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Hardware Stories for 2009

An Inside Look At Warhammer Online's Server Setup 71 comments
Boost a Weak 3G Modem Signal, With a Saucepan 146 comments
Impressive Robot Hand From Shadow 101 comments
Midwest Seeing Red Over 'Green' Traffic Lights 839 comments
HDD Manufacturers Moving To 4096-Byte Sectors 442 comments
What's Happened In Mobile Over the Past 10 Years 149 comments
World's First Production Hybrid Motorcycle To Hit Market In India 128 comments
Skeptics Question OLPC's Focus With $75 Tablet 159 comments
Wikileaks Needs Help, and Not Just Money 134 comments
First Tablet Using Pixel Qi Screen On The Way 97 comments
Networked Christmas Tree Controlled By Twitter 38 comments
"Home Batteries" Power Houses For a Week 325 comments
Next-Gen Glitter-Sized Photovoltaic Cells Unveiled 155 comments
The Best Robots of 2009 51 comments
Best Filesystem For External Back-Up Drives? 484 comments
OLPC Unveils Plans For Tablets By 2012 102 comments
Typing With Your Brain 262 comments
Body Heat Energy Generation 214 comments
Intel Patches Flaws In Trusted Execution Tech 84 comments
Nuclear Reactors As Art 118 comments
CherryPal's $99 "Odd Lots" Netbook 234 comments
Intel's New Atom D510 Benchmark Tested 86 comments
Intel Launches Next-Gen Atom N450 Processor 165 comments
The First Robot To Cross the Atlantic Ocean Underwater 156 comments
26 Gigapixel Photo Sets New World Record 139 comments
FASTRA II Puts 13 GPUs In a Desktop Supercomputer 127 comments
Using Hacked Wiimotes As Scientific Sensors 110 comments
Swiss Geologist On Trial For Causing Earthquakes 258 comments
What Is the State of Linux Security DVR Software? 112 comments
Why Is a Laptop's Battery Dearer Than a Lawnmower's? 427 comments
Extended Warranty Purchases Up 10% This Year 253 comments
B&N Nook Successfully Opened 275 comments
Broadband Rights & the Killer App of 1900 565 comments
The DIY Book Scanner 177 comments
EU Recommends Noise Limits On MP3 Players 360 comments
Open Source Hardware Projects, 2009 77 comments
Nanotech Ink Turns Paper Into a Low-Cost Battery 129 comments
$860 Million In Fines Handed Out For LCD Price-Fixing 151 comments
Researchers Create Cheap, Flexible, Plastic Flash Memory 82 comments
Brothers Build World's Largest Model Train Set 4 comments
DRBD To Be Included In Linux Kernel 2.6.33 166 comments
Quebec Data Center Built In a Silo 113 comments
Self-Destructing Bacteria Create Better Biofuels 139 comments
IBM's Newest Mainframe Is All Linux 251 comments
Five Top Publishers Plan Rival to Kindle Format 123 comments
A Critical Look At Open Licensing For Hardware 123 comments
Adobe Takes On Microsoft Role In E-book Market 161 comments
Iron Mountain's Experimental Room 48 87 comments
Silicon As the New Lithium 211 comments
The Ultimate Geek Christmas Card 122 comments
CrunchPad Being Re-branded As JooJoo 277 comments
Not All iPods — Vinyl and Turntables Gain Sales 405 comments
Devices To Take Textbooks Beyond Text 115 comments
Multiple-Display Power Tools For Linux? 410 comments
Man Controls Cybernetic Hand With Thoughts 81 comments
Intel Kills Consumer Larrabee Plans 166 comments
Hearst Launching Kindle Competitor and Platform "By Publishers, For Publishers" 155 comments
One Way To Save Digital Archives From File Corruption 257 comments
DS Flash Carts Deemed Legal By French Court 267 comments
Electric Mini Cooper Has Rough Start 308 comments
What Do You Do When Printers Cost Less Than Ink? 970 comments
Introducing L2Ork, World's First Linux Laptop Orchestra 86 comments
Brain-Control Gaming Headset Launching Dec. 21 112 comments
Intel Shows 48-Core x86 Processor 366 comments
