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Hardware Stories

Russians Build Nuclear-Powered Data Center 57 comments
900 Embedded Devices Share Hard-Coded Certs, SSH Host Keys 45 comments
AMD's Crimson Radeon Driver For Linux Barely Changes Anything 93 comments
Raspberry Pi Unveils New $5 Mini-computer 212 comments
The Quest For the Ultimate Vacuum Tube 106 comments
What Is the Future of the Television? 223 comments
The Tamagochi Singularity Made Real: Infinite Tamagochi Living On the Internet 82 comments
On iFixit and the Right To Repair 239 comments
Understanding the Antikythera Mechanism 75 comments
Sabotage Blacks Out Millions In Crimea 148 comments
Australian State Bans Possession of Blueprints For 3D Printing Firearms 311 comments
Telemedicine: The State of Telepresence In Healthcare 34 comments
Intel Broadwell-E, Apollo Lake, and Kaby Lake Details Emerge In Leaked Roadmap 115 comments
Ask Slashdot: Xbox One Or PlayStation 4? 373 comments
TrueCrypt Safer Than Previously Thought 42 comments
600,000 Arris Cable Modems Have 'Backdoors In Backdoors,' Researcher Claims 76 comments
Hands-On With the Voltera V-One PCB Printer 37 comments
French ITER Fusion Project To Take At Least 6 Years Longer Than Planned 193 comments
Silent Ear and Tongue-Tracking Tech Can Control Wearables 10 comments
NASA Selects Universities To Develop Humanoid Robot Astronauts 21 comments
AMD Launches Radeon R9 380X, Fastest GPU Under $250 110 comments
MIT Helping NASA Build Valkyrie Robots For Space Missions 35 comments
How Cisco Is Trying To Prove It Can Keep NSA Spies Out of Its Gear 130 comments
UK's Coal Plants To Be Phased Out Within 10 Years 109 comments
Adding Eye Control To Wheelchairs for Quadriplegics 15 comments
The Next Gold Rush Will Be 5,000 Feet Under the Sea, With Robot Drones 129 comments
Tape Disintegration Threatens Historical Records, But Chemistry Can Help 76 comments
Daimler Builds Massive Industrial Energy Storage Systems From Used EV Batteries 73 comments
Google's Chromebit Micro-Computer Launches 60 comments
Intel Launches 72-Core Knight's Landing Xeon Phi Supercomputer Chip 179 comments
NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Performance Shines For GPU Computing 22 comments
737 'Tailstrike' Caused By Typo On a Tablet 366 comments
China To Spend $47 Billion In Bid To Become 3rd-Largest Global Chip Manufacturer 53 comments
Louis Friedman Says Humans Will Never Venture Beyond Mars 378 comments
The Intel 4004 Microprocessor Turns 44 60 comments
FCC Clarifies: It's Legal To Hack Your Router 85 comments
Police Body Cameras Come With Pre-Installed Malware 100 comments
Huawei Battery Upgrade Means Dramatically Faster Charging For Mobile Devices 75 comments
BadBarcode Attack Forces Host System To Carry Out Commands 79 comments
Self-Encrypting Drives Hardly Any Better Than Software-Based Encryption 73 comments
Gene Amdahl, Pioneer of Mainframe Computing, Dies At 92 78 comments
Quantum Dots Made From Fool's Gold Boost Battery Performance 18 comments
Ask Slashdot: What's Out There For Poor Vision? 197 comments
Bank of England's Andy Haldane Warns Smart Machines Could Take 15M UK Jobs 291 comments
Hacked Amazon Echo Controls a Wheelchair 23 comments
Getting Started With GNU Radio 42 comments
Bluetooth 2016 Roadmap Brings Fourfold Range Increase and Mesh Networking 29 comments
Even the CEO's Job Is Susceptible To Automation, McKinsey Report Says 176 comments
NVIDIA Releases JTX1 ARM Board That Competes With Intel's Skylake i7-6700K 84 comments
Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon 820 With Adreno 530 Graphics For Mobile Devices 34 comments
