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Idle Stories

PETA Is Not Happy That Google Used a Camel To Get a Desert "StreetView" 367 comments
Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage 447 comments
Darth Vader, Yoda, Chewbacca Aim To Invade Ukraine's Govt. In Upcoming Elections 63 comments
China Worried About Terrorist Pigeons 92 comments
Statistician Creates Mathematical Model To Predict the Future of Game of Thrones 127 comments
Blood For Extra Credit Points Offer Raises Eyebrows In Test-Mad China 90 comments
At CIA Starbucks, Even the Baristas Are Covert 242 comments
Service Promises To Leak Your Documents If the Government Murders You 98 comments
Friendly Reminder: Do Not Place Your iPhone In a Microwave 240 comments
Netropolitan Is a Facebook For the Affluent, and It's Only $9000 To Join 178 comments
Canon Printer Hacked To Run Doom Video Game 92 comments
Chinese City Sets Up "No Cell Phone" Pedestrian Lanes 46 comments
Laid Off From Job, Man Builds Tweeting Toilet 115 comments
Dirty Diapers Used To Grow Mushrooms 97 comments
The Frustrations of Supporting Users In Remote Offices 129 comments
Indiana University Researchers Get $1 Million Grant To Study Memes 126 comments
Murder Suspect Asked Siri Where To Hide a Dead Body 160 comments
Entire South Korean Space Programme Shuts Down As Sole Astronaut Quits 186 comments
Idiot Leaves Driver's Seat In Self-Driving Infiniti, On the Highway 406 comments
Want To Work Without Prying Eyes? Try Wearing a Body Sock 75 comments
Poetry For Sysadmins: Shall I Compare Thee To a Lumbering Bear? 31 comments
The "Rickmote Controller" Can Hijack Any Google Chromecast 131 comments
New Toyota Helps You Yell At the Kids 205 comments
The Improbable Story of the 184 MPH Jet Train 195 comments
Chinese Couple Sells Children To Support Online Game Addiction 131 comments
A Brief History of Patenting the Wheel: What Goes Around Comes Around 36 comments
Netflix Is Looking To Pay Someone To Watch Netflix All Day 86 comments
The View From Inside A Fireworks Show 200 comments
Study: People Would Rather Be Shocked Than Be Alone With Their Thoughts 333 comments
Julian Assange Plans Modeling Debut At London Fashion Show 173 comments, Mensa Create Dating Site For Geniuses 561 comments
A Physicist Says He Can Tornado-Proof the Midwest With 1,000-Foot Walls 501 comments
Study: Male Facial Development Evolved To Take Punches 190 comments
Study: Rats Regret Making the Wrong Decision 94 comments
Ear Grown From Van Gogh DNA On Display 64 comments
A Measure of Your Team's Health: How You Treat Your "Idiot" 255 comments
Scott Adams's Plan For Building Giant Energy-Generating Pyramids 107 comments
Organic Cat Litter May Have Caused Nuclear Waste Accident 174 comments
FBI Need Potheads To Fight Cybercrime 319 comments
Ohio Prison Shows Pirated Movies To Inmates 186 comments
The Physics of Hot Pockets 222 comments
New Cologne Answers the Question: "What Does a Bitcoin Smell Like?" 61 comments
China Using Troop of Trained Monkeys To Guard Air Base 119 comments
The Feds Accidentally Mailed Part of A $350K Drone To Some College Kid 157 comments
Scientists Give Praying Mantises Tiny 3D Glasses 55 comments
Band Releases Album As Linux Kernel Module 128 comments
Mathematicians Use Mossberg 500 Pump-Action Shotgun To Calculate Pi 311 comments
Skydiver's Helmet Cam Captures a Falling Meteor 142 comments
Darth Vader Runs For President of Ukraine 114 comments
North Korea: Male University Students Required To Get Kim Jong-un Haircuts 110 comments
Website Simulates Amiga OS 45 comments
Apocalypse NAO: College Studies the Theological Ramifications of Robotics 176 comments
Exxon Mobile CEO Sues To Stop Fracking Near His Texas Ranch 317 comments
Chevron Gives Residents Near Fracking Explosion Free Pizza 207 comments
Asia's Richest Man Is Betting Big On Silicon Valley's Fake Eggs 269 comments
South Carolina Woman Jailed After Failing To Return Movie Rented Nine Years Ago 467 comments
Scientists Create Pizza That Can Last Years 225 comments
Japanese Man Already Lined Up To Buy iPhone 6 114 comments
Japan's Alleged Death Threat-Making, Cat-Hacking Programmer Says He's Innocent 69 comments
