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Hardware Stories for 2007

A Look Back at One of the Original Phreaks 98 comments
Wii Hacked for Better Homebrew Games 196 comments
Just What is this ASUS Eee Thing Anyway? 401 comments
i-Snake, a New Robotic Surgeon 58 comments
Solar Tree Bears Fruit 106 comments
CES Scorecard 2007 - What Came True; What Didn't 80 comments
TSA Limits Lithium Batteries on Airplanes 595 comments
Panasonic To Ship Form Factor-Standard Blu-ray Drive 94 comments
Researchers Explore Quantum Dot Based NVRAM 49 comments
Data Storage Predictions for 2008 81 comments
Apple Patents 'Buy Stuff Wirelessly, Skip Lines' Tech 254 comments
Is the Dell XPS One Better than the Apple iMac? 627 comments
Windows Home Server Corrupts Files 459 comments
The Afterlife Is Expensive for Digital Movies 289 comments
Top Solid State Disks and TB Drives Reviewed 216 comments
Embedded Linux On a Digital Stethoscope 111 comments
Robots To Control Oil Drilling Platforms 96 comments
The LCD Panel vs. The Crossbow 324 comments
Python + Motion detection = Fweemote 30 comments
Heathkit Reincarnates the Hero Robot 119 comments
Jingle Bells Played With Graphics Card, Santa Wonders Why 103 comments
OLPC a Hit in Remote Peruvian Village 187 comments
Military Robots from 2007 to 2032 118 comments
Extreme Christmas Lights In Orlando 318 comments
US To Extinguish (Most) Incandescent Bulb Sales By 2012 1106 comments
Palau May Get Satellite Power In the Next Decade 177 comments
Head Tracking w/ the Wiimote 169 comments
Notebook Makers Moving to 4 GB Memory As Standard 567 comments
Single-Chip x86 Chipsets Around the Corner? 170 comments
Silicon Valley Startup Prints $1/watt Solar Panels 519 comments
Official 700MHz Bidder List 75 comments
Toshiba Builds Ultra-Small Nuclear Reactor 683 comments
Students Power Supercomputer with Bicycles 148 comments
Dell Releases Ubuntu 7.10-Powered PCs 75 comments
Nanowires Boost Laptop Battery Life to 20 Hours 238 comments
Wiimote as Multi-Touch Display Controller 107 comments
HP & Staples Collude On $8,000/Gallon Ink? 442 comments
Dell's Linux, IT Re-Invention 132 comments
Penny-Sized Flash Module Holds 16GB 146 comments
2007 Sees Wireless Spending Outstrip Landlines 81 comments
Kite-Powered Ship Launched 211 comments
REEM-B, New Humanoid Robot Announced 72 comments
Xbox 360's Jamming Wireless Signals? 222 comments
Electricity Over Glass 187 comments
Ye Olde World Charm 130 comments
The Transistor's 60th Birthday 185 comments
Amazon Offers Paid Web Database Service 98 comments
Toward On-Chip Quantum Computing 48 comments
Auto Mileage Standards Raised to 35 mpg 746 comments
Giving Avatars Real Bodies 88 comments
FireWire Spec to Boost Data Speeds to 3.2 Gbps 223 comments
Will The Next Generation of Spacecraft Land In the Water? 318 comments
Does Constant Access Shatter the Home/Work Boundary? 321 comments
Hack Turns iPhone Camera Into HD Camcorder 313 comments
Why US Wireless Isn't Wide Open 70 comments
Toshiba To Launch "Super Charge" Batteries 202 comments
A Child's View of the OLPC 268 comments
CDN Forces Reactor Online Against Safety Regulations 338 comments
Sun Niagara 2 CPU Now Open Source 158 comments
Intel Demos Software Defined WiFi/WiMAX/DVB-H Chip 97 comments
Iran Builds Supercomputer From Banned AMD Parts 778 comments
Playing With Atomic Clocks At Home 167 comments