Typewriters, Computers, and Creating? 227 comments
Recycling Excess Heat From the Data Center 121 comments
MacBook Mod Gives Base Station Chassis New Purpose 129 comments
Lifecycle Energy Costs of LED, CFL Bulbs Calculated 400 comments
Google Patent Reveals New Data Center Innovations 82 comments
Dell Defect Turning 2.2GHz CPU Into 100MHz CPU? 314 comments
Microsoft Advice Against Nehalem Xeons Snuffed Out 154 comments
Flexible, Color OLED Screens For E-Readers 118 comments
Algae Could Be the Key To Ultra-Thin Batteries 54 comments
Home Router For High-Speed Connection? 376 comments
Facebook Putting Batteries On-Board Its Servers 155 comments
NRC Relicensing Old "Zombie" Nuclear Plants 260 comments
Robo-Chefs and Fashion-Bots On Show In Tokyo 35 comments
The World's First Osmotic Power Plant 262 comments
Tokyo Students Design a New Robotic Muscle Suit 55 comments
Man Pleads Guilty To Selling Fake Chips To US Navy 327 comments
Where Are Your Contact Lens Displays? 152 comments
Giving Touch-Screen Buttons Depth and Height With Pneumatics 146 comments
Gakken Arduino Clone Spotted At Tokyo MAKE Meeting 04 1 comments
Solar-Powered Plane Makes Runway Debut 120 comments
Apple vs. Microsoft Multi-Touch Mouse Comparison 255 comments
Australia's CSIRO To Launch CPU-GPU Supercomputer 82 comments
Modded UX490 UMPC Shows Off Years of Community Development 75 comments
Colossus 3.5-in SSD Combines Quad Controllers 160 comments
UAVs Go Green With Fuel-Cell Powered "Ion Tiger" 83 comments
Berkeley Engineers Have Some Bad News About Air Cars 278 comments
Response To California's Large-Screen TV Regulation 619 comments
Intel Says Brain Implants Could Control Computers By 2020 314 comments
Synchronize Data Between Linux, OS X, and Windows? 305 comments
Building a 32-Bit, One-Instruction Computer 269 comments
Smart Grid Could Pose Threat To Privacy 297 comments
Chicago's Camera Network Is Everywhere 327 comments
Hackers Broke Into Brazil Power Grid Operator's Website Last Thursday 85 comments
Cooling Bags Could Cut Server Cooling Costs By 93% 135 comments
CERN Physicist Warns About Uranium Shortage 581 comments
Optical Mice Used To Detect Counterfeit Coins 123 comments
Fusion-io IoXtreme's Consumer-Class PCIe SSD — Impressive Throughput 110 comments
Are There Affordable Low-DPI Large-Screen LCD Monitors? 549 comments
Intel Allows Release of Full 4004 Chip-Set Details 124 comments
100 Million-Core Supercomputers Coming By 2018 286 comments
Most Security Products Fail To Perform 99 comments
NIF Aims For the Ultimate Green Energy Source 234 comments
Fujitsu's Latest Mobile Phone Splits In Two 140 comments
Synthetic Stone DVD Claimed To Last 1,000 Years 416 comments
Maine Wind Farm In Doubt Because Site Is Too Windy 3 comments
Project Natal Release Details Emerge 173 comments
How Vulnerable Is Our Power Grid? 359 comments
OS X Update Officially Kills Intel Atom Support 610 comments
Intel's New E-Reader For the Visually Impaired 111 comments
Whistleblower Claims IEA Is Downplaying Peak Oil 720 comments
10% of US Energy Derived From Old Soviet Nukes 213 comments
Google Voice Controls Giant LED Display 66 comments
MIT Grad To Make Digital "SixthSense" Open Source 151 comments
Japan Eyes Solar Station In Space 247 comments
UK's Channel 4 To Broadcast In 3D 126 comments
Massive Power Outages In Brazil Caused By Hackers 462 comments
Tech Allows Stable Integration of Wind In the Power Grid 235 comments
Reusing Old TiVo Hardware? 197 comments
Turning a Cell Phone Into a Microscope 50 comments
Simple, Cost-Effective, Multiroom Audio? 438 comments
Sony Demos Natal-Like Control System 63 comments
