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Apple Stories

Apple Gets Its First Batch of iPhone Chips From TSMC 34 comments
Apple Hires Away TAG Heuer's VP of Global Sales 67 comments
Apple Kills Aperture, Says New Photos App Will Replace It 214 comments
How Apple Can Take Its Headphones To the Next Level 196 comments
Microsoft Wants You To Trade Your MacBook Air In For a Surface Pro 3 365 comments
Judge: $324M Settlement In Silicon Valley Tech Worker Case Not Enough 150 comments
Google and Microsoft Plan Kill Switches On Smartphones 137 comments
Google To Take On Apple's CarPlay 126 comments
How Tim Cook Is Filling Steve Jobs's Shoes 209 comments
One Developer's Experience With Real Life Bitrot Under HFS+ 396 comments
European iPhone Chargers Prone To Overheating 128 comments
Synaptics Buys Key Apple Supplier 38 comments
Apple To Be Investigated By the EU Over Tax Affairs 155 comments
iOS 8 Strikes an Unexpected Blow Against Location Tracking 323 comments
After Trademark Dispute, Mexican Carriers Can No Longer Use iPhone Name In Ads 53 comments
Apple Acquires Social Search Engine Spotsetter 21 comments
Netflix Ditches Silverlight For HTML5 On Macs 202 comments
Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake' 711 comments
Apple Announces New Programming Language Called Swift 636 comments
Apple WWDC 2014: Tim Cook Unveils Yosemite 411 comments
Apple's 2014 WWDC Keynote Will Be Streamed Live; Hopes For a Microconsole? 147 comments
Apple Confirms Purchase of Beats For $3 Billion 188 comments
Report: Apple To Unveil "Smart Home" System 174 comments
Google Releases VirusTotal Uploader For OS X 37 comments
After Knocked-Down Damages Claim, Apple Again Seeks to Ban Some Samsung Phones 114 comments
Google Overtakes Apple As the World's Most Valuable Brand 84 comments
Valve In-Home Game Streaming Supports Windows, OS X & Linux 106 comments
Why Cheap Smartphones Are Going To Upset the Industry 234 comments
Apple To Face Lawsuit For iMessage Glitch 238 comments
Apple and Google's Motorola Unit End Patent War 46 comments
Finding More Than One Worm In the Apple 116 comments
Apple's Revenge: iMessage Might Eat Your Texts If You Switch To Android 415 comments
Can Thunderbolt Survive USB SuperSpeed+? 355 comments
Plaintiff In Tech Hiring Suit Asks Judge To Reject Settlement 215 comments
Apple Reportedly Buying Beats Electronics For $3.2 Billion 198 comments
Apple Can Extract Texts, Photos, Contacts From Locked iPhones 202 comments
Death Wish Meets GPS: iPhone Theft Victims Confronting Perps 664 comments
Steve Jobs Defied Convention, and Perhaps the Law 311 comments
Jury Finds Apple and Samsung Infringed Each Other's Patents 49 comments
iOS 7 Update Silently Removes Encryption For Email Attachments 68 comments
Figuring Out the iPad's Place 333 comments
New Zero-Day Flash Bug Affects Windows, OS X, and Linux Computers 178 comments
Amazon Turns Off In-App Purchases In iOS Comixology 244 comments
Apple, Google Agree To Settle Lawsuit Alleging Hiring Conspiracy 108 comments
iPad Fever Is Officially Cooling 386 comments
You Can Now Run Beta Versions of OS X—For Free 201 comments
How Apple's Billion Dollar Sapphire Bet Will Pay Off 195 comments
Apple Fixes Major SSL Bug In OS X, iOS 96 comments
Apple, Google Vying For Mobile Game Exclusivity 52 comments
How Apple's CarPlay Could Shore Up the Car Stereo Industry 194 comments
Apple's Spotty Record of Giving Back To the Tech Industry 268 comments
Wi-Fi Problems Dog Apple-Samsung Trial 80 comments
Apple, Google, and Amazon's Quest For One Remote Control Is Futile 130 comments
Apple: Dumb As a Patent Trolling Fox On iPhone Prior Art? 408 comments
Details You're Not Supposed To See From Boston U's Patent Settlements 130 comments
Apple Patent Could Herald Interchangeable iPhone Camera Lenses 160 comments
Typo Keyboard For iPhone Faces Sales Ban 205 comments
What Apple's iWatch Can Learn From Pebble 97 comments
Apple, Google Go On Trial For Wage Fixing On May 27 148 comments
Judge OKs Class Action Suit Against Apple For E-Book Price Fixing 88 comments
Microsoft Launches Office For iPad: Includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 184 comments
Russian Officials Dump iPads For Samsung Tablets Over Spy Fears 198 comments