Sony To End Sales of Betamax Tapes Next Year 103 comments
In Ireland, All RC and Drones Over 1kg To Be Registered 108 comments
Ask Slashdot: Open Source Back-Up Tool For Business? 118 comments
The Dawn of the Robotic Chef 50 comments
Ask Slashdot: Tiny PCs To Drive Dozens of NOC Monitors? 197 comments
Google's Robotics Group Lacks Leadership 43 comments
ABC's 'BattleBots' Reboot Will Come Back For a Second Season 37 comments
Intel Skylake-U For Laptops Posts Solid Gains In Testing, Especially Graphics 104 comments
Hands-On With the Nintendo PlayStation 51 comments
Scan a Book In Five Minutes With a $199 Scanner? 221 comments
Jack McCauley's Next Challenge: the Perfect Head-Tracker For VR 25 comments
Report: Google Wants To Design Its Own Smartphone Chips 90 comments
Surry Nuclear Reactors To Extend Lifespan To 80 Years 148 comments
Paris Data Center Not Too Noisy, After All 77 comments
Ocean-Mapping Robots Could Help Uncover Mysteries of the Deep Blue 21 comments
Google Engineer Warns Against Perils of Buying Cheap, Third-Party USB-C Cables 206 comments
Ask Slashdot: Secure, Yet Accessible E-mail Archive Storage? 74 comments
Lytro Announces World's First Light Field VR Camera 30 comments
Cloud Growth Spurs Data Center Land Grab In Northern Virginia 20 comments
Intel Offers More Insight On Its 3D Memory 115 comments
Huge Mechanical Computers Used To Calculate Horse Racing Odds 63 comments
Self-Driving Delivery Robots To Hit Sidewalks of London In 2016 98 comments
Microsoft Cuts OneDrive Storage Limits, Citing Abuse 330 comments
Slashdot Asks: Notes For Next Hallowe'en? 151 comments
Hacking Jules Coaxes Android Wear To Run Nintendo 64 and PSP Emulators 37 comments
Cambridge Researchers Present Lithium-Air Battery Breakthrough 100 comments
Farmer Coalition Offers $250K Prize For Blueberry Picking Robot 112 comments
Getting Small: Modular Data Center Designs Play Large Role In Edge Growth 5 comments
Robots Teach Each Other New Tricks 27 comments
Batman Demands 12GB RAM For Windows 10 309 comments
Solar Energy in Space is not Necessarily Easy to Harvest (Video) 85 comments
Hackers, Activists, Journos: How To Build a Secure Burner Laptop 139 comments
Universities, Gov't Testing Magnetic Resonance Charging For EVs In Transit 77 comments
Oracle Bakes Security Into New Chips 99 comments
Immersion Cooling Drives Server Power Densities To Insane New Heights 80 comments
MAME Emulating a Sonic the Hedgehog Popcorn Machine 33 comments
Official, Customized Raspberry Pi Versions Coming Soon 93 comments
Morocco's Solar Power Mega-Project 102 comments
ARM64 Vs ARM32 -- What's Different For Linux Programmers? 102 comments
First New US Nuclear Reactor In Two Decades Gets Permission To Begin Fueling 167 comments
A Tower of Molten Salt Will Deliver Solar Power After Sunset 139 comments
Hands-On WIth Dell's 4K Infinity Edge-Equipped Laptops 77 comments
Compromised CCTV and NAS Devices Found Participating In DDoS Attacks 64 comments
Hands-On With the Fairphone 2 Modular Android Smartphone 107 comments
The Bizarre Reactor Scientists Hope Will Save Fusion Research 223 comments
Samsung 950 Pro Brings NVMe To M.2, Over 2.5GB/s 36 comments
Looking At the Hardware and Software of JAXA's Hayabusa-2 16 comments
Not Just Paris: Community Activists Target Data Centers 151 comments
3D-Printed Teeth Can Kill 99% of Dental Bacteria 120 comments
Samsung Demos PCIe NVMe SSD At 5.6 GB Per Second, 1 Million IOPS 88 comments
Should Japan Restart More Nuclear Power Plants? 313 comments
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Reviews 152 comments