UK Wants Huge Expansion In Offshore Wind Power 264 comments
Weird Science Offered As University Class 137 comments
The 305 RAMAC — First Commercial Hard Drive 244 comments
Kidney Cells Make Implantable Power Source 88 comments
Robots That Bounce on Water 137 comments
SenseCam Aids Patients with Memory Problems 78 comments
Electric Cars to Help Utilities Load Balance Grid 247 comments
Former Anti-Nuclear Activist Does A 180 912 comments
Dvorak Slams OLPC As 'Naive Fiasco' 740 comments
New Seagate Drives Have Real Difficulties With Linux 361 comments
New Wave Power Research Rising Off Oregon Coast 158 comments
Nanorobots for Drug Delivery? 69 comments
Using Wireless Signals in Games 93 comments
Commodore 64 Still Beloved After All These Years 463 comments
Why Google Doesn't Need To Win the Bid To Win In January 96 comments
AT&T Wireless Network Is Open Too 122 comments
Western Digital Service Restricts Use of Network Drives 315 comments
Microsoft Wants OLPC System to Run Windows XP 553 comments
Balancing Robot Can Take a Kicking 207 comments
NEC Develops World's Fastest MRAM 95 comments
Microsoft Fueling HD Wars For Own Benefit? 359 comments
Major Breakthrough In Spintronics Research 106 comments
Erratum Plagues Quad-Core Opterons, Phenoms 226 comments
BBC Rules That Wi-Fi Radiation Findings Were Wrong 210 comments
Alabama Schools to be First in US to Get XO Laptop 334 comments
The $10 Billion Poker Game Begins 169 comments
Wireless Keyboard "Encryption" Cracked 232 comments
Peru Orders 260K OLPCs, Mexico to Get 50K 271 comments
Helium Leads to Geothermal Energy Resources 317 comments
Carnegie Mellon Gets $14.4M to Build Robo-Tank 213 comments
AT&T Playing Hardball With Apple? 175 comments
Wearing a Computer at Work 92 comments
Robot Hand Learns How To Learn From Babies 76 comments
New Way to ID Invisible Intruders on Wireless LANs 122 comments
IBM Sues Company Selling Fake, Flammable Batteries 261 comments
Number of Cellphones Now Equal To Half the Human Species 233 comments
Google Maps GPS Simulator 205 comments
New Type of Fatigue Discovered in Silicon 108 comments
Asus Corrects Eee PC Source Code Issue 157 comments
Exploding Cell Phone Battery Kills 287 comments
Sloshing Cellphones Reveal Their Contents 160 comments
Google Goes Green 374 comments
Verizon Wireless To Open Network 286 comments
The Biggest Roadblocks To Information Technology Development 280 comments
Google Plans Service to Store Users' Data Online 155 comments
Wearable Motion Capture 91 comments
Football Field-Sized Kite Powers Latest Freighter 251 comments
Portable Nuclear Battery in the Development Stages 439 comments
iPhone Signal Strength Problems In the UK 202 comments
Interconnecting Wind Farms To Smooth Power Production 112 comments
Robot Planes and Helicopters Taught Aerobatics 73 comments
Why Microsoft's Zune is Still Failing 593 comments
Western Digital Touts New 'Green' Drives 119 comments
6 Major Pre-Production Electric Vehicles Compared 486 comments
Best Home Network NAS 802 comments
Kindle Versus The iPhone 376 comments
THG Labs In Depth With AMD Spider 103 comments
Cryptography Expert Sounds Alarm At Possible Math Hack 236 comments
MIT Students Show How the Inca Leapt Canyons 185 comments
Shake a Secure Bluetooth Connection 107 comments
EarthLink Says No Future for Municipal Wi-Fi 126 comments
Robots Assimilate Into Cockroach Society 107 comments