Sinkhole Swallows 8 Vehicles Inside Bowling Green KY Corvette Museum 97 comments
Skinny Puppy Wants Compensation For Music Used in US Interrogations 271 comments
The Scent Rhythm Watch Tells Time By Releasing Fragrances 79 comments
Slashdot PT Cruiser Spotted In the Wild 94 comments
Historical Carbon Emissions From Dragons In Middle Earth 69 comments
Surrey Hit With Catnado 95 comments
Searching the Internet For Evidence of Time Travelers 465 comments
There's Kanye West-Themed Crypto-Currency On the Way 237 comments
Dogs Defecate In Alignment With Earth's Magnetic Field 222 comments
Safeway Suspends Worker For Sci-Fi Parody of His Firing 191 comments
What Sci-Fi Movies Teach Us About Project Management Skills 186 comments
Wikipedia's Lamest Edit Wars 219 comments
StarCraft II Gamer Receives US Pro-Athlete Visa 114 comments
Microsoft's New Smart Bra Could Stop You From Over Eating 299 comments
Property Managers Use DNA To Sniff Out Dog Poop Offenders 234 comments
First Arab Supercar Costs $3.4 Million, Has Diamond-Encrusted Headlights 241 comments
"Dance Your PhD" Finalists Announced 16 comments
Dell Fixes Ultrabook That Smelled of Cat Urine 133 comments
Azerbaijan Election Results Released Before Voting Had Even Started 266 comments
What Are the Genuinely Useful Ideas In Programming? 598 comments
Dutch Police Recruit Rats To Sniff Out Crime 80 comments
Fighting Zombies? Chevrolet Reveals New "Black Ops" Concept Truck 220 comments
Apple Maps Flaw Sends Drivers Across Airport Runway 311 comments
Angry Brazilian Whacks NASA To Put a Stop To ... Er, the NSA 90 comments
Toronto Family Bans All Technology In Their Home Made After 1986 534 comments
Intel's Wine-Powered Microprocessor 126 comments
Man Trying To Fly Across the Atlantic On Helium Balloons 92 comments
Meet the Guy Who Fact-Checks Stephen King On Stephen King 121 comments
TSA Reminds You Not To Travel With Hand Grenades 378 comments
The iPhone 5S Hasn't Been Officially Announced, Already Has Line 181 comments
Drone Hunters Lining Up and Paying Out In Colorado 206 comments
Building Melts Car 151 comments
Egyptian Authorities Detain French "Spy" Bird Found With Tracker 110 comments
How One Man Turns Annoying Cold Calls Into Cash 227 comments
Pastafarian Wins Battle To Wear Colander In License Photo 535 comments
Bitcoin, BYOD, Phablet, Selfie, and Twerking Find Place In Oxford Dictionary 131 comments
Dentist Wants To Clone John Lennon Using DNA Extracted From Lennon's Tooth 224 comments
Amazon Selects Their Favorite Fake Customer Reviews 98 comments
20 People Shot With BB Guns At LG G2 Promotional Event 151 comments
10 Wearable Habitats To Shelter You From the Apocalypse 135 comments
The Latest Security Vulnerability: Your Toilet 211 comments
Give Zebrafish Some Booze and They Stop Fearing Robots 58 comments
Man Builds Fully-Functional Boeing 737 Flight Simulator In His Son's Bedroom 128 comments
Cybercriminals Has Heroin Delivered To Brian Krebs, Then Calls Police 187 comments
Indian Army Mistook Planets For Spy Drones 143 comments
Fake "Speed Enforced By Drones" Signs On California Freeways 218 comments
Don't Tie a Horse To a Tree and Other Open Data Lessons 109 comments
PayPal Credits Man With $92 Quadrillion 151 comments
Better Factories Through Role Playing 160 comments
Cell Phone Powered By Urine 88 comments
German Drone Darts Off and Hits Transport Plane On Ground 74 comments
Apple Sued For Man's Porn Addiction 509 comments
TV Programmers Seek the Elusive Dog Market 199 comments
Real Version of Homer Simpson's Dream Car Built 53 comments
PayPal Spaces Out With Paypal Galactic 60 comments
How Not To Be a SEO Spammer 65 comments
Pro Bono Lawyer Fights C&D With Humor 144 comments
2 Men Accused of Trying To Make X-Ray Weapon 470 comments
With Sales Down, Whale Meat Flogged As Source of Strength 311 comments
Meet the 23-Ton X-Wing, the World's Largest Lego Model 121 comments
Leaked Microsoft Video Parodies Chrome Ad 243 comments
UN Says: Why Not Eat More Insects? 626 comments
Astronaut Chris Hadfield Performs Space Oddity On the ISS 212 comments
Beer Drone Delivery Service For South African Music Festival 61 comments
Heavy Weather Exometeorology Style 26 comments
