts To Encourage Asteroid Mining 153 comments
Apple To Donate Profit Portion From Black Friday For AIDS Fight 102 comments
Multi-National Crew Reaches Space Station 69 comments
Study: Space Rock Impacts Not Random 78 comments
How the World's Agricultural Boom Has Changed CO2 Cycles 185 comments
NASA Remasters 20-Year-Old Galileo Photographs of Jupiter's Moon, Europa 38 comments
Elon Musk Talks "X-Wing" Fins For Reusable Rockets, Seafaring Spaceport Drones 96 comments
Prospects Rise For a 2015 UN Climate Deal, But Likely To Be Weak 145 comments
Spaceport America Loses $1.7 Million Due To Virgin Galactic Delays 46 comments
Doubling Saturated Fat In Diet Does Not Increase It In Blood 249 comments
Profanity-Laced Academic Paper Exposes Scam Journal 134 comments
Extreme Shrimp May Hold Clues To Alien Life On Europa 75 comments
Molecular Clusters That Can Retain Charge Could Revolutionize Computer Memory 36 comments
CERN Releases LHC Data 42 comments
Harvard Scientists Say It's Time To Start Thinking About Engineering the Climate 366 comments
Culberson As Chair of NASA Fundng Subcommittee Makes Europa Mission More Likely 57 comments
CMI Director Alex King Talks About Rare Earth Supplies (Video 2) 11 comments
People Trained To Experience an Overlap In Senses Also Receive IQ Boost 63 comments
Millions of Spiders Seen In Mass Dispersal Event In Nova Scotia 81 comments
What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered? 519 comments
Blowing On Money To Tell If It Is Counterfeit 112 comments
CMI Director Alex King Talks About Rare Earth Supplies (Video) 27 comments
Researchers Discover Ancient Massive Landslide 44 comments
Lunar Mission One Proposes To Take Core Sample, Plant Time Capsule On the Moon 69 comments
Fish Tagged For Research Become Lunch For Gray Seals 48 comments
Elusive Dark Matter May Be Detected With GPS Satellites 67 comments
Laser Creates Quantum Whirlpool 59 comments
Major Brain Pathway Rediscovered After Century-old Confusion, Controversy 114 comments
Interviews: Ask Malcolm Gladwell a Question 111 comments
Polyphonic Overtone Singing Explained Visually With Spectrograms 51 comments
Machine-Learning Algorithm Ranks the World's Most Notable Authors 55 comments
Electric Shock Study Suggests We'd Rather Hurt Ourselves Than Others 123 comments
The Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Dementia 231 comments
Scientists Optimistic About Getting a Mammoth Genome Complete Enough To Clone 187 comments
Fascinating Rosetta Image Captures Philae's Comet Bounce 69 comments
Group Tries To Open Source Seeds 100 comments
Big Talk About Small Samples 245 comments
Magnetic Field In Meteorite Provides Clues About Formation of Solar System 26 comments
Leonid Meteor Shower Hits Tonight, Peaks Tomorrow 20 comments
Scientists Discover Diamond Nanothreads 79 comments
After Four Days, Philae Team Gets to Rest 88 comments
Machine Learning Used To Predict Military Suicides 74 comments
How To Anesthetize an Octopus 105 comments
Philae's Batteries Have Drained; Comet Lander Sleeps 337 comments
How To Mathematically Predict Lightning Strikes 41 comments
Researchers Develop $60 Sonar Watch To Aid the Visually Impaired 30 comments
Boeing Readies For First Ever Conjoined Satellite Launch 67 comments
Mathematics Great Alexander Grothendieck Dies At 86 49 comments
Education Chief Should Know About PLATO and the History of Online CS Education 134 comments
Comet Probe Philae To Deploy Drill As Battery Life Wanes 223 comments
Researchers Forecast the Spread of Diseases Using Wikipedia 61 comments
Thanks To the Private Space Industry, Things Are Looking Up For Space City USA 47 comments
Researchers Use DNA To Record a Cell's Life History 48 comments
SatNOGS Wins the 2014 Hackaday Prize For Satellite Networked Open Ground Station 21 comments
Comet Probe Philae Unanchored But Stable — And Sending Back Images 132 comments
How 4H Is Helping Big Ag Take Over Africa 377 comments
Crowd-Sourced Experiment To Map All Human Skills 70 comments