The Last DC Power Grid Shut Down in NYC 533 comments
Meet the Drivers Behind NASA's Mars Rovers 67 comments
What's the Best Way to Recycle Old Tech in the US? 255 comments
IT's Love-Hate Relationship With Laptops 497 comments
Wi-Fi Piggybacking Widespread 459 comments
Historians Recreate Source Code of First 4004 Application 159 comments
Saving Power in your Home Office 285 comments
Colossus Cracks Again 88 comments
The Nuclear Power Renaissance 927 comments
Solid State Drives - Fast, Rugged, and Expensive 215 comments
Steam Survey Takes PC Gaming's Pulse 172 comments
Lap Desks 276 comments
South Korea to Build Robot Theme Parks 125 comments
Public Invited to Try Their Luck Against Old Cipher Tech 95 comments
Cooling Challenges an Issue In Rackspace Outage 294 comments
Meshnet Digital Armor To Protect Tanks 164 comments
"Stealth" Plasma Antennas 169 comments
Multitouch Without Touch Using Wiimote 94 comments
Intel Launches Power-Efficient Penryn Processors 172 comments
The Top Ten Off Switches 245 comments
OLPC Launches Buy One, Give One Free Program 282 comments
Thought-Controlled Prosthetics 88 comments
Trojan Found In New HDs Sold In Taiwan 344 comments
5 Cool Wireless Reseach Projects 50 comments
Tracking People Using Bluetooth 65 comments
Robot-Run Warehouse Speeds Deliveries 142 comments
Sony Calls Current Blu-ray/HD DVD Format War a 'Stalemate 547 comments
Fudan Intelligent Robot Learns To Fit In 66 comments
Monitor Draws Zero Power In Standby 405 comments
Hard Drive Prices Hitting New Lows 143 comments
Why the US Consumer Doesn't Deserve A Decent Robot 311 comments
AM3 Reference Diagram Disclosed 65 comments
Mass OLPC Production Begins 167 comments
Is a Laser Data Link 1.5 Million Kilometers Feasible? 304 comments
Symbian Blasts Google's Phone Initiative 276 comments
Samsung Announces Fastest 64-GB SSD 145 comments
Robot Becomes One of the Kids 186 comments
Municipal Wi-Fi - A Promise Unfulfilled? 137 comments
NASA Performs Zero-G Robot Surgery for Mars, Iraq 106 comments
Smart Monitoring PC Hardware Launched By NVIDIA 82 comments
Asus Insider Claims Apple Tablet Is Real 358 comments
Google's Open Source Mobile Platform 199 comments
MIT Offers City Car for the Masses 290 comments
Linux-Powered Lego-Like Devices Target Developers 164 comments
Dell Buys IPO-Bound EqualLogic for $1.4 Billion 54 comments
Google Announces "Open Phone" Coalition, No gPhone [Updated] 225 comments
Move to a Mainframe, Earn Carbon Credits 316 comments
Carnegie Mellon Wins Urban Challenge 153 comments
Ultracapacitors Soon to Replace Many Batteries? 415 comments
DIY CPU Demo'd Running Minix 313 comments
The Dying PC Market 307 comments
The Man Behind the Google Phone 95 comments
A New Way To Make Water, And Fuel Cells 107 comments
DARPA Looks To Adaptive Battlefield Wireless Nets 96 comments
New Catalyst May Be a Boost For Fuel Cells 130 comments
Eleven Finalists in Pentagon's Robotic Rally 64 comments
Seagate Offers Refunds on 6.2 Million Hard Drives 780 comments
Kmart Drops Blu-Ray Players 392 comments
Nanotech To Replace Disk Drives Within Ten Years? 127 comments
Open-Source 3D Printer Lets Users Make Anything 242 comments
22 Companies Sued Over Wi-Fi Patents 219 comments
Building a "Reference" Home Theater 215 comments
Australian Army Invests in Electrical Shirts 124 comments
New Robots Hunt Pirates by Sea 207 comments
Intel in the GHz Game Again - Skulltrail Hits 5 GHz 229 comments