Google Now Arrives In Chrome For Windows and Mac 74 comments
Apple Reportedly In Talks With Comcast For Separate Apple Streaming Path 150 comments
Tor Project: Fake Tor App Has Been In Apple's App Store For Months 78 comments
Weak Apple PRNG Threatens iOS Exploit Mitigations 143 comments
How Steve Jobs Got the iPhone Into Japan 104 comments
Apple Demands $40 Per Samsung Phone For 5 Software Patents 406 comments
How Ireland Got Apple's $9 Billion Australian Profit 288 comments
Apple Refuses To Unlock Bequeathed iPad 465 comments
Apple Launches CarPlay At Geneva Show 264 comments
Apple Closes OpenNI the Open Source Kinect Framework 82 comments
Apple To Unveil Its 'iOS In the Car' Project Next Week 198 comments
Tim Cook: If You Don't Like Our Energy Policies, Don't Buy Apple Stock 348 comments
Apple's Messages Offers Free Texting With a Side of iPhone Lock-In 179 comments
Apple Drops Snow Leopard Security Updates, Doesn't Tell Anyone 241 comments
Apple Urges Arizona Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Legislation 917 comments
New iOS Keylogging Vulnerability Discovered 72 comments
Apple SSL Bug In iOS Also Affects OS X 140 comments
Steve Jobs To Appear On US Postage Stamp 184 comments
Apple Fixes Dangerous SSL Authentication Flaw In iOS 101 comments
Elon Musk Talks Tesla, Apple, Model X 99 comments
Apple Rumored To Be Exploring Medical Devices, Electric Cars To Reignite Growth 255 comments
Apple's Hiring Spree of Biosensor Experts Continues As iWatch Team Grows 62 comments
Japanese Man Already Lined Up To Buy iPhone 6 114 comments
Mac OS X Bitcoin Stealing Trojan Horse Called OSX/CoinThief Discovered 108 comments
LinkedIn Ditches Feature That Was a 'Dream For Attackers' 70 comments
iWatch Prototypes Could Be Ready, Apple Hires Fitness Physiologists For Tests 100 comments
Wozniak To Apple: Consider Building an Android Phone 249 comments
North Korea's Home-Grown Operating System Mimics OS X 252 comments
Apple Reportedly Testing Inductive, Solar and Motion Charging For Its Smartwatch 219 comments
Pending Apple Patent For 'Inferring User Mood' 79 comments
Watch Steve Jobs Demo the Mac, In 1984 129 comments
Schiller Says Apple Is the Last PC Maker From the Mac Era, Forgets About HP 474 comments
How Silicon Valley CEOs Conspired To Suppress Engineers' Wages 462 comments
Apple Macintosh Turns 30 154 comments
GPUs Dropping Dead In 2011 MacBook Pro Models 359 comments
Apple Devices To Reach Parity With Windows PCs In 2014 511 comments
Apple, Amazon, Microsoft & More Settle Lawsuits With Boston University 129 comments
Apple Will Refund $32.5M To Settle In-App Purchase Complaints With FTC 252 comments
Many Mac OS Users Not Getting Security Updates 380 comments
Samsung, Apple Agree To Try Mediation In Patent Disputes 70 comments
Apple Denies Helping NSA Subvert iPhone 284 comments
Apple's New Mac Pro Gets High Repairability Score 234 comments
Is a Super-Sized iPad the Future of Education? 234 comments
Apple Again Seeks Ban On 20+ Samsung Devices In US 235 comments
What Would It Cost To Build a Windows Version of the Pricey New Mac Pro? 804 comments
Apple Fined In Taiwan For iPhone Price Fixing 74 comments
Google Sues Consortium Backed By Apple and Microsoft to Protect Android 150 comments
A Flood of Fawning Reviews For Apple's Latest 501 comments
Apple Forges Agreement With China Mobile 79 comments
Evad3rs Announce iOS 7 Jailbreak For Latest Apple Devices 110 comments
After 22 Years, Walt Mossberg Writes Final WSJ Column 100 comments
Govt. Watchdog Group Finds Apple Misled Aussies On Consumer Rights 85 comments
How a MacBook Camera Can Spy Without Lighting Up 371 comments
Apple Pushes Developers To iOS 7 336 comments
Chat with Microsoft Beat Journalist Preston Gralla (Video) 29 comments
Safari Stores Previous Browsing Session Data Unencrypted 135 comments
Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Yahoo Form Alliance Against NSA 293 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best FLOSS iTunes Replacement In 2013? 317 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Laptops For Fans Of Pre-Retina MacBook Pro? 477 comments
Apple Officializes Purchase of Motion-Sensor Firm PrimeSense 65 comments
The Art of Apple, In Pictures 47 comments