Noise Protests Close Paris Data Center 157 comments
Western Digital To Buy SanDisk 99 comments
'Clock Kid' Ahmed Mohamed and His Family To Leave US, Move To Qatar 621 comments
Self-Encrypting Western Digital Hard Drives Easy To Crack 74 comments
Ultrasonic Power Transfer Investigated Using Data From uBeam Patent Filings 120 comments
A Chat With the Author of 'Abacus to smartphone: The evolution of mobile and portable computing' (Video) 6 comments
Why Aren't There Better Cybersecurity Regulations For Medical Devices? 99 comments
Guy Creates Handheld Railgun With a 3D-Printer 276 comments
Former Governor On Holding the Department of Energy Accountable In Idaho 120 comments
Rod Logic Computers and Why We Don't Already Have Them 31 comments
New Plastic For Old Amigas and Commodores 128 comments
Deja Vu: Microsoft's 2015 Surface Book Ad and Apple's 2014 'Your Verse' iPad Ad 71 comments
Google Drops Desktop Voice Search In Chrome 51 comments
Learning To Fly, With a Full-Size Cockpit Simulator 77 comments
Point-And-Shoot Weapon Stops Drones Without Destroying Them 116 comments
China Looks To Deep Space Missions, Including More Lunar Landings and Robot Ants 65 comments
Data Centers Coming To a City Near You 39 comments
How a Frozen Neutrino Observatory Grapples With Staggering Amounts of Data 49 comments
China's Flash Consumption Grows To 30%; 8TB SSDs Are Coming 67 comments
Why Cybersecurity Experts Want Open Source Routers 177 comments
USB Killer 2.0: a Harmless-Looking USB Stick That Destroys Computers 229 comments
Orange County Developer To Install Tesla Batteries In Two Dozen Buildings 89 comments
Apple Loses Patent Suit To University of Wisconsin, Faces Huge Damages 312 comments
Tesla: Journalists Trespassed At Gigafactory, Assaulted Employees 328 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is There Space For Open Hardware In Networking? 121 comments
Jamming Wi-Fi With a $15 Dongle 136 comments
DARPA's ICARUS Program To Develop Self-Destructing Air Delivery Vehicles 70 comments
"E-mailable" House Snaps Together Without Nails 127 comments
Ion-Based Data Allows Atom-Sized Storage Cells Similar To Brain Structure 19 comments
Charge Rage: Electric Cars Are Making People Meaner In California 554 comments
Dell To Buy EMC For $67 Billion 116 comments
Replacement of Writers Leads Gartner's Predictions 113 comments
ARM Processor On a Breadboard 94 comments
Amazon: a Single Disaster Made Us Rethink Our Cloud Supply Chain 37 comments
Linus: '2016 Will Be the Year of the ARM Laptop' 182 comments
Amazon To Offer Sneakernet Services: Data Upload By Mail 94 comments
Barnes & Noble Has Been Quietly Refreshing Its Nook Hardware 31 comments
Dell Brings 4K InfinityEdge Display To XPS 15 Line, GeForce GPU, Under 4 Pounds 94 comments
Not All iPhone 6s Processors Are Created Equal 262 comments
Dell, EMC Said To Be In Merger Talks 97 comments
Wealth of Personal Data Found On Used Electronics Purchased Online 70 comments
Making Your Graphing Calculator a Musical Instrument 55 comments
Wind Power Now Cheapest Energy In UK and Germany; No Subsidies Needed 421 comments
Why Is RAM Suddenly So Cheap? It Might Be Windows 209 comments
Team Constructs Silicon 2-qubit Gate, Enabling Construction of Quantum Computers 92 comments
From Microsoft, HoloLens VR Dev Kit, New Phones, Continuum 88 comments
Software Defined Smart Battery Arrays Extend Laptop Life 42 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Is Your Most Awesome Hardware Hack? 251 comments
On-Chip Liquid Cooling Permits Smaller Devices With No Heatsinks Or Fans 45 comments
