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Games Stories for 2005

Watercooling the XBox 360 141 comments
Indiana Tries to Pass Game Law Again 267 comments
Microsoft's Big Bet on Online Gaming 351 comments
PopCap Titles Life-Savers 41 comments
Hulk Smash! Lacks Subtlety 31 comments
A Year In Second Life 15 comments
DOA Ships Today 37 comments
Alliance WoW Race Revealed? 94 comments
Nissan and Microsoft Create Videogame Car 254 comments
Sony Graffiti Ads Draw More Anger 69 comments
Father and Son Learn From Games 40 comments
A Short Interview with John Carmack 15 comments
Trust In Virtual Worlds 55 comments
Xbox 360 Kiosk Demo Spurs Hackers 229 comments
MTV Making Better Gaming TV Than G4TV? 59 comments
MMOG Holiday Quickies 36 comments
Challenges To Microsoft For 2006 224 comments
Judge Blocks Ban on Violent Video Game Sales 242 comments
More 2005 Gaming Than You Really Want 111 comments
Ultima V: Lazarus Released 23 comments
Global Thermonuclear War 48 comments
30 Greatest Games of 2005 158 comments
Blizzard Banhammer Kills 18k 79 comments
Size Does Matter 21 comments
12 Days of Gaming 15 comments
More CA Games Bill Reactions 20 comments
Xbox Shortages Continue, Console Meeting Goals 66 comments
CA Games Bill Stopped 24 comments
Is HD Important To The Future of Gaming? 77 comments
Jack Thompson Buys Stock in GTA Parent Company 354 comments
Best and Worst of 2005 54 comments
11 Design Mistakes of the Xbox 360 103 comments
Reincarnating the NES 91 comments
UT 2K7 Slated for PS3 Launch 53 comments
Kong Lives! 51 comments
The Art of LucasArts 21 comments
The Best Japanese Games of 2005 35 comments
The Near Future of SquareEnix 25 comments
Games Met Politics In 2005 23 comments
Impressions From A Second Shipment 360 Owner 427 comments
EA Earnings Down, Talks Next-Gen Issues 22 comments
SWG: The New Game Experience 31 comments
Games That Travel Well 317 comments
Xbox Modders Charged Under DMCA 377 comments
Mario Hacks MIT 20 comments
PC Gaming Declared Not Dead Again 70 comments
SOE Applies Mouse-Only SWG Patch 44 comments
Pokemon Gene Renamed Under Legal Threat 69 comments
Best Videogame Compilations 54 comments
The Last Days of an Online World 76 comments
Nintendo Promotes Music Piracy? 74 comments
World of Warcraft Tops 5M Subscribers 59 comments
Review: Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones 171 comments
360 Has Best Launch Lineup Ever? 204 comments
Dell XPS 'Gaming' PC Review 449 comments
The History of Videogame Lawsuits 116 comments
No Blockbuster Titles in 2005? 116 comments
Disabled Fans Shut Out of Galaxies 387 comments
Why Do Computer Games Claim Lives? 321 comments
Bioware/Pandemic To Go Public 22 comments
Hacking the Xbox 30 comments
Clinton Files Game Legislation 61 comments
Review: Dragon Quest VIII 245 comments
ATI Video Processing Upgrade 142 comments
Why You Can't Buy A 360 168 comments
A Shoe To The Head For Game Journalism 52 comments
Galaxies To Beat World of Warcraft? 164 comments
Game Rag Makes With The Funny 12 comments
Xbox Execs Gain Clout 19 comments
CNN Hands-On With The Revolution 150 comments
No HD-DVD For 360 In The Near Future 37 comments
Jamdat Investor Sues EA 10 comments
The Next-Gen Odd Couple 249 comments
Settlement in Marvel vs. NCSoft Lawsuit 31 comments
Huge World of Warcraft Machinima Contest 19 comments
Sanya and Lum on Mythic Endeavors 8 comments
Child's Play Auction Raises $82,100 14 comments
The Shadow of Kong 60 comments
PopCap On Casual Gaming 13 comments
Sony & LucasArts Muck Up The Force 58 comments
EA's Best-kept Secret 33 comments
Rare Games and Their Collectors 33 comments
Lik Sang on a PSP TV Adapter 12 comments
The Integrity of Game Journalists 27 comments
Holiday Gaming Potpourri 202 comments
