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IT Stories for 2006

HD DVD's AACS Protection Bypassed 161 comments
Review of 12 Vulnerability Scanners 55 comments
Technology Vs. E.coli Outbreaks 45 comments
2007 in Security 50 comments
What Will Happen in IT in 2007? 318 comments
The Numbers Stations Analyzed, Discussed 224 comments
Lost Gmail Emails and the Future of Web Apps 273 comments
Now Is Not the Time for Vista 402 comments
U.S. Gov't To Use Full Disk Encryption On All Computers 371 comments
Borland/Codegear Doesn't Plan to Revive Kylix 89 comments
HD-DVD and Blu-Ray AACS DRM Cracked 432 comments
A Proper Environment for Web Development? 66 comments
An RDBMS for CTI System? 51 comments
Improving Operations in a Small Helpdesk System? 110 comments
Vista Security The 'Longest Suicide Note in History'? 467 comments
10 Web Operating Systems Reviewed 113 comments
Usability in the Movies -- Top 10 Bloopers 382 comments
Department of Defense Now Blocking HTML Email 262 comments
Cyber Crime Hits Big Time This Year 97 comments
Top Viruses, Worms and Malware in 2006 74 comments
Vista Exploit Surfaces on Russian Hacker Site 103 comments
Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection 294 comments
Sun Releases First GPLed Java Source 206 comments
Clipboard Data Theft Now Optional With IE7 162 comments
Sony Says Nobody Will Ever Use All the Power of a PS3 581 comments
Apple Closes iSight Security Hole 213 comments
Consumer Technologies Driving IT 116 comments
Should JavaScript Get More Respect? 439 comments
Bad Web Sites Can Cause "Mouse Rage" 267 comments
Small Businesses Worry About MS Anti-Phishing 291 comments
Month of Apple Bugs Debuts in January 171 comments
ISECOM's Top 10 Real Computer Crimes 155 comments
Detecting Rootkits In GNU/Linux 142 comments
The Dangers of Improper Cookie Use 191 comments Going Offline 156 comments
Last Chance to Help Free Ryzom 280 comments
100 Million Victims of Data Theft 115 comments
E-Passport Cloned In Five Minutes 259 comments
I, Nanobot — Bionanotechnology is Coming 107 comments
2007 Java Predictions 284 comments
Microsoft Squeezes Win2000 Users 404 comments
Vista Zero-Day Exploit For Sale 233 comments
One in 25 Search Results Risky 69 comments
How Skype Punches Holes in Firewalls 215 comments
ALSR in Vista Gets OEM Push 170 comments
Third Microsoft Word Code Execution Exploit Posted 174 comments
Homeland Security Director Defends Real ID 376 comments
MySpace Users Have Stronger Passwords Than Corporate Employees 263 comments
PHP Security Expert Resigns 386 comments
Where Should I Get My Job Interview Code Samples? 249 comments
Striving to Keep Teleworkers Happy 146 comments
MySQL Quietly Drops Support For Debian Linux [UPDATED] 339 comments
Vista's TCP/IP Promises and Perils 183 comments
Who Owns Deployments - Dev or IT? 152 comments
Patch Tuesday — IE7 Clean 75 comments
DIY Service Pack For Windows 2000/XP/2003 197 comments
Google Web Toolkit Now 100% Open Source 173 comments
'Leak' Test of 21 Personal Firewalls 104 comments
UCLA Hacked, 800,000 Identities Exposed 148 comments
Linux Kernel to Include KVM Virtualization 194 comments
Red Hat Dismisses Threat Posed by Oracle and MS 95 comments
Advice For Programmers Right Out of School 469 comments
Java SE 6 Released 146 comments
Map of the Internet 186 comments
New Developments From Microsoft Research 206 comments
Market Research Company Secretly Installs Spyware 206 comments
Bjarne Stroustrup and More Problems With Programming 313 comments
100 Years of Grace Hopper 184 comments
Servers, Hackers, and Code In the Movies 445 comments
Activating Vista Enterprise Using a Spoofed Server 291 comments
Microsoft Wins Industry Standard Status for Office 281 comments
No Fix for Word Next 'Patch Tuesday' 80 comments
Shortage of Electricity Drives Data Center Talks 194 comments
Vista's 'Next Gen' TCP/IP Stack 259 comments
Zero Day Exploit Found in Windows Media Player 177 comments
TSA Now Investigating Boarding Pass Hacker 270 comments
Federal Panel [not NIST] Rejects Paper Trail For E-Voting 191 comments
VOIP to be Made Illegal in India 258 comments
Microsoft Research Fights Critics 361 comments
Understanding Burnout 289 comments
Spam Doubles, Finding New Ways to Deliver Itself 486 comments