Samsung Ordered To Pay Apple $290M In Patent Case 219 comments
Cupertino Approves New Apple Spaceship HQ 172 comments
Reports: Apple To Buy Israeli 3D Sensing Company PrimeSense 81 comments
Italy Investigates Apple For Alleged Tax Fraud 175 comments
Apple II DOS Source Code Released 211 comments
Apple Developing Curve Screen iPhones and Improved Sensors 243 comments
What Apple Does and Doesn't Know About You 214 comments
Apple Issues First Transparency Report 93 comments
Microsoft, Apple and Others Launch Huge Patent Strike at Android 476 comments
Taiwan Protests Apple Maps That Show Island As Province of China 262 comments
Apple Blocks Lawrence Lessig's Comment On iOS 7 Wi-Fi Glitch 326 comments
Apple 27-inch iMac With Intel's Haswell Inside Tested 241 comments
Mac OS 10.9's Mail App — Infinity Times Your Spam 158 comments
Apple Converting Trial and Pirated iWork, iLife and Aperture To Full Versions 134 comments
Torvalds: Free OS X Is No Threat To Linux 314 comments
OS X 10.9 Mavericks Review 222 comments
Apple Announces iPad Air 471 comments
Teachers Get 1 Week To Test Tech Giants' Hour of Code 81 comments
Researchers Show Apple Can Read iMessages 124 comments
Irish Government May Close Apple's Biggest Tax Loophole 292 comments
Nokia Design Guru Urges Apple To End Cable Chaos 791 comments
A Peek At Apple's Planned $5B HQ 257 comments
Irony: iPhone 5S Users Reporting Blue Screen of Death 192 comments
Shuttleworth: Apple Will Merge Mac and iPhone 414 comments
Obama Administration Refuses To Overturn Import Ban On Samsung Products 298 comments
Meet the Voice Behind Siri 114 comments
The Story of the Original iPhone's Development 221 comments
Activists Angry After Apple Axes Anti-Firewall App 196 comments
Apple and Nokia Outraged That Samsung Lawyers Leaked Patent License Terms 201 comments
Apple Now the World's Most Valuable Brand, Knocks Off Coca-Cola 208 comments
Students Hack School-Issued iPads Within One Week 375 comments
Why iOS 7 Is Making Some Users Feel 'Sick' 261 comments
Steve Jobs Video Kills Apple Patent In Germany 100 comments
Apple Maps Flaw Sends Drivers Across Airport Runway 311 comments
Apple Offers Refund To Stiffed Breaking Bad Season Pass Customers 215 comments
Apple Sells Nine Million iPhones Over Weekend 432 comments
CCC Says Apple iPhone 5S TouchID Broken 481 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 7 Slow? 488 comments
Apple Starts Blocking Unauthorized Lightning Cables With iOS 7 663 comments
iOS 7 Lock Screen Bug Leaves Certain Apps Vulnerable For Access 135 comments
Crowdfunded Bounty For Hacking iPhone 5S Fingerprint Authentication 148 comments
Ars Technica Reviews iOS 7 233 comments
Did Apple Make a Mistake By Releasing Two New iPhones? 348 comments
German Data Protection Expert Warns Against Using iPhone5S Fingerprint Function 303 comments
Why iTunes Radio Could Take Down Pandora 166 comments
Why Apple Went 64-Bit With the iPhone 5s 512 comments
Apple Has a Lot In Common With The Rolling Stones (Video) 147 comments
Can the iPhone Popularize Fingerprint Readers? 356 comments
Apple Unveils iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S 773 comments
The iPhone 5S Hasn't Been Officially Announced, Already Has Line 181 comments
Apple Sued For Dividing Final Season of Breaking Bad Into Two On iTunes 458 comments
Thought Experiment: The Ultimate Creative Content OS 226 comments
NSA Can Spy On Data From Smart Phones, Including Blackberry 298 comments
Can Even Apple Make a Watch Insanely Smart? 196 comments
Parallels Update Installs Unrelated Daemon Without Permission 170 comments
Court Bars Apple From Making Industry-Wide E-book Deals 130 comments
Nokia Insider On Why It Failed and Why Apple Could Be Next 420 comments
Apple Receives Patent For Accessing Sets of Apps With Different Passcodes 156 comments
Patent Suit Leads To 500,000 Annoyed Software Users 180 comments
Apple Now Relaying All FaceTime Calls Due To Lost Patent Dispute 179 comments
Apple Launches iPhone Trade-In Program 116 comments
SimCity Mac Launch Facing More Problems 177 comments
Inside OS X Mavericks 362 comments
CoreText Font Rendering Bug Leads To iOS, OS X Exploit 178 comments
The Camera That's Also a Mac Mini, Or Vice Versa 68 comments
Students At Lynn University Get iPad Minis Instead of Textbooks 192 comments