D&D Online Stress Beta Begins 400 comments
The Lost Final Fantasy 38 comments
When Halo Met DOA 50 comments
G4TV Cancels More Shows 97 comments
Sam and Max Online Comic 13 comments
HD Era Doesn't Start Till Sony Says So 51 comments
The End of Indie Retail? 28 comments
Working Designs Shuts Its Doors 43 comments
Going To School In Azeroth 13 comments
The Hassles of FFXI on the 360 56 comments
The Convergence of Games and Film 18 comments
JP 360 Stock Moves Slowly 53 comments
Videogame Mythbusting 70 comments
Game Tunnel Opens Indie Game of the Year Awards 2 comments
Review of WidowPC Sting 917 Gaming Laptop 276 comments
Xbox 360 File System Decoded 225 comments
Slow Start For the 360 in Japan 74 comments
Under the Hood of the Xbox 360 374 comments
2005's Console Hardware In Review 31 comments
Time Extend - Beyond Good and Evil 30 comments
Independent Game Festival Finalists Announced 10 comments
Sega to Release New Dreamcast Bundle? 71 comments
2005 SpikeTV VGAs Air 17 comments
Gamers Better at Driving w/ Cell Phones? 310 comments
An Interview with Jeffrey Kalles 46 comments
Bridge Construction Set Contest 29 comments
John Smedley On The New Galaxies 43 comments
Publishers Frustrated With Second-Hand Sales 113 comments
Teen Charged With Harassing Thompson 62 comments
360 Launches In Japan 81 comments
Cinematic Effects Aid Gaming Realism 30 comments
King's Quest 9 Lives! 25 comments
The Industry's Opinion: The 360 Launch 36 comments
Christmas Shopping For A Gamer 135 comments
MMOFPS Games The Next Big Thing? 80 comments
Pirates of the Burning Sea Starts Beta 26 comments
The Evolution of Online Dragon-Slaying 20 comments
New 360 Backwards Compatibility 43 comments
Analysts Lower Publisher Projections 8 comments
Take-Two's 2005 6 comments
Game Scores Do Not Equate To Sales 47 comments
On The Feminine Form In Gaming 693 comments
The Cult of the NeoPet 40 comments
PS3 On Track For Spring 2006 47 comments
Jamdat Purchased By EA 18 comments
Tomorrow's Xbox 360 Japanese Launch 31 comments
Hacker Team Releases First 360 ISO 51 comments
Indoctrinating The Young As Gamers 42 comments
Marketing As Part of Game Development 28 comments
Castlevania Leads DS Charge 54 comments
Gaming Damages Violence Inhibitions 52 comments
Microsoft Reveals 360 Shortage Reason 81 comments
Is Link About to Die? 76 comments
Revolution Easy To Port To 48 comments
Mass Media on Gold Farming 60 comments
Resident Evil 5 Aims For Multi-Console Launch 18 comments
Nintendo Considers WFC A Success 28 comments
Child's Play Hits $200,000 39 comments
Terrible Games From A Terrible Year 54 comments
Best Buy Apologizes For 360 Bundles 102 comments
The Minerva Half-Life 2 Mod 31 comments
PlayStation Touch Screen for Your Linux Box 136 comments
PSP Still Struggling For Notice 111 comments
Still No Director For Halo Movie 27 comments
Small Publishers Winning Mobile Gaming Race 17 comments
Where In The World is the 360? 100 comments
ESRB Retorts to NIMF 52 comments
The Week in Gaming in Japan 26 comments
The Real Next Generation 18 comments
How Xbox Games Look On The 360 53 comments
RagDoll Development 24 comments
Miyamoto Hints At Second Revolution Secret 146 comments
Valve Looks Beyond The FPS 38 comments
Build Your Own MMOG 207 comments
The Revolution's Power And Launch Date 127 comments
Why We Fight 135 comments
Sony May Complete RSS Support For PSP 31 comments
The Earliest Documented Video Game 28 comments
Certain Xbox 360 Titles May Fill 4 DVDs 107 comments
Are the 360 Launch Titles Actually Next-Gen? 99 comments
Why Ebert Was Right 102 comments
Microsoft Sued Over Alleged Xbox 360 Defects 724 comments
Design Educations Under Criticism 48 comments
Study Finds In-Game Ads Work 32 comments
Older Gamers Getting Attention 11 comments