Multi-Button OpenOfficeMouse At OOoCon 2009 265 comments
Microsoft Research Shows Off New Projects On College Recruiting Tour 62 comments
Ubiquiti Announces RouterStation Challenge Winners 87 comments
Apple Not Disabling OS X Atom Support After All 275 comments
On-Demand Video + CMS + Interactive Input For Museum? 131 comments
Plug vs. Plug — Which Nation's Socket Is Best? 1174 comments
The Story Behind a Failed HPC Startup 109 comments
Dell Rugged Laptops Not Quite Tough Enough 225 comments
Negroponte Hints At Paper-Like Design For XO-3 69 comments
Feds Bust Cable Modem Hacker 658 comments
Europe Launches Flood-Predicting Satellite and Test Probe 28 comments
New XBMC Port Promises ARM-Powered HD In the Palm of Your Hand 123 comments
Appeal For Commuter GPS Logs To Aid Electric Cars 144 comments
A Clever New Approach To Desalination 128 comments
Controlling Games and Apps Through Muscle Sensors 47 comments
Moon-Excavation Robots Face Off 61 comments
Contest To Hack Brazilian Voting Machines 101 comments
Chinese To Supply 600 MW Wind Farm In Texas 453 comments
USB 3.0 the Real Deal, SATA 6GB Not Yet 168 comments
Nintendo Announces DSi XL 179 comments
How To Enter Equations Quickly In Class? 823 comments
New Improvements On the Attacks On WPA/TKIP 166 comments
Who Installs the Most Crapware? 583 comments
Thermonuclear Reactor To Use Coconut Shells 251 comments
Physics Rebel Aims To Shake Up the Video Game World 89 comments
ARM Stealthily Rising As a Low-End Contender 285 comments
Intel Pulls SSD Firmware Day After Release 125 comments
The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of Pleo 40 comments
Laptop Fires On Airplanes 560 comments
Reliability of PC Flash SSDs? 467 comments
Intel Updates SSDs, Supports TRIM, Faster Writes 112 comments
Amazon Cloud Adds Hosted MySQL 173 comments
Asus Releases Desktop-Sized Supercomputer 260 comments
Android Phone Turned Into Virtual Reality Goggles 103 comments
Companies To Invade Your Retinas As Soon As Next Year? 245 comments
Swiss Experimenter Breeds Swarm Intelligence 144 comments
Tilera To Release 100-Core Processor 191 comments
Surgeon Performs World's First 4X HD Surgery 101 comments
Low-Power Home Linux Server? 697 comments
Elder-Assist Robotic Suits, From the Real Cyberdyne 121 comments
ARM Launches Cortex-A5 Processor, To Take On Atom 176 comments
No Cheap Replacement For Hard Disks Before 2020 346 comments
Universal Phone Charger Approved By UN Body 220 comments
NASA Power Beaming Challenge is On For November 2nd 81 comments
NCSU's Fingernail-Size Chip Can Hold 1TB 227 comments
The Risks and Rewards of Warmer Data Centers 170 comments
Skiing Robot May Not Be Useful, But Fun To Watch 64 comments
Toyota Experimenting With Joystick Control For Cars 609 comments
Windows 7 On Multicore — How Much Faster? 349 comments
Robot Controlled By Human Brain Cells 86 comments
A New Robotic Hand That Can "Feel" 112 comments
Ultracapacitor Bus Recharges At Each Stop 419 comments
What Desktop Search Engine For a Shared Volume? 232 comments
Xbox 360 Update Will Lock Out Unauthorized Storage 435 comments
Sony Demo'ing 360 Degree 3-D Tabletop Display 102 comments
iRobot Introduces Morphing Blob Robot 177 comments
A Step Closer To Cheap Nuclear Fusion 404 comments
MIT Researchers Develop Autonomous Indoor Robocopter 69 comments
MS's "Lifeblogging" Camera Enters Mass Production 119 comments
California Moving Forward With Big-Screen TV Power Restrictions 339 comments
German Team Wins 2009 Solar Decathlon 56 comments
HTC Dragging Feet On GPL Source Release For "Hero" Phone 181 comments
Sonar Software Detects Laptop User Presence 167 comments
MS Says All Sidekick Data Recovered, But Damage Done 279 comments