"Jekyll" Test Attack Sneaks Through Apple App Store, Wreaks Havoc 206 comments
Early Apple Employees Talk Memories of Steve Jobs, Thoughts On New Movie 146 comments
Larry Ellison Believes Apple Is Doomed 692 comments
Behind the Story of the iPhone's Default Text Tone 102 comments
Samsung Infringed On Apple Patents, Says ITC 274 comments
Apple Announces a Trade-in Program For Third-Party Chargers 117 comments
Apple Isn't the Next Microsoft (and That's a Good Thing) 269 comments
Obama Administration Overrules iPhone Trade Ban 397 comments
Battle of the Media Ecosystems: Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft 79 comments
iPhone Hacked In Under 60 Seconds Using Malicious Charger 170 comments
Are We At the Limit of Screen Resolution Improvements? 414 comments
Pinch-To-Zoom Apple Patent Rejected By USPTO 110 comments
Apple Retailer Facing Class Action Suit Over Employee Bag Checks 353 comments
Apple Faces New China Worker Abuse Claims 158 comments
Why Bob Mansfield Was Cut From Apple's Executive Team 100 comments
Tim Cook May Not Know Why, But Samsung Is Winning in China 327 comments
Every Public School Student In LA Will Get an iPad In 2014 393 comments
Look Out, Nuance: Apple's Office Near MIT Is Stocking Up With Speech-Tech Talent 50 comments
After a User Dies, Apple Warns Against Counterfeit Chargers 457 comments
FreeBSD Co-founder Jordan Hubbard Leaves Apple To Join iXsystems 58 comments
13-Inch Haswell-Powered MacBook Air With PCIe SSD Tested 224 comments
Apple Profit Falls 22% But iPhone Sales Are Up 251 comments
Apple: Developer Site Targeted In Security Attack, Still Down 112 comments
Study Finds iOS Apps Just As Intrusive As Android Apps 107 comments
OS X Malware Demands $300 FBI Fine For Viewing, Distributing Porn 173 comments
Apple Renews Contract With Samsung Over A-Series Processors 101 comments
Apple Sued For Man's Porn Addiction 509 comments
Judge Rules Apple Colluded With Publishers to Fix Ebook Prices 383 comments
Apple and Amazon End Lawsuit Over the Term 'App Store' 79 comments
iOS 7 Beta 3 Now Available For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 205 comments
Apple Hires CEO of Yves Saint Laurent To Head Special Projects 79 comments
Opinion: Apple Should Have Gone With Intel Instead of TSMC 229 comments
Apple Powering Nevada Datacenter With Solar Farm 104 comments
Apple Files Trademark For "iWatch" In Japan 82 comments
Why Apple and Samsung Still Get Along, Behind the Courtroom Battles 125 comments
Apple Files Patent For New Proprietary Port 282 comments
iFixit Giving Away 1,776 "iPhone Liberation Kits" 260 comments
Happy 20th Birthday, FreeBSD 220 comments
Sony, Microsoft Squabble Over Console Features, But the Real Opponent Is Apple 315 comments
Apple Details US Requests For Customer Data 116 comments
AT&T Rolls Out iPhone Wireless Emergency Alerts 199 comments
Don't Panic, But We've Passed Peak Apple (and Google, and Facebook) 307 comments
Prosecutors Push For Anti-Phone-Theft Kill Switches 257 comments
Microsoft Office Finally Gets iOS App 139 comments
iPhone Apparently Open To Old Wi-Fi Attack 90 comments
Apple Revises Warranty Policies In Europe To Comply With EU Laws 156 comments
Apple's War Against Jailbreaking Now Makes Perfect Sense 321 comments
Apple Updates MacBooks and Mac Pro Desktop With Haswell, "Unified Thermal Core" 464 comments
Apple Shows Off New iOS 7, Mac OS X At WWDC 607 comments
The Strange History of Apple and FlatWorld 89 comments
Apple Files Patent For Digital Wallet and Virtual Currency 84 comments
What Features Does iOS 7 Need? 262 comments
Amazon: Publishers Strong-Armed Us On E-Books 171 comments
iPhone 4, iPad 2 Get US Import Ban 213 comments
Researchers Infect iOS Devices With Malware Via Malicious Charger 201 comments
Apple E-book Price-Fixing Trial Begins 213 comments
Chicago Sun Times Swaps iPhone Training For Staff Photographers 316 comments
Apple Releases Basic iPod Touch, Possibly Foreshadowing iPhone Strategy 228 comments
Apple Leaves Journalists Jonesing 277 comments
Apple-1 Sells For $671,400, Breaks Previous Auction Record 79 comments
Judge Thinks Apple Will Lose E-Book Price-Fixing Case 150 comments
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