Google's Lease of NASA Airfield Criticized By Consumer Group 138 comments
How Baidu Tracked the Largest Seasonal Migration of People On Earth 48 comments
Study Shows How Humans Can Echolocate 136 comments
Interviews: Ask Rachel Sussman About Photography and the Oldest Living Things 35 comments
Philae Lands Successfully On Comet 188 comments
Researchers Demonstrate Electrically Activated Micro-Muscles 19 comments
What Happens When Nobody Proofreads an Academic Paper 170 comments
'Dark Magma' Could Explain Mystery Volcanoes 77 comments
Rosetta's Philae Probe To Land On Comet Tomorrow 74 comments
Fukushima Radiation Nears California Coast, Judged Harmless 114 comments
Google To Lease and Refurbish Naval Air Base For Space Exploration 89 comments
Earth's Oxygen History Could Explain "Darwin's Dilemma" In Evolution 78 comments
The Strangeness of the Mars One Project 246 comments
Manslaughter Conviction Overturned For Scientists Who Didn't Predict Earthquake 139 comments
The Math Behind the Hipster Effect 176 comments
NASA Tests Aircraft With Shape Shifting Wings 55 comments
A/C Came Standard On Some Armored Dinosaur Models 34 comments
Scientists Discover a Virus That Changes the Brain To "Make Humans More Stupid" 275 comments
Study: Body Weight Heavily Influenced By Heritable Gut Microbes 297 comments
Nevada Earthquake Swarm Increases Chance of Larger Quake 65 comments
Prehistory's Brilliant Future 50 comments
The Military's Latest Enemy: Climate Change 163 comments
Orbiters Study Effect of Giant Comet-Caused Meteor Shower On Mars 48 comments
Researchers Develop Remote-Controlled Cyber-Roaches 35 comments
CERN May Not Have Discovered Higgs Boson After All 137 comments
Researchers Direct Growth of Neurons With Silicon Nitride Microtubes 23 comments
Researchers Simulate Monster EF5 Tornado 61 comments
fMRI Data Reveals How Many Parallel Processes Run In the Brain 91 comments
When We Don't Like the Solution, We Deny the Problem 282 comments
Elon Musk's Next Mission: Internet Satellites 74 comments
NASA Pondering $1.5 Million Stratospheric Airship Competition 47 comments
The Largest Kuiper Belt Object Isn't Pluto Or Eris, But Triton 61 comments
Why Scientists Think Completely Unclassifiable and Undiscovered Life Forms Exist 221 comments
Human Clinical Trials To Begin On Drug That Reverses Diabetes In Animal Models 140 comments
Life Insurance Restrictions For Space Tourists 68 comments
Mathematical Proof That the Universe Could Come From Nothing 429 comments
Robot Makes People Feel Like a Ghost Is Nearby 140 comments
Bats Can Jam Each Other's Ultrasonic Signals 50 comments
Revolutionary New View of Baby Planets Forming Around a Star 91 comments
Low-Cost 3D-Printed Prosthetic Hand To Be Tested On Amputees In Ecuador 16 comments
New Website Offers Provably Fair Solutions To Everyday Problems 167 comments
French Health Watchdog: 3D Viewing May Damage Eyesight In Children 99 comments
First Experimental Demonstration of a Trapped Rainbow Using Silicon 79 comments
Interviews: Ask Robert Ballard About Ocean Exploration 40 comments
We Are Running Out of Sand 264 comments
Enzymes Make Electricity From Jet Fuel Without Ignition 78 comments
Satellites Spot Hidden Villages In Amazon 84 comments
Crowdsourcing Project Predicts Progression of ALS 29 comments
New Particle Collider Is One Foot Long 161 comments
Study Shows Direct Brain Interface Between Humans 110 comments
Fabiola Gianotti To Take Over As CERN Director-General 23 comments
Ebola Nose Spray Vaccine Protects Monkeys 198 comments
Using Naval Logbooks To Reconstruct Past Weather and Predict Future Climate 102 comments
Physicists Resurrect an Old, Strange Dark Matter Theory 138 comments
Revitalizing Medical Imaging With Ultrasound-On-a-Chip 47 comments
LHC Data Generation Expected To Scale Up To 400PB a Year 99 comments
Computer Scientists Say Meme Research Doesn't Threaten Free Speech 109 comments
Too Many Kids Quit Science Because They Don't Think They're Smart 273 comments
Shift Work Dulls Brain Performance 131 comments