Comparing Performance and Power Use For Vista vs. Windows 7 WIth Clarksfield Chip 119 comments
First Look At Acer's 3D Laptop 151 comments
Behind the Scenes With America's Drone Pilots 419 comments
CT Scan "Reset Error" Gives 206 Patients Radiation Overdose 383 comments
Next Nintendo Handheld To Be Powered By NVIDIA's Tegra Chipset 216 comments
10/GUI — an Interface For Multi-Touch Input 344 comments
High-Temp Superconductors To Connect Power Grids 332 comments
New Jersey Outshines Most Others In Solar Energy 240 comments
EPA To Reuse Toxic Sites For Renewable Energy 183 comments
Eee Keyboard Details Released 166 comments
The Sidekick Failure and Cloud Culpability 246 comments
LG Presents Solar Powered E-Book 139 comments
Server Failure Destroys Sidekick Users' Backup Data 304 comments
Why Cloud Storage Is Lousy For Enterprises (and Individuals) 183 comments
Software To Diagnose Faulty PC Hardware? 274 comments
Yale Physicists Measure 'Persistent Current' 68 comments
From Turbines and Straw, Danish Self-Sufficiency 183 comments
NVIDIA To Exit Chipset Business 185 comments
Penny-Sized Nuclear Batteries Developed 444 comments
Contest Winners Show Potential For Pressure-Sensitive Keyboard 129 comments
Harald Welte Calls Out Netgear's Open Source Sham 199 comments
Google Finds DRAM Errors More Common Than Believed 333 comments
Most Mac Owners Also Own a Windows PC, But Not Vice Versa 814 comments
The First High-Definition TV, Circa 1958 222 comments
Dow Chemical Rolling Out Solar Shingles Next Year 168 comments
Microsoft Research Shows Off Multi-Touch Mouse Prototypes 137 comments
Open Access To Exercise Data? 188 comments
OLPC and the "Innovator's Opportunity" 64 comments
Nvidia Fakes Fermi Boards At GPU Tech Conference 212 comments
Honda Makes Nanotube Breakthrough 88 comments
Sony Prototype Sends Electricity Through the Air 240 comments
ARM and Dual-Atom Processors in New Portables 147 comments
Ben Heck's PS3 Slim Laptop 84 comments
Radio-Controlled Cyborg Beetles Become Reality 150 comments
GE Developing 1TB Hologram Disc Readable By a Modified Blu-ray Drive 238 comments
Choosing a Personal Printer For the Long Haul 557 comments
Electric Car Nano-Batteries Aim For 500-Mile Range 650 comments
Mechanical Tumor As CPU Meter 3 comments
Nvidia Discloses Details On Next-Gen Fermi GPU 175 comments
What To Cover In a Short "DIY Tech" Course? 256 comments
NVidia Cripples PhysX "Open" API 393 comments
Amazon's Cloud May Provision 50,000 VMs a Day 122 comments
Growing Power Gap Could Force Smartphone Tradeoffs 246 comments
How To Play Poker With Your Rock Band Guitar 121 comments
Archiving Digital Artwork For Museum Purchase? 266 comments
Hardware Hackers Create a Cheaper Bedazzler 282 comments
Cracking Open the SharePoint Fortress 275 comments
Melting Memory Chips In Mass Production 117 comments
A "Photon Machine Gun" For Quantum Computers 143 comments
Revisiting DIY HERF Guns 425 comments
Google Serves a Cease-and-Desist On Android Modder 336 comments
New Phoenix BIOS Starts Windows 7 Boot In 1 Second 437 comments
How Hardware Makers Come To Violate Free Software Licenses 186 comments
Data Locking In a Web Application? 283 comments
Making Safer Lithium-Ion Batteries 77 comments
First-Ever USB 3.0 Hard Drive 191 comments
New OLPC Laptop 1.5 Dual-Boots Sugar, Gnome Desktop 81 comments
The World's First Four-Screen Laptop 134 comments
HD Video From the Edge of Space, On the Cheap 205 comments
Using a Treadmill and Wiimotes To Run and Fly in Aion 86 comments
Promised Platform-Independent GPU Tech Is Getting Real 102 comments
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