Microsoft Plays 'Big Brother' With Xbox Live 83 comments
RISK on Google Maps Shut Down 312 comments
Sony Paid for Fake PSP Graffiti? 129 comments
Reflections On The Revolution 71 comments
The Dreamcast 7 Years Old and Still Marching 44 comments
Advice on Running a Successful Videogame Store? 134 comments
Machinima With A Political Voice 20 comments
Man's Best Virtual Friend 26 comments
EA Sued Over Madden 06 Feature 46 comments
Illinois Videogame Law Struck Down 320 comments
RPGs In The 'Real World' 184 comments
Game Designers Lack An X Chromosome 80 comments
Smash Bros. Creator On-Board For Revolution Smash 37 comments
What Happens In A Gaming Industry Shakeout 31 comments
How Bioware Makes A Community Work 12 comments
The Xbox vs. PC Gaming 31 comments
Video Games Seriously Harmful to Children? 85 comments
Xbox 360 Launches In Europe 56 comments
Greatest Games - The Sims 57 comments
Ctrl-Alt-Delete Animated Series Announced 54 comments
BioWare Hiring Writers by Contest 143 comments
Repercussions of Legislation on the Gaming Industry 35 comments
The Importance of New Ideas 50 comments
The Industry On In-Game Advertising 63 comments
360 Sells 400k Units, New Stock This Weekend 64 comments
Final Fantasy Marketing - Energy Drink Potions 37 comments
'Games Are Not Art' - The Fault of Game Journalists 149 comments
MMOG Designers Throw Down Over Instancing 76 comments
We Are All Gamers 22 comments
The High Cost of Gaming 115 comments
Game Designers As Social Engineers 22 comments
Half-Life 2 Comes To Japanese Arcades 23 comments
ARGs And The Female Gamer 26 comments
Gamestop Reports Loss, 360 Shortages 32 comments
The ESRB Gets An 'F' 641 comments
A Method To Uwe Boll's Madness 82 comments
What Kind Of Star Trek MMO Do You Want? 100 comments
100 Million PS2s Shipped 61 comments
Clinton Introduces Invasive Game Legislation 157 comments
Brad McQuaid On Instancing 56 comments
The End of Copyright 86 comments
Sony Adds RSS Support to PSP 38 comments
Hackers Happily Hacking The 360 41 comments
The Real Revolution Comes May 9, 2006 80 comments
Studios Rise And Fall 19 comments
2005's 10 Most Violent Games 59 comments
Gaming Industry Going Down? 108 comments
Call of Duty 2 Causing Server Unrest 61 comments
How To Manage A Large-Scale Online Community 32 comments
Revolution Roundtable 103 comments
Xbox 360 Has Nothing On Atari 2600 64 comments
Run Windows MCE Applications on Xbox 360 133 comments
DS Meet Hopes to Match Nintendo DS Gamers 13 comments
The 13 Steps to Sony's Demise 82 comments
Quake2 Ported to Java, Play Via the Web 326 comments
Free60 Project Aims for Linux on Xbox 360 511 comments
Firefox 3D Canvas FPS Engine 280 comments
When The Other Woman Is An Xbox 163 comments
Dead Chinese Gamer Wasn't A WoW Player 62 comments
Nokia Declares N-Gage A Failure 216 comments
Nintendo's Profits Fall On Gamecube Sales 66 comments
Fatal1ty Walks Away With CPL Purse 25 comments
The Xbox 360 Launch Examined 61 comments
ELOTH:TES Makes The News 24 comments
How The Revolution Will Change Games Forever 114 comments
F.E.A.R. SDK Released 22 comments
Games and Their Athletes 9 comments
MS Responds To 360 Glitches 137 comments
How The 360 Works 40 comments
Inside Community Relations at NCsoft 14 comments
Salon On The Anti-Gaming CSI Episode 77 comments
Hot Coffee In The Retail Space 80 comments
Microsoft Loses $126 Per Unit on XBox 360 725 comments
Spector Working On Steam Title 30 comments
Majoring in Video Game Design 44 comments
Sequels Turning Off Game Consumers 67 comments
Xbox 360 Very Unstable 1113 comments
In-Game Ads Necessary? 90 comments
Jack Thompson Tossed Out Of Court 381 comments
The Game Industry Is About The Games 22 comments
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