Sensor Network Makes Life Easier For Japan's Aging Rice Farmers 91 comments
Nissan Creates the Ultimate Distracted Driving Machine 140 comments
Japan Display Squeezes 8K Resolution Into 17-inch LCD, Cracks 510 PPI At 120Hz 178 comments
Desktop Turing-Welchman Bombe Build 69 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Country For Secure Online Hosting? 113 comments
Some Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Smartphones Mysteriously Powering Down 59 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is the Gap Between Data Access Speeds Widening Or Narrowing? 92 comments
SolarCity Says It Has Produced the World's Highest Efficiency Solar Panel 184 comments
$50 Fire Tablet With High-capacity SDXC Slot Doesn't See E-books On the SD Card 145 comments
NASA Targets Venus, Asteroids With Potential Missions 47 comments
Oculus Founder Explains Why the Rift VR Headset Will Cost "More Than $350" 174 comments
EU Probes TVs Over Energy Test Scores 93 comments
IBM Scientists Find New Way To Shrink Transistors 100 comments
Apple Bans iFixit Repair App From App Store After Apple TV Teardown 366 comments
Advance In Super/Ultra Capacitor Tech: High Voltage and High Capacity 147 comments
Google Shows Off 2 New Nexus Phones, a New Pixel, and More 208 comments
Ask Slashdot: Advanced KVM Switch? 128 comments
ALS Patients Use a Brain Implant To Type 6 Words Per Minute 26 comments
How Amazon's Robots Move Everything Around 177 comments
Ditch Linux For Windows 10 On Your Raspberry Pi With Microsoft's IoT Kit 308 comments
Switch To Build Largest Data Center In the World In Reno 62 comments
Light-Based Memory Chip Is First To Permanently Store Data 85 comments
Brain-Controlled (Inflatable) Shark Attack 17 comments
Nuclear Energy: The Good News and the Bad News In the EPA Clean Energy Plan 121 comments
Russian Scientists Create Cockroach Spy Robot 50 comments
Battery Advance Could Lead To a Cleaner Way To Store Energy 147 comments
1000-key Emoji Keyboard Is As Crazy As It Sounds 146 comments
Does It Make Sense To Hand Make Printed Circuit Boards? 196 comments
Intel Launches SSD DC P3608 NVMe Solid State Drive With 5GB/Sec Performance 65 comments
Startups Push 3D Printers As Industry Leaders Falter 101 comments
Misusing Ethernet To Kill Computer Infrastructure Dead 303 comments
Nintendo Joins Khronos Group 46 comments
NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX 980 GPU For High-End Gaming Notebooks 90 comments
Ask Slashdot: Recommendations For a Reliable Linux Laptop? 237 comments
Why Hardware Development Takes Longer in the West Than in China (Video) 65 comments
Robots' Next Big Job: Trash Pickup 112 comments
Pokemon Go: What Nintendo Needs To Learn From Ingress 61 comments
Hardware Projects (and Pranks) That Have Scared Observers 193 comments
Microsoft and Others Mean Stiff Competition For Apple iPad Pro 279 comments
Google Releases Open Source Plans For Cardboard V2 Virtual Reality Viewer 26 comments
Ask Slashdot: How Do You Organize Your Virtual Desktops? 125 comments
Microsoft's Satya Nadella Shown Up By Confused Cortana Assistant 201 comments
Intel Kills a Top-of-the-Line Processor 99 comments
iPad Mini-Style Specs, On the Cheap, In Android-Based ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 87 comments
Popup Factory Demo at Solid Conference 2015 (Video 1 of 2) 9 comments
Obama Invites Texas Teen To White House After "Bomb" Clock Incident At School 657 comments
The Lessons Learned From Emergency Robot Deployments 12 comments
9th-Grader May Face Charges After Homemade Clock Mistaken For Bomb 956 comments
