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Geeks in Space Stories

Virginia Radio Station Broadcasting Chinese Propaganda 294 comments
First Fully Digital Radio Transmitter Built Purely From Microprocessor Tech 88 comments
Developers Disclose Schematics For 50-1000 MHz Software-Defined Transceiver 135 comments
BBC Radio Drops WMA For MPEG-DASH 65 comments
Radio, Not YouTube, Is Still King of Music Discovery 126 comments
Ofcom Will Remove Mandatory Ham Callsign ID Interval, Allow Encryption For Some 57 comments
UK Ham Radio Reg Plans To Drop 15 min Callsign Interval and Allow Encryption 104 comments
It's Easy To Hack Traffic Lights 144 comments
Three Videos On Codec2 and Open Hardware 37 comments
ASCAP Petitions FCC To Deny Pandora's Purchase of Radio Station 229 comments
Greek Government Abruptly Shuts Down State Broadcaster 230 comments
FCC Guidance On Radio For Commercial Space Operations Falls Short 48 comments
Group Kickstarting a High-Bandwidth Software Defined Radio (SDR) Peripheral 140 comments
Codec2 Project Asks FCC To Modernize Regulations 89 comments
Pirate Radio Station In Florida Jams Automotive Electronics 315 comments
UW Imposes 20-Tweet Limit On Live Events 196 comments
iPhone Interface For Ham Radio Mates Old With New 51 comments
Breakthrough Promises Smartphones that Use Half the Power 110 comments
Pandora Shares Artist Payment Figures 152 comments
A $20 Software Defined Radio For GNU Radio 53 comments
Astronomer Sir Bernard Lovell Dies At 98 22 comments
Happy World Amateur Radio Day 82 comments
How the Sinking of the Titanic Sparked a Century of Radio Improvements 99 comments
Ham Radio Licenses Top 700,000, An All-Time High 358 comments
theSkyNet Wants Your Spare CPU Cycles 136 comments
UK To Get Whitespace Radio 71 comments
Radio Energy Harvested With Inkjet-Printed Antenna 164 comments
BBC Crowdsources 3G Coverage Map 64 comments
White Space Radio To Be Tested In Cambridge 32 comments
France Bans Facebook and Twitter From Radio and TV 278 comments
Powerline Networks Interfere With Spooks? 85 comments
Search For Alien Life On 86 Planets Begins 248 comments
Licensing Problem Silences Internet Radio Stations 100 comments
Dutch Radio Geek Tracking Libyan Airstrikes 187 comments
King Wants To Sell Out Ham Radio 309 comments
Two-way Radio Breakthrough To Double Wi-Fi Speeds 244 comments
Last.FM To Require Subscription For Mobiles and Home Devices 173 comments
NASA Seeks Ham Operators' Help To Test NanoSail-D 146 comments
Solar Storms Could Bring Northern Lights South 88 comments
Linux Radio 141 comments
Why Unlocked Phones Don't Work In the US 442 comments
Antenna Arrays Could Replace Satellite TV Dishes 183 comments
Codec2 — an Open Source, Low-Bandwidth Voice Codec 179 comments
FCC Fights To Maintain Indecency Policy 602 comments
Amateur Radio In the Backcountry? 376 comments
After a Decade, Digital Radio Still an Also-Ran In UK 200 comments
France Says D-Star Ham Radio Mode Is Illegal 282 comments
The End of the Dr. Demento Show On Radio 206 comments
Mysterious Radio Station UVB-76 Goes Offline 336 comments
When Internet Radios Get Affordable 139 comments
New Europe-Wide Radio Telescope To Look For ET 49 comments
Atlantis Links Up To Hubble For Repairs 132 comments
The Life and Times of Buckminster Fuller 203 comments
Clear Channel Goes Private and Streamlined 94 comments
Back In Effect 17 comments
Turbo Nitrous Version 16 comments
Hemos The Iron Chef 55 comments
Live From The Garden 16 comments
Post Apocalyptic 53 comments
Goodbye Geek Compound 31 comments
Open Grill 38 comments
Spring Break 29 comments
Nuke The Moon 68 comments
Product Placement 83 comments
Live From Inside A Colon? 22 comments
Live From Rob's Basement 30 comments
Mellow Trancey Version 24 comments
Mail Order Bride 21 comments
Without Rob 15 comments
Library Filtering Update 179 comments
Free Love 11 comments
Outside Total Request Live 37 comments
Live From the Stomach of a Whale 18 comments
Live From The Asteroid Fortress 13 comments
End of the World 162 comments
Life Day Celebration 22 comments
Live from a Music Video Beach Party 34 comments
Geeks In Space: Return from the Turkey 7 comments
Live from a Sunspot 20 comments
Geeks In Space: Easy Listening 47 comments
Geeks In Space: Live from the New Studio 28 comments
Geeks in Space: Live from Kidmart 11 comments
Geeks In Space: Inside The Iron Lung 15 comments
Geeks in Space: The Octagonal Mystery 19 comments
Geeks in Space 7: Cardboard Box 10 comments
Geeks in Space 6: The Krull Invasion 16 comments
Geeks in the Space: The Attack of 5 50 comments
Geeks in Space, Episode 4 39 comments
Geeks in Space, Take Two 76 comments
Premiere Episode of Slashdot Radio:Geeks in Space 142 comments

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