Would You Trust RFID-Enabled ATM Cards? 214 comments
Microsoft Issues Zero-Day Attack Alert For Word 483 comments
Top 40 IT Vendors Rated 69 comments
IEEE Sets Sights on 100G Ethernet 136 comments
Internet2 Turns 10 and Upgrades 84 comments
The Case for OpenID 229 comments
Vista — CIOs' First Impressions 99 comments
Bjarne Stroustrup on the Problems With Programming 605 comments
Detecting Tailgaters With Lasers 1136 comments
TiVo File Encryption Cracked 250 comments
"Sysadmin of the Year" Winners Announced 206 comments
The Vanishing Click-Fraud Case 57 comments
Another NASA Hacker Indicted 164 comments
Vista Designed to Make Malware Easy 311 comments
Windows Vista and XP Head To Head 364 comments
EveryDNS Under Botnet DDoS Attack 154 comments
Corporate America Not Ready For Vista 317 comments
MySpace Phishing Attack Leads Users to Zango Adware 95 comments
NIST Condemns Paperless Electronic Voting 201 comments
Origin of Quake3's Fast InvSqrt() 402 comments
Experts Say Ajax Not Inherently Insecure 82 comments
U.S. Warns of Possible Cyber Biz Attack 179 comments
Fighting Claims That Open Source Is Insecure? 84 comments
Vista Hackers Get Busy 215 comments
Cracking the BlackBerry with a $100 Key 94 comments
Possible Serious Security Flaw In ATMs 167 comments
Third NetBSD Hackathon Summary 15 comments
Practical Software Testing Resources? 42 comments
First-Person Account of a Social Engineering Attack 347 comments
Apple Releases 31 Security Fixes 319 comments
Charges Dropped In Fake Boarding Pass Case 135 comments
Sydney Airport To Instate RFID Baggage Tags 82 comments
Oracle Zero-Day Flaw Project Cancelled 61 comments
Hackers Not Afraid of Being Caught 169 comments
Community Comments To Security Absurdity Article 190 comments
4th Circuit Court Sides With a Spammer 154 comments
Oracle Has More Flaws Than SQL Server 229 comments
IBM Denies Destroying Evidence in SCO Case 125 comments
Defeating Virtual Keyboards and Phishing Banks 135 comments
Can a Manager Be a Techie and Survive? 238 comments
Spammers Learn To Outsource Their Captcha Needs 221 comments
Wired Reports On Korea's First Hacker Con 40 comments
Deconstructing a Pump-and-Dump Spam Botnet 382 comments
British "Secure" Passports Cracked 305 comments
Help Black Box Voting Examine ES&S Software 197 comments
Code Execution Bug In Broadcom Wi-Fi Driver 157 comments
"Month of Kernel Bugs" Project Head Interviewed 42 comments
First Responder Networks 5 Years After 9/11 189 comments
Students Create DS Game to Scoop Dev Prize 29 comments
XNA Game Studio Express Beta Now Available 24 comments
IBM Mainframe Contest Returns 48 comments
Server Consolidation Guide via Virtualization 26 comments
Computer Job w/ No Computer Degree? 160 comments
Intel To Lay Off 1000 Managers 291 comments
Oracle Patch Day Becoming Irrelevant 76 comments
OpenBSD 3.9 Released 130 comments
Apache Now the Leader in SSL Servers? 160 comments
Military Investigates Sale of Sensitive Data 136 comments
Qualifications for Summer Internships? 134 comments
Meng Wong's Perspectives on Antispam 298 comments
UK Government Wants a Backdoor Into Windows 598 comments
Cellphone Could Crack RFID Tags 138 comments
Oracle Acquires Sleepycat 403 comments
Privacy Concerns On Google's 30 Day Data Policy 154 comments
Phishing Site Using Valid SSL Certificates 368 comments
Circumventing CAN-SPAM 127 comments
Government Cyber Storm Ends 124 comments
Saying 'No' to an Executable Internet 306 comments
Botnet Attack Shuts Down Hospital Network 360 comments
Your Experiences with Recruiters? 165 comments
Microsoft Anti-Spyware Removes Norton Anti-Virus 496 comments
Being Enron's SysAdmin 94 comments
New Secure IM Client from NTT Due this Year 61 comments
Advertisers May Face Ridicule For Adware 166 comments
Microsoft to Release 7 Patches Next Week 110 comments
Scaremongering over Spyware? 196 comments
Microsoft's C++/CLI Spec Has an Identity Crisis 154 comments
Google Gets A9 Search Chief 67 comments
IBM to use Cell in Blade Servers 159 comments
Danish, Western Websites Under Attack 1467 comments
Microsoft Officially Announces Anti-Virus Product 399 comments
Network-Monitoring Data Put to Music 165 comments
Congress Made Wikipedia Changes 277 comments