Lawyer Loses It In Letter To Patent Office 342 comments
Crazy Eric Schmidt, His Yacht Prices Are Insaaane! 179 comments
Tiny Tentacled Microorganisms Named After Cthulu 54 comments
How That 'Extra .9%' Could Ward Off a Zombie Apocalypse 204 comments
How To Hunt a Cicada Smorgasbord 87 comments
Creationist Bets $10k In Proposed Literal Interpretation of Genesis Debate 1121 comments
Scientists Study Getting an Unwanted Tune Out of Your Head 219 comments
Man Accused of Selling Golf Ball Finders As Bomb Detectors 131 comments
Canadian Man Wants To Trade Home For Bitcoins 106 comments
Wrong Fuel Chokes Presidential Limo 612 comments
Jedi May Be Allowed To Perform Marriage Ceremonies In Scotland 196 comments
V&A Scraps Napalm Death Gig For Fear Decibel Levels Will Damage Sculptures 79 comments
"Lazarus Project" Clones Extinct Frog 154 comments
Ukrainian Attack Dolphins Are On the Loose 99 comments
Google Doodle Celebrates Birthday of Douglas Adams 104 comments
Mobile Sharing: "Bezos Beep" Vs. Smartphone Bump 180 comments
The Manti Te'o of Physics 101 comments
MIT's Charm School For Geeks Turns 20 217 comments
DRM Chair Self-Destructs After 8 Uses 215 comments
State Rep. Says Biking Is Not Earth Friendly Because Breathing Produces CO2 976 comments
Laser Intended For Mars Used To Detect "Honey Laundering" 387 comments
Amazon Sells Out Predator Drone Toy After Mocking Reviews 147 comments
Can You Potty Train a Cow? 214 comments
Heavy Metal and Emergent Behavior 92 comments
Ask Slashdot: Really Short Time Wasters? 279 comments
Local Emergency Alert System Hacked, Warns Dead Rising From Graves 235 comments
Pepsi To Release New Breakfast Mountain Dew 362 comments
Copyright Claim Thwarts North Korean Propaganda 147 comments
Interviews: Ask Blendtec Founder Tom Dickson What Won't Blend? 118 comments
Air Quality Apps and Bottled Air Thrive On Beijing's Pollution 102 comments
Robot Serves Up 360 Hamburgers Per Hour 299 comments
Original Batmobile Sells For $4.2 Million 47 comments
The Empire Writes Back About the Failed Death Star Petition 90 comments
Swedish School Makes Minecraft Lessons Compulsory 162 comments
How the Internet Makes the Improbable Into the New Normal 191 comments
Dean Kamen Invents Stomach Pump For Dieters 483 comments
Anonymous Files Petition To Make DDoS Legal Form of Protest 323 comments
What Did Google Earth Spot In the Chinese Desert? 257 comments
Annual "Worst CEO" List Released 121 comments
An Oven That Runs Android 123 comments
Japanese Cops Collar Malware-Carrying Cat 83 comments
Dad Hires In-Game 'Assassins' To Get His Son To Stop Gaming 338 comments
Teens Drug Parents To Get Web Access 505 comments
Colleges Help Students Fix Their Online Indiscretions 189 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Is Your New Years Eve Tradition? 256 comments
Christmas Tree Rocketry 29 comments
Child Gets Nintendo 3DS Full of Porn For Christmas 370 comments
Tales From the Slashdot Help Desk: Reverse-Engineering Rob Malda (Video) 28 comments
Your Hands Were Made For Punching According To New Study 240 comments
Boeing Uses 20,000 Lbs. of Potatoes To Check Aircraft Wireless Network Signals 104 comments
NASA On Full Court Press To Deflate Doomsday Prophecies 286 comments
Scientists Make Fish Grow "Hands" In Experiment Revealing How Fins Became Limbs 110 comments
White House Must Answer Petition To 'Build Death Star' 384 comments
Australian Prime Minister's Spoof "Apocalypse" Speech Goes Viral In China 225 comments
"Jedi" Religion Most Popular Alternative Faith In England 262 comments
Brain Cells Made From Urine 116 comments
Hagfish Slime Could Make Super-Strong Clothes 82 comments
As Fish Stocks Collapse, Overpopulated Lobsters Resort to Cannibalism 231 comments
Scientists Develop Chocolate That Won't Melt At High Temperatures 161 comments
Boring Conference Still Vows: We Will Not Rock You 42 comments
North Korea Claims Archaeologists Have Found 'Unicorn Lair' In Pyongyang 182 comments
Nobel Prize Winner Got Free House and Free (as In Beer) Beer 118 comments
Critic Cites Revenge of the Sith As "Generation's Greatest Work of Art" 376 comments
