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Geeks in Space Stories for 2010

Solar Storms Could Bring Northern Lights South 88 comments
Linux Radio 141 comments
Why Unlocked Phones Don't Work In the US 442 comments
Antenna Arrays Could Replace Satellite TV Dishes 183 comments
Codec2 — an Open Source, Low-Bandwidth Voice Codec 179 comments
FCC Fights To Maintain Indecency Policy 602 comments
Amateur Radio In the Backcountry? 376 comments
After a Decade, Digital Radio Still an Also-Ran In UK 200 comments
France Says D-Star Ham Radio Mode Is Illegal 282 comments
The End of the Dr. Demento Show On Radio 206 comments
Mysterious Radio Station UVB-76 Goes Offline 336 comments
When Internet Radios Get Affordable 139 comments
New Europe-Wide Radio Telescope To Look For ET 49 comments

"Card readers? We don't need no stinking card readers." -- Peter da Silva (at the National Academy of Sciencies, 1965, in a particularly vivid fantasy)


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