Does Company-Wide Language "Standardization" Work? 654 comments
Floating in the Two-Factor Authenticator Tsunami? 45 comments
Vonage IPO 153 comments
Borland Divests IDEs to Focus on ALM 159 comments
A Day In The Life At The GuildHall 37 comments
AOL and Yahoo to Offer Filter Circumvention 264 comments
Another Look At Mozilla's BugFix Rate 174 comments
Amazon Ad Sales to Compete With Google? 39 comments
Test Coverage Leading You Astray? 48 comments
Study Notes Decline in Internet Spyware 94 comments
UNIX Security: Don't Believe the Truth? 520 comments
Open Source vs. the Database Vendors 183 comments
IBM To Update Unix Servers 22 comments
Spyware Tunnels in on Winamp Flaw 176 comments
Understanding Memory Usage On Linux 248 comments
Precision Mobile Workstations with Core Duo Coming 17 comments
Tech Support to the Stars 289 comments
Holograms Help Protect Super Bowl 287 comments
NIST Standards for New Biometric ID Card Published 129 comments
Operation 'Cyber Storm' Starts Tomorrow 157 comments
Physics Students Build Drivable Couch 89 comments
.Net Programmers Fall in CNN's Top 5 In-Demand 602 comments
Computer Virus Fells Russian Stock Exchange 133 comments
Blackworm Dud Highlights Virus Naming Mess 108 comments
Kama Sutra Worm Hits Softly 175 comments
VMware to Make Server Product Free (as in beer) 216 comments
Symantec's Genesis to Usher in a New Age of Trust? 275 comments
AOL to Charge Senders for Incoming Email 462 comments
WMF Exploit Sold Underground for $4,000 166 comments
PS3 Developer Fired For Comments 131 comments
Kama Sutra Worm Could Make For A Bad Friday 317 comments
IE7 Bug Reports Flooding In 259 comments
Overwhelming Bureaucracy in the IT Department? 591 comments
Microsoft Won't Offer Patch Before Worm Strikes? 274 comments
Firefox Slides, IE Gains? 228 comments
Nmap 4.00 Released 43 comments
Boing Boing Threatened By Software Creator 351 comments
Microsoft Loses Office Patent Dispute 228 comments
LiveJournal XSS Security Challenge 66 comments
IPv6 Readiness Report 280 comments
Cross Site Cooking 125 comments
No Anti-Virus in Vista 444 comments
Practical Mono 110 comments
Klorofil 0.2 Released 23 comments
Dell Expands In India 53 comments
Another Setback for Biometric Passports 70 comments
Mitnick on OSS 286 comments
Sun Considers dual-sourcing Solaris Under GPL3 198 comments
Clock Ticking for Nyxem Virus 72 comments
OpenWatcom Team Looking For Help 17 comments
Startup Prepares Cracker Attack Emulator 106 comments
IT Crowd On-line 246 comments
Buy Vista or Else 539 comments
Faulty Microsoft Driver Saps Intel Core Duo power 268 comments
Silicon Valley to get WiFi Coverage 23 comments
Rootkits Head for Your BIOS 287 comments
Stubborn Spyware Removal Advice? 223 comments
How Do You Job-Hunt If You Work Overtime? 442 comments
Small, Virtual Sysadmin Services? 63 comments
Google's Anti-Spyware Project 185 comments
Ancient Flaws May Leave Mac OS X Vulnerable 388 comments
Security Researcher Says Oracle Slow to Fix Flaw 91 comments
IBM Open Sources UIMA 23 comments
New Software To Balance Privacy and Security? 82 comments
Training - A Company or a Worker's Responsibility? 709 comments
Botnet Brain Pleads Guilty 137 comments
AMD Ships Heavy Duty Cooling With Latest Processor 63 comments
Iris Scanning For New Jersey Grade School 149 comments
When Data Goes Missing Will You Even Know? 327 comments
Major Telco Providers Form Open Source Alliance 70 comments
Microsoft Spending $120M To Look Smaller 158 comments
How to Survive a Bad Boss 148 comments
IBM Brings IM Together 47 comments
Information Security Fundamentally Wrong? 35 comments
Windows Vista x64 To Require Signed Drivers 326 comments
IE7 Leaked 408 comments
OpenSSL Receives FIPS 140-2 Validation 46 comments
Has Microsoft 'Solved' Spam? 337 comments
The World According to Google 214 comments
Is Obsolescence Good Computer Security? 490 comments
KDE Heap Overflow Vulnerability Found 233 comments
When Should You Stop Support for Software? 438 comments
FBI Says Computer Crime Costs Billions Every Year 142 comments
WMF Flaw not a Backdoor 226 comments
20 Years of Computer Viruses 278 comments
Windows XP Service Pack 3 Not Due Until 2007 334 comments
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