Photon Pair Coupled in Glass Fiber 91 comments
Birds Found Using Human Musical Scales For the First Time 80 comments
Gates Donates $500M+ To Fight Malaria and Other Diseases 106 comments
Interviews: Ask CMI Director Alex King About Rare Earth Mineral Supplies 62 comments
Dance Your Ph.D. Winner Announced 14 comments
SpaceShipTwo's Rocket Engine Did Not Cause Fatal Crash 150 comments
How Google Can Get the Flu Right 31 comments
UN Climate Change Panel: It's Happening, and It's Almost Entirely Man's Fault 695 comments
Space Tourism Isn't Worth Dying For 594 comments
Reactions To Disgusting Images Predict a Persons Political Ideology 330 comments
Drones Over Greenland Give Insight To Pollution's Effects On Melting 81 comments
A Mysterious Piece of Russian Space Junk Does Maneuvers 146 comments
China Completes Its First Lunar Return Mission 109 comments
NASA Spacecraft Images Crash Site of Retired LADEE Probe 26 comments
Integrated Circuit Amplifier Breaches Terahertz Barrier 81 comments
Physicists Identify Possible New Particle Behind Dark Matter 103 comments
Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Crashes 445 comments
Most Planets In the Universe Are Homeless 219 comments
Statisticians Study Who Was Helped Most By Obamacare 739 comments
Researchers Claim Metal "Patch" Found On Pacific Island Is From Amelia Earhart 94 comments
New Study Shows Three Abrupt Pulses of CO2 During Last Deglaciation 132 comments
Ebola Forecast: Scientists Release Updated Projections and Tracking Maps 294 comments
MIT Professor Advocates Ending Asteroid Redirect Mission To Fund Asteroid Survey 116 comments
The Most Highly Cited Scientific Papers of All Time 81 comments
Technology Group Promises Scientists Their Own Clouds 45 comments
Imagining the Future History of Climate Change 495 comments
CERN Looking For Help Filling In the Gaps In Photo Archive 28 comments
"Ambulance Drone" Prototype Unveiled In Holland 82 comments
Researchers At Brown University Shattered a Quantum Wave Function 150 comments
Why Every Cardiac Patient Needs a Virtual Heart 62 comments
Pope Francis Declares Evolution and Big Bang Theory Are Right 669 comments
Getting Lost In the Scientific Woods Is Good For You 51 comments
Largest Sunspot In a Quarter Century Spews Flares 46 comments
Antares Rocket Explodes On Launch 443 comments
Google Developing a Pill To Detect Cancer 58 comments
Ken Ham's Ark Torpedoed With Charges of Religious Discrimination 451 comments
We Are All Confident Idiots 306 comments
Taking the Census, With Cellphones 57 comments
"Dance Your Ph.D." Finalists Announced 19 comments
Black Swan Author: Genetically Modified Organisms Risk Global Ruin 432 comments
Creationism Conference at Michigan State University Stirs Unease 1007 comments
How To View the Antares Launch 36 comments
First Commercial Mission To the Moon Launched From China 73 comments
Pentagon Builds Units To Transport Ebola Patients 117 comments
Dwarf Galaxies Dim Hopes of Dark Matter 137 comments
Study: Past Climate Change Was Caused by Ocean, Not Just the Atmosphere 185 comments
The Man With the Golden Blood 75 comments
Rosetta Probe Reveals What a Comet Smells Like 53 comments
Century Old Antarctic Expedition Notebook Found Underneath Ice 63 comments
SpaceX Capsule Returns To Earth With Lab Results 60 comments
The Problem With Positive Thinking 158 comments
High Speed Evolution 282 comments
Scientists Engineer Cancer-Killing Stem Cells 46 comments
Peter Kuran:Visual Effects Artist and Atomic Bomb Archivist 37 comments
A Low Cost, Open Source Geiger Counter (Video) 46 comments
Recent Nobel Prize Winner Revolutionizes Microscopy Again 34 comments
Decades-old Scientific Paper May Hold Clues To Dark Matter 93 comments
Stem Cells Grown From Patient's Arm Used To Replace Retina 56 comments
Detritus From Cancer Cells May Infect Healthy Cells 46 comments
NY Doctor Recently Back From West Africa Tests Positive For Ebola 372 comments
Leaked Documents Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Ebola Vaccine Issues 124 comments