Verizon Might Deliver Google Phone 115 comments
IBM Recycles Waste CPU Wafers Into Solar Panels 122 comments
Ubuntu May Be Killing Your Laptop's Hard Drive 419 comments
PS3 Enters DARPA Urban Challenge 39 comments
The Khaki Bandit Strikes At IT - 130 Stolen Laptops 249 comments
Amazon and Hardware As a Service 53 comments
Battery Powered Tram Charges in 60 Seconds 176 comments
Handheld Supercomputers in 10-15 Years? 240 comments
Intel's 45nm Patch Machinery Exposed 78 comments
Researchers Achieve Amazing Memory Density 279 comments
512GB Solid State Disks on the Way 186 comments
Review of Asus Linux-Based Eee PC 701 227 comments
Know Any Hardware Needing Better Linux Support? 518 comments
Focus Fusion On Google Tech Talks 141 comments
Nissan Adds Robot Helper To Its Concept Car 127 comments
NASA Ikhana Assists SoCal Firefighters 60 comments
$2 Million on the Table for DARPA Urban Challenge 88 comments
OLPC Experiments With Cow-Powered Laptops 189 comments
The Death of the Greenphone 121 comments
SanDisk Sues 25 Companies for Patent Infringement 202 comments
Samsung Unveils 64-Gbit Flash Memory Chip 150 comments
NY Wrests $1 Million From Verizon Wireless 218 comments
New Hydrogen Engine Test Shows Future of Aviation 184 comments
Personal Robots From Valley Startup 87 comments
Apple Says 250,000 iPhones Sold to Unlockers 311 comments
A Technology Report From A San Diego Fire Shelter 168 comments
Bridgestone Shows Off Ultra-Thin, Full-Color e-Paper 177 comments
AMD Ships First DTX Form Factor Prototypes 134 comments
New Password Recovery Technique Uses CPU and GPU Together 264 comments
Hitachi Releases World's Most Energy-Efficient HDD 118 comments
Home-made Helicopters in Nigeria 319 comments
The Development of Ecologically Sound Jet Fuel 210 comments
Palm Before the PalmPilot 143 comments
FCC Looks To Offer Consumers More Wireless Choice 65 comments
Space Elevator Teams Compete for NASA Prizes 158 comments
New GPS Navigator Relies On 'Wisdom of the Crowds' 90 comments
Woz Still Misses Homebrew Computer Club and Apple 274 comments
WiMax Folded Into 3G 'Family' 40 comments
Little Old Lady Hammers Comcast 416 comments
Nokia Takes Third Swing at Internet Tablet 275 comments
Invisible Solar Nano Cells Promise Clean Energy 88 comments
Beyond Nobel, Hard Drives Get Smart 156 comments
Steve Jobs Announces iPhone SDK 467 comments
Electronic Paper's Past and Future 154 comments
EDGE Can Out-Perform 3G; Here's Why 255 comments
Hitachi Promises 4-TB Hard Drives By 2011 372 comments
Pentagon Urges Space-Based Solar Power 552 comments
Ubuntu's Power Consumption Tested 330 comments
Microwind Generator For Low Power Systems 243 comments
Solar Cells Crystallized Out of Molten Silicon 83 comments
Intel X38 High End Chipset Launch and Benchmarks 87 comments
Google Vows to Increase Gmail Limit 309 comments
Inside Nvidia's Testing Facilities 67 comments
Dr. Bussard Passes Away, Polywell Fusion Continues 79 comments
First Actual CPU Energy Use Statistics Published 103 comments
Hard Drive Imports to be Banned? 391 comments
Touch-based Handhelds Turned Inside Out 142 comments
Is Video RAM a Good Swap Device? 235 comments
Alienware Puts 64GB Solid-State Drives In Desktops 235 comments
NSSO on Space Based Solar Power 198 comments
New Phone Wants to be Your Personal Trainer 63 comments
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