Robotics Researcher Starts Campaign To Ban Development of Sexbots 536 comments
HP To Jettison Up To 30,000 Jobs As Part of Spinoff 273 comments
The Era of Open Source Cars 31 comments
Porsche Unveils Its First Electric Car 213 comments
India Mulls Using Nuclear Power For Its Chandrayaan-2 Mission To the Moon 93 comments
Cancer Patient Receives 3D-Printed Titanium Sternum and Ribs 38 comments
Flash From the Past: Why an Apparent Israeli Nuclear Test In 1979 Matters Today 441 comments
Epson's 'Empty' Professional-Grade Cartridges Can Have 20 Per Cent of Their Ink Remaining 268 comments
Purdue 'HUSH' Tool Promises 16% Battery Life Gain For Wasteful Android Phones 80 comments
Can High-Tech Academia Survive Silicon Valley's Talent Binge? 137 comments
Million-Square-Foot Data Center Being Built In Dallas 40 comments
Using a Smartphone As a Virtual Reality Controller 13 comments
The Handheld Analog Computer That Made the Atomic Bomb 45 comments
Xerox PARC Creates Self-Destructing Chip 96 comments
Morphological Computation: The Hidden Superpower of Soft-Bodied Robots 51 comments
Ask Slashdot: Synchronizing Sound With Video, Using Open Source? 103 comments
The Install Size of Every PS4 and Xbox One Game 106 comments
Alienware's X51 R3, Revamped With Skylake and Maxwell, Tested and Torn Down 18 comments
Plug In an Ethernet Cable, Take Your Datacenter Offline 150 comments
Ask Slashdot: Cheapest Functional Computer For Students? 508 comments
The Story of Oculus Rift 80 comments
WSJ: We Need the Right To Repair Our Gadgets 345 comments
Hedgehog Rovers Hop and Tumble In Microgravity 31 comments
Testing Old Tapes To Save Them 62 comments
Raspberry Pi Touch Screen Released 66 comments
Amazon Reportedly Aiming For the Low End With a Loss-Leader $50 Tablet 111 comments
Backdoor Discovered Into Seagate NAS Drives 121 comments
Ask Slashdot: Storing Family Videos and Pictures For Posterity? 174 comments
Robot Submarine Poisons Sea Stars To Save Coral Reefs 106 comments
Brady Forrest Talks About Building a Hardware Startup (Video) 8 comments
Solar Windows Could Help Power Buildings 89 comments
Cheap Smartphones Quietly Becoming Popular In the US 209 comments
Slowing Wind Energy Production Suffers From Lack of Wind 224 comments
How To Build With Delrin and a Laser Cutter 28 comments
Police Body Camera Business All About the Video Evidence Storage 99 comments
Sony Unveils Smartphone With 4K Screen 117 comments
New FCC Rules Could Ban WiFi Router Firmware Modification 242 comments
Intel Launches Onslaught of Skylake CPUs For Laptops, Hybrids and Compute Stick 54 comments
Mozilla Project Working on Immersive Displays (Video) 47 comments
Bugs In Belkin Routers Allow DNS Spoofing, Credential Theft 48 comments
Citi Report: Slowing Global Warming Could Save Tens of Trillions of Dollars 248 comments
Gaming Computers Offer Huge, Untapped Energy Savings Potential 207 comments
World's Most Powerful Digital Camera Sees Construction Green Light 89 comments
Plunging Battery Prices Expected To Spur Renewable Energy Adoption 130 comments
OnHub Router -- Google's Smart Home Trojan Horse? 123 comments
AMD's R9 Fury On Open-Source: Prepare for Disappointment, For Now 43 comments
Magnet-Steered Nano-Fish Could Deliver Drugs and Sweep Body Toxins 37 comments
MIAOW Open Source GPU Debuts At Hot Chips 45 comments
Kenya's iHub Creates Accelerator Program For Tech-Hardware Entrepreneurs 16 comments
A Look At the World's First Virtual Reality Theme Park 16 comments
Learn FPGAs With a $25 Board and Open Source Tools 93 comments
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