Oldest Human Genome Reveals When Our Ancestors Mixed With Neanderthals 128 comments
Two Exocomet Families Found Around Baby Star System 23 comments
6,000 Year Old Temple Unearthed In Ukraine 109 comments
Astronomers Find Brightest Pulsar Ever Observed 70 comments
What It Took For SpaceX To Become a Serious Space Company 96 comments
DHS Investigates 24 Potentially Lethal IoT Medical Devices 79 comments
First Evidence of Extrasolar Planets Discovered In 1917 58 comments
Fiber Optics In Antarctica Will Monitor Ice Sheet Melting 92 comments
Ebola Does Not Require an "Ebola Czar," Nor Calling Up the National Guard 384 comments
Cell Transplant Allows Paralyzed Man To Walk 161 comments
Mars Orbiter Beams Back Images of Comet's Surprisingly Tiny Nucleus 47 comments
Australian Physicists Build Reversible Tractor Beam 71 comments
A Look At Orion's Launch Abort System 44 comments
NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew 399 comments
An Algorithm to End the Lines for Ice at Burning Man 342 comments
The Woman Who Should Have Been the First Female Astronaut 200 comments
3-D Printed "Iron Man" Prosthetic Hands Now Available For Kids 64 comments
Soda Pop Damages Your Cells' Telomeres 422 comments
NASA Cancels "Sunjammer" Solar Sail Demonstration Mission 74 comments
Brain Patterns Give Clues To Why Some People Just Keep Gambling 59 comments
Watch Comet Siding Spring's Mars Fly-By, Live 33 comments
Canada Will Ship 800 Doses of Experimental Ebola Drug to WHO 102 comments
Researchers Scrambling To Build Ebola-Fighting Robots 87 comments
The One App You Need On Your Resume If You Want a Job At Google 205 comments
The Physics of Why Cold Fusion Isn't Real 350 comments
High-Tech Walkers Could Help Japan's Elderly Stay Independent 34 comments
How Curved Spacetime Can Be Created In a Quantum Optics Lab 89 comments
Chemists Grow Soil Fungus On Cheerios, Discover New Antifungal Compounds 77 comments
Trans-Pacific Partnership May Endanger World Health, Newly Leaked Chapter Shows 132 comments
White House Wants Ideas For "Bootstrapping a Solar System Civilization" 352 comments
Saturn's 'Death Star' Moon May Hide Subsurface Ocean 48 comments
Scientists Find Rats Aren't Smarter Than Mice, and That's Important 154 comments
Scanning Embryos For Super-Intelligent Kids Is On the Horizon 366 comments
How Nigeria Stopped Ebola 381 comments
Early Childhood Neglect Associated With Altered Brain Structure, ADHD 87 comments
Positive Ebola Test In Second Texas Health Worker 463 comments
MAVEN Spies Mars' Atmosphere Leaching Out Into Space 63 comments
Companies Genetically Engineer Spider Silk 82 comments
Rosetta Takes Stunning Self-Portrait 10 Miles From Comet's Surface 62 comments
How English Beat German As the Language of Science 323 comments
Who's In Charge During the Ebola Crisis? 279 comments
Pentagon Unveils Plan For Military's Response To Climate Change 228 comments
Secretive X-37B Military Space Plane Could Land On Tuesday 81 comments
Birth Control Pills Threaten Fish Stocks 147 comments
Hawking Radiation Mimicked In the Lab 66 comments
Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage 447 comments
First Man To Walk In Space Reveals How Mission Nearly Ended In Disaster 122 comments
Oxytocin Regulates Sociosexual Behavior In Female Mice 216 comments
Microsoft's Quantum Mechanics 39 comments
Feces-Filled Capsules Treat Bacterial Infection 135 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Books On the Life and Work of Nikola Tesla? 140 comments
Texas Health Worker Tests Positive For Ebola 421 comments
The Cult of Elon Musk Shines With Steve Jobs' Aura 181 comments
Z Machine Makes Progress Toward Nuclear Fusion 151 comments
Experts Decry Randomized Ebola Treatment Trials As Unethical, Impractical 193 comments
What Will It Take To Run a 2-Hour Marathon? 254 comments
Antiperspirants Could Contribute to Particulate Pollution 70 comments
Where Intel Processors Fail At Math (Again) 239 comments
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