Anthropologist Spends Three Years Living With Hackers 252 comments
This Is What Happens When You Deep Fry a Frozen Turkey 164 comments
Is Oprah Cheating On Her Microsoft Love? 215 comments
Activists' Drone Shot Out of the Sky For Fourth Time 733 comments
GIF Becomes Word of the Year 2012 315 comments
German Police Stop Man With Mobile Office In Car 146 comments
Indian School Textbook Says Meat-Eaters Lie and Commit Sex Crimes 409 comments
Hostess To Close; No More Twinkies 674 comments
Google's Server Cooling Plan Produces 4ft Alligator 79 comments
The Island of Lost Apple Products 105 comments
Romney Campaign Accidentally Launches Transition Web Site 185 comments
New Dinosaur Named After the Eye of Sauron 69 comments
80,000lbs of Walnuts Purloined In Northern California 127 comments
A Fun Slashdot 15th Anniversary Get-Together in St. Petersburg, FL (Video) 47 comments
Researchers Crown Buddhist Monk the World's Happiest Man 348 comments
In Time For Halloween: 9 New Tarantula Species Discovered 26 comments
How Do You Eat a Triceratops? Start By Ripping the Head Off 113 comments
"Dance Your Ph.D." Winner Announced 31 comments
Cancer-Detecting Bra Could One Day Surpass Mammograms In Accuracy 110 comments
Felix Baumgartner's Supersonic Skydive Attempt 271 comments
Seafood Raised on Animal Feces Approved for Consumers 386 comments
New Zealand Turning Hobbits Into Actual Cash 89 comments
Canadian Spying Case Proves Floppy Drive Isn't Dead Yet 148 comments
PETA Condemns Pokemon For Promoting Animal Abuse 418 comments
Learning HTML Through a Board Game 34 comments
Ad Agency's Bizarre Steve Jobs Tribute Flash Mob Hits Seattle 75 comments
French Bees Produce Blue and Green Honey 64 comments
Your Facebook Likes Conveyed As Simulated Hugs 40 comments
Stolen Maple Syrup Found and Returned To Strategic Reserve 255 comments
World of Warcraft Character Becomes Campaign Issue 381 comments
Glenn Beck Reports CIA Plot Between Embassy Killing and Something Awful 413 comments
New York Plans World's Largest Ferris Wheel 170 comments
US Agricultural Economists Say Bacon Shortage Is Hogwash 137 comments
Iran's News Agency Picks Up Onion Story 118 comments
DNC Salute to Vets Featured Backdrop Of Russian Warships 218 comments
Linux Forcibly Installed On Congressman's Computer In Act of Terrorism 343 comments
Global Bacon Shortage 'Unavoidable' 293 comments
Beer Is Cheaper In the US Than Anywhere Else In the World 633 comments
Sweet Times For Cows As Gummy Worms Replace Corn Feed 432 comments
Ig Nobels Feature Exploding Colonoscopies, Left Leaning Views of Eiffel Tower 91 comments
US Military Tested the Effects of a Nuclear Holocaust On Beer 215 comments
Nestle's GPS Tracking Candy Campaign 172 comments
Art School's Expensive Art History Textbook Contains No Actual Art 371 comments
Man Pays For Cross-Country Trip Using Bacon As Currency 176 comments
Cameras To Watch Cameras In Maryland 297 comments
Injured Bald Eagle Gets New 3-D Printed Beak 103 comments
One Company's Week-Long Interview Process 362 comments
Following FEMA's Zombie Preparedness Plan Could Land You On Terrorist List 527 comments
QR Codes For Memorials 127 comments
Ale To the Chief: White House Releases Beer Recipe 340 comments
Drinking Too Much? Blame Your Glass 115 comments
Steve Jobs Reincarnated As a Warrior-Philosopher, Thai Group Says 223 comments
Police Probing Theft of Millions of Pounds of Maple Syrup From Strategic Reserve 399 comments
What The Apollo 11 Crew Did For Life Insurance 168 comments
Message In Bottle Found After 98 Years Near Shetland 107 comments
Meet Interesting People at a Mini Maker Faire (Video) 18 comments
Survey Reveals a Majority Believe "the Cloud" Is Affected by Weather 261 comments
Man With World's Deepest Voice Can Hit Infrasonic Notes 173 comments
Sea Chair Project Harvests Plastic From the Oceans To Create Furniture 96 comments
Phony Laser Security System Proves Perception Is Reality 243 comments
The Worst Job At Google: a Year of Watching Terrible Things On the Internet 535 comments
Finland Hosts Mobile Phone Throwing Championships 70 comments
eBay Bans the Sale of Spells and Magic